Season 11 Rank Distribution (Rocket League)

In today’s piece, AlexKF looks at the recent rank distribution data for Rocket League players an assesses the trends from the most recent seasons.

The latest Rocket League rank distributions for Season 11 (May to August 2019) have been published over on Reddit. We thought it would be helpful to break them down and design them as charts and graphs to help understand what’s going on a little better.

You can easily see where you’re at by comparing yourself to others. You need to remember, though, that comparing yourself to others might not be the best metric to determine how good you are.

For example, hours played will have a huge impact on what rank you could be. Being at Champ 1 in 1v1 Solo Duel with 500 hours is going to be way more impressive than being Grand Champ in 2v2 Doubles with 1000 hours. And that’s just one metric.

You can look at other things such as age, mental ability or even fitness. All of these will impact where you’re at on these charts. Just because your friend is ranked higher than you having played fewer hours is not the whole picture.

Here’s the data:

(3v3) Standard Chart

Rank break down to see which percentile you’re at in 3v3 Standard:

Bronze 1100.00%
Bronze 299.15%
Bronze 397.63%
Silver 194.85%
Silver 290.39%
Silver 384.14%
Gold 176.56%
Gold 267.94%
Gold 359.21%
Platinum 148.50%
Platinum 238.33%
Platinum 329.92%
Diamond 123.28%
Diamond 217.53%
Diamond 312.82%
Champion 17.32%
Champion 23.51%
Champion 31.44%
Grand Champion0.42%

(2v2) Doubles chart

Rank break down to see which percentile you’re at in 2v2 Doubles:

Bronze 199.99%
Bronze 296.59%
Bronze 392.04%
Silver 185.81%
Silver 278.15%
Silver 369.85%
Gold 161.60%
Gold 253.43%
Gold 346.00%
Platinum 137.38%
Platinum 229.48%
Platinum 323.08%
Diamond 117.94%
Diamond 213.47%
Diamond 39.93%
Champion 15.98%
Champion 23.08%
Champion 31.39%
Grand Champion0.44%

(1v1) Solo Duel chart

Rank break down to see which percentile you’re at in 1v1 Solo Duel:

Bronze 1100.00%
Bronze 298.80%
Bronze 394.56%
Silver 187.34%
Silver 276.87%
Silver 364.72%
Gold 152.44%
Gold 240.41%
Gold 330.24%
Platinum 122.17%
Platinum 215.53%
Platinum 310.70%
Diamond 17.29%
Diamond 24.79%
Diamond 33.11%
Champion 12.01%
Champion 21.01%
Champion 30.44%
Grand Champion0.11%

(3v3) Solo Standard chart

Rank break down to see which percentile you’re at in 3v3 Solo Standard:

Bronze 1100.00%
Bronze 298.94%
Bronze 396.09%
Silver 192.18%
Silver 286.51%
Silver 379.22%
Gold 170.58%
Gold 260.52%
Gold 350.24%
Platinum 140.58%
Platinum 231.40%
Platinum 323.68%
Diamond 117.56%
Diamond 211.20%
Diamond 36.92%
Champion 14.14%
Champion 22.14%
Champion 30.86%
Grand Champion0.09%

Want to rank up?

There is a general trend with the enjoyment of the game and progression of the game – that’s what makes Rocket League such a unique game.

Remember how it was on day one? There might have been little hope after you realize how hard it is to even hit the ball. But when you managed to hit that first sucky aerial, that passing play, the wall shot or even finally getting that clutch overtime double touch to win you the game.

Those were the moments but that progression is still part of the game. Not a single player is ‘the perfect rocket league player’, not yet.

One way of improving is to book one of our coaches for some training sessions. There are few ways of making the next step in Rocket League that will help you level up more effectively than working one-on-one with a coach. They’ll be able to assess your game individually, help isolate weaknesses and work with you on ironing them out.

Ultimately it’s about your enjoyment and progression of this game. But if you’re not sure if it’s the right time then here are 3 tells that it might be a good time.

Here are some links to find coaches based on their speciality. Here are the (3v3) Standard coaches, (2v2) Doubles coaches, (1v1) Solo Duel coaches and the (3v3) Solo Standard coaches.

Oh and not to forget that Rumble, Dropshot, Hoops and Snow Day are all legitimate playlists to grind through as well. Who cares if they’re not mainstream, they also have all their unique mechanics and strategies to win.

Let’s see how Season 12 goes! Share your progress on our Discord community and maybe even team up with others to make it a whole lot more fun.


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