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Why should I book you?

 I have been playing rocket league since the beginning of season two, and I have a ton of experience. I have played over 3500 hours, and have over 250 hours of paid coaching experience. I have been the highest rank in the game for almost 3 years, being Grand Champion since season 7, and Supersonic Legend since season 1 of free to play. I also have a lot of tournament experience, and am currently competing in CRL for the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers. We finished top 6 in PlayVS $50,000 West spring 2021, won the EGF power series, and recently won the Big Ten conference within Level Next Spring. I made it into the RLRS top 128 team play ins three seasons in a row. With all that being said, my coaching abilities shine highest compared to my achievements as a player, and is for players of all ranks looking to improve.

What does the session consist of?

  • Before the session I will be asking some questions to get to know more about your rank, how long you have been playing, and what goals you have. I will ask you to send 2-3 replays to me before the session (If you are on console you will need to upload these to YouTube). We will also work on scheduling a time that works for both of us to do the coaching session.
  • At the start of the session I will be going over the replays you have provided with you while sharing my discord screen for you to see what I am talking about in each situation. I will be looking for what you did wrong, what you could have done better , what you did good, and anything about your game that I feel you could improve on overall.
  • Depending on the time, we will next go into a private match, where I will show you mechanics that you may not familiar with, showing you step by step how to do these, and when they are useful to use. Also I will be going over some tricks I have picked up along my career and showing you when they are useful.
  • The last bit of the session will be spent by playing matches together, so that I can provide you with live coaching. I will also be showing you some kickoff strategies that are used by the pros.
  • Throughout the session I will be asking you what you would do in certain situations, and then explain to you what the best course of action is in each situation that I explain. This will help broaden your knowledge of the game.
  • Finally, at the end of the session I will be going over the main aspects of your game that need improvement. I will also provide you with a few custom training packs that best fit your specific needs as a player for what you need to work on. I will be going over rank up tips, recommendations of what your training sessions should consist of, and overall what you need to do to improve your game.

Coaching Plans/Duration:

Touch Up Session: 30 minutes, focusing on a single replay analysis, and using the remainder of the time to play a game or two with you.

Standard Session: 1 hour, focusing on 2-3 replay analyses, going over rotation/what you need to work on, teaching mechanics you are not familiar with/don’t know how to do, going over the best kickoff strategies/how to perform them, and the remainder of the time is spent playing games together, with a conclusion and training pack recommendations at the end.

Standard Session Pack(2 Hours): One standard session, followed up with another standard session three weeks later.

Large Standard Session Pack(3 Hours): One standard session, another standard session two weeks later, and then a final standard session four weeks later to see improvement and go over final improvements you need to work on in your game.

The reason why I have these sessions so far apart, is to give you as a player enough time to incorporate my coaching into your game, so that for our follow up sessions I can focus on what else you need to work on as a player after our previous sessions.


Additional Information

“What game modes do you specialize in?”

2v2, 3v3, and snow day matches are my specialty, but I can help with any playlist that you need help with!

“Can I split my coaching session up?”

Of course you can, whatever works best for you 😀

“What time zones do you coach?”

I live in CST, but I can coach any timezone.

Helpful Links:

Team Coaching

Rocket League Tracker 




Big 10 Champions Goal




Coach Rank

Top 1000, Supersonic Legend

Playlist Strengths

1v1 Duel, 2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard, Snow Day


US-East, US-West

Hours Played


Session Duration

30 Minutes, 1 Hour, 2 Hours, 3 Hours


Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, Xbox

Coaching Experience

200 – 999 Hours


PS Controller, Nintendo Pro Controller

Area focus

Competitive, Mechanics

80 reviews for Bismo

  1. henry brosch (verified owner)

    Bismo did a great job coaching me and he was very polite and easy to understand. He is 100% worth the money.

  2. Aaron Reece (verified owner)

    Great Coach, would order again.
    Played 1 3v3 & 1 2v2 for him to review. He went into detail on what I could do better, and correcting my positioning / playstyle to better improve my overall game play. As well as answered my questions giving me a more in-depth review to advance my rank. I believe after the coaching session I have come away with valuable information to further better myself.

  3. Daniel Whipple (verified owner)

    Great coach! Bismo pointed out things that I had never even thought of to help me improve my game.

  4. Nour Djemhi (verified owner)

    Literally went from d1 to d3 after just an hour session.
    I got a clear Idea of what my main problem was, and he gave me lots of pointers and small things I could improve upon.

