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Please check availability hours! Do not expect me to make accommodations if you cannot meet within my available hours.

About me:

Hello, my name is Hoodyhooo! I am a 28-year-old Rocket League fanatic that has played the game since April 2016 with over 6,000 hours between Xbox & PC.

I began my journey as a Prospect in season 3 with almost no video game background and have now achieved Grand Champ seasons 9-present! My goal as a Coach is to help players achieve their goals and experience the same progress I made!

I have a degree in Education with a coaching license to boot. This has equipped me with an abundance of tools, strategies, and resources that help me as a Coach. I have 10+ years of experience in a competitive team environment with the past 5 years as a Coach.

I have coached two different top 30 North American teams and have previously coached at the collegiate and high school levels for 3+ years. These opportunities have given me quite a bit of experience building training regimens and analyzing replays for a wide variety of players at different skill levels.

Session Expectations

Before Session

  • Fill out a document letting me know your long & short-term goals as well as what you feel are your strengths & weaknesses. I have a template/example.
  • Share 2-3 replay files/videos with me.

During Session

  • Replay analysis. (screen share over discord)
  • Point out bad habits/poor choices and explain why/how they negatively impact your game.
  • Give advice on things like game approach/mentality/positioning/boost management/awareness/decision making/mechanics.
  • Create a personalized training regimen.

How to maintain a lead in Rocket League

Through a coaching session, you will better understand what aspects of your game you should improve and how to go about doing that. Having someone with a different perspective reflect on your game can be enlightening and refreshing and will most certainly benefit you in your pursuit of being the best Rocket League player you can be.



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Playlist Strengths

2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard, Dropshot, Hoops, Rumble, Snow Day


Xbox Controller



Coach Rank

Grand Champion 1

Coaching Experience

200 – 999 Hours

Hours Played




201 reviews for Hoodyhooo

  1. Justin Reed (verified owner)

    Incredibly insightful. I have been on a very fast progression in rocket league and looked to Hoodyhooo to make sure I don’t plateau. He gave me some great tips and also gave me some amazing resources that I use daily. Thanks again Hoody!

  2. Jordan De Burgo (verified owner)

    Second session with Hoodyhooo. Only a year late with this review. He’s amazing and I love him, 10/10 would recommend. His stache alone is worth it

  3. smithaustyn25 (verified owner)

    This was my first GamersRdy coaching session and Hoody did not disappoint! Love his coaching style and consistent feedback. Found him from streams on Twitch and will definitely look for some more coaching sessions in the future!

  4. kaydenleeson05 (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved my session with hoody he gave me some outstanding advice and is an incredibly nice person to speak to, I can guarantee I will be returning for a second session!

  5. Anthony Marty (verified owner)

    Wrapped up my 5th session with Hoody and honestly he’s been the only guy that I’ve regularly gone to for coaching feedback. Very down to earth guy who makes the session engaging and enjoyable. He’s direct and open with his feedback, but he’s kind and detailed in his delivery. He really makes you feel like the session is just as important to him as it is to you and creates a fun and welcoming atmosphere.

  6. Kyle Guiney (verified owner)

    This was my first time doing anything like this, and it didn’t disappoint. I picked Hoody because of his experience coaching and due to his Youtube videos. When we started, he looked over my replays and gave me really insightful information and reassurance about my play. I would suggest Hoody for anyone that is struggling with ranking up.

  7. Nick Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Hoody is great. Not only a great coach, but is great to just talk and hang out with while learning. Hoody does an excellent job of pointing out mistakes while still having a positive and motivating tone. I was able to go from low C1 to high C2 the very same day by just taking in the advice I learned from watching my gameplay with him. The only issue I had was it was the quickest hour of my life!

  8. Dov Sims (verified owner)

    Hoody is a Outstanding coach! This is my third or fourth time buying a session from Hoody and every time I sky rocket in ranks! On the fourth session I was C2 about a week after the session I’m peaking on High Gc1! I defiantly recommend him as your Coach!

  9. Mathieu Tremblay (verified owner)

    Hoody is an awesome coach and I can’t stress this enough. I went in the coaching session with a little bit of anxiety having my gameplay being judge, but I was really blown away. He’s patient, very friendly and awesome at teaching. If you got questions, he will always answer them to the best of his ability. I will book many more sessions with him for sure.

  10. PandaMester (verified owner)

    Gives great tips for both mechancis, descion making, and mentality

  11. MattMcD374 (verified owner)

    Great coach. Provides critical feedback that helps players improve. Hoody understands the game at a high level and helps you understand it as well.

  12. Alexander Otis (verified owner)

    it was a huge pleasure to work with sucha a great coach!! who is understanding and willing to work around your schedule to the best of his abilities and is very knowledgable as far as recognizing where you need to improve or what skills you need to fine tune, it was with his advise and support that i was able to get from a Bronze 1 up to a silver 3 in the matter of a couple weeks. thanks again hoody!!

  13. c9drfrost (verified owner)

    Very great coach! I had an hour lesson and felt that every minute was utilized to the maximum potential! He’s a very down to earth guy who loves to help players get better. Highly recommend for all ranks!

  14. Peter Morsillo (verified owner)

    Just finished a 2h session with Hoody. He showed me so many things that I wasn’t even aware of as a Diamond player (Plat in 1v1).

    He’s extremely patient, and is very responsive to your specific concerns and issues.

    I’m extremely confident that the information he gave me will help my practice/play be more efficient and effective for quick improvement.

    This is especially nice for me because I had felt a bit stuck in Diamond, unsure of what I needed to do or change to rank up. Even though I feel I’m very resourceful with efficient practice and play through the phenomenal youtube resources out there, I do think most people will hit a plateau over time for making progress using just youtube.

    For other diamond players feeling stuck I would highly recommend not just coaching sessions, but coaching sessions with Hoody specifically.

