Everything you need to know about Rocket Pass 3

After spending some time with Psyonix recently, FLuuMP is here to give you the low-down on Rocket Pass 3

Last week, Psyonix flew me and some other content creators out to San Diego to check out the latest Rocket Pass coming to Rocket League, including their new challenge system.

This is, in my opinion, the best Rocket Pass by far, not only because of the challenge system but also because of the way the items were designed and structured. There are, for example, significantly more wheels in this Rocket Pass than in the previous two.

Let’s start by looking at the challenge system.

Watch the trailer to get a quick overview

Rocket League – Rocket Pass 3 Trailer

The Challenge System

In this iteration of Rocket Pass, the Challenge System will have both a Free and Premium route with updated challenges each week for players who want something new to work towards on a more regular basis.

The challenges are specifically built so that they don’t interfere with ranked gameplay. Some are very specific and will only be achievable if one is paying attention to them and others will happen automatically for the regular players.

Besides creating more incentive to play regularly, the Challenge System will help players get through the Rocket Pass much faster

Challenge system overview

Over 80 Challenges ready to go

Keeping it casual: Get 5 saves, assists or goals in casual online matches

Premium challanges are included in the Rocket Pass 3

New Items

Each Rocket Pass has had its share of humorous items and this one is no different. My favourite item by far is the ‘Poof’ goal explosion.

I would describe this goal explosion as ‘brilliantly underwhelming’. Goal explosions are often legitimate explosions but this is more like goal explosion that just malfunctioned in the process. You guys are going to love it.

Beyond this, the Guardian is also one of the cleanest car designs I’ve seen in the game, especially the GTX with its spectacular animated body kit.

Psyonix also created some of the most adventurous wheels we’ve seen in the game thus far with the Celestials, Visionaries, Ved-Avas, the Polaris

New Cars

As well as all the items (which includes these cars), we’ll soon be able to have a proper test of the Guardian series included in the Rocket Pass 3.

Guardian (Tier 1)

Guardian G1 (Tier 25)

Guardian GXT (Tier 70)

Going live on all platforms on the 17th of April

For the full look into all of the Rocket Pass items and more, check out my video and be on the lookout for Rocket Pass 3 to go live on all platforms on April 17th.


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