  5. Scott Hayes (verified owner)

    Great coach helped me alot with awareness and rotations.
    Thanks Bismo!

  6. Greenwarrior (verified owner)

    Bismo was extremely helpful, and boosted my confidence a ton. Really what I needed when I ordered an hour with him. I went right up to Supersonic Legend right after his coaching session and trusting myself to grind. Thanks Bismo!

  7. Cole Viccione (verified owner)

    Nice guy, really good player, and is fun to play with and definitely gave me tips that I didn’t think of.

  8. Sebastien Fortier (verified owner)

    Help me improve my game with rotating and mecanics… i can’t wait to practice what i learn and hes also professionnal and fun! 100% recommand

  9. vincent Verzi (verified owner)

    pretty epic guy ngl, helped alot!

  10. Dylan Murphy (verified owner)

    Bismo helped me so much, after going over replays and pointing out mistakes and what to do, we hopped into gc lobbies and i managed to keep up. Helps so much with positioning, rotating and would give a 6/5 star if that was possible!

  11. Diego Gomez (verified owner)

    Bismo is an amazing coach. I’m only a week in playing rl and I can tell he takes his sessions serious. Went over replays and explained rotations and positioning. Very positive and motivating. I’m very motivated and hype now. I would give a 10 if I could. 100% recommend.

  12. rgurlik (verified owner)

    Bismo was great! I am a 1700 player looking to push forward up towards SSL. He didn’t overwhelm me with too many things to think about and gave me a list of 3-4 main things to work on. He was super nice and would definitely recommend! We even played some gaves after the replay review and won all the games. Was a great help. Will be getting coaching again later this season!

  13. callum smith (verified owner)

    Insane coach, really inspiring and helpful. Bismo helped me go from c1 to c3 in one session. Overall a really nice guy and I would recommend his coaching to everyone!

  14. (verified owner)

    Incredible coach, really helpful. Feels like im about to be champ in a day lmao. Recommend you to book him and btw check out his youtube!!

  15. Carson Cain (verified owner)

    A very skilled coach. He was able to help me recognize things I had no idea I needed to work on! 10/10 I would absolutely recommend him to all of my friends that are looking to improve in Rocket League.

  16. Eric Lewis (verified owner)

    The attention to detail is real with this one. My one hour coaching session went great. He told me a lot about my positioning and talked a lot about my awareness on the field. He also was helping me with small mechanical mistakes that I was making. We played a few games and had an overall great experience. 10/10 would recommend.

  17. Jens Heeres (verified owner)

    This is the best coaching ive iver had, he clearly knows what he says and teaches you how to improve that, he is really nice and open and comfortable. I gave him 5 stars because it was awesome and had the time of my life. Keep going bismo💪💪💪

  18. Ryan Pestano (verified owner)

    Amazing coaches really helped me out with my gameplay!

  19. Daniel Myers (verified owner)

    great coach helped me out alot, very clear and straight to the point!! recommend!

  20. Jason Klein (verified owner)

    (Rank: Champion)
    After 1 hour session I was very happy with my choice! Bismo gave great advice and ansrewed all my questions thoroughly during the replay reviews. Played some ranked games and i got had carried lol He had good comms and he made sure to point out what he was doing that i failed to do in the replays we watched. Near the end he made sure to do a recap of what i need to work on and how to do it as well. Bismo is a very nice and funny guy. Easy to understand and talk to. Great job!

  21. Logan Samson (verified owner)

    To the point with good tips and analysis. Highly recommended!

  22. Jonathan Breitkreuz (verified owner)

    Bison pointed out some rotational & positional mistakes I would’ve never known I was making. Fun and informative session. Cool guy, great coach!

  23. Maddias (verified owner)

    Very chill guy, gives good points for improvement and explains it well.

  24. Houston Moziy (verified owner)

    I’m fairly new to RL hired Bismo as my first coach and he responded right away and were able to make time. During our session he was great, very informative and fun showed me how I can improve my rotation and strategy review my replay and we also got to play some games and I got a feel for the big leagues.
    Rather your new to the game or a veteran I highly recommend Bismo as your coach! I would definitely use his service again.

  25. James Best (verified owner)

    Very knowledgeable coach, had fun whilst teaching me new mechanics like the half flip and wave dash. Did a very good job at explaining rotations and how it could help my game. Definitely recommend Bismo!