  15. Anthony Marty (verified owner)

    Finished my 4th session now with Hoody. I’ve had a session with him since I was gold 2 and continued having sessions after entering a new tier. Currently sitting in champ and Hoody still continues to offer awesome advice and encouragement.

    The great thing about his coaching is it’s geared toward helping you immediately improve. It’s not an overload of information, but instead gives you information to carry you to the next ranks. The other thing is he is direct on your mistakes, but extremely encouraging about your improvement. He really cares about helping people improve.

    Ultimately it’s important to remember you as the player still need to apply what you’re being taught and know the game takes a lot of time, but being coached by Hoody has made the process just that much more enjoyable and streamlined. I think few people offer that level of encouragement and coaching in a single package.

  16. Dov Sims (verified owner)

    He is a amazing coach. Highly recommended. I started at gold II, and within two months I was Diamond. 6 hours of coaching total and I am competing at such a higher level.

  17. Donna Mayhew (verified owner)

    This man is amazing. I would 100% recommend this to everyone. You wont find coaching this good at this price anywhere else.

  18. James Best (verified owner)

    Had two one hour sessions with HoodyHooo, This man is truly incredible. He is amazing at describing different scenarios and will stop everything to explain something to you if you have a question about something. After my last session he gave me a few videos to watch and a whole bunch of workshop maps to help increase my aerial control. The greatest thing about Hoody is what he said at the end of my sessions, that he actually wants to know about your progress which is comforting to know that he actually cares about what he does and hopes his clients succeed. I highly recommend Hoody 🙂

  19. Blake Hunter (verified owner)

    Second session with Hoooooy! First time around I was a Silver 2 and with his coaching I quickly made it to Gold and now a low Plat, so I wanted to get another session now that the gamplay/competition is a lot tougher. As always he’s a fantastic coach! He breaks down things in an easy to learn and understand way without just saying “You need to do this this this” ect. I PROMISE you aren’t going to find a better coach at a better price ANYWHERE. Couldn’t recommend more.

  20. Plumato (verified owner)

    GC here, ever since I got coached in 3s, I’ve only gone up in overall skill (and I’m up to 1650 now in 3s 🙂) he is able to put the nail right in the coffin when it comes to coaching, and he just taught me how to play 2s (essentially). Man knows what he’s talking about, very highly recommend!

  21. tom dawson (verified owner)

    Was a great coach told me all the basics and made fun and enjoyable 😁!

  22. Davide Da Re (verified owner)

    GC here. I was looking for a coach who could help me analyze and advise me on my weaknesses in 3s.
    Definitely Hoodyhooo is who I was looking for.
    Excellent coach, professional, with a calm and kindness out of the ordinary.

    Thank you!

  23. Quentin Costello (verified owner)

    Amazing and really helpful

  24. Justin Matton (verified owner)

    Just finished up the second part of my 3 hour coaching session with Hoody and all i have to say is Wow! The way Hoody takes on coaching head on and with actual care is incredible. Honestly a very nice guy with the knowledge and resources to help you succeed. All the detail is thoroughly reviewed from what you do, to your teammates, to even the opponents and how that can affect YOUR individual decisions. NOT ONLY does he go in depth on your gameplay, but he provides valuable resources(sites, training, workshop maps[PC], etc) to really get you to start improving your mechanics and consistency.
    Too bad only 5 stars are available because Hoody definitely deserves more. Well done.

  25. Caleb Hadland (verified owner)

    Great coach and great guy. Super helpful and very nice. He enjoys being helpful and involved. 100% recomend.

  26. Jordan De Burgo (verified owner)

    Second time I have bought some coaching from Hoody. He is such a friendly guy, really knows his stuff and explains everything so well! Super helpful and would definitely recommend to anyone!

  27. Blake Hunter (verified owner)

    Fantastic experience with Hoodyhooo! He explains things in a way that’s very easy to understand while also giving you super helpful advice. After 1 session I already feel much more knowledgeable with my mistakes and how to work on fixing them. He’s also super chill and easy to talk to, just a great guy all around. Will definitely be going back to him in the future!

  28. Justin Haag (verified owner)

    Really great guy to talk to and an even better coach. It felt like more of a friend helping me improve than a coach just telling me what to do. Highly recommend and will definitely be coming back when i feel I’ve improved enough and need help again!

  29. reilly.kyle101 (verified owner)

    Just took another lesson with HoodyHooo and once again, he was able to point out areas of growth. He explained them clearly and in such a way that I immediately knew what to do to get better. 10/10 would do again

  30. Kenneth Vandenburgh (verified owner)

    Well worth the money. I’m honestly shocked he doesn’t charge more for how much you can get out of just one session with Hoody. He takes his time and acclimates himself to YOUR skill level. He focuses mostly on your decision making with detailed next steps on how to improve. I highly recommend him and will definitely be coming back. Plus he’s super nice and enjoyable to work with.

  31. B (verified owner)

    Great coach and genuinely cool person

  32. millererik95 (verified owner)

    Hoodyhooo forces you to look at your mistakes and work on the damage control. Of course training packs and stat cites were also recommend, we really focused more on finding negative patterns in my replays. We had three sessions that focused on the different developmental stages of fixing any bad habits while, implementing good habits along the way. I want to emphasize the compassion hoodyhoo has for his clients, and does not make you feel bad for your misaskes.
    In addition to expert coaching, he was very flexible and communicative with times as well.

  33. Anthony Marty (verified owner)

    I’ve had hoody for going on three sessions now. Generally I have a session with him every time I break in to a new tier and had started getting coaching with him in Gold 3. I had another session with him while I was in Plat then again in Diamond.

    Hoody has done an exceptional job at helping to explain game fundamentals and decision making in a way that has a lot of application. He doesn’t focus so much on mechanical mistakes since those are things we improve by playing. He does focus on deep game fundamentals and breaking down how our decisions positively and negatively impact our games. One session always seems to cause my gameplay to improve drastically. If you put in the work and apply the things Hoody has to teach you, I guarantee you’ll start climbing in any rank.

