6 Gift Ideas For Fortnite Players

In this article, FLuuMP gives some gift ideas for Fortnite players

Gamers may be the most difficult group of people to buy presents for.

This is especially true of gamers who focus primarily on a single game like Fortnite. If you give a Fortnite player a new game, they will probably only play it for a few minutes before switching back to Fortnite.

To help you, we’ve decided to put together a list of some of the best gifts for that special Fortnite player in your life

1. Ninja’s Fortnite Book

There are quite a few books available for those looking to improve at gaming. But perhaps the best book to give to a Fortnite player is the one written by the Fortnite man himself, Ninja.

This book covers some of the more overlooked aspects of gaming, from mentality and strategy, to what size of mouse pad to purchase.

There’s guaranteed to be something for everyone in Ninja’s Ultimate Guide to Gaming.

2. V-Bucks

Even the most hardcore Fortnite players like to get a new skin every now and then.

The simplest way to purchase V-bucks for someone else is to simply get a gift card for whatever platform your friend is on.

Alternatively, you could purchase a Fortnite V-bucks gift card

3. Fortnite Toys

You don’t have to be a kid to like Fortnite toys.

From official Fortnite Nerf Guns to Fortnite Monopoly, even if your friend is beyond playing with some of these toys, they can be great decorations or desk ornaments.

4. Fortnite Merch

If you’re looking to get Fortnite apparel, there are endless options.: from a pair of socks covered in Loot Llamas to t-shirts of virtually any in-game skin.

You could also find out who their favourite Fortnite Streamer or Youtuber is and get them some merch directly from that content creator.

5. New Equipment

You don’t necessarily have to buy custom equipment for a good Fortnite gift. Even simply asking your friend if they need a new headset or mouse or controller.

Having solid equipment is essential for Fortnite players, and any sort of improvement can make a world of difference.

6. Fortnite Coaching Session

If your friend cares about improving at the game, then one of the best gifts you could give him is a coaching session with one of our experienced Fortnite coaches.

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