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About me

Hi, my name is Michael. I am a 27-year-old, former competitive WoW PvE player from Germany. I played for guilds in the world top 10 to 100. In 2018 I switched to CS:GO and reached Global Elite in 400 hours, without any previous CS experience and only playing solo queue. Since then, my interest in this beautiful game has only grown stronger. I have played CS:GO for more than 3000 hours and have made a conscious effort to also constantly learn from educational as well as competitive content for a multiple of that. This has led me to CS:GO coaching.

About my CS:GO coaching

I am here to share my recipe for CS:GO success with you. As a “newer” player, the process of learning the game is still fresh and I know what it takes to improve. I will custom-tailor our sessions to your needs, keep it interactive and help you with a calm, focused attitude.
Popular topics I frequently teach are:

  • config and hardware optimization
  • how to excell at aiming
  • how to win in solo queue
  • mindset and mentality for improvement
  • setting up an effective training schedule
  • efficient utility usage
  • advanced teamplay and communications
  • positioning
  • finding and developing your own playstyle
5 Reasons why you should work with me

Counter-Strike can feel incredibly complicated and overwhelming at times.
What am I doing wrong? Where to start? What to focus on?
With my coaching I want you to avoid the frustration of spending your valuable leisure time on learning the wrong things. Here are the key points of why you should work with me:

  1. It’s all about the smart process. As detailed above, I am a relatively new player, compared to the age of the game. This gives me the unique advantage of fresh eyes and being able to remember how newer and intermediate players feel, what challenges they are facing and what steps exactly it takes to advance in CS:GO. I am here to help you understand your journey.
  2. Good learning must be structured, personalized and interactive. During my 10+ years as a coach (3+ years in CS:GO) I have worked with a broad variety of different player types over several games. We will be utilizing a diverse mix of tools to optimize learning and skill retention. Making topics easier to understand and also more fun.
  3. Treating the game from a 360° point of view. My holistic approach encompasses setting yourself up for success from the outside in. Everything is relevant to achieve consistency – from mindset, software and hardware, through game (performance) optimization to effectively learning and practicing ingame.
  4. Keeping the big picture in mind. We will talk micro and macro decision making. I will put things in context, with an emphasis on forming strong foundations for long term improvement.
  5. Passion breeds passion. I enjoy the interaction with my students very much. I believe coaching is about entering a dialogue with someone who is also passionate and serious about the same thing you are. I will approach our time together with this mindset.
The coaching process
  • If you have any questions you would like to clear up before booking a session, feel free to contact me via Discord (draus#9505).
  • After booking, I will contact you via Discord to discuss details. I will send you a short Google Form to fill out before our session. This will help me to get a structured overview of your current situation, your goals and what you would like to work on. If relevant, I will ask you to send me a demo link (replay) of one of your games, with a guide on how to obtain it (if needed).
  • During our session, we will begin by talking about your current situation and continue with individual coaching, based on the lesson(s) you selected.

Lesson options

GamersRdy.com moved to Metafy.gg. You can book me over at our new home, just as easy. 🙂
Take a look at the different lesson types I offer below. Also, be sure we will always customize your session!

Universal Session

1hr or more of Live 1-on-1 Coaching – $20
With this session option I will answer as many questions you have as possible and we will work on specific areas of the game, based on your needs. To help you visualize what we are discussing (movement, weapon play, spots and angles, map specifics, etc.), we will utilize different tools, for example Skybox or getting into a private CSGO server. This option can include, but is not limited to, a demo review.

Demo Review

1.5hrs or more of Live 1-on-1 Coaching – $26
In contrast to the universal coaching above, this session option is tailored directly for a demo review as the main coaching tool. Before the session we will discuss which recent game of yours would be the best demo to review. During the lesson we will go over the most important rounds in the demo, checking for mistakes and things that already work great for you. We will look at it from both a mechanical and game theory point of view.
The demo review starts at 90 minutes per lesson, because I believe a thorough review of a match takes longer than 60 minutes.

Advanced Progression Bundle

Training Plan with 4hrs of Live 1-on-1 Coaching – $70
This training plan bundles my general coaching and a demo review together in two effective two hour sessions. With this choice, we really have time to dig deep. For the specific contents of the lessons, please refer to the steps below:

  • Part 1: A Look Under The Hood [2hrs]
    We will start the first session talking about your thoughts on your current form, discuss problems and roadblocks you are currently facing and formulate goals for the duration of the plan. If you come in without direct thoughts on those topics, I will give you an assessment of your current form after watching your demo together.
    Next up, we will look at one of your recent matches and review your performance. I will give you pointers on your mechanical play as well as micro and macro game decisions you made. Depending on if we formulated areas of interest in our kick-off meeting, we will review the game with those in mind. If we did not, we will pin down your main strengths as well as areas of improvement during the demo review. We will leave with a clear plan for our hands-on session.
  • Part 2: Opening The Toolbox [2hrs]
    During the second session we will tackle the problems you are facing. This lesson really can take on any shape or content it needs to, to meet the goals set in the first lesson.
    Bottom line, I will present you with solutions. I will use examples and analogies to help explain how you can effectively implement them into your game. If applicable, I will leave you with direct training options that will boost your performance and help you make the change we lined out for you together.