  34. Hunter Arionus (verified owner)

    There isn’t much I could say about Hoody that hasn’t already been said. He is a great person and coach. He lets you know what is good in your gameplay and gives suggestions on how to play with a better mindset. His coaching sessions are definitely worth the money. 10/10 would recommend.

  35. Kaleb Reyes (verified owner)

    Wonderful coach. I would 100% recommend Hoodyhooo to anyone looking to improve at the game. His method’s were simple so that I could clearly visualize what needed to be done in order for me to improve but not so simple that I wouldn’t feel like I was getting better. Literally 3 days after our session I hit the rank I was looking for. He is super positive and looks over everything that may need to be done in order to improve.

  36. Jesper Wallström (verified owner)

    You know the old saying, give a man a fish, teach a man to fish? This man will teach you to build a submarine with homing fish missiles.
    This guy is a godsend. He’s a great teacher and coach, and he doesn’t just sit there and point out your mistakes- he teaches you to find them, and to fix them. Hoodyhoo possesses incredible knowledge about this game and teaches it in a simple and understandable way.
    Of all the sports and games I’ve ever been in, I’ve never improved more effectively than with Hoodyhoo.
    He’s a steal at this price- what are you waiting for??

  37. Miss Ginge (verified owner)

    I’d definitely recommend Hoodyhooo’s coaching. You learn a lot from his sessions and at a very reasonable price. Going over my replays – Hoodyhooo did a good job pointing out what I was doing right and not overwhelming me with what I needed to improve on. I was able to apply his suggestions to my gameplay and saw positive results right away 😀 Plus he is super friendly! A great guy to hang out with and get coaching from.

  38. Christian (verified owner)

    Simply an awesome coach and a great guy, easy-going but still professional. He pointed out details in my game to improve on while also having the big picture of the game in mind. He also gave me alot of resources to check out. I can already see some improvements in my game and decision making within not even a day after the session. If you’re serious about improving and looking for a coach I absolutely recommend Hoodyhooo.

  39. Andrew Monson (verified owner)

    My training sessions with Hoody were extremely productive. He does a great job of analyzing mistakes and helping you to recognize how to correct your gameplay. He’s very game sense oriented and his instruction has helped me change the way I approach playing rocket league. HIGHLY suggest a session and I will be booking more in the future!

  40. nloseke (verified owner)

    Very patient and understanding. Very positive and encouraging. Helped support me and bring attention to the biggest impact changes I could make. After our coaching session I took what he had to say and implemented it into my gameplay. I grinded from C1-C3 in one day over a 2 1/2 hour session! Thanks so much for your help!

  41. Connor Cummins (verified owner)

    I booked Hoody as a GrandChamp and although I knew a lot of what he was telling me, it still helped so much bc he was able to identify the things I tended to do bad and my bad habits. I also did still learn a few things. He also convinced me to change my button layout completely and I have to say I’m glad he did! I’ve improved tremendously mechanically bc of that! You wont regret booking hoody!

  42. Christopher Parmley (verified owner)

    Top tier coaching! Hoody places a great emphasis on helping you find your playstyle while focusing on the simple mechanics. I couldn’t recommend his coaching enough; you won’t be disappointed.

  43. Mike Balish (verified owner)

    i have 2000 hours and he showed me a bunch of stuff i had no idea about. will get another sessions

  44. alex.l.walker63 (verified owner)

    Open and honest from the get go. No sugar coating need ed Hoodyhooo will help you meet your goals and give a clear path to those goals. so long as you’re willing to listen and put in the time he will help you understand what it takes to be good at rocket league. I have had many coaches on gamersrdy and every single one of them are amazing. If you ever need coaching Hoodyhoo is your go to guy.

  45. Jarryl Collier (verified owner)

    Very welcoming, positive personality and great patience. The sessions helped me out WAY more than I anticipated. 200% worth the time and money.

  46. William Y (verified owner)

    Highly recommend. We went over an in depth analysis of replays and he pointed out mechanics I didn’t even think of to work on. Very professional and easy to work with. I Plan on getting another session.

  47. Christopher Ronan (verified owner)

    I am amazed at all the little things Hoodyhooo was able to point out in my game. I look forward to working on them in the next few weeks and buying another session with him to see where I can improve next! Money very well spent!

  48. Lucas Hamblin (verified owner)

    Highly recommend Hoodyhoo, he pointed out some mistakes in my gameplay that I was not aware of, and he gave me a lot of resources to help me improve.

  49. Ty Tippawang (verified owner)

    Fantastic coach; was excellent at identifying things wrong with my play and how I can look to improve. Gave tons and tons of resources for me to work on (which is what I asked for; you can get just the amount you need as well). Very warm and welcoming, as well as punctual and professional. I’d recommend Hoodyhooo to anyone trying to learn or improve at the game.

  50. Colby J Bowen (verified owner)

    Really good at pointing out good strategies as far as the smart decisions one can make during a play. We were able to identify a few minor issues as well as easily avoidable mistakes that I can work on correcting to better my overall game. There are lots of things having a good second set of eyes can surely teach you. Highly recommend!

  51. ctgraham (verified owner)

    Hoodyhooo is a great coach. I am low ranked and have never had a coaching session before. After booking a 1 hour session he had me fill out a document about my playstyle and things to focus on in the coaching, and had me send him a few replays. During the session we went through the replays and he gave advice about what to do in certain situations. The advice was all very detailed and he was good at showing any strategies visually during the replay. After going through the replays he also suggested some good workshop content and other ways to improve. Overall I would definitely book another session with him or recommend him to anyone else who is looking for coaching here.

