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About Me:

I have been playing Rocket League since it came and now play on PC. I have put in 5,000+ hours into RL and have learned many ways to help improve your performance. I am also the coach of Ghost Gaming competing in RLCS X (currently top 12 NA) and I have a good system to help you improve your Rocket League capabilities!


When you book a session with me this is how it will go:

  1. Once you book a session we will get in contact and set up a day and time to have to session. I will then ask you multiple questions about you and your Rocket League experiences to help me understand where you are at and what I need to work on with you as well to answer any questions you have for me.
  2. I will also need a replay of one of your games. I need a replay where you play at your average (Not where you do really good or really bad). I will work with you on how to send a replay. We will watch the replay and look at all the plays and decisions made in the game even the small things you might not be aware of.
  3. We will then apply those things we learned in some online games depending on what platform you chose (we could also do a private match).
  4. Once we do all that and the session is complete, I will summarize everything that was taught and learned. I will also point you to some training packs and exercises you can do to improve on your own. I also take session notes for you so you have something to refer back to after the session.

*New 3 Hour Pack*

In this 3 hour pack we will have 3 one hour sessions. They will be separated by a week apart and is set up like a ‘training camp.’ We will use all of our time to crack down on what is holding you back and/or new things we need to improve on. By setting it up a week apart it will make you focus and grind what is taught so you are ready for the next week. This is for any of you who want to take it as serious as possible and to really improve your game!




Hoops Article:

Tips & Essentials: How to Rank Up in Hoops

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/coachfakey

Discord Server Invite: https://discord.gg/Hc24h2r



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PS Controller

Playlist Strengths

2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard, Hoops

Session Duration

1 Hour, 2 Hours, 3 Hours


PC, PlayStation, Xbox


US-East, US-West


Grand Champion

Coaching Experience

1500+ Hours

91 reviews for Fakey

  1. Hcad (verified owner)

    Very cool guy and really breaks down all the fundamentals. He makes the game really easy to understand and gives you tips that go beyond the “classroom”

  2. kavonh03 (verified owner)

    Very chill and doesn’t make anything awkward. As an RLCS coach he knows what will work in almost every situation. The environment during the sessions isn’t stressful and doesn’t make me anxious. Already in the process of booking another session.

  3. Trenton Hagar (verified owner)

    Super down to earth, friendly and knowledgeable. His structure really allows you to understand your mistakes and work on fixing them. Being an RLCS coach, he has great insight into what will and will not work against different ranks, as well as what will get you to the next level. Definitely booking more sessions.

  4. Alex Rojas (verified owner)

    Never booked a session before, so i was a little nervous, but right off the bat i could see he was a friendly funny guy, Awesome Coach, Extremely thorough and helps you understand exactly where your messing up and how to improve. Would Recommend Fakey to anyone wanting a 1 on 1 experience that truly feels personal to them!

  5. Collin Fazzi (verified owner)

    Awesome job, he’s a truly genuine coach, and I would most definitely recommend working with him!

  6. Devin Fulmer (verified owner)

    This was a very personal experience. Fakey introduced himself confidently and respectfully. I appreciated the opportunity to review a replay of an initial match that I played with him at the beginning of our session, instead of sending one to be critiqued. I would definitely recommend this approach compared to contemplating a replay worth sharing and being judged on. Fakey was professional, well-spoken, and critical in the most genuine way. I appreciate his effort in making my training session feel personalized and comfortable. I immediately showed progress based on his observations, and will definitely return for more.

  7. John Phillips (verified owner)

    First of Fakey is an amazing coach, he asks specific questions to get to know you as a player and really pays attention to your habits good or bad. He is very consistent with his coaching style (preaching around the same concepts, not contradicting himself). As for the session itself its a laid back and fun environment, it’s educational but not boring, and leaves lots of room for interaction. You definitely get what you pay for and more with Fakey and I would recommend him to anyone

  8. Child Maker (verified owner)

    Fakey is a really great coach, he puts in a lot of time an effort into seeing what you could do to improve and just to help you out overall. at first i dint know who to choose but after booking my session with Fakey i see i made the right decision, he helped me understand how i could get ahead and showed me things i could do to improve a lot, i really enjoyed the session and would 100% do it again.

  9. robert Tamez (verified owner)

    Fakey i wanna say is a great coach. He does over everything you need and gives you anything yoiu need and help you understand the game more and i was astonished with how much knowledge this gentlemen has im happy and very satisfied with my session

  10. tragiklifepro (verified owner)

    great coach helped me alot

  11. Andrew Smith (verified owner)

    I was a little incredulous to how booking a session would go for me, but I learned quickly that I will be coming back soon. Coach Fakey is one of the most personable people I have met through this game, and his knowledge of the game and it’s finer points flat out surprised me. Everything he pointed out to me was eye-opening and I got so much out of the time I had with him. If you’re looking for a great coach who you’ll have a good time with, this is your guy. 10/10 would recommend.

