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It’s been 3 months since we launched GamersRdy back in October 2018 and it’s certainly been an exciting ride so far.


I won’t bore you with all the details of how we did it, but to summarize, back in 2017, I sent an email to FLuuMP explaining this idea I had about building an esports platform hub. It probably sounded too ambitious back then, but that didn’t matter as we jumped right into exploring the options to how it could work. Of course, we had to talk with the community to make sure they actually wanted it. Within days, the vast majority of players (2000+) quickly confirmed they definitely did.

Fast forward a year and we finally got the MVP live and running. Our focus was (and still is!) to build up an organic and genuine community that cares about getting better at playing and winning games. Of course, the coaches offer paid services to everyone, but this platform quickly became something more than just a list of coaching services, as the launch trailer suggested.


Forget about all the corporate talk or financially incentivised systems that already exist in this growing market. We’ve outlined this before on our about page, but to sum it up, we believe it’s about showing genuine personality and getting people involved to do something they’re passionate about. This is how we want GamersRdy to grow.

This platform is built to make your gaming experience just a little more fun. Every player will use this platform in a different way. Some want coaching, some want community events, some want guides, some want freebies, some want opinion articles and so on. These will all become a reality over the next few weeks and months, and they will be done to a professional standard. It’s not easy, but we’ll do our best to keep a balance between paid features and free features and not try to trick you into something that is paid only. So now that the coaching has been running for a while, we’re going to be moving into content creation with the community.


So what’s going to happen now?

We’re going to carry on building this platform for Rocket League players. The coaching services for Rocket League will continue as they are, but we will be bringing out two more types of coaching: Team Coaching and Classes, more details to follow in a separate update for that. As for the main purpose of this update, all I wanted to do was announce the content resources plan.

Launching Resources Today:


GamersRdy Rocket League Resources

Starting from today we will start to release resources content, including Rocket League news articles, analysis guides, tutorials, opinion articles, videos, training packs, community events and much more.

We want to be consistent with how often we release content, so we’re going to start off slow and grow over time. This content is the start of an exciting aspect of what GamersRdy is all about and we hope you continue to enjoy being part of this community and look forwards to this year with us.



Founder of GamersRdy


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