How to Box Fight in Fortnite Chapter 2 (Tips & Creative Code Included)

Box fighting is an absolutely essential part of the current meta of Fortnite.

If you cannot quickly edit through boxes, make fake edits and resets consistently, double edits out into high ground retakes and also be able to hit shots while doing all the above, you are going to struggle to win engagements consistently.

At this point, there are hundreds of possible manoeuvres that can happen in a box fight: even more when you consider all the subtle fakes high-level players make. 

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What is Box Fighting?

Box fighting is essentially manipulating a 1-by-1 structure offensively or defensively through edits, resets, and taking and defending walls (as well as other structures).

One of the last updates of Season 10 allowed for players’ bullets – especially those from smgs – to get through walls occasionally. This update made a huge change to box fighting, especially at the highest level. It has pushed players to make more aggressive offensive and defensive builds/edits in box fighting rather than sit there and turbo build like in previous seasons.

To make significant improvements in this type of fighting you have to identify and practice some important go-to moves.

Timing is key. It doesn’t matter what fancy moves you have if you’re timing is off. Likewise, even the simplest window edit can be incredibly effective if performed correctly.

So, here are six essentials elements of Box Fighting for you to learn in Fortnite Chapter 2

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1. Optimized Keybinds

It’s important to consider switching up your keybinds especially if you’re still using the default keybinds.

As a longtime controller player who has been hesitant at times to make changes, I totally understand the hesitation. I took too long to switch to Builder Pro, which has been essential since Season 3. Then, I hesitated to switch my edit key binds of confirm, reset and the left stick to edit.

On mouse and keyboard, there are several examples of this such as double movement key binds, the best key binds for builds, weapon slots etc. 

There’s no single best way to setup your keybinds for boxfighting: you may need to feel things out and look at the settings of various pros to find whats best for you.

If you find yourself completely unable to pull off the moves you see in this article that may be an indication that its time to look at your keybinds.

2. Mechanical Speed

Mechanical speed in Fortnite and especially box fighting simply comes down to repetition and ultimately muscle memory.

It’s best to practice box fighting maneuvers slow at first and get down the specific keys. If you have someone willing to practice with you it can be fun to go back and forth doing specific edits and moves.

The more you practice these moves in a controlled environment, the more likely you are to be able to pull them off under pressure.

The same is true of actual mechanical speed: with more practice comes more speed.

3. Wall Stealing and Fazing


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There are several ways to steal or faze walls at this point. Mastering a couple of these techniques is critically important for box fighting in the new meta.

Prior to Season 8, players could simply wait to make an edit play and often try to bait their opponents, rather than taking it to them.

Baiting people and making feints can still be a fantastic strategy. But wall stealing and fazing techniques are especially applicable in today’s competitive climate, especially in actual in-game fights when either a third party or the storm is coming for you and you don’t have time to just sit around.

4. Tunneling

Although tunneling is not typically associated with box fighting, it is a part of it, especially when you consider how box fighting applies to real game situations.

If you are not confident in this part of your game you will struggle in box fighting.

Thankfully its simple to practice in creative and it can be as simple as adding it to your warmup routine.

5. Stair Edits

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Although stair edits have been around for a while, they have usually been thought of as a fancy and often unnecessary play. Nowadays, they are a very important skill.

There’s no secret to learning how to perform stair edits quickly: its as simple as practicing them consistently (daily if possible). Here are some of the best ones for box fighting:

6. Wall Edits


It is not a real edit play unless the timing is perfect. What other ones am I missing?! #fortnite #fortnitebr #fortniteclip #tfue #ninja #fyp #foryou

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The ability to make an edit and then reset it quickly is an essential skill for box fighting.

Once you have this down, you can string together multiple edits in a row with resets or edit and reset into another edit immediately.

Good luck + Creative Mode Code

Regardless of where you are at in terms of your box fighting skills, these six points can help you assess your game and find new techniques to work on.

There are countless box fighting maps out there to try, but this is my personal favorite for those starting out.

Here is the creative mode code: 0377-0055-2829

Try to find players of varying skill levels to practice with you and happy box fighting!

If you’re looking to improve check out some of our other free resources as well as our Fortnite coaches.

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