  52. Jordan De Burgo (verified owner)

    Hoody is such a nice person. He explains all the mistakes you’re making in a very clear and friendly way, and also points out things you are doing really well. He has great explanations for why things are either good or mistakes and really understands how to make you understand. He has some great advice with for working on your mechanics too. Would definitely recommend and will be getting some more coaching from him in the future 🙂

  53. rhett.eden (verified owner)

    By far the most I have ever learned about this game! Hoodyhooo breaks down every aspect of your game and helps you to improve the parts that need fixing. This is by far the best money I have spent on a coach and will most definitely do it again! thank you hoodyhooo!

  54. Daniel Mata (verified owner)

    Great breakdowns and tool provisions! Very helpful insight for any aspiring competitor. Thanks Hoodyhooo!

  55. shawn22212 (verified owner)

    great guy to talk to very informative keeps thing on track and is straight to the point. would defently recamend him and i plan on using him a lot more going forword

  56. lucwsomers (verified owner)

    100% worth it! Great guy and a great coach. He broke things down very well for me and I left each session with a lot of insights and new things to work on which I never could have seen without his help! Definitely recommended! Can’t wait to have more classes with him soon.

  57. vosty333 (verified owner)

    Excellent coach! I was unsure what help a coaching session would bring but it was great! Hoody is full of advice, very patient and explains things very well. Looking forward to more coaching when I get stuck again. 😀

  58. Alekhya Mazumdar (verified owner)

    If you are thinking twice about getting a session, I’d suggest you look no further. The sessions were well worth the money and I was able to see improvement in a matter of days. Thanks a lot Hoody 🙂

  59. nloseke (verified owner)

    Very patient. Very understanding and supportive. Great insight on some flaws I had overlooked myself. Provided great resources to continue improving myself after the session. Thank you!

  60. Lance Lambert (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing experience. Hoody completely changed how I play and the mindset I have over this game. Within 5 days after my first coaching session I went from diamond 1 to diamond 3. I put a lot of thought into all the different coaches, because I plan on coming back when I reach another wall. Hoody did not disappoint. Positive, like able, and helpful. He put aspects of my game play into references that I would understand. Hoody made me feel comfortable and NOT nervous. 11/10 would recommend. Will definitely buy again.

  61. Matthew Montgomery (verified owner)

    Hoody knows this game inside and out. He will bring fresh eyes to your gameplay and highlight little changes that will help you rank up faster. He also provides a ton of helpful tools for you to analyze your gameplay and be more thoughtful about the way you play the game. He is a very positive and professional coach, with experience to backup his advice. If you’re looking to elevate your Rocket League skills, a coaching session with Hoody is the best deal on the internet!

  62. Matthew Ferr (verified owner)

    Hoody is a very realistic coach. I really appreciated that a positive mindset was the focal point of our sessions. It’s helped me to be able to keep moving forward in my progression as a player. He never made me feel like he was any smarter or better; Hoody did a fantastic job at allowing me to relate to the advice given. Everything that we went over has only helped me improve. Also, I asked about his live coaching and I genuinely appreciated the different approach it had! Would highly recommend.

  63. mmadsen312 (verified owner)

    Excellent coach, very professional and knowledgeable. He was very friendly and flexible with my busy schedule. He was very positive and friendly. I’m only ranked silver but he is very good at explaining himself and helped correct my mistakes in a positive way. Definitely recommend him if you’re looking for a professional coach. Will definitely continue to work with Hoody in the future!

  64. jarrodkwade (verified owner)

    Excellent coach – very knowledgeable about the game and has a lot of insight about things I didn’t even know to think about before. I really feel like I’ve been pointed in the right direction to improve my game. I wound up buying 3 hours of coaching from him (we split it up over two weeks) and I don’t think a single minute of that was wasted. Dude knows how to talk to people, which is really helpful when you’re basically being paid to talk to them. One of the biggest things you can do when teaching other people is to provide an entry point to the knowledge and then lead them along a path. He’s very good at that with regards to Rocket League for sure.

  65. Mark Ratliff (verified owner)

    Hoody is a very friendly, knowledgeable, thorough coach. I loved working with him. The sessions were a blast, informative, and everything was super easy to retain. If you’re looking to be a better player, whether you’re bronze 1 or 1600, you’ll benefit from having this guy coach you! <3

  66. Theodor Serghei (verified owner)

    This was a great experience and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to up their game. Hoodyhooo presented me with a lot of tools and insightful comments that I can’t wait to use!

  67. Kyle Popp (verified owner)

    Very informative.

    I would Highly recommend.

  68. Shiloh Snow (verified owner)

    Had an Great time with him! Very knowledgeable about the game and a great coach! Fantastic at breaking down every little move and gives great advice on how to fix it and how to get better. I saw improvements in my game immediately. If you really want to get better at rocket league I would 10/10 recommend working with him!

  69. Max Nickerson (verified owner)

    Highly recommend, Helped me realize my mistakes on offense as well as defense and im an 1800. Great Coach!

  70. Tristan Green (verified owner)

    Very good lad, I learned a lot about what I was doing wrong, what to improve upon, and some things I was told to go against (i.e. ignore left goes). I definitely recommend spending some time with him and learning a thing or to! (I will note I am a 6x low GC and I’ve never touched 1600.)

  71. Pierre Borderie (verified owner)

    Really awesome coach especially given the price considering what some other people are charging. Also came really prepared and had done research. Couldn’t recomend more highly!

  72. john stroud (verified owner)

    Recently booked HoodyHoo to analyze my game play after being stuck in Gold for what seems like forever. He was very thorough and analytic when watching my replays. He pointed out things that never occurred to me. Now, after doing my “homework”, I’m now Plat 3. Very professional, friendly. Highly recommend, I will be using him again to make the Diamond push.

  73. Nathan Bayley (verified owner)

    100% recommend. He did a great job of pointing out things in my gameplay that are so fundamental but so necessary. Great guy, he was very patient with me. 5 stars, two thumbs up.