  12. LittleManMichael (verified owner)

    Coach Fakey is a truly amazing coach. He offers more information and advice than I have had from other coaches throughout rocket league. The way he explains things is to the point and in detail. He always asks if you understand what he’s right to explain and if you don’t he changes it to where you can understand.
    I have had two sessions with Coach Fakey and I have improved from D2-3 to C1-2 without any issues or hardships.
    He truly sees everything and teaches you everything you not only needed to work on, but never even thought about. He goes through things that makes you see the game in a completely different point of view allowing you to have the advantage in a game, and most of all, be able to adapt to your teammates.
    Each session is brought with 100% passion from him and he is able to guide you though not just what you did wrong, but what you did right. He shows you the best training packs to use and goes through them with you so and gives you goals with those training packs so when you come back from the next session, you weren’t training just to train. You were training to improve one or two specific aspects you he thought you needed to improve or learn.
    I will be continuing my sessions with Coach Fakey and using his knowledge and expertise in this game to help me achieve that holy rank of GC because I know with him and his guidance, it is without a doubt possible.

  13. cgreco16 (verified owner)

    Very great coach, I was having lots of issues when it came to rotations and improving my challenges which he helped point out in multiple games. He gave me lots of insight on how to improve my own game and what he’s done to improve as well. Would definitely recommend if your looking for a coach that knows a lot about the game and how to improve in any aspect of it.

  14. brady.hornberger (verified owner)

    Great coach! Said i was better than all you other scrubs :). but seriously, he is an amazing coach, very engaging, and i highly recommend you get him as a coach.

  15. bbgunle (verified owner)

    Killer coach, taught me how to play better in hoops and focus on the issues that were keeping me from GC. I’m 1600 and still was able to learn mad amount of tips from this dude. Buy a sesh now or you’ll never get better.

  16. Justin Murphy (verified owner)

    My 2 hour session with Coach Fakey was both enlightening and enjoyable. He was personable, easy to talk to, and quickly identified my strengths and weaknesses, as well as provide tangible advice on how I could improve. During the session, we analyzed footage from one of my games, we played a few games together, and he provided me with training tasks to help me improve. I asked many questions, and he was always patient and took the time to address each one. I highly recommend a session with Coach Fakey, and I will be back.

  17. Tulpa (verified owner)

    My first session with Fakey was excellent and produced almost instantaneous results, but after a follow-up session I’m really starting to hone in on refining the finer parts of my gameplay. Thorough explanations of thought processes and mechanics really come into play, and Fakey is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to identifying your weaknesses and how to overcome them. Highly recommended.

  18. masterjustin123 (verified owner)

    i just did my follow-up sessions and just like before coach fakey did a great job. he let me know what i improved on and what i should keep working on. 10/10 would recomend continuingand i will definately be buying more sessions.

  19. brittonshink (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for a solid coach who is professional, personable, and can identify your skill gaps completely, Fakey is the one for you. He came highly recommended from a friend who offered his advice at a VERY reasonable price considering the amount of effort Fakey put into our session. Within two minutes of watching a replay, he had pointed out 3 areas for improvement, and areas that I was strong in. He kept up great energy the entire session, and was a very grounded guy with a TON of knowledge about the game and philosophy. Get him before he is booked!!

  20. Adam Ferguson (verified owner)

    Great session, goes through everything you need to work on and gives you a training pack you can use to improve it. Even if you purchased an hour and there is more he wants to go over, he will extend the session slightly. Makes sure to cover any questions you may have and keeps asking throughout the session to make sure you’re understanding what he is saying.

  21. Tulpa (verified owner)

    Fakey is extremely thorough and professional when it comes to identifying specific problems and attainable plans to reach your goals. The replay analysis segment is in-depth and open for discussion, as all questions are welcomed and answered promptly. Definitely recommended for players that seem lost on what to work on and will help you rank up every step of the way.

