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About Me:
Hi, I’m FighterVette, I have personally coached around 100 different players for a total of 200 hours. Most players improved their ranks by at least one full tier (Bronze->Silver->Gold->etc.). Team coaching is slightly different than 1 on 1 because it is based more around communication and rotating with your teammates. Mechanical errors will also be addressed, but the main focus will be your teams game-play.

If you want to develop team synergy, enhance decision-making and positioning, correct communications etiquette, and boost your ranks higher than ever before, then I’m your guy.

What your session will consist of:

  • You or one of your teammates will send me at least two replays of your team playing ranked. One replay where y’all lost by one goal and another replay where you won by one goal. (You can send more than two replays if you schedule two hours or if you want more in depth team rotation and positioning in your game-play).
  • During the replay I will point out rotating, positioning, decision making and mechanical mistakes as well as inform you and your team how to fix them.
  • Next, using discord screen share, we will use a Rocket League tactical board to create common understanding and strategize your teams future matches.

Understanding the game is key to improving. Hire me and watch your skills improve and ranks go up.

For 1 on 1 coaching click here:

(If you have a sub on your team and you would like them to sit in the voice chat to observe the session, please select the 4 player option as it is the same price as 3 players. The sub will not get ANY training. Please also make sure that the replays sent have the three people that are included under the cost of the coaching)




US-East, US-West

Coach Rank

Top 1000


Grand Champion

Hours Played




Session Duration

1 Hour, 2 Hours

Team Players

2 Players, 3 Players, 4 Players


Xbox Controller

Playlist Strengths

2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard

5 reviews for FighterVette

  1. Twix (verified owner)

    can’t say how much we learned from him he is so kind I can give him easy 10/10 coaching thank you man for all what you’ve done to us . The rotating, positioning, decision making are now better for me and my teammate like we know what’s the right but we needed to know how and FighterVette was the best choice we made when we came here. thanks again <333

  2. lildude1313 (verified owner)

    5/5 Personality
    5/5 replay analysis
    5/5 coaching
    5/5 would recommend
    5/5 will purchase again
    FighterVette is a great coach! Within minutes of his coaching my teammate and I could see the improvements. He explains everything very clear and well. He went above and beyond to teach us everything he could. Does not clock watch and is a fun guy to play with. If you want to improve I suggest FighterVette every time.

  3. Blammo (verified owner)

    Money well spent. Vette is a thoughtful coach who focuses on positioning, awareness, and some mechanics. The session consisted of live matches and replay reviews. His analysis of where our play needed work was spot on, and his analysis consisted of not just what we should be doing, but WHY. I came away from our first session with a very different perspective of how to approach the game, and he also showed me a new way to drift that has fundamentally changed the way I move around the field. Highly recommended!

  4. doranmartin1994 (verified owner)

    FighterVette is an excellent coach! Me and my buddy needed help with our 2s positioning and teamplay and he pointed out some flaws that we had never noticed. If you want to improve your rank and win more games, I highly recommend getting a coaching session from FighterVette.

  5. wargenesis0114 (verified owner)

    FighterVette was an awesome coach! My wife and I play together and wanted to see if he would do a team coaching with us. We started off doing a replay analysis, which was very in depth and entertaining to complete. After that, we went into some casual 3s games and worked directly with him in improving our skill. He always let us know what we needed to try, along with just having fun! He’s a great coach and I would highly recommend!

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