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What you’ll get in our session:

  • Beginning: Speak with you to better understand your needs, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Middle: Outline areas where weaknesses/shortcomings are and address these areas with tools to help you improve.
  • End: Summarise the covered topics/ideas and give you objectives to work towards after our session.

I’ve been playing Rocket League for 4 years as of now, starting around August 2015, I’ve put over 7.5k+ hours across multiple accounts with a strong focus in 1v1s while being Top 100 since Season 1, I never wanted to be the player on my team who couldn’t perform under pressure or lacked the mechanics.

I’ve played on JohnnyBoi’s stream, so check me out and see if you like anything:





Coach Rank

Top 100

Session Duration

1 Hour, 3 Hours, 6 Hours

Playlist Strengths

1v1 Duel, 2v2 Doubles

Hours Played





Grand Champion


PS4 Controller

15 reviews for AmongStar

  1. josephroth93 (verified owner)

    Highly valued the coaching session Among and I had. He identified the most important key things to focus on in my games that I was neglecting, and compiled a list of training maps and a routine for me to improve on the things I needed to most. Highly recommended coach, with a great sense of humor and humility. My go-to coach for rocket league moving forward!

  2. jadalton02 (verified owner)

    Among was recommended to me and definitely did not disappoint! He had a lot of great insights into my play and together we went over a lot of the common mistakes I was making while playing 1v1’s. He also made a ‘Plan of Attack’ of things I can work on to start improving. 10/10 would recommend!

  3. Rylan (verified owner)

    I came to Among with several things in mind that I wanted to change and not only did he help me find ways to improve on what I wanted to change but he also opened my eyes to various other aspects of my game that could be improved upon. I could not be happier with our session I will be recommending AmongStar to any of my friends looking to improve!

  4. calebskelton8 (verified owner)

    I couldn’t have asked for a more inspirational coach than Among. As somebody who got lost trying to find out what kind of player I am, Among really helped reignite my love for the game. He’s a teacher I would incredibly recommend for anybody trying to get pointers tips or anything to improve your game. It was an eye opening experience and he truly is a master at his craft. I will definitely be coming back.

  5. Natalie Meek (verified owner)

    Went through 3 replays with me and talked me through all the possible mistakes i was making and what i was doing right, Things that i hadn’t even thought about previously was pointed out. It’s the small things you know?. As others have said great sense of humour. He explained things in a way that made it easy to learn.

  6. gobenbarton (verified owner)

    Amazing Coach, Made so much sense and told me exactly where i was going wrong, Also very funny and got a good sense of humour, 100% Recommend,

  7. bryantsimmons637 (verified owner)

    great coach. really knew how to make you know what he was talking about. really knows what he is doing and is funny in the process.

  8. spychris3556 (verified owner)

    Cool coach, very knowledgeable and is great at explaining. Very laidback yet informative session

  9. sameerbdasouqi (verified owner)

    I was a little hesitant at the start about which coach am I choosing, but I can definitely say I chose the right one. Among and I went over a few games where he pointed out the good and bad in my play and within less than 2 days, I ranked up. If you’re looking for consistent progression, I could not recommend anyone more than Among.

  10. aashhab97 (verified owner)

    Among is amazing. As a Diamond 1 player myself, just one session taught me so much and he was very cooperating and gave me great answers to my questions. He is highly skilled and he 100% knows what hes doing. I definitely recommend Almond as your coach.

  11. ROSHA (verified owner)

    This was worth way more than 25$. He was very friendly, confident, and knew exactly what I needed, supplying me with way more adjustments for my play style and mentality than I expected. I did not go into this expecting to have my mind blown, being a S8 GC. Well worth it and set me on track for much higher level play. Thank you!

  12. tolkiensring13 (verified owner)

    Incredible game knowledge and great at relaying said knowledge. Amongstar does a great job of highlighting your specific areas in need of improvement while at the same time providing you with a good foundation for constant progress.

  13. norlando097 (verified owner)

    Awesome coach who roasted me when I needed it and gave me some helpful suggestions to hopetmake that push to grand champ. We even played a couple games of ranked. Overall a really cool guy!

  14. curtisreed10 (verified owner)

    Great coach, really breaks down gameplay and explains to you why . See improvement in 1 game .

  15. jhabib20 (verified owner)

    Top tier coach. Really went out of his way to make sure I understood everything very clearly. He’s extremely skilled at both playing and coaching… plus he’s a great guy.

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