  74. Julien Dupéré (verified owner)

    Definitly recommend. He had so many things to say to improve my game… i regret taking only one hour. Super nice guy, really patient. Thanks you Hoody!!

  75. James Hilkert (verified owner)

    I spent some time looking into a few coaches on the site. In the end i chose this one. I haven’t a regret in the world about it! Calm, Instructional, and out right friendly. Took the time to not only critique but to educate and gave me tools to track my progression and continue improvement. Went way above and beyond to meet my needs and set me up for success. I’m honestly excited for the next session.

  76. Christopher Sines (verified owner)

    He was extremely patient and encouraging and had no issues helping me identify what i needed to improve on. Overall it was a very friendly learning experience. if you’re looking for a coach i promise you Hoodyhooo would be an amazing choice!

  77. Corey Staas (verified owner)

    Was fluctuating between C1 div 3 and C2 div 2 for 6 months. Booked a 3 hour session (split into 3×1 hour sessions) and am now C3 div 3. HoodyHooo was super helpful, really chill guy, and helped me improve a lot.

  78. Bryan M Penkala (verified owner)

    My 1-on-1 coaching session with Hoodyhooo was outstanding. He broke down each and every play during the replay analysis portion and pointed out many mistakes about my gameplay that I never would have noticed on my own. He also provided lots of great resources that I can use to my advantage to help me improve my game sense, mechanics, speed, and overall gameplay. I 100% recommend Hoodyhooo if you are looking for a coach who exceed your expectations.

  79. Nathanial Horsley-Antillon (verified owner)

    This man knows his stuff! Helped me pick up on patterns and how to spot issues in my replays. Thanks for everything!

  80. vittoriovalentino (verified owner)

    Ok, where do I start? Maybe saying that he is AMAZING. I mean, he was very informative, calm and very friendly. This was my first time booking a coaching session and I don’t regret it at all! He recognized my weaknesses and helped me to improve by giving really nice tips! Thank you Hoody!

  81. Dustin Agan (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this guy! Laid back and chill to talk with. Takes the time to sit down with you and see your ambitions and what you personally think you need to work on. His suggestions are always thorough and informative. Whether it be a correction in rotation to as much as some training packs that could help you improve with what your struggling with. When making some suggestions, he’ll, literally, draw out the direction of which the ball could, or is, going to go; and suggest what actions will be most beneficial to the situation. He’ll even throw in some jokes or RLCS references to help keep the mood lightened up. Definitely would come back for another session. 100% would recommend!

  82. Felipe moraga (verified owner)

    this man fixed all my game !, excellent coach, he takes the time to listen to you and his explanations are incredible. 100% recommended

  83. Thomas Sawyer (verified owner)

    7000 hours of game time really speaks for itself. He has very good vision of the whole field and can see what is going on all around him. Very good coach.

  84. James Anderson (verified owner)

    Couldn’t be happier with this coaching. Suggestions were always clear and well explained and he seems to have a replay for every example to show how it should be done! Looking to book again after making these changes!

  85. Felipe A Osorio (verified owner)

    Hoodyhooo is a great listener and an experienced coach. He provided helpful general resources as well as specific, tailored advice around strategy, mechanics, and training. Overall, he is a fantastic teacher who had me wavedashing and half flipping in no time. On top of that, Hoody’s just a lot of fun. I will definitely be back for more sessions!

  86. Sam Slater (verified owner)

    I found Hoody from his youtube rank-up video series. Watching them made me realize he obviously has a talent for teaching. So I was happy to find him on gamersrdy.

    The focus of the ssession is identifying our general ability to make decisions in games. My main weakness is in mechanics, but almost immediately after the session, the psychological aspects implemented had me learn a few games, lol.

    However he does NOT ignore mechanics or practice. He helped give me things I should be practicing on, while also providing a template for how to make those actual schedules.
    It is great.

    Not much else to say about Hoody that hasn’t already be said.
    BUT I would like to give a special shout out to my boy Donald for sending me $1200 so I can buy a bunch of coaching sessions

  87. James Pritchard (verified owner)

    Super nice and informative. I will definitely be scheduling another sssion! Learned a lot and couldn’t recommend him enough! Great value too.

  88. wrdennis93 (verified owner)

    Really, I can’t say anything else that hasn’t been said in another review here. Great coach, on time, on message, and extraordinarily helpful. EXCELLENT teacher. Would recommend to anyone.

  89. Anthony Marty (verified owner)

    I’ve done two sessions with Hoody now and as usual it’s always a blast getting coaching from him. I had him help some friends and I with our 3s games as a team and he was able to help all of us involved learn how to be more efficient as a team. In just a couple months after my first session I was able to jump an entire tier from low gold in to high plat, and well on my way to getting in to Diamond. You still need to put in the work and practice, but Hoody gives you all the tools and knowledge you need to start improving.

  90. Geraint Lloyd-Jones (verified owner)

    It’s my first time hiring a coach in any game and Hoodyhooo does an amazing job at not only spotting and pointing out your mistakes, but giving in depth reasoning as to why it was the wrong play and what the optimal play could be. He is very friendly and very easy to talk to and ask questions. He will point out flaws in your game that you may not have noticed about your own game before! I’d highly recommend Hoodyhooo for anyone who is looking to improve in Rocket League!

  91. Alexandre Côté (verified owner)

    Pour ceux qui parle Français. Il est facile à comprendre et beaucoup de visuel, alors si pour vous avez du mal à choisir, prenez le, il est super! Thanks again!

  92. Barry Plemmons (verified owner)

    I have no doubt that any of the coaches you might find one here will be good at Rocket League. But hoodyhooo has something that is much harder to find in a coach: the ability to teach! He is a great coach with the ability to teach at the level of the student and share in the passion of the game, at all levels. Highly recommend!

