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Professional experience:
Qualifier for RLCS Season 10, RLRS Season 9 North American Champion.

About me:
Hello! My name is Dalen “Duggy” Dugas and I’m a 22 year old player, coach, and manager from Canada. I’ve been playing Rocket League since its initial release on PC.

During that time I’ve qualified for and participated in the RLCS and RLRS, earned the rank of Grand Champion, played in and won multiple tournaments, coached countless players, and managed some of the best teams in the community.

I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in professional level Rocket League, and I now want to share my experience and knowledge with you in the hopes to assist you in accomplishing your goals!

My experience:
I first started playing competitively back in 2017. The teams I’ve been involved with since then have achieved some amazing accolades like becoming the champions for RLRS Season 9, ESL Monthly Elite, multiple tournament wins, and more.

In addition, I started working as a coach/manager in 2018, and have been fortunate to have been brought on board as the Rocket League manager for the Reborn Knights, and Rocket League Director for Omni Nation.

During my involvement with these teams, I had some amazing opportunities to coach some of the best players in the professional and bubble scene, work alongside some of the best coaches from the RLCS, and help players get their shot in the pro league. I’ve accumulated over 500 hours of coaching, and have a passion for what I do.

What’s covered in a session:
A coaching session with me involves several stages:

  • First, we will establish your current goals and what you want to accomplish.
  • We will then move on to replay analysis and discuss multiple subjects like your decision making, rotations, mechanics, team play, and more.
  • Next, we’ll discuss mentality and the psychology behind the game.
  • Finally, I’ll create a training regimen personalized specifically for you and your needs.

Why hire me:
While experience and knowledge are extremely important in the making of a good coach, so is education and understanding of teaching.

In addition to the years of experience described above in-game, I also have a background in working with people. I have an education in Psychology and Sociology, and while that may seem irrelevant to a video game, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Having knowledge in these subjects provides an advantage in-game that not many others have. Also, I have some great jokes, wanna hear one? What do you call an elephant that doesn’t matter? Anyone? No? Well, looks like you’ll have to hire me to find out!


  • 1-2 Replay Files
  • Discord
  • If you play on console and do not have access to replay files, we can work something out over Discord




RL Tracker







Playlist Strengths

2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard

Coach Rank

Grand Champion 1

Coaching Experience

200 – 999 Hours

Hours Played




15 reviews for Duggy

  1. bones0271 (verified owner)

    very creative in the way that he teaches and breaks things to make things very simple and easy to understand.

  2. davidofocala464 (verified owner)

    Just finished up a lesson, Duggy rules! Very insightful and all around great coach. During replay analysis he not only made me aware of mistakes I didn’t know I was making, he provided some creative ways to practice and improve on them. If you’re looking to fix the problems youre facing in RL, check him out!

  3. dpeck.rf (verified owner)

    Duggy is a great coach and not only does he tell you where to improve, he provides examples from higher level play. His style is relaxed and very comfortable to learn from. Duggy is absolutely recommended to anyone wishing to receive 1 on 1 coaching, I will be booking another session soon.

  4. Reece Robinson (verified owner)

    Very genuine coach! made my mistakes clear to me and informed me what I need to work on the most even at the higher levels of play would recommend

  5. Chris Habib (verified owner)

    Just did a session, it was very helpful. Great replay analysis and training routine to move forward with. Would recommend!

  6. Jarod Wescovich (verified owner)

    Just finished up my coaching session with a list of things to help me improve, and honestly it was great. Duggy was super easy to talk to and really good about pointing out your weaknesses without being condescending. Will definitely be booking another session.

  7. jacobh117 (verified owner)

    Exceeded expectations! Duggy did a fantastic job analyzing and giving me resources to practice with to improve my game by a lot! Super friendly and is always looking to help out his students even in his off time answering questions or interacting in general. Very knowledgeable and he has a lot of experience to back it up too! Will definitely book another!

  8. Bryn Heger (verified owner)

    Had a lot of fun learning with Duggy, he’s a great coach and helped me improve my game so far

  9. Logan Kearney (verified owner)

    Really great experience! Duggy is very friendly and really knows what he’s talking about. I’ve been playing rocket league on and off since its release but decided wanted to try and get competitively good and get some training. Super happy i went with Duggy as a coach because he makes it easy to learn and improve on your game. Going over the replay he pointed out the good, and not so good things i was doing which really helped me see where to correct and improve my game. going over some of the game mechanics for movements and aerials really helped me understand what i was doing wrong and how to correct it. I played in a 3v3 in against grand champ level players which also really showed how the game looks at the competitive level. Even though i made maybe 2 plays, it really helped my confidence knowing i could do something against them! This was only my first session and i already feel like i’ve learned a lot. Im really looking forward to the next one!

  10. Kyle Steinman (verified owner)

    1 hour, 1 man, 1 game. It was Awesome!
    Friendly, outgoing, knows his stuff. Great teacher/coach! I’m pretty new at Rocket League and he helped me better understand some mechanics that I wasn’t aware of. Worth every cent, might even pay again soon!

  11. Eric Zetterman (verified owner)

    Had 3 hour session with Duggy and after the first 1,5 hours i ranked up from diamond 1-2 to diamond 3. He immediately recognized my most important mistakes and told me how to correct them. My second session i got to play with pro players which was a real fun experience! Overall a great coach and fun to be coached by! Will definitely get another session sometime soon 🙂

  12. codeymohan (verified owner)

    Awesome Guy, Very friendly and professional. Had me watch a live scrim, 1v1 with a pro and gave me live coaching tips while I played rank. Definitely undercharging for his services! I will be booking more sessions soon!

  13. Timothy Seabolt (verified owner)

    Very genuine coach! made my mistakes clear to me and informed me what I need to work on the most even at the higher levels of play.

  14. ashton ayers (verified owner)

    Duggy is an outstanding coach! Super informative and willing to help at all costs. Learned several things I’m doing inconsistently and ways to make them better. Very flexible on scheduling.. will definitely be getting another session after I use the tools he thought me to do a recap and get some more coaching in… Again thank you!!!!

  15. Andrew Cedre (verified owner)

    He connects to u right off the bat he will find a way possible to make u a better player. At the end of the session I’m telling u u will learn something from this great rl player and I guess considered a friend now.

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Coach Availability:

Monday 1:00pm– 10:00pm
Tuesday 1:00pm– 10:00pm
Wednesday 1:00pm– 10:00pm
Thursday 1:00pm– 10:00pm
Friday 1:00pm– 10:00pm
Saturday 1:00pm– 10:00pm
Sunday 1:00pm– 10:00pm

Timezone:  AST (UTC-4)

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Yes, certainly. You can discuss what timings work best with your coach.

If you can’t make a session you need to let your coach know 6 hours in advance, otherwise you’re at risk of losing your order. This is at the coaches discretion.

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