Top 10 Rocket League Goals of the Year (2019)

From small local tournaments in high schools all the way up to RLCS-level dramas, Rocket League continues to entice audiences from around the world.

Seeing the best of the best compete against one another is always exciting. But for most competitions, these take place on the field in tournament settings.

What if we started to compete using aesthetics as a judge? What about a competition on the best goals of the year?

That’s what Gif Your Game did…

Gif Your Goals

GamersRdy have been tweeting Gif Your Game (GYG) clips since 2018 on our Twitter and Instagram accounts and it’s clear that the tool is appreciated by many.

We wrote a review on the application about why you should try it out, but one thing that sets GYG apart is the fact that they engage with the community like no other clip recording app out there.

Let’s not kid ourselves to say that the idea is unique as many YouTubers, teams, communities have done a weekly or monthly ‘best goals of the week’.

However, the biggest thing that stands out in this competition is that it offered a $25,000 prize pool, with the winner of the competition winning a huge $15,000.

While prize money was a driving factor for many, the prestige of being even being in the Top 10 in this competition would be a major achievement in and of itself.

With all that being said, we, as part of the Rocket League community, need to thank Gif Your game for creating this competition, which started in 2019 and was completed in early 2020.

What were the Top 10 Goals of the Year?

Now let’s get on to the Top 10 Rocket League Goals of the Year.

Honourable mention

We start off with one of the more creative goals. It was scored while technically not being in the match.


Going for a flick then landing on the side wheels to smash it in the top left corner.


Wavedashing almost looking like a glitch in the game.


Smooth ground play ending with a stunning turtle flick.


Ceiling shuffle into a reverse ceiling shuffle into a stall, double-touch goal. Woah.


Stunning wall dribble with a few flip resets thrown into the mix too.


Another freestyle with shock factor to it.


One of the most creative pogo bumps ever.


One of a kind goal. Double teammate pinching for a top right corner stunner.


One of the most unbelievable goals across the pitch. Plus the reactions.

Ahem, 1st?

Gif Your Game wouldn’t be who they are if they didn’t include this insane goal by Musty.


Goal of the year, ladies and gentlemen. We have lift-off. What a goal!

In all of this, you can see how insane these goals are. The competition for all these mechanic pros was sensational to watch.

Coach Psycho won this competition and $15,000 but it was the entire community involvement that made it worth following and something special.

It’s going to be interesting to see how these will be topped next year but we know that Gif Your Game is only getting started.


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