10 Fortnite YouTubers You Need to Watch in 2020

As the New Year comes around, it’s good to re-assess our content habits, air them out and look for new and better options from the ever-growing list of options.

In this piece, I’m going to be focusing on Youtubers whose content is centered primarily around helping players improve at Fortnite.

From in-depth tutorials and guides to more analytical content centered around the game, these are ten of the best content creators for you to check out if you’re trying to improve quickly.

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1. MonsterDface

MonsterDface has been putting out helpful Fortnite content for a very long time. You may recognize him as a caster and analyst in the esport scene.

As a high-level analyst, he really has a unique perspective on the game and what it takes to improve in whatever the current meta may be.

Players from every level will get something to work on from his videos, but he is one of the few YouTubers where even the best players in the world can learn something new.

2. Ballatw

Ballatw is the perfect YouTuber for those Fortnite players who are looking to go deeper into the game.

His main content is vod reviews of major tournaments. If you want to get a sense of what it takes to be a pro player and succeed at the highest level, this is a great place to start.

Ballatw goes over entire matches in one video: you get a great overview of lots of different elements of the game, from specific fighting techinques to higher-level strategies.

3. SypherPK

This list wouldn’t be complete without SypherPK and his regular content covering virtually everything Fortnite.

Sypher’s videos give insight into whatever the current meta may be in Fortnite, from small changes to building and weapons to specific new moves you may need to succeed.

Sypher has a very simple way of explaining difficult concepts and breaking them down so that anybody watching can understand.

4. Rodey Bros

Rodey Bros is an amazing Fortnite channel with content covering virtually everything a controller player would ever need.

Rodey’s definitely for everyone, but there’s a specific focus on the ins and outs of what’s important for controller players.

From detailed breakdowns of the current aim assist in Fortnite to more general tips to improve, if you’re looking to improve your game – and especially on controller – this could be the YouTuber for you.

5. synergy isaac

You’ve probably heard of Sway, but there’s a good chance you haven’t seen this player.

Isaac is, in his own words, a “creative warrior” for team Synergy. In many ways, his content is like the Keyboard and Mouse version of Sway.

Isaac includes not only clips of incredible high building, but also breakdowns of how to do some of these moves.

I’m excited to see what he does in 2020.

6. Raider464

Raider may be the best editor in Fortnite today. If you’re wanting to get an understanding of what he’s doing, you may need to slow the video down to .25x speed.

Raider has also made some amazing editing courses, so if you’re wanting to work on your editing speed and precision, this is probably the person for you to check out.

7. Marrentm

Marrentm’s channel is a great place to start for players of every skill level.

I love his content because he goes beyond the typical more specific strategies and mechanics (though that is present). He also covers things like mentality and overall game sense. Even after just a few minutes into one of his videos you can tell he understands the game and what it takes to improve quickly.

This video on Why You’re Not Improving In Fortnite Anymore could be a great place to start if you haven’t seen his content.

8. Exalted

Exalted is a great Fortnite content creator who specializes in videos about improvement, especially through creative development.

Many of his videos cover advanced skills and mechanics. But they’re presented in a way that is clear and simple so that there’s not really one specific audience in mind.

9. Billy Bicep

When I think of helpful content, presented in a clear and approachable way, I think of this YouTuber.

Billy Bicep is one of the best Fortnite YouTubers that I’ve come across. His videos are exceptionally well made and it’s clear his motivation is to inform and educate.

I came across his video titled “Intermediate Building” awhile back. If you’re a mid-level player and you’re looking to up your building game, check it out.

10. Blink

Blink is a truly fantastic Fortnite YouTuber. His videos are incredibly helpful, especially for the new to mid-level player.

Blink likes to cover various scenarios a player can find themselves in and ways to succeed from those positions.

If you’re looking to improve in a specific area, or you’re just wanting to learn something new, I cannot recommend his content enough. This video on low ground tactics could be a great place to start

There are certainly many more YouTubers that I couldn’t fit into this list. These are just some of the most helpful ones I’ve come across in my own journey towards improvement

If you find any of these YouTubers helpful, make sure to subscribe to their channels and watch a bunch of their videos.

If you’re looking to improve check out some of our other free resources as well as our Fortnite coaches.

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