  93. frank lepine (verified owner)

    Tried the love coaching, was way cooler then expected. I thought it would be alittle nerv racking to play with a pro watching, but hoody hooo is super supportive and positive during the whole session.

  94. Jacob Clark (verified owner)

    I booked a 3 hour session and elected to break it up into 2 1.5 hour sessions. Got some excellent feedback on mt 1v1 games in the first session. For the second session I personally elected to talk about 2v2, it being my favorite mode. Hoody provided amazing feedback on my positioning and how to work around those problematic situations. I highly recommend any session with Hoody. I was on the verge of finally becoming Platinum and now can finally break the wall. He is all around easy to communicate with and is defiantly speedy in his response time to book the session. All around, 5 star experience.

  95. Tyler Fortney (verified owner)

    first time ever hiring a coach for any game, my impressions were amazing. only had 1 hour i wish i would have gotten more there was alot that hoody went over. cant wait till i can apply everything he went over with me. i WILL be ordering from him again later on after i clean up my game!

  96. kevcraig32 (verified owner)

    I had a 2 hour session with Hoody, and it was definitely eye opening. I felt he did an outstanding job explaining, critiquing my game play, and giving in depth constructive criticism. He is a natural teacher, and gives you the tools to step up your game if you are willing to put in the time to practice and get better. Also he is a down to earth chill guy. highly recommend 10/10. Most importantly he is in fact a real RL coach/GC and not a platinum IGL caster. in case you are someone who has been fooled before….. Thanks Sledge for the trust issues lol

  97. Novian Cobb (verified owner)

    Really good experience. Learned a lot in the small session and have increased my Rank with his advice. Plus pretty chill guy and good vibes.

  98. Anton ERNE (verified owner)

    Really nice guy. Showed me a lot of things I could improve on, plus videos to watch and training that I should do to become better at the mechanics. He is ever encouraging which is super helpful.

  99. rhys cornish (verified owner)

    Just finished my hour session. Showed me a lot of things i can do different in such a short amount of time. Really nice guy and would recommend to friends

  100. Travis Mcvicker (verified owner)

    Great experience, hoody is a great guy and works with you like he really cares and really wants you to improve, after one session I was given the tools to get from C2 to GC and that’s exactly what I did, would highly recommend, you wont be sorry!

  101. Goose808 (verified owner)

    I definitely didn’t get what I paid for…….. I Got MORE! Very insightful/knowledgable, and really EASY to work with. Tells you what you need to hear and not what you want and knows exactly what he’s talking about and the price for his time and expertise is a STEAL! Dont be surprised if the prices go up because he definitely deserves it. Definite Recommend to ALL!

  102. shadowzae96 (verified owner)

    had a great session. super informative and gives great tips. really makes you see your mistakes and how to fix them. i really recommend him!!!

  103. Wyatt Loree (verified owner)

    Amazing session I had. He listened very carefully to everything I said and offered great support and helpful advice. Was positive when needing to be and critical when appropriate. I would recommend Hoodyhooo as a coach.

  104. Jayden Dunlop (verified owner)

    HIGHLY RECOMMEND Had an amazing session. 10/10 🙂

  105. penguinland22 (verified owner)

    Did a 1 hour session. I may have slept through are time but he gave me another chance for later. we did are session and it was great he told me Everything i needed to be told I would HIGHLY RECCOMEND!!! he was very easy to understand and very chill

  106. joshpele (verified owner)

    Had to book a 2nd Session with Hoody to really hone in on my flaws and it really helped. Gave me an extra level of awareness to work on and even more mistakes to work on fixing. Definitely recommend for enyone seriously trying to improve.

  107. Christopher Downing (verified owner)

    Hoody is a great coach who’s really good at helping you dissect whats wrong in your play, and giving quick advice for how to fix it or go about fixing it. Real genuine and kind guy that wants to help you get better. Would definitely recommend!

  108. bryce2255 (verified owner)

    Very helpful, He changed little things I never noticed. I can already see the improvement by a couple days. Also very nice guy.

  109. keyiriz (verified owner)

    Did a 1 hour session with Hoody tonight. Was a really good experience. He pinpoints mistakes and improvement oppurtunities in a really easy-to-understand, and positive way, and he’s a really genuine dude. Would highly reccommend!

  110. 90s (verified owner)

    All in all an amazing coach! Thoroughly explained what i was doing wrong and how to fix and improve my gameplay with mentality and game sense advice along with how to improve mechanically. Very chill guy and easy to understand a follow along with. HIGHLY RECCOMEND!!!

  111. En1gma (verified owner)

    Very Helpful, understood my thought process and showed me how to progress so I could easily execute! I highly recommend!!

  112. smatty (verified owner)

    Did a 2 hour session with Hoody split into 2 1 hour sessions. In the first one he pointed out several subtle mistakes that I was making and showed how they impacted the following plays in the game. He has a lot of game sense and is a really good teacher, so he was able to explain it in a way that was really easy to understand. What impressed me most, however, was how in the second session he was able to give even more information even after I had fixed some mistakes from the first session. He knows this game inside and out and is a fantastic coach. I can’t recommend Hoody enough!

  113. Robert Kotoff (verified owner)

    Super helpful, knew what I was doing wrong and has tried to give me the tools to succeed. would def recommend him to someone trying to get better. Super Cool.

  114. Gage Butler (verified owner)

    Hoodyhoo was awesome for my first experience with a RL coach! He was very easygoing and down to earth. The overall experience was amazing and I look forward to applying his tips to my gameplay! Definitely going to come back for future sessions!

  115. Ben Morris (verified owner)

    Awesome coach. Down to earth and very detail oriented. He was able to really pinpoint a lot of my bad habits and decisions. He laid everything out for me in a very productive and supportive approach, and I feel like I learned a lot already just from one session with him! I highly recommend Hoody; hes a solid coach.

