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About me:
Hey everyone! My name is Fireburner and I’m currently a professional coach for Cloud9. I’ve been playing Rocket League since August 2015 and I was a professional player from late 2015 until July of 2019. I played under NRG for my entire career essentially and during that whole time, we were considered to be at least a top 1-3 team in NA playing alongside players like GarrettG and Jstn.

My biggest accomplishments while playing include being a 5x NA Champion, X-Games Champion, RLCS Grand Finalist and qualifying for Worlds 7/7 times.

I’ve been coaching with Cloud9 for 2 seasons going into 3 now and have been coaching some of the best players in the world such as Squishymuffinz, Gimmick and Torment. I have over 500 hours in analyzing and correcting gameplay in scrims and in replays at a professionally competitive level.

What my sessions will consist of:

  1. We will get in contact on discord to talk about what in specific you think you need to improve on before we start and what exactly you think some of your weaknesses/strengths are
  2. I’ll ask you to bring and send me 1-2 replays of your preferred playlist (unless you’re on console where instead we would play a game with me so I can save a replay for us)
  3. After that we will watch the replays together through discord and I will analyze the gameplay through your POV. The main things we would focus on would be what your thought process should be like in specific scenarios, different ways to go about the play and give you things or habits to try to avoid when you’re playing.
  4. When we finish watching and going over the replays I’ll reiterate the main points that we went over and give you certain things/goals to focus on going forward. If there is still time in the session we can play an online game or two together to try and apply some of the stuff you’ve learned

Additional info:

My coaching services are available for players of ANY rank on any region or platform. The lower rank you are there will be a lot more opportunities to learn and improve on but remember that Rocket League is a game where it takes a lot of practice to get really good at perfect certain things with so don’t discourage if you don’t see results instantly. All the pros put in a lot of hours in trying to perfect their craft to where they are now, but if you put the time and work and keep applying the things we go over during our session you will definitely see huge improvements with your gameplay as well.

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Playlist Strengths

2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard, Dropshot

Coach Rank

Top 100, Grand Champion 1


ESL Monthly Champion, ESL Monthly Elite, Grand Champion, RLCS Challenger, RLCS Contender, RLCS Elite, RLCS Grand Finalist, X Games Champion

Coaching Experience

200 – 999 Hours

Hours Played



PS Controller

16 reviews for Fireburner

  1. Ovepig (verified owner)

    He is a super good coach, he explained to me what I was failing and how to improve it and I am already putting it to the test I recommend it 100%

  2. Musty (verified owner)

    best coach na

  3. ScorpionNest (verified owner)

    I bought a coaching session back in May. It was really good! I took a 2 month break after the session, but when I came back, in 1 week I went from low C3 to GC 1600. 100% recommend.

  4. josephpecson (verified owner)

    Fireburner went through so much with me in the span of one hour, it’s insane. Little things that he took the time to go over with me, to the point where I could see where all my bad habits were. From aerials to powerslides, diagonal flips, he went over them all and corrected a lot of my gameplay. I am PUMPED to try out these tips and book him again!

  5. Yomska (verified owner)

    Fireburner is an amazing coach, he went over small mistakes i never thought of and helped me improve my dribbling and flicks, which i thought i would never be able to dribble but now i can actually see my progress improve a ton. Thank you fireburner and your amazing coaching. Also he was really easy to talk to and joke around with during our session. 10/10 would book again.

  6. Austin lawrence (verified owner)

    We went through all of my issues and figured out what I need to work on. Gave me positive feedback and constructive criticism as well as some packs. Great coach and nice guy to work with

  7. Mike Rehrer (verified owner)

    If you want a good coach, he’s your guy! Fire’s a really friendly dude and will notice the smallest of bad habits even at the highest level. As with any coach he has a busy schedule so expect to wait a few days before your session. However, he will get in touch with you during the 2 day period which is greatly appreciated. So, if you wanna polish your game, and have someone friendly, relatable, and talented to help you definitely go with Fireburner

  8. Austin Schimp (verified owner)

    Awesome job coaching! He was very friendly and acted like he wanted to be coaching. Easy to get along with and talk to.