  22. masterjustin123 (verified owner)

    i went into this thinking it was going to be bland and just playing games. but to my surprise fakey did a very good job at explaining everything i am doing right and wrong, he went into detail on every little thing and explained what why i should do something different. very proffesional and good at coaching. will recomend 10 out of 10. GGs

  23. Drew Coulter (verified owner)

    I decided to turn to coach Fakey for help because I hadn’t been ranking up for the past couple seasons. Fakey gave me an in-depth analysis of what I needed to work on, and why it was holding me back, while also giving me confirmation on the things that I was doing well. In addition to this, Fakey always made sure that I understood the concepts that he was explaining to me, and made sure I didn’t have other questions during the session. This session made me realize what I really needed to work in order to get out of my slump!

  24. Michael Saari (verified owner)

    I booked a 2 hour session with coach Fakey, he was very detailed in the replay analysis of what my negative tendencies were and how to correct them. He did this in a great descriptive manner in which he explained why this can be negative and when it can also be positive. He was very open and interactive I will 100% recommend his services to anyone who has hit a wall and need some guidance.

  25. Trent Burch (verified owner)

    Fakey did a great job at noticing especially in game what I need to work on and how to improve in especially in 2s! Great guy, does very well with interacting with you and open to any questions you have which is great, even the smallest things or questions you have he will do his very best to help! In the future I’ll definitely play with him again and might even sign up for another session if There’s other things I need to work on 100% recommend this guy! Fakey keep doing good things brotha you’ll go a long way!

  26. Kelvin Keller (verified owner)

    Really amazing coach! He went into depth about my gameplay and benefited me on my journey threw the ranks.

  27. Trayson Glenn (verified owner)

    After having a coaching session with a different coach I came in a little skeptical of the process and this website. However, on the recommendation of a friend of Fakey, i decided to take the risk and try again. My experience was phenomenal and the experience was directly catered around me and my bad habits. I learned a lot and the entire session was relevant and focused on improving my skills and abilities and i cant wait to see my improvement in the future.

  28. JuniorSamples (verified owner)

    I was very hesitant at the idea of hiring a coach for rocket league. I had been stuck in and out of gc and c3 for 3 seasons now. I took a look at a lot of coaches on Gamers Ready and Fakey was one that stood out mainly from the large amount of positive reviews! I booked a 1 hour session and i can truly say that was an insane learning experience. Fakey is extremely thorough in asking questions to you as well as analyzing your playstyle and replays. He knows exactly what you need to work on and he praises you when you do something correctly. This was a huge step for me reassuring myself that im not messing up in certain scenarios. The session really did help my game sense skills and overall game awareness. Definitely an amazing coach and definitely worth the money!

  29. thebrillliantgamer (verified owner)

    i was skeptical about hiring a coach at all. i hired Fakey because he was the perfect combination of a fair price with a lot of experience both in game and as a coach. he is a very detail oriented coach. pointing out the small things that make a big difference. but not harping on them to the point of annoyance. he and i clicked well together. he has a very upbeat personality and genuinely wants to see his students succeed. super supportive, pointing out the good things you do as well. Fakey has quite honestly changed my opinion of hiring a coach and i will definitely return for more from him! i highly recommend Fakey to anyone who wants to learn and improve, but also to have fun while doing it.

  30. Eric Cleveland (verified owner)

    Fantastic coach! Fakey is an outstanding guy. He goes into depth on everything you need to work on, and he lets you know when you’re doing things correctly. He’s very understanding and supportive if you make a mistake and will quickly let you know how to fix it. Overall, Fakey is well worth the money and is easily one of the best coaches around. Well worth the buy! Kisses in chat.

  31. shininggaming (verified owner)

    Beast of a coach. Really indepth analysis and genuinely fun to work with. Highly rated!

  32. Carson Vetsch (verified owner)

    Definetly worth the money. He was very in depth with everything and gave me a ridiculous amount of information for me to work on. The little stuff is what always gets me and he was sure that I was aware of everything I needed in order to improve. awareness is key. On top of all that hes a quality guy to work with and hecka funny so overall a solid experience. I’ll catch you in 1700 mmr boutta fake tf outta ya.

  33. Xerxes (verified owner)

    This dude right here, Fakey, is a god. My session was all about awareness and I was able to take a lot out of it. I would highly recommend this coach for anyone pushing for C3 or GC. He didn’t say anything about freeplay or training. I would definitely buy from him 10/10.

  34. thomascarson (verified owner)

    I booked a !hr session and he helped me showed what i was doing wrong it help inprove my gameplay. i am very happen that he could give me some better tips to help me get better 10/10 recommened for newcommers

  35. djSavage (verified owner)

    I booked a 1 hr Hoops coaching session with Fakey. He was very thorough in answering all of my questions in a manner that was easy to understand. I am looking forward to applying all of my knowledge, and trust me, do yourself the favor and book a lesson with him. I learned that hoops is different that normal game modes, and Fakey has all the secrets to make sense of it. 10/10 would recommend 👍

  36. Woody (verified owner)

    At first, I was skeptical of getting a coach and how much it could really help me, but after months and months of grinding and still being stuck at the same rank, I decided to give it a try. Fakey completely changed my opinion of how useful and beneficial Rocket League coaches can be if you truly want to get better at the game. Tired of hearing tips like “Just grind freeplay” or “Do more training”? Book this coach asap!