  116. Anxiety. (verified owner)

    Hoodyhooo is really nice, takes his time, knows his stuff and all in all a really awesome coach. I understood everything he taught me and he spotted the mistakes that I did. I can’t recommend him enough for anyone out there trying to find a coach. Hands down best coach I’ve met so far.

  117. Aaron Dombrowiak (verified owner)

    Fantastic coach. Down to Earth, and shows you what you need to improve, while also praising what you do well while playing. Highly recommend Hoodyhooo as a coach!

  118. FlatMoonTheory (verified owner)

    Hoody is an awesome coach, really helped me understand the gaps in my current game. Shout out to Krozmo for holding it down with the boost!

  119. Devin Miller (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for the tips and review. They were in depth and helped me boost my rank from P3 to D2-D3…

  120. E (verified owner)

    TL;DR – Phenomenal job. Highly recommend.

    For those that want a longer review here it is.
    This session exceeded ALL expectations I had. After reading other reviews there was high expectations. I hit my lowest point in the last three seasons and there was no end in sight. After my first session I went from Champ 1 division 4 to Champ 3 Division 1. There was no focus on mechanics only how I viewed the game and how I could adapt to my teammates whilst solo queuing standard. Our coaching session consisted of me only sharing my screen whilst I played. During replays we would talk about what could have been done different or gave praise if I did something correctly. He noticed little tendencies during games (noticed I had low boost, brought up my pathing for little pads, etc..) and mentioned them during goals and some times during game play if he noticed it was a big issue. After our second session I had hit Grand Champ in 3s and I give majority credit to HoodyHooo for helping me change how I viewed the game and helping me realize I do not need to be the one to make the big plays.

    If I ever need another coaching session for another game mode then I will definitely be booking with Hoodyhooo again without hesitation.

    By far the best bang for your buck!

  121. Brandon Eaton (verified owner)

    Cool guy, really helped me see the small mistakes I was making and pointed out what little things I could do to make big improvements. If you want a coach you cant get much more bang for your buck.

  122. Cameron Warner (verified owner)

    Caleb was phenomenal, very chill, down to earth guy that really knew what he was talking about. As a champ 2/3 with decent mechanics who’s done a lot of grinding, I was at a bit of a loss as to how I take my game to the next level. Hoody was quick to discover nuances of my game that I have never even thought about, things that have already significantly improved my play. In addition to the session, he provided a good practice regimen consisting of a few videos and workshop maps so that I can continue improving. Could not stress enough how strongly I recommend Hoody to anyone really looking to discover and eliminate their flaws.

  123. Mario Romerp (verified owner)

    Great session. It helped me understand a LOT more my gameplay. Great understanding of the game!

  124. Lukas Östlund (verified owner)

    Great session that really helped me understand certain aspects of the game more thoroughly.
    Had a great time and I can only recommend him to everyone who is thinking about getting a coaching session for themselves

  125. isaacmeehan (verified owner)

    HaHa! Figured it out lol… hoody was great, he was able to immediately find the best way to help out “hey toggle your cam more often” you can see who is behind you. Who knew lol. Iv already felt a change skill. Now to tackle using boost lanes instead of the big shiny ones…

  126. Jeff Becker (verified owner)

    This guy is good. Very straight forward coaching. would recommend. Much wow!

  127. Reagan Heslin (verified owner)

    great coach! super in depth, really informational, 10/10

  128. Thanovic (verified owner)

    Amazing coach! Broke down every little aspect of my game play and showed me all the different ways I could go about each situation and how each would impact the game. Makes learning so easy and has a way to explain everything you could ever need! Finished up with some things to take away and work on in the form of workshop maps and routines to train! 100% will be coming back!

  129. Kenneth Vandenburgh (verified owner)

    100% worth it! The great thing about him is that he has a deep understanding of the game at all levels. After just a 1 hour session he was able to highlight some mistakes I didn’t even know I was making. I was able to jump +120 mmr the directly after the training!! In our second session he customized a training routine to fit the player I want to become. I will definitely be coming back and highly recommend him to anyone looking to sharpen their game.

  130. Danny Halstead (verified owner)

    This guy really understands rocket league on a level that is hard for me to even understand. Had a two hour session and learned so much, he will point out mistakes you didn’t know were mistakes and even if your champ you will feel like a bronze (but in a good way). Very friendly and professional/ super easy to talk to. If your a sweat in RL who spends multiple hours a day playing this game, then paying 20-40$ for a coach is without a doubt worth it. Overall can’t go wrong with Hoody.

  131. Ben Loftis (verified owner)

    VERY knowledgable and a great teacher expecting to rank up soon after implemnting what we went over.

  132. vincent.boenisch (verified owner)

    he did see things i did wrong, that i would have never seen myself. so i think i can work on getting better now 😛 good job by him

  133. cold_fusion132 (verified owner)

    Hoodyhooo, weird name notwithstanding, is the 3rd coach I’ve used on Gamersrdy. Like every coach, he has his own unique style, pet peeves, and suggestions to elevate your gameplay. I couldn’t have been happier with his attention to detail, and continuous reinforcement on fundamentals. He also brought to my attention something other coaches hadn’t, which has seriously helped my field awareness. What that was, well you’ll just have to pay for a session and find out. 😛 Highly recommended!

  134. Mark Christine (verified owner)

    Hoody is definitely a student of the game. The attention to detail that he shows is incredible. I was lucky to have him as a coach. In reality, I picked Hoody merely based on his name. We had a similar catchphrase for my college baseball team and I thought his name was funny so I chose him. It turned out to be a great pick! Not only was he knowledgeable about the game, the community and the competitive RLCS scene, he was also just a down-to-earth guy who I would be lucky to call my friend. He took into consideration my work schedule and we were able to set up a time that worked for both of us. I recommended him to able of my buddies who play the game with me as well and told them they would not be disappointed. If you’re on the fence about getting some coaching, I would recommend going for it. Hoody definitely gave me a new perspective on how to view the game and how to better read and understand certain situations. I can’t wait to show him the progress I’ve made and I’m excited for the future. Thanks!

