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About me:
Hey, I’m Michael (43). I am currently a professional coach for the European team Barrage Esports, formerly known as opp block. I have been a competitive rocket league player since 2016, competing against the highest level in rocket league in various tournaments and scrims. I captained my CRL team (Cal Poly) to a top 3 and top 8 Nationwide finish in the first three seasons of CRL. We used hundreds of hours practicing by analyzing replays from tournaments; I know how 3v3’s should be played quite proficiently.

I have over 4,000 hours played in rocket league, starting at launch. My rank has been grand champion, and regularly top 100 since season 3 in all playlists. Originally playing mostly 3v3’s as I was interested in competitive play from the start, I slowly started playing more 1’s in season 6 and peaked at top 20 global in 1’s during the summer of 2018. My soccer experience helps me to see the game a bit differently from a lot of the other coaches, and I love to find creative and innovative ways to beat the other team.

What a session with me looks like:

  1. I will contact you on discord and find a convenient time for us to meet, as well as figure out what your goals would be and what you would like to improve most.
  2. We will hop on and likely go straight into replay analysis, to pinpoint a few key points for improvement. These can either be specific, easy fixes or possibly habits you exhibit constantly you do not know are harmful which will take more time and thinking to fix.
  3. Once we identify potential areas of improvement, we can go into online games and try to implement them, either together or you could screen share with me and I can coach you from your perspective as the game goes on.
  4. If there is time, we will review the most recent games and see what you have improved in and what you could still be doing better. I will also recommend what to spend your time on in the game for future practicing to get you to where you want to be.

Why you want me:
I will get you to understand proper positioning and an improved sense of how to read the play and react quickly to it. There isn’t going to be a better coach for you if you are looking to get a great fundamental understanding of how to play 3v3s in particular (as I have spent the most time playing them I am most knowledgeable there) at a higher level. I will bring a positive mindset to help you change the way you play and think about the game. 2-hour and 3-hour sessions will likely be split up into 2 different sessions about a week apart so that you can have some time to implement the things we are talking about before going back and looking at what you were able to improve and what you are still struggling with.

P.S. I will coach all regions and platforms! If from another region we just need to find a time that works for both of us, which shouldn’t be too difficult. Hit me up on discord if any questions arise! My discord is 43#2399.




Youtube video of me playing in the 2017 Universal Open regional qualifier against Primethunder and Wonder (quite a fun series):





US-East, US-West

Hours Played


Playlist Strengths

1v1 Duel, 2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard, Dropshot

Coach Rank

Top 100, Grand Champion 1


CRL Elite, Grand Champion

Coaching Experience

100 – 199 Hours




PS Controller

17 reviews for 43

  1. Martin Selwanes (verified owner)

    43’s approach to coaching is very interactive and useful for visual learners, he will play games with you and provide insight on not just your mistakes but your correct decisions. I am high grand champ and I believe that I have learned a lot more in the hour than I have with other coaches. I can not recommend him enough. Join the 43 Nation!

  2. Richard Derscha (verified owner)

    I recently had 43 give me a 2 hour coaching lesson. He intuitively showed me what I was doing wrong, and how I was putting my teammates in bad positions. We played some games together, tightened up my rotations and he had me be more aggressive. I took these pieces of advice and played ranked 3’s for the few days after. With time and commitment, and the coaching from 43, I hit Grand Champion in 3’s. I’m so excited for what’s next and I’m very thankful for 43’s advice, I could not have done it without you! my steam user id is chord3games, feel free to message me about my experience with 43

  3. 1200jmaster1200 (verified owner)

    Great guy, he pointed out not only major mindset problems that i had but specific situations in which i was giving up goals, and gave me some training tips to focus on those. very insightful!! I was playing 1s with uncertainty but now i am more confident in where i need to be, and what i need to do. thanks 43 for the session. give me a while… I’ll work on these things and definitely be back for your services!

  4. rsayers (verified owner)

    After hitting a wall in my progress, I knew I needed help to make the jump from Diamond to Champ. I did a 2 hour session with 43 which was amazingly in-depth, but not at all overwhelming. There were a lot of positioning and decision making issues I had of which I was not aware. I was also given a lot of great mindset help when dealing with suboptimal teammates.

    My first games after the session went really well and I feel like my progress will be back on track. Thanks!

  5. jack witte (verified owner)

    just finished an hour at plat level with 43, he was immediately able to pick out the biggest problems in my game and explain or show me how to fix them. since after the session, i’ve been on a win streak of 11 games so far. hes a good coach lol

  6. Troy Lepere (verified owner)

    43 was awesome to work with, super chill dude. Extremely smart with game sense and mechanics. I understand my own gameplay so much more now and feel like I really have lots of ways to improve whereas before working with him I felt capped out and lost. 10/10 will work with again!

  7. dnb531 (verified owner)

    Excellent teacher and super chill dude. After one replay review session with our collegiate team, he completely changed the way we think about rotations, and we noticed the difference immediately. He’s great at identifying individual mistakes, explaining how they affect the macro game, and giving constructive advice on how to fix them.
    43/10 will work with again

  8. Tyler Hedgecock (verified owner)

    Very helpful coach and well worth my time. Thank you for helping me in 1s. Let’s get that GC!

  9. Kacper Smejda (verified owner)

    He is great at identifying your mistakes and providing ways to fix them. He gets right into replays and games when you meet with him – no time wasted.

  10. jonny.nutman (verified owner)

    Best Taco Bell Coach around, fr helped me with a few things even at a higher GC level! check him out its worth the money!

  11. Will (verified owner)

    I came in to the coaching at diamond 3 I was stuck a diamond 3 for 4 seasons and within my first hour of coaching I was a champ from my play. After we had our second coaching session I am now a proud owner of the champ title I’m firmly in champ and his coaching is why. He thought me the correct rotations and mindset for them. Highly recommend

  12. titansfanzachary (verified owner)

    Great coach. Goes in depth on threes rotations. Really appreciate that he gives both positive feedback and places to improve.

  13. Fernando Anguiano (verified owner)

    43 has completely changed the way that I see the game. He has greatly helped elevate my 3s mentality with his in-depth analysis of my replays and insightful pointers. Thanks to 43’s guidance and extremely helpful advice, I am more confident than ever to queue into games, whether its with teammates or with randoms. If you are looking for a coach that is understanding, patient, and very productive, 43 will definitely fulfill that role! He has my recommendation.

  14. Adam Heafan (verified owner)

    Very productive session and very chill person. Great on giving feedback, advice, and listening what you have to say. 100% reccomend 43 as a coach.

  15. tjj.landryy (verified owner)

    Awesome teacher. We started by going over some replays, and he immediately pointed out mistakes that I could never have figured out. He watched me play some matches and gave further feedback/tips on how to implement the coaching. Afterwards he provided solid notes of the main points and what I needed to work on. EXACTLY what I was hoping for, and I’m already playing way better. 10/10

  16. mzqweenb (verified owner)

    43 is very patient, informative and thorough. 43 also took the time to follow up days after our coaching session and also provided notes with key points. I recommend 43 as a coach. Easy to learn from.

  17. nbd508 (verified owner)

    Just finished up at Plat level 2 hr training with 43; We covered a lot of what I wasn’t doing well with in depth focus on replays of previous and in session games.

    Learning to deal with playing 3’s in a random round up and adjusting to their game style is difficult for me, 43 has given me a new outlook on how to approach playing and supporting random teammates.

    I highly recommend coaching from 43. This was my first go at hiring a coach and I am very happy with the progress I am going to be making. Deff. a return customer!

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Timezone:  PST (GMT-9)

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