  37. Banjee (verified owner)

    Fakey is a really good coach. He’s really easy to talk to and good at explaining. He knows a ton about the game, and can analyze replays and playstyles with no effort. He really helped me learn my weak points so that I could improve my gameplay. 10/10 I would definitely recommend him to anybody looking to improve their game!

  38. Goyota (verified owner)

    Had another great session with Coach Fakey. Referenced previous session to highlight improvements. If you want to improve quickly and increase your knowledge about the game then I definitely recommend hiring a coach. I recommend Fakey as he is quick to realize your faults and tell you how to improve them. Whenever you need a little extra help to challenge yourself, I found that the sessions do this as well.
    Looking forward to the next!

  39. Byron Anderson (verified owner)

    He’s an awesome coach!! He helped me learn what I needed to work on and told me everything I needed to focus on plus I got the chance to play with high level players! An awesome dude and I highly recommend purchasing a coaching session from him!!!

  40. Dominik Calvesbert (verified owner)

    Amazing guy, super chill and always willing to comply with you. taught me so much in our session, from correcting my rotations to pointing out minor mistakes to change how i play and make me better. if you’re looking for a great and affordable coach, Fakey’s your man. i high recommend you buy atleast one session with him even for an hour and you will improve significantly. he played some casual with me and taught me where i went wrong and where i should be on the field etc. this made me a better player and with this i believe i will be able to reach the next level of play and even further. overall he taught me what no one else did, made me a better player in just 1 hour and was a blast to play with. Thanks man, and good luck with everything. BUY HIS COACHING SESSIONS

  41. Connor Lewis (verified owner)

    So.. Fakey as a coach and a person in general is incredible, from a single replay picked by myself where i personally thought i was playing as average as i could due to being under pressure he pinpointed my strongest current weaknesses down to pinpoint accuracy, after playing some casual matches and using the advice he gave me and adjusting my play from the weaknesses i had i could already see a big improvement in my play and pressure on our opponents. For anybody out there looking to book Fakey for a session id just like to say dont even hesitate to do so, hes a brilliant coach and person with a lot of patience, hes incredibly helpful and will improve your gameplay a ton. Just remember to keep the mindset that rocket league is a grind and not to come into the session thinking he will make you a god of rocket league straight away, if you see no improvement in your rank straight away that is normal, as long as you apply the advice he gives you in game you will see results in your rank in no time! Great coach, Great guy 10/10 would book again

  42. pakejotter02 (verified owner)

    Coach Fakey is a super friendly guy and is amazing at figuring out the tiny mistakes you are making and correcting them. He lets you ask questions whenever you need too during the session. His coaching is definitely worth the money and would highly recommend him for anyone trying to improve at RL.

  43. tristan.simon98 (verified owner)

    Coach Fakey’s ability to find what you need to work on and put it into game play and training packs is impeccable. He was able to help me notice things i didn’t notice in a matter of minutes. He has such an arsenal of ways to make things simpler and you to understand them there isn’t a better coach out there.

  44. dufresne1341177 (verified owner)

    Within the time that we had he taught me everything I needed to know to make it to the highest level. Fun and great coach to learn from! I can definitely say even in the session I was already becoming a better player. He really focuses every aspect of your game and makes sure that your mistakes are corrected. It was a blast to play, learn from him, and connect with him. For sure going to get another session with him to track my progress as he is my official coach for rocket league!!

  45. mark (verified owner)

    If you are looking for someone who is going to take the time to really explain and work on your problem areas of RL then Fakey is your coach. I could tell from the moment we started the session that he was devoted to working with me on things I needed help with, not just some cookie cutter session that I have had with other coaches (NONE ON HERE). Fakey took the time to explain what we were working on and what I should look for when making certain decisions. He even brought in another player to help since I am primarily a 3s player, instead of just running 2’s. If you are looking for improvements in your game that will take you to the next level (GC for me) then what are you waiting for sign up!!!

  46. Leland Shelton (verified owner)

    Yesss! This dude is the nicest person i have met on rocket league so far. He is the best coach and i have seen improvement in myself playing against people almost 6 ranks above me. He isn’t toxic, and he’s nice about everything he practiced with me. Even if you are a kid he is a great coach to anybody. Like fr i actually scored 3-4 goals on grand champs while i am in platinum. I definitely recommend this coach for your rocket league experience.

