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Hey there! My name is Alex aka AcroTic and I’m a Grand Champion level Rocket League player.

Although only being 19, I consider myself a solid player and an even more solid coach, with 2800 hours in the game, and around 150 hours focused on coaching itself.

I started playing RL around launch (August 2015) and competing in tournaments, but only took the game 100% seriously in late 2016, and now in 2018 I stand in Grand Champion, with 3 titles under my belt and a worldwide peak of 0.06% in season 6.

My coaching career started about a year ago, by helping out friends who were stuck, but slowly worked my reputation in discord communities, with teams asking me to analyze their gameplay and find creative ideas to work on chemistry. Currently, I’m confident enough that you’ll walk out of a session with a completely different mindset, while having a blast in the process.

We’ll be looking over:

  • General positioning
  • Reading your opponent
  • Boost management
  • Tournament preparation (IF you want to chase the game competitively)
  • Solid training packs focusing on your mechanical problems
  • How to be a solid teammate (The most important for solo queuing!)

I’m coaching players from every rank, just show me your determination to improve!

See you on the pitch!





Playlist Strengths

2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Solo Standard, 3v3 Standard, Dropshot, Hoops

Coach Rank

Top 1000

Hours Played




Session Duration

1 Hour, 2 Hours

7 reviews for AcroTic

  1. pvzfreak12321 (verified owner)

    Amazing coach, showed me so many mistakes I was doing. Would recommend over any other coach. Extremely chill and laid back. Worth your time and money.

  2. RLisGood (verified owner)

    very nice guy and helpful for me to improve. he was really chilled and pointed out alot of little stuff i should improve on + gave me the appropriate trainings to do ๐Ÿ™‚ 10/10

  3. gappo1992 (verified owner)

    It was a good experience for me and I enjoyed and learned a lot! We played a game and then he thoroughly broke down the replay. It was nice to see things from his perspective. He told me what I needed to work on and gave me the tools to do so.

  4. kryon7878 (verified owner)

    Just finished my session with Mr. AcroTic and it was awesome! He’s super nice, and was very thorough in his explanations. We played a couple games and then watched the replays and he pointed out various things that each player was doing (including myself) so that I had a better understanding of situations and how to position myself better and so on. Then he provided some training packs of things that I definitely need work with.

    Really awesome session and I look forward to seeing myself improve because of it!

  5. d.j.clarke (verified owner)

    Incredibly helpful. We played a game, he broke it down for me and then we played another where I did my best to follow his advice. The results were obvious right away, I was immediately playing better. After which he gave me some long term advice and training exorcises to work on. Above all that, he was incredibly friendly and didn’t rush the process at all. I was nervous at first but his calm demeanor shook that off pretty quick.

  6. Arturdaniker (verified owner)

    Very Very nice Coach!
    We played a couple of games, then talked and then played again.
    I rly learned very much about the game, mechanics and all that stuff.
    Additionaly to all the help, he is a very nice person with very fine english, which is easy to understand. Tyvm again, i realy realy appriciate it! <3

  7. jdescobar08 (verified owner)

    very helpful he explains what you are doing wrong and gives you ways to fix that. he teaches you accordingly to what your weaknesses are which helps a lot

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