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If you’re looking to improve your Rocket League skills and have fun while doing it, then look no further.

My name is FighterVette and i’m here to make you a more skillful player all around with mechanics and game knowledge so you can eventually hit those nutty shots you see on the big screen.
I’ve been playing Rocket League since it came out on Xbox and have enjoyed every second of it. I have 3500+ hours and have been a Grand Champ for the past 3 seasons. I ran a weekly training camp in the MiddleAgeNoobs discord for 8 months training all playlists as well as mechanics and positioning. I have also done a lot of one on one training on the side for friends that want to improve. There is NOT a rank I can’t help!

What a session will consist of:

  • First, we will go into a private match and put you through some mechanics/recovery drills to see how your mechanics as well as how fast you can adapt.
  • Once you understand the drills we will enter a few casual matches and play together so I can get a better understanding the type of player you are.
  • During and after the casual matches we will discuss what can be improved and also go over tips and tricks to better your skills.
  • Lastly, if you sent a replay, we can get more in depth about rotations, positioning and decision making. (If there is time left/2 or 3 hour session)

Understanding the game is key to improving. Hire me and watch your skills improve and ranks go up.

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US-East, US-West

Playlist Strengths

2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard

Coach Rank

Top 1000


Grand Champion

Hours Played



PC, Xbox One

Session Duration

1 Hour, 2 Hours, 3 Hours


Xbox Controller

25 reviews for FighterVette

  1. Robert Ciulla (verified owner)

    Vette helped out a lot by breaking down my video replays while we reviews them and gave good insight / constructive criticism on what I should be doing, could be doing, or could have done. Really helped point out any flaws in my gameplay that I never would have thought were working against me, and He would explain how / why they were bad and what could chain off of these little habits. Helped me view the way I play them game for the better and to think ahead. Also help with some mechanics and basic skills to practice in that will help in future gameplay. Very satisfied with my session.

  2. Thomas Smith (verified owner)

    Firstly I want to say if you are thinking about getting Vette as I coach I would no question do it. He has a great method of coaching where he will be easily be able to point out each and every one of your flaws and give advice on how to fix them. He has a lot of patience and gives very good constructive criticism. He is laid back during the coaching session to relieve pressure. 100% worth the money. He is all around a great and friendly guy who will help you improve at RL.

  3. Griffin Gildea (verified owner)

    He showed a lot of patience when helping correct aspects of my game. He had spot on analysis of what I was doing wrong in my games. He asked a lot of questions and made sure i was ready before moving on. If you have kinks you need to work on, or if you dont know what you should be doing, I recommend to get a session with FighteVette, I am sure he will help you.

  4. John Singleton III (verified owner)

    Just finished my coaching session with FighterVette today and I have to say it was worth every penny. He’s a real chill guy with a friendly coaching style that removes all tension, while still being able to critique what your doing right and wrong. In just that 2 hour session he showed me a new mechanic that DRASTICALLY improved my aerials, fixed my double jump aerial, improved my positioning for plays, and enhanced my thought process on the field. It hasn’t even been a 6 hours since the training and I’ve already gone up a rank since the session. Great coach and I definitely recommend him.

  5. Jeff Becker (verified owner)

    Fighter was a great coach. He’s very talented and detailed in his coaching. Much wow! totally recommend.

  6. stephenjacobpalmer (verified owner)

    Felt like I had a great start to figuring out what I can work on, and how to work on it. Felt natural and comfortable having a lesson with FigherVette because he takes time to listen, watch, and break down what your doing, and what to do correctly, which gave me a fuller spectrum of what to practice, and how to correct myself when I’m not doing what I need to do. FigherVette is honest/kind/chill person, which makes him an awesome person to get a Rocket League lesson from. Been wanting to do something like getting a lesson in RL for a while, and I’m glad that I started out with someone as professional, encouraging, and knowledgeable as FigherVette.

  7. Skyler Coates (verified owner)

    Had a 3 hour session with him. Great coach breaking it down to the basics for a somewhat rookie. ive noticed in just a day the difference in my game from positioning to quickness getting into the air for that last second save. we didnt get to go over much because i was wanting to spend more time on each particular thing he was teaching me. But thats just me wanting to process everything he was teaching and not miss anything. Hes very blunt about mistakes you make but does not criticize and uses every moment as a teaching opportunity he understands that if youre a lower rank youre not going to get it the first second or third time and exhibits loads of patience. Will definitely be scheduling more sessions in the future. FighterVette is a great coach and i cant wait until our next session

  8. Rylan Haider (verified owner)

    Was super nervous going into the session especially after shelling out $30, but he taught me some drills and pointed out what I was doing wrong and how to fix, definitely a lot more confident and aware of what I need to do now. Will likely hit GC sometime in the future after 11 seasons of trying

  9. bayesm96 (verified owner)

    Super chill guy, spent plenty of time making sure I got the basics of what he was trying to teach me. I’m playing faster and analyzing my movement a lot better than I used to. Definitely worthwhile.