  47. P1 (verified owner)

    Brilliant coach. Very cool guy and very knowledgeable. He made a lot of time available to me and his tips and advice helped me straight away. I would recommend Fakey to anyone trying to improve their game and their mentality. You will learn mistakes your making that you never even knew about and this single aspect will improve you massively. Worth every penny.

  48. IBeAwesome100 (verified owner)

    WOW. Fakey really helped me with basic things I needed to work on as well as stuff I wanted to improvement on myself. Would recommend!

  49. mas081001 (verified owner)

    I will soon be purchasing my third session with Fakey. If that doesn’t already say enough he is a super cool guy who really finds joy and entertainment in seeing you improve. I can’t stress enough that this coaching session is worth every penny, you’re not just paying for a coach that shows you how to get better you’re also meeting a really cool dude! Highly recommended!

  50. deregtd (verified owner)

    Fakey was awesome. He had already looked at a couple of my replays before our session and picked the one that had the most useful stuff he wanted to go over, and pored over it with me, pointing out all kinds of stuff I didn’t realize I was doing — getting lured into my partner’s side on offense, not paying enough attention to other players on the field, etc. Then we played several games to try to reinforce some of the learnings, and it was a totally different experience playing with remembering even just a few of the major learnings he was imparting. Despite continuing to make the same stupid mistakes for a while, Fakey patiently kept trying to come up with different ways to explain the things I was missing, and it was super helpful. In the few days since the session, I’ve been jumping up ranks in 2s and 3s and being much more useful in the games I’m playing with my higher level friends. Excited for future sessions after more practice!

  51. Ben Halliwell (verified owner)

    Fakey really was amazing. We spent some time going through one of my replays where he pointed out some of the important mistakes I was making (e.g. being to passive going forward) but also told me what was really good about my gameplay. After the analysis we got to play some games together, which really helps in noticing what I’m doing right/wrong in a real game situation. Whether you buy a one or a two hour session, it’ll definitely be worth your time. Absolutely worth the money I spent.

  52. Ryan Finke (verified owner)

    Fakey did a really great job. He won’t point out every single mistake you make – just the important stuff. He also gives you session notes over what you talked about so you can go back and remember what you need to work on. You also get to play a few games with him and you get a replay analysis if you purchase a one or two hour session. Well worth the money I spent

  53. d_bilton (verified owner)

    He helped me realized a few small things that have made a big impact on my game. Very friendly and knowledgeable.Looking into getting him to help me with my 2’s game also now

  54. Todd Lewis (verified owner)

    Completed the 30min Challenge. Fakey was very critical with his comments and was on point about everything. I learned so much that the free second 30 mins just felt like an added bonus. I’ve had a week to reflect and practice what I learned and I can see major improvement. The way that he teaches is so well thought out and specific that you can tell right away he knows not only the information; but can communicate it in a way anyone can understand. Will be continuing my education with him!

  55. Alex Wilson (verified owner)

    Awesome experience. 30 minute challenge gave me a run for my money. Highly recommend. Wonderful coaching.

  56. Chris (verified owner)

    I used Fakey for an analysis to get over the GC wall. He was able to pick apart the nuances that are obviously holding me back, and he gave detailed explanations to fix the problem. He knows the game and quickly recognizes errors, even at high level play. Definitely worth the time.

  57. josephgreene993 (verified owner)

    I am a new player to Rocket League and wanted to improve my skill fast. I was trying to find the best way to improve when I came across Coach Fakey. At first I was skeptical I how much I was going to learn., but once we got into the hour session it took me by surprise by how much I was able to learn. I would recommend anyone newb or pro at the game to Coach Fakey. I will definitely be doing another session with him and cant wait to see how much I improve next time.

  58. isaacmeehan (verified owner)

    Been playing rl for about 400 hrs im mostly a casual player but when i do play ranked i am plat 2 -d1 in 2s and d1-d3 in 3s. I decided to get a coach because i haven’t felt improvement in a while. Within minutes of the replay he knew how to help me by the end of the session we even won a few gc lvl games (mostly him) but i did get mvp 2 times lol ( i think he let me lol ) definitely check out coach fakey

  59. tristan.simon98 (verified owner)

    Coach Fakey did a great job explaining to me ways to improve that I did not notice myself. I have played rocket league for a long time and did not expect for any coach to give me as much insight to the game as he did. His knowledge over each aspect of the game is unparalleled.