  26. saad almuraikhi (verified owner)

    best coaching session and expirenced + He is nice and thx Bismo

  27. oradu02 (verified owner)

    Great coach very expirenced helped me find specific things to work and will definitely help you to improve

  28. Luca Malfi (verified owner)

    great coach. helped alot with mechanics such as half filps, fast kickoff, and wave dash. also helped alot with positioning.

  29. David Cash (verified owner)

    Bismo was a good Coach we went through the replays and he had pointed out some things i didn’t even notice and talked to me about overall strategies and positioning. I went from Diamond 2 to Champ 1 a week after his session just internalizing and practicing the things he taught me.

  30. thebirdolux (verified owner)

    As far as the quality of the session, it was great. From start to finish, as we watched replays, I began to see things that I had not even thought of before he could even pause the video and point them out. His insights were concise and correct. He narrowed my number one problem down to situational awareness and not paying attention to my teammates positioning and intent which I 100% agree was my main problem. Playing a few games with him at the end was fun but the “lecture” was a better learning experience.

    Overall I would highly recommend Bismo as the coach for you if you are not in a hurry. In a few months, I would use Bismo again as a coach to evaluate my progress.

  31. Jake (verified owner)

    Really nice and helpful and very easy-going. When he first coached me at first I was silver one and now a couple months later I am now diamond in 2s and climbing. He is very good at finding the little mistakes with gameplay and fixing them. He fixed one thing I never thought about when I was newer and I jumped to gold 1 in a single day. He is a great coach.

  32. Colin Monkkonen (verified owner)

    Super nice and relaxed guy. Knows key things that make you think ingame. Awarness of my players on the field and rotations are helping my rank games immensely with the right teammate. Can’t recommend him enough.

  33. Peter Sunenshine (verified owner)

    Great Coach Helped me learn many things and was extremely nice

  34. Kevin Nelson (verified owner)

    Showed me a number of areas that I hadn’t even realized I needed to improve in. Great coach!

  35. Potestas (verified owner)

    Very informative tips on improving in Rocket League. Super nice and chill and cares about helping you get better at the game.

  36. iampietro.tony (verified owner)

    Great guy, had fun with lots of helpful tips that have already helped improve my game sense & mechanics. Definitely recommend!

  37. Shauna Miller (verified owner)

    Really unerstanding and great guy to talk to. He pointed things out to me that I had no idea I should have been focusing on. Worth thhe money.

  38. Byron Anderson (verified owner)

    Super nice and a great coach. IF I did another seession ID pick him for sure

  39. Michael Smith (verified owner)

    Amazing guy. I would definitely choose him as a coach again!

  40. Matthew Thompson (verified owner)

    Great guy and very chill. Would do this again and certainly worth the money.

  41. TakiMan (verified owner)

    Very nice and helpful coach. He helped me see what things I needed to change and I have been playing better ever since.

  42. Joseph Lewis (verified owner)

    Super helpful 1 hour session! Amazing tips and information to improve my game!

  43. Richard Nedler (verified owner)

    He was very nice and very patient with me. His suggestions were simple and I just had my session so I’m sure to notice some results here in a week or so. Would definitely recommend.

  44. Loke Trepte (verified owner)

    Very nice coach and I learnt a lot about rotating and some mechanics. My gameplay has improved extremely fast! I recommend everyone to buy a session now!

  45. Jack Madden (verified owner)

    AMAZING Coach Helped me a ton! Told me everything I needed to get better and up my gameplay!

  46. Michael Reith (verified owner)

    I had a 30 minute training session with him. Great advise even for someone that is a “higher GC”. Took me and worked on map awareness of enemies and how they were attacking the play to be able to adjust to the correct play. I would 100% recommend everyone to get a session!!

  47. Jeremy Buchanan (verified owner)

    He really helped me understand what I’m doing wrong, and helped me get my speed up. Thanks!

  48. Ian Griffin (verified owner)

    I recently bought the 30 minute pack from Bismo, he really took time to point out the little things that really affect my gameplay. It really gave me a visual of exactly what I need to focus on and how to fix it. He is very patient and knowledgeable. I 100% recommend Bismo to be your next GamersRdy Coach!

  49. Gentry Clark (verified owner)

    Bismo helped me find mistakes I was making in my gameplay that I would have not noticed otherwise. He really gave me an idea of what to focus on to improve quickly. I learned a ton from just one hour.

