The Biggest Misconception About Tunneling in Fortnite

Tunneling is, without a doubt, one of the most important building techniques in all of Fortnite.

If you watch high-level competitive Fortnite at all, you’re bound to see tons of tunneling in the endgame which is hands down the most important part of the match. 

The Basics

There are a bunch of different tunneling techniques in Fortnite, from Standard tunneling to Sideways Ramp tunneling.

Of course, the meta continues to evolve. Most recently, for example, we’ve seen sand tunneling being banned from matches after players were exploiting it to gain the clear advantage of essentially becoming invisible.

This leads to one of the biggest misconceptions about tunneling in Fortnite:

Many players think it’s ONLY useful to tunnel in end game situations.

This couldn’t be any further from the truth…

How to Approach Tunneling

When you break it down to its most basic level, tunneling is really just a way to get from one spot to another while being protected the entire time while doing so. 

You can tunnel to rotate out of a congested area on the map, re-position in a fight, safely get to the loot dropped by an enemy you just eliminated… the point is, tunneling is something you should be using fairly frequently.

Much like most core building techniques in Fortnite, there are many different ways to tunnel. Some of them are very basic and even newer players will be able to master them. But some of them are going to require a bit more skill and practice. 

The mentality we need to have when approaching tunneling is that it’s extremely important at any point in the game and that we must master these techniques if we’re going to play at a high level.


In the next few articles, we will break down the most important tunneling techniques, including:

  • The Floor-Ramp Tunnel
  • The Sideways Ramp Tunnel
  • The Standard Tunnel
  • The Diagonal Tunnel

Try to dedicate time to each of these skills and remember to take your time as you go through these mechanics.

Good Luck!

Good luck with your next match and remember: don’t leave it to the end of matches before using these techniques.

If you’re interested in more help from expert Fortnite coaches to help you in this area then you’re always welcome to check them out, here on GamersRdy.


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