RLCS Season 7 Roster Changes

After one of the greatest RLCS seasons, and probably the greatest RLCS championship, there have been some big moves made by some big teams. The RLCS legendary teams that we have come to know and love, come to cheer and boo, are now changing sides and some even changing regions. It has been a crazy offseason, so let us get into it.

North America:

FlyQuest to Rogue

After finishing 5th place in RLCS league play, the boys from FlyQuest are changing orgs. After Rogue finished in the bottom two of league play and also failed to make top two in the promotion/relegation tournament, they decided to drop their current team and pick up one that was in the RLCS. No player from the old rogue squad are on the starting squad, but Sizz has been picked up as a sub. Flyguest also changed their starting lineup by dropping PrimeThunder. AyyJayy and Wonder remain on the starting squad, leaving one spot open. This leads us to the next big move for NA

Kronovi to Rogue

After such a long run with such a great team, Kronovi is leaving G2. Formerly known as IBP, the G2 gang has seen players come and go. World championship players such as Lachino and Overzero have come and gone on the team, and now the final piece to that first RLCS championship squad is leaving too. Kronovi will be joining AyyJayy and Wonder on Rogue. This is a pretty big change for RLCS, but I am super interested to see how Kronovi plays with different teammates.

Chicago to G2:

In my opinion, this is the scariest move for the other NA teams. Chicago is incredible, and you put him in with Jknaps and Rizzo, they might just become the top dogs in NA before you know it. Chicago seems to be a very solid player who is all around talented. The addition of Chicago will make them overall better, but I think it will allow Jknaps to branch out and become the offensive threat they need him to be. This squad could challenge C9 and NRG for the top spot in NA.


Drippay to Evil Geniuses

This one here is a big hitter. The team that everyone roots for at RLCS because they still are believed to be the underdogs, the Chiefs are losing one of their key players. Drippay has decided cross over the pacific and join in on some North American RLCS. He joins the EG crew of Klassux and Corrupted G. Drippay is one of the most dominant players in the Oceania region, so it will be super interesting to see what he can do on the NA stage.


Alot to Mousesports:

I am starting with this one because it is by far the simplest move for Europe in this offseason. Pretty simple, Complexity fails to qualify for RLCS so Alot leaves and joins Mousesport. Mouse dropped Skyline and picked up Alot. He joins Alex161 and Tigree for the upcoming RLCS season. I hope this move will allow Alot to become the uber aggressive player with the amazing highlights.

Paschy Retires:

Sad to see this one happen. I hope he comes back because Paschy is an OG! Paschy said on Twitter that he has some private plans to attend to, so we wish him the best. This leaves and opening on one of the most dangerous but disappointing teams so far. When Renault Vitality picked up Scrub Killa we all thought they would be killer, but they failed to qualify for RLCS. With the retirement of Paschy, Scrub Killa and Fairy Peak have an opening for one more. Take a guess who joined them?

Kaydop to Renault Vitality:

Kaydop has left the two time champ squad of Dignitas and joined Vitality! RLCS is already over. I’m joking of course, we all know that even though you could put the top three players together, which you could say is Scrub Killa, Fairy Peak, and Kaydop, that it doesn’t just mean they automatically win RLCS. But, if these guys can learn to play together quickly, than it is going to make for some real problems in EU.

Yukeo to Dignitas:

The Keyboard and mouse warrior has left Flipside tactics and joined the Empire. Violentpanda and Turbopulsa have two RLCS championships under their belt, so I am not worried about these guys. Kaydop leaving is a big hit, but I think this will be a great way for Panda and Turbo to show what they can do without him. Yukeo is no slouch so if he is playing well, these guys will still be on top.

Yes, all the Rocket League legends we come to know and love have left their dynasties such as Kaydop and Kronovi, but this will make for a very interesting and different RLCS season. We still have a few teams that have left to fill their rosters such as Flipside Tactics and The Chiefs. Moves are still to be made, but once all the teams have finished off this crazy offseason we can then look to the season itself. Once the season starts, we will finally get to see if these moves can live up to the hype.


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