  10. Thomas Guillaume (verified owner)

    One week later I can confirm my game has improved a lot, I’m now really quicker and the training was really fun. A really cool guy I recommend, to improve your skill while having a good time !

  11. Kyle Pister (verified owner)

    Really chill guy to sit and train with. He has great knowledge of the game and even though I was higher ranked than some of his normal trainees, he still helped me tremendously and it was a great experience.

  12. naterade516 (verified owner)

    Had a great time and definitely learned a lot in the realm of mechanics. Laughed and joked the entire session, but it was very informational. Uses resources to explain things like rotation in 2s and 3s. The private match drills are very helpful as well. My session just ended, but i am sure that the knowledge and things Vette has taught me will transfer to my game very well on my road to GC from C3.

  13. david.c.hickey (verified owner)

    I had a great session with FighterVette! I chose him after reading his description and the other reviews. I was looking to get better at Rocket League, but also have more fun with it. He is really laid back and extremely knowledgeable. I appreciate how well he can articulate what I’m doing wrong and what I need to do to fix it. I’m pretty blown away with how much there is to learn with this game, and I’m happy I chose to go with FighterVette since there are so many coaches to choose from here. He even followed up with me to see that I remembered what we worked on and if I had any more questions, which he took the time to answer! Very responsive and has a great community behind him. I’ll definitely be booking another session!

  14. meekone (verified owner)

    Great training!!! Really appreciated taking the time to work through things to try to make sure I fully understood things and could execute the mechanics. Very patient. Plus, playing some games and getting tips during the games at the end was awesome too! Just booked a few more sessions =).

  15. James Peebles (verified owner)

    Vette was awesome, he was easy to talk to, really supportive and laidback, and he also knew exactly what I needed to do to improve and was able to easily explain what was needed and make it simple for me. Definitely plan on using him for coaching again!!

  16. Cornelius Carroll (verified owner)

    He will make you better at Rocket League. FighterVette is very good at going in depth and explaining what you need to do to rank up fast. He’s a very nice guy and would highly recommend him to anyone at any rank in the game. My session was very informative and insghtful about how the game works and also I’m a much faster player now for it. If your ready to take the next step forward in this game, he’s the man to take you there. Great coach and absolutely worth it in my opinion.

  17. Borden.elijah (verified owner)

    Very quick and subtle with how he found out where and what i needed to work on. Super chill guy who is very patient. Like with anything it all depends on how you take what he tells you with your training. I already have multiple things i can practice now with knowledge of where i am. I 100% would reccomend this guy if you truly want a friendly coach who knows how the mechanics work.

    He’s a legit coach in my mind.

  18. Bacorre (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the training. Vette was easy to work with, professional, and gave me some insight in my bad habits that I need to work on. Assessed my gameplay very quickly, reviewed my replays and pointed out a number of places where the improvement was needed. Used a number of tools to visualize positioning. He also provided a number of training packs to work on very specific things that I don’t do. Also, he is a really nice guy and was a pleasure to play with.

  19. handtylerr.12 (verified owner)

    Couldn’t of been happier with everything in my coaching session. This Man not only teaches you what you want to learn but goes even further. Also it felt like I knew him for years before the session even started. More than worth the money if you are willing to learn. This mans passion is crazy

  20. tylornavai (verified owner)

    Awesome training! He had me doing drills and practicing things I havent ever thought about. Also helped better optimize my button layout on my controller. All these things have definitely helped a lot and Im hoping to finally break into champ this season. Coolest thing Vette did for me was introduce me to an awesome RL community on discord. Thanks Vette! Follow him on twitch, he runs viewer matches all the time!

  21. Alecberglund16 (verified owner)

    Great coaching, He gave me some great pointers on positioning and patience. Will 100% buy it again for a follow up session. Hes friendly and easy to talk to. Showed me things that i would never think about. I highly recommend him to anybody trying to improve at this game

  22. montzjoshua (verified owner)

    NIce guy. Good at explaining tactics for the game. Opened my eyes to more areas where I need to improve.

  23. jimheugle (verified owner)

    Very laid back guy. Went over theory of why you want to do certain things and then went over in detail how to apply them. Can’t wait to start seeing the results in ranked and definitely am looking forward to the increase in rank from this session. Definitely would recommend if you’re looking to improve fast

  24. Hotzenmonster (verified owner)

    I had a great session. I improved immediately. His ability to analyze my game play in real time was not only helpful but also put me at ease, as the things he was potinting out were the things I thought needed improvement. I would highly recommend him, especially to Plat and Diamon players trying to make it to Champ and GC. He also followed up with notes on discord and keeps in touch to see how i am progressing.

  25. lolcraft93 (verified owner)

    Very very nice man. If you want to train and have fun at the same time he’s the man to do it! 🙂 He was very informative about explaining and understanding the game. I sense a lot of improvement from myself and I can’t recommend him enough.

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