  50. philgenois (verified owner)

    Bismo was super helpful, I took a few sessions with him, and he really helped identify my real strength and weakness. I really like how he’s organized, and explains many details in each replays, be it good or bad plays from you. He’s very knowledgeable on the game, and can tell you what went wrong in the game, why, and how to prevent this from happening again.

  51. Andy Green (verified owner)

    Can’t recommend Bismo enough. He is a super friendly guy, very patient and full of knowledge.

    I was dubious initially about getting coaching when I’m only a low rank, but anyone who tells you that coaching won’t benefit you is wrong! Having someone scrutinise your replays and point out areas of improvement is so important and has been a massive help to me, and really aided me rank up a lot quicker than if I was on my own. If you like Rocket League and you want to get better, you definitely can’t go wrong getting some time in with Bismo. I will be booking my next session soon to top those skills up further! Do it now!!

  52. Jamain Seal (verified owner)

    Only paid for half an hour but it has already benefited me a lot.

    Bismo was very helpful in pointing out my rotational errors and what areas I could improve in. I’m definitely going to go with another session with him 11/10

  53. Michael Brown (verified owner)

    As a person Bismo is a really chill, and super easy to get along with. As a coach, he is great. He will point out the little things you don’t even think about, and also point out the good things you do. If you feel like you’re stuck in rank like i was, or are thinking about trying out a coach for the first time, give Bismo a chance he won’t disappoint you.

  54. Toby Hollon (verified owner)

    He helped out with my game play after the replays I worked on the tips and it helped me out alot so u suggest bismol.

  55. Grant Host (verified owner)

    Bismo was super helpful in showing me exactly what was holding me back and made me feel like with just a bit more time I could achieve the rank I desired. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a non-expensive high quality Rocket League coach

  56. Riley Stevens (verified owner)

    Bismo was very informative and got to the root of my problems. He explains everything very well (right and wrong plays). He showed me new mechanics and how to use them in game. Make sure to ask questions, he doesn’t bite! Would defiantly recommend!!! 11/10

  57. blaize0198 (verified owner)

    Awesome RL coach in depth replay analysis each mistake is caught followed up by an explanation on what to do better how to do it better whether it’s mechanical or rotation wise etc makes sure you understand what he’s saying or showing you before moving on also great live coaching I’m a Plat 3 was playing with a GC and I was for the most part holding my own at the higher level of play with his tips and pointers in game plus awesome guy to play with laid back and easy to talk to

  58. Patrick Lennon (verified owner)

    Bismo is an awesome coach and an awesome person. He was very detailed and clear about what I was doing wrong and provided A+ advice. Was patient while teaching me some mechanical skills.

    He was even willing on going over the time a little and that was much appreciated.

    I’m gonna train on what he taught me and once I get up a few ranks probably go to him again for advice.

    Would highly recommend.

  59. Dylan Weston (verified owner)

    Really awesome guy and good coach. Really helps you understand what it takes to be better. I would definitely do it again. 10/10

  60. dgleatherberry (verified owner)

    I had Bismo coach me for just 30 minutes a little while back. Originally, it was for 2v2s, but my overall game sense improved, and recently I hit #24 on the PS4 leaderboards for Rumble, and have been steadily increasing my skill in all playlists.

  61. cerinex (verified owner)

    Great coach, I learned quite a bit of things I was doing wrong through watching some replays and playing a few games. He also is very nice about rescheduling i think i had to reschedule 3 times and he was very professional about it! I would reccomend! The only issue that i had was the replays were kinda laggy due to Discord’s Screen Sharing but that isnt anything either of us can control! Overall 5/5 great coach!

  62. michael Dyjur (verified owner)

    Extremely good coach. He described Mechanics in a very easy to understand and clear sense. I learnt a lot after just one session, and am excited to learn more thanks a bunch Bismo 🙂 I would Highly recommend!!

  63. trever14hal (verified owner)

    Bismo is a great rocket league coach, he really helped me with understanding what i did wrong in my game play and my rotations. if i ever decide to get another RL coach i will definitely be going with bismo again.

  64. Ethan Robson (verified owner)

    Bismo is awesome! Very chill dude and very easy to understand when he’s coaching. He breaks everything down into small steps so that you can follow along with him. Bismo helped me a lot with my rotational problems and helped me to understand exactly where I should be moving in each situation. And then to top it all off, he recommended me a few training packs at the end of it all to help me work on other aspects of my game.