  9. michaelkohronas (verified owner)

    Fireburner noticed the smallest of mistakes. I have peaked 1840 mmr and linger between 1650 / 1750. He is a great coach and I would highly recommend him to anyone. He is also a really nice and guy too.

  10. fluffypoodlesrl (verified owner)

    Cut straight to the point and made me realize the mistakes I was making with positioning. Great coach altogether.

  11. Hector Balderas (verified owner)

    Fireburner is a great player and an even greater coach. He is one of the brightest minds in Rocket League so you really do learn alot. 2 hours spent analyzing replays and going over my strengths and weaknesses was what I needed. He gave me great insight as to how to improve and reach my goal of GC by the end of 2020. I am going to schedule a follow up session in a month to analyze my progress and see what else I need to improve on. Thank you Fire.

  12. titus_varghese (verified owner)

    Really great coaching session. Highly recommend

  13. DrFluo (verified owner)

    Had a coaching session with Fireburner today and it left me more than satisfied. He was able to identify my weaknesses and strengths very quickly and his explanations (when necessary given with very precise examples) are clear and straight to the point. You really can tell you’re interacting with someone that has an astonishing understanding of the game and your gameplay. He handled the session with a professional and chill attitude that underlined a lot of things I would never had noticed in every aspect of my game. I left the session with a ton of very valuable advice, knowledge and now know exactly what to work on to get better. I highly recommend Fireburner’s coaching session to anyone that wants to improve on any aspect of the game. PS : I also had a lot of fun.

  14. Anthony Scibelli (verified owner)

    he made me a pog gamer highly recommend

  15. smatty (verified owner)

    Going into my session, I expected a lot considering Fireburner has competed at the top level for many years and is now a coach for Cloud9, but the hour I had with him surpassed those expectations. He obviously has a lot of knowledge of the game, but the important thing is that he was able to break down and explain my gameplay in a way that made me completely understand my mistakes. He also gave examples of what my thought process was vs. what It should have been, and how that thought process affected the game, and then helped me understand how I can start to think differently about those situations in-game. He also went into freeplay and recreated examples of in-game scenarios and demonstrated certain mechanics. Overall, I got a ton of information in only an hour and I highly recommend Fireburner as a coach. The price is totally worth it in my opinion, and if you’re serious about improving your game there’s no one better.

  16. rsayers (verified owner)

    I had a coaching session with Fireburner yesterday. He helped recognize a lot of errors in my game I was not aware of at all. My previously awful half flips are actually something I can pull off in game consistently and smoothly now.

    Our session was a review of replays, going through many decision points and going over what I did VS what I should have done. Each of these points were explained with a lot of detail. Highly recommended!

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Coach Availability:

Monday 4:00pm – 6:00pm
9:00pm – 12:00am
Tuesday 4:00pm – 6:00pm
9:00pm – 12:00am
Wednesday 4:00pm – 6:00pm
9:00pm – 12:00am
Thursday 4:00pm – 6:00pm
9:00pm – 12:00am
Friday 4:00pm – 6:00pm
9:00pm – 12:00am
Saturday 5:00pm – 10:00pm
Sunday 5:00pm – 10:00pm

Timezone:  EST (UTC-5)

Have a question?

If you want to have a chat before placing an order feel free to message me on Discord: Fireburner#9234



Once you place your order the coach will contact you within 48 hours by email or Discord to finalize your session details with you and your team.

After you book, the coach will be in touch over email or Discord chat to discuss dates and times for your session.

Yes, certainly. You can discuss what timings work best with your coach.

If you can’t make a session you need to let your coach know 6 hours in advance, otherwise, you’re at risk of losing your order and may need to cover the transaction costs at 5% of your order.

Yes, but you need to check first. It’s usually possible to do it within the next 72 hours but the coach might be busy so it’s worth checking. The coach Discord ID is on this page, near the time availability.





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