  60. kyle62699 (verified owner)

    Well to start off, Coach Fakey is a magnificent coach he covers all topics and he is the best choice for a coach. Very mature and also has a great attitude! He is definitely the best choice!

  61. latehautala (verified owner)

    No idea why I hired Fakey in the first place. Turns out it was the best 15€ I’ve probably ever spent(aside from a 30cm subway).

    The amount of knowledge he has when it comes to Rocket League is exceptional. He helped me with basic things such as mechanics and don’t think there would be a more helpful coach for vision on the field.

    If anyone is questioning if this is worth purchasing the answer is a definite yes. The guy’s a man of culture as well and super kind(except if you score an own goal).

    Even after one hour I’ve already seen improvements in my gameplay. My decision making is sharper, my field vision is better and my musty flicks are more efficient. 😀

    I CBA to write a bigger essay so I just wanna thank Fakey for everything<3

  62. Veliq (verified owner)

    Life Story

    482 hours total into Rocket League, felt like I peaked in Diamond 3 in 2’s. Watched replays, various training packs, nothing felt like it was adding up for improvement. Went to YouTube, ended up on FLuuMP’s page. He announced GamersRdy and I decided to do some research. Started looking at coaches, saw Fakey and decided I would give him a shot as I had seen many of his plays on YouTube.

    Coach Review

    Fantastic mixture of coaching. Called out the good plays and bad plays. Showed my weak points and strong points and gave me tips on how to strengthen those weak points. Helped identify my mindset during my replay and how to shift it to focus a bit more on the weak points in my plays.


    Highly recommended – You can go to any coach if you are looking for someone to sit down, go over your replay and identify some improvement points. Fakey takes it to the next level and plays games with you after reviewing the replay to identify any additional weak points. On top of that, he records the entire session and sends you a copy so you can review later in the event you want to go over it again or may have missed something. He is super chill and laughs with you as you learn to help calm the mood if it seems stressful. Definitely will come back for more.

  63. franco.kameron (verified owner)

    At first I was a little skeptical about coaching in rocket league. But Coach Fakey changed my mind. I am a season 9 GC, and he brought something to my attention that I never even thought about. He also helped me with several other mechanical and fundimental skills that I’ve been slacking on. I’m tempted to get another session just to hang out and play with him. I HIGHLY RECOMMENDED COACH FAKEY NO MATTER WHAT RANK YOU ARE. Thanks again Coach! And ggs 🙂

  64. animagicmike (verified owner)

    Fakey is the first Rocket League coach I’ve worked with and it was awesome working with him! I love Rocket League and I’ve been wanting to improve at the game for a while but I found myself stuck between Gold 2 and Plat 2 in most game types. When the session started Fakey and I played a doubles game and although I was making some mistakes overall things went pretty well. After the game we went over the replay together and Fakey pointed out to me the good choices I was making and the not so good ones, and he also would go over what might’ve worked better in each circumstance. After going over the replay he recommended me a training pack to work on making my aerials consistent, because while I would usually get a touch on the ball it could’ve been hit much better. He also recommended that I adjust my camera settings because I was playing with the default settings minus camera shake, and IT IS SO MUCH BETTER NOW. I had no idea how much of a difference my camera settings made. Fakey made sure to tell me about my strong points and my weaker points, and how to go about practicing to improve on both. He also gave me some notes about the session afterwards to look back on if I forget anything we discussed. He’s a super nice guy and he was very pleasant to talk to and ask questions. I have only just finished working with him but I feel like my gameplay is already on the road to significant improvement. I’d recommend Fakey as a coach for any level of player but as a Gold/Plat player I feel like I got a lot of good insight from the points we went over. Thanks for your help Fakey! I’ll keep practicing and referring to the session notes if necessary! 👍🏼👍🏼

  65. andrew.johnston (verified owner)

    Great coach! Really good at narrowing down what you should really be spending your time working on and gives great resources to do so. Explained air dribbling better than any tutorial I’ve seen as well 🙂 Would absolutely purchase again.

  66. EternalJinx (verified owner)

    Absolutely PHENOMENAL coach. He is very kind and explains everything clearly and in a way that you can understand. He will individually break down each thing into multiple different part. He knows how to say it for even the less educated player. I would recommend him to anyone that needs some help. EVEN GC players. There are a few things that i notice when i played a match with him against other GC’s not to mention that we won. Im currently D2 in doubles and I was actually doing good in the game with his help midgame. He explains things live and in action when needed. Great session, Will be getting another one soon.