    I could not recommend him enough!

  65. me (verified owner)

    Bismo is nuts! I’ve been playing at the Champ2/Champ3 level for about 6 months now and have really been struggling getting over the hump. At my level, my main struggle has been finding areas to continue improving, but Bismo provided great advice and strategies on taking my game to the next level.

    Very knowledgeable guy and was easy to talk through, and it was really helpful being able to explain my thought processes and decision making during our replay review session.

    You’re in good hands with Bismo!

  66. marcos.domato (verified owner)

    Pretty cool dude!

  67. danielalmodovar65 (verified owner)

    Great coach!!! Very clear on how to execute mechanics. Play by play on improvements with game play very helpful! Highly recommend!!! 10/10

  68. cgreco16 (verified owner)

    Awesome coach, pointed out mistakes I had and helped me correct them. Would definitely recommend if you’re feeling uncomfortable in your play and mechanics.

  69. dustinevans901 (verified owner)

    Well Bis I told you so… Just kidding. Great experience. Useful teaching and very like descriptive of what I can refine.l 10/10

  70. Razorrayzal (verified owner)

    Excellent coach. Learned a lot in a pretty small amount of time! Willingly played over the 1 hour limit and shot the shit with me. Had fun! Wasn’t boring. Will use again in the future! Thanks man

  71. abstruerl (verified owner)

    Bismo helped me out so much. He pointed out a mistake I had been making. I knew I was messing up but didn’t exactly know what I was doing wrong until he pointed it out. He is very friendly and helpful. A+!

  72. Eddy.Peru18 (verified owner)

    I honestly didnt know if this was going to be even worth it but im really glad i gave it a chance ! Bismo was really chill back and was very quick and helpful and pointed out what needed to change and im already seeing some major changes in my game play ! Looking forward to the change and grow and will def doing another coaching in a couple weeks to see how I am doing !

  73. 0verx.official.rl (verified owner)

    Coach Bismo was very supportive and helped me when it came to figuring out what I needed to do and he gave me confidence about what I was already doing right, he didn’t get mad at me when I struggled with Discord as I am a first timer to Discord and his mentality about the game made me comfortable. I have two pages of notes I filled on a notebook of sheer information on what I learned and needed to do better. I am looking forward to purchasing Bismo again and I plan on purchasing him again to talk about my progress. Thank you Coach Bismo! I will make sure to tell my friends about you!

  74. mdoubleu84 (verified owner)

    Not going to lie, didn’t know if there was much I was going to get out coaching session. I’ve been playing the game for 2 years and was consistently around the champ 3 rank. But I was wrong. Bismo pointed out some very key rotational changes I needed to make and helped a ton in positioning. Two days after our session, I was able to hit Grand Champ for the first time. Money well spent. The Bisbuster can help any rank out there lol.

  75. desmondnoilad (verified owner)

    Amazing coach

  76. nicholszilen (verified owner)

    Great coach all around. he helped me identify a lot of my core problems and gave more than enough advice on how to advance my playstyle to the next level. The information he gives is easy to understand and apply to your game play. we played 3 normal 2’s matches and i was already noticing improvement by the third game. very fun to play with and get coached by. definitely going to be asking for his help in the future.

  77. SentinelKG (verified owner)

    Phenomenal coaching by Bismo. Very friendly and has great ability in finding your mistakes and working with you to correct them. He’s very informative and knows what he’s talking about. Bismo will improve your game and give you a good laugh in the process. Will be buying from him many more times.

  78. Matthewsuits21 (verified owner)

    Overall . Best coaching I had ever and would recommend any one else who looking for a coach .

  79. sanqu.3q (verified owner)

    10/10 Will do it again! My goal is to get to GC, and Bismo gave me in depth advice. He pointed out the little mistakes I am making and recommended several training packs. We reviewed a replay. played 1v1 and casual/ranked 2v2. Finnaly he summarized all the things I can improve and told me how to work on getting better. Thank you again!

  80. christytubbs (verified owner)

    Bismo is very great for helping out just about any skill! he knows what to do when you’re telling him what you’re struggling with. when he played casual 2’s with me. he definitely knew what my strengths and weaknesses were. he coached me very. VERY well. and i give him an 11/10 DEFINITELY WOULD BUY AGAIN | 5 Stars ★★★★★

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