Charge Shotgun: Cop or Drop? (Weapons Guide)

With the launch of Season 3, we’ve been hit with a whole new shotgun meta. Bye-bye, Pump! Hello, Charge Shotgun!

While the community almost unanimously agrees that the Charge is a discount Pump, questions remain over whether you should still take it over Fortnite’s most OG shotgun?

In this article, I’ll try to unpick this question about the new meta in greater detail…

Doing the Damage

First things first, let’s break down the Charge Shotgun damage you’re expected to deal out (based on rarity):

80 (No Charge)
120 (Full Charge)
85 (No Charge)
127 (Full Charge)
– 89 (No Charge)
– 133 (Full Charge)
– 93 (No Charge)
– 139 (Full Charge)
98 (No Charge)
147 (Full Charge)

Additionally, the headshot multiplier is 1.5x for all weapon rarities – a stark contrast to the 2x headshot multiplier that we enjoyed with the Pump Shotgun

Needless to say, we can all agree the Charge Shotgun is a downgrade to the rivaling Tactical. But is it nerfed enough to warrant switching your main shotgun? I think so.

Tac/Spam Meta

While the damage drop-off is much more forgiving with the Charge Shotgun, anyone wielding a Tactical Shotgun has an advantage within the close-range environment.

Simply put, these guns have drastically different fire rates.

The base rarities of the Tactical Shotgun have a fire rate of 1.5 (or 3 shots every two seconds). You can fire three Tac shots within the same time frame that it would take to fully charge up (1.5sec) a Charge Shotgun and follow through with the shot (0.5sec).

I don’t know about you guys but I would rather take my chances with three shots than just the one.

New Healing Meta

Healing items also saw a subtle yet substantial change this season. While only one item was added (chug splashes), another utility becomes much more valuable: **the harpoon**

Half the Fortnite map is now flooded with water. Annoying, right? Well, there is one meta-changing positive outcome: almost everyone has accessibility to floppers.

If you replace your worst healing item – or even SMG with a harpoon, swiping a free 2 floppers or slurpfish becomes a realistic proposition.

Would you rather have a big pot or 2 floppers? The harpoon acts as an I.O.U. to potentially multiple instant-healing fishies.

Good Luck!

Hop into the battle bus and check out all the fresh changes. While the core building mechanics haven’t changed, your game sense must adapt to the altered meta.

Best of luck!


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