  67. Release Sin (verified owner)

    Been attending a few coaching sessions with Fakey and the improvement that I see from these sessions are incredible he is literally the best could recommend him more highly 5/5 every session always feeling great and knowing what I need to work on after the session with all the tools I need to do so. Highly recommended,very friendly to work with, and great advice will still be coming back for more

  68. LJizzle (verified owner)

    Great coaching!!! Really would recommend him to anybody and everybody! He’s really chilled and has no lack in communication. He’s worth the purchase. I’m going to make a clip when ever i get one with the new mechanics and going to tell him “gott em COACH!”😂

  69. Goyota (verified owner)

    Had a wonderful session with Coach Fakey. He thoroughly reviewed the replay with me, and played some casual matches where I was able to get more feedback on my gameplay. I enjoyed the session as I received much more value than I had expected out of it, definitely worth the price!
    He is able to get through a massive amount of tips, information, and content in a session.
    I recommend him as a coach.

  70. tragiklifepro (verified owner)

    Its been about a week or so after the first session I did with fakey. Ive improved a large amount on field awareness and control. The follow up session we did went a lot smoother just by focusing on the we went over in the first session I felt like I was in the play a lot more and had more control over the situations I was in. Fakey gave me a few more things to work on and some help with mechanical issues I wasn’t aware of. Would highly recommend getting a follow up session to check your progress and if theres anymore things you should work on to help your gameplay.

  71. dgleatherberry (verified owner)

    I did my first coaching lesson ever with him, and he is a great and amazing guy. He swiftly pointed out what I was doing wrong on a replay we reviewed, and told me a couple training packs I could use to help. He helped me figure out how to better master air dribbling skills and told me when is a good time to use them. After my lesson, I’ve seen immediate improvement and am starting to play better already. I was fluttering between C2 and C1 prior to the lesson, now I am holding my own in C2 and can compete at C3. Fantastic coach, would recommend to anyone. Unless they play League of Legends. Hate that game.

  72. chingchow7 (verified owner)

    Fakey was a really great coach! I was worried I wouldn’t get too much out of the session since I am only gold but he was still very helpful and very supportive. I’m currently plat now and a lot of the tips he told me definitely played a hand in me getting there quicker.

    Also, I really wanted help on certain mechanics and I just wanted to bring attention to how detailed he is. After watching countless videos of how to set up air dribbles I still couldn’t get it but he was very quickly able to pinpoint where I was going wrong. That’s definitely something you cant simply get as far as mechanics go from just a youtube video and made this session 100% worth it.

    Would definitely recommend coach Fakey to anyone at any level.

    Thanks Coach!

  73. rasheedd.othmann (verified owner)

    My man Fakey really hits you up with some good infortmation. Fakey made sure that I knew what I was doing right, he discussed my strong suits and constantly reminded me of these things. He also helped me with mechanics I was struggling to learn and hit me up with some nice training packs to practice them. I hit a wall were I couldn’t rank up anymore and after his session I was able to see why I couldn’t improve. He enlightened me and helped me get passed this wall.

  74. stssnwatson (verified owner)

    Fakey is an absolute amazing coach. Through all my time playing RL, I’ve yet to experience someone as knowledgeable about the game itself as him. The session provided me with many pointers that I can visibly just minutes after the session see. If you are serious about your game and want to advance, recommend this coach to maximum extent. Choose him if you want quality coaching and the chance to play with high skill players to discover what you are aiming towards truly. 11/10

  75. averyfelts11 (verified owner)

    Amazing Coach. highly suggest for in depth review of your gameplay, mechanics, and basically eveerything you can work on and make better. Very friendly, and even with a one hour session helped me learn about 20 things about what I could fix to improve my rank and gameplay. Definetly use as a coach if you are looking for someone to help you achieve that next rank.

  76. tragiklifepro (verified owner)

    Super professional. Explained everything in depth. Walked me threw my mistakes and was patient with me. I have full confidence after the coaching that I’ll be able to rank up and be at a level I didn’t think I could be at.

  77. faceitsarp (verified owner)

    Fakey is a chill guys that I would like to spend more time with. He basically showed me what I need to work on to get to next level. That allowed me to get my game speed higher and confidently save the uncomfy situations. AND Don’t forget bois. 1… 2… 3…

  78. jill (verified owner)

    I enjoyed playing and learning form fakey it was fun and helpful.

  79. jacob.besore (verified owner)

    I enjoyed my experience with Fakey. He helped me with player awareness and when or when not to go after the ball. He also isn’t afraid to point out your flaws so don’t be sad if he does, he is just trying to make you better. Overall, he helped me a lot just from two hours and I would definitely buy again.