  135. Kyle Twomey (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this guy. I’ve had one session with him so far but definitely need to have more. Since the first session I can feel my improvement and have seen it in my rank as well. I can not recommend him enough. He has a really good eye for little mistakes and can really help you improve on all aspects of the game.

  136. Will Dayble (verified owner)

    I had two sessions with Hoody, and a break in between.

    The crazy thing was that watching myself play in my second session, I could SEE where I had improved.

    So, we worked on entirely new things in my second session.

    This proved that a) you get better with Hoody’s coaching, and b) every session is unique, completely focused on how you are doing in that moment, and with the total attention of a fantastic teacher who honestly wants to you to improve and enjoy the game.

    My favourite thing about my sessions was I left with stuff to improve, but also with a renewed desire to *get better at Rocket League* and that’s some crazy voodoo.

    GG Hoody, love ya work. Also your accent. <3

  137. Majestic Alev (verified owner)

    very good coaching! flexible hours made it easy to schedule a time. points out pro’s con’s of my gameplay what i need to work on, how to get better touches. opened my eyes to a completely different play style gained roughly 150mmr for just 1 session was 1600-1700 currently 1800+ Thank you 🙂

  138. Mark Hitchcock (verified owner)

    All I can say is WOW! I booked Hoodyhooo because I felt I was hitting a wall in Plat. During the replay review, he pointed out some fantastic strategies that I would have never thought of. His explanations are always backed up with grand champ video examples and so he makes it incredibly simple to understand. He will also provide you with tutorial videos and other options to practice specific areas of your game. I would recommend him to just about everyone.

  139. Trevor Andrews (verified owner)

    Hoody was flexible with scheduling and was very well informed! Showed dramatic improvement following his advice!

  140. mhndrcksn (verified owner)

    Possibly the nicest guy on Rocket League, brilliant coaching style (and it is actual coaching, not a straight-up lecture/instructional). Here’s the kicker – you’ll think about your play differently, instead of just having a bunch of stuff to work on. Get a wholesale shift in perspective, not just some meager tips. Like, you can’t buy tha- oh wait… yes you can. You can and should buy that. <3 xx

  141. brendon_dolphin (verified owner)

    Hoody did an amazing job, very helpful and he knew what he was doing. he spotted things I didn’t notice and once I fixed them I became a lot better! I dropped down to c1 before the coaching but after the coaching I found myself all the way to c3 in a day or so. He did his job very well. He is very polite and understanding. I would 100% recommend this coaching to fellow rocket league players.

  142. PandaMester (verified owner)

    Helpful and very good at talking scenarious and what you need to imrove on

  143. Eric Dana (verified owner)

    Hoody Hoo did an outstanding job of breaking down my gameplay and pointing out areas that I need to work on to improve my gameplay and ultimately my rank. I had a 2 hour session and we didn’t waste a single minute of it. After reviewing my replays we played a couple games, and ended our session. After the session I played a few games and actually immediately went up a few divisions just focusing on what I was coached on. I would highly recommend this guy!

  144. Nicholas De Morier (verified owner)

    Hoody was awesome! Very patiant with me as a new player I learned a ton and got a lot of resources to use. I’m super excited to try all these out!

  145. Nathaniel Melman (verified owner)

    I’ve been very casually playing RL for quite a while but wanted to up my game a little. I was a little worried that at Gold it would be too low to get serious lessons. However he was really positive in his approach, extremely helpful in pointing out mistakes and how I can improve both in decision making and some mechanics to go and practice. Would really recommend and you can tell he’s passionate about RL and helping other improve their RL game!

  146. frank lepine (verified owner)

    Went into detail over replays, no negativity even when giving criticism, use on screen pen to better illustrate point. Overall i think it was worth it. rest depends on myself and if i follow the instructions for my training given =)

  147. btully55 (verified owner)

    I had two amazing coaching sessions with hoody hoo! Hoody Hoo was able to break down my gameplay wo a T and helped me realize where I was making my mistakes. Since our coaching session I have been implementing the things he has been suggesting. since then I have been consistently maintaining c3 and close to GC. I would highly recommend Hoody Hoo to whoever is looking to push their gameplay to the next level!

  148. Nathanael Remington (verified owner)

    I have been playing rl for around 750-800 hours just reaching gc last season. I have had multiple coaching sessions with other top level coaches and have never had my mind opened to new perspectives like I did with hoody in our session. 10/10 very smart and will help you with any of your needs.

  149. 1672250 (verified owner)

    I have been playing rl for the past couple months with no personal goals in mind. I am a full time college student with almost no time to play by myself so I bought a session from Hoodyhooo to help set me back on the path of improvement. He was my first gamersrdy coach and I am happy that he was. He showed me many of my mistakes (without being toxic even slightly), and gave me some major things to work on. I would 100% buy another session with him! (And that price though, what a steal).

  150. Damon Rothfuss (verified owner)

    I’ve played RL off and of for about 2 years. Just recently I really got into it again. But I never really worked on my mechanics or anything like that. I booked a session, and after doing the training he told me to do I could instantly see a difference. I went from bronze 2 to gold 3/plat 1 in a matter of 2 weeks. If you’re considering spending the money, I’d definitely do it

  151. evangrant19 (verified owner)

    Enjoyed the coaching session with Hoodyhooo. As a Diamond player I had plenty to learn from him. 5/5

  152. kube.kyle (verified owner)

    Fantastic coaching session. He was extremely knowledgeable and was able to articulate what I was doing wrong and the best ways to go about changing them efficiently. He was very in depth during our replay analysis and answered all of my questions. Additionally, he provided resources for continued