Thank you so much for checking out my profile. 🙂

See you soon,



  • How can I contact you?
    If you have any questions you would like to clear up before booking a session, feel free to contact me via Discord: draus#9505.
  • When are you available? Can we do the session at a different time?
    I am generally available in the afternoons and evenings. My time zone is Europe, Berlin CET. My personal schedule is very fluctuant, but I am generally flexible. I highly prefer working out the session date through direct messaging via Discord rather than you booking a certain time slot.
  • What is your timezone?
    My timezone is Europe, Berlin CET.
  • In which languages do you coach?
    I am able to coach in English and German.
  • Do you take on students outside of Europe?
    Absolutely! I am able to take on English- and German-speaking students of any region. Bear in mind please, that a high ping might make playing together difficult. Let’s have a chat about it!
  • How many sessions should I book?
    Everyone learns at their own pace. I am not going to lie to you and promise, that one or two sessions will transform your play magically. It takes hard work and dedication to improve long term. I will provide you with the tools and understanding to help yourself advance faster. Test me out and see, if you like what I have to say!
  • Can I adjust the session length and content to my preferences?
    Absolutely! If you order longer packages, we will talk about how we can efficiently group the topics of choice into session lengths that work for everybody.
  • Can we play a match together?
    Yes, we can. That being said, I strongly believe that there are better options for your improvement. Let’s talk about that.
  • Can I record our session?
    Yes, feel free to do that. 🙂
  • What is a “demo” or “demo review”?
    In CS:GO a demo refers to a file that allows to review a certain match from every players point of view. Think interactive VOD of your past game. We use this to identify what is working great so far and what you can improve on.
  • What was your highest rank?
    Global Elite. It took me about 400 hours playing completely solo – and you can do it too!
  • How many ingame hours do you have?
    I have played 3000+ hours and been watching competitive and educational CS content for a looot more. 🙂
  • Why do you talk about World of Warcraft, I want to learn CS?!
    I have been playing WoW for half my life. I learned a lot during these years. Especially the competitive mindset, the constant search for self-improvement and a joy for teamwork is what I will keep with me forever. I realized a long time ago, that the process of getting good at a video game (or anything really) is always the same – it is the art of learning. I believe, that whenever you have exceeded at something in life, you can emulate what you did and apply it to anything you like. Therefore, past experiences with higher tiers of play are always relevant, regardless of the game.

English, German

Map Focus

Ancient, Cache, Inferno, Mirage, Nuke, Overpass, Vertigo

Role Focus

AWPer, Rifler, Entry Fragger, IGL, Lurker, Support

Speciality Focus

Communication, Aiming, Utility, Rotation, Ingame Leading, Mentality, Strategies & Positioning, Game Optimization, Hardware



5 reviews for draus

  1. BonezCS (verified owner)

    Did a brilliant job of explaining things and going in depth on everything I was looking to learn, and trust me there’s a lot. We did a live demo review so I was able to watch it and see where he was taking notes of my gameplay to where I can improve upon. He is very good at ensuring I know why something is a good or bad play by going through the scenarios that could also happen. He does really well at teaching things such as player model positions and how utility works as well as how to use it and how to time it to get the most use out of it. He doesn’t give examples that are only useful in one specific scenario but rather that can be used in more general gameplay on what you will touch on. For someone who is MG1, 900 hours I think he did really well in explaining and helping me understand what I need to improve on, what I do well and where I can make some small tweaks and be infinitely better in my games. Definitely recommend him as a coach, will for sure be back for another session.

  2. jamesbaranharrison (verified owner)

    Draus was an amazing coach, despite being German his English is fluent and understandable, his lessons are structured and easy to understand, it’s obvious that he puts a lot of effort into his lessons, he planned a training schedule for me, he was also patient and answered all my questions. I won’t think twice about re hiring him as a coach.

  3. Ben Hodges (verified owner)

    Did a fantastic job of explaining the mechanics of the game, how to improve and where you are going wrong. Would highly recommend.

  4. Jordan Tan (verified owner)

    He helps out alot in various aspects of the game that you want to improve on. Rather than give strict examples with it can be used on certain conditions , he teaches the concept and how the game works. He is good at handling low – mid level players allowing the to grasp the basics and understanding of the game. He will plan ahead of lessons so that it will be easier for us to understand the game. There are also notes that he has prepared to give students. And this notes aren’t just in detailed it also tells where is the main bit you need to focus on.
    Thanks so much!

  5. Numic (verified owner)

    Really worth it. I am not going to say this again if you want to learn cs go just book him. He teach me so many things about cs go from inside out. He correct me so much on very minimal things and make me realise how important these things are. I am really regretting to book him only for 2 hour rather than 3 hours. He always explain in very easy way and teach you as much as he can even if it take some extra time.👌👌💯

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