  80. Farmerkip23 (verified owner)

    Couldn’t recommend him enough. Very intelligent, specific and easy to understand what you’re doing wrong and how to fix it. I’ll definitely be using him next time I get a coach.

    *actually cares about his clients.

  81. cbarton (verified owner)

    My first session with Coach Fakey went extremely well. We pinpointed multiple areas that I needed to tune up and refine, then worked on those things. We established a solid game plan to practice and improve on the things we reviewed. With very little time and few games, I have already improved in my play style and will only get better I believe. Will definitely be booking another session in the future as I progress to learn how to get to the next level. Overall, he’s great coach and is dedicated to helping you improve your game!

  82. Release Sin (verified owner)

    Fakey is an amazing teacher really understand the game how to help you and create a plan of improvement base around your skills to help you improve by tenfold. It amazing that I’m just one session and everything he taught me how much I can really see the improvement and also see where I can get to with all the good practice of his pointers and tips. I 100% recommend you try at least one session with him trust me you won’t regret it!!

  83. Boyd (verified owner)

    Fakey is a good teacher, and a nice guy. Fakey started of with reviewing my replay together, which was honestly the best part. He goes into detail, which I like! He made me a list with certain things I should work on or think about. Can’t wait to get into the training and games to get better. Definetly will meet up with Fakey once I feel I have improved.

    A great coach, he’s lucky I didn’t destroy him in 1v1 tho >.>

  84. nathancobb002 (verified owner)

    I’m a gold 3 with only around 72 hours. I was scared that a coaching session with fakey wasn’t going to benefit me much. Turns out I was VERY far from wrong. Fakey helped me understand the things that I was doing wrong. He not only was informative but also kept the session fun. I defenitly plan on visiting often. And I recommend players to give him a try.

  85. brandzoom (verified owner)

    I’m a low level plat so I’m I dont have the best mechanics, but this coach was genuinely putting in effort to help. If your plat and looking for a coach, I highly recommend fakey. Not only is was coaching helpful but it was also really fun.

  86. michaelkohronas (verified owner)

    Bad coach for a champ up i was a champ 1 – 2 before the coaching session and now im a d3 and cant get back up now he is a nice guy and can probably help out plat level player but definitely not any higher than d2. He is a very nice guy to recap i recommend getting him if your a plat ranked player

  87. lamont0729 (verified owner)

    Long story short he is very in depth about helping he doesnt rush anything. He explains what you need to work on and also is great with giving examples on why its crucial to work on certain things. 10/10 I would definitely recommend I was stuck at c2 div and literally the next day I did what said to do and finally got c3.

  88. QAN (verified owner)

    C2 here. Fakey is a nice dude and a very knowledgeable coach. Played a couple ranked games against some very strong competition, and we then analyzed one of the replays from those games. We then took what I needed to fix based on that replay into a couple casual games, and I could already feel myself playing smarter and better. Highly recommend Fakey to anyone looking to push into that next rank.

  89. DangleBerryJesus (verified owner)

    Fakey u truly are the man!!! You helped me so much in so many aspects and helped me work on skills that i didnt know i had and that i knew but needed to work on and gave me so many examples to go with it. The Coaching was really awesome You implemented so many things into our session and it made it a lot of fun. I highly reccomed Fakey for the ability to adapt to my game play and help me overcome some of my many weaknesses. Playing against C1,C2 with some C3 was truly awesome and u were always given great pointers throughtout all our matches. Thank you very much man and we will definetely keep in touch ill be back just hopefully better 😀

  90. christytubbs (verified owner)

    Very Awesome Coach! He Helped Me With Skills I Never Knew I Could Master (And Even Some I Didn’t Know) While Still Keeping The Coaching Fun, And Entertaining.
    Also He Doesn’t Stop RIGHT At The Time You Need To Stop. He’s very Flexible With His Time And Knows How To Fit Your Coaching Session In With His Others. I Got The Chance To Play Against People The Rank So High And Good. I Would Of Never Thought I Would Play Against Them.
    C2, C3, And Even GC! If You Want A Fun (And Funny) Coach. You Should Get Fakey! And To Top It Off, He Has Been In CLOUD (The YT Channel) Montages! He
    Is So Good In Mechanical Ability That It Seems Like He’s Not Human – Fakey, are you an alien?

    Overall… 11/10 Would Buy Again,
    Five Stars!


  91. Camnoir44 (verified owner)

    Great coach!! Helped me soo much with mechanics and rotations! Got the chance to play with high players from champ to GC. HIGHLY RECOMMEND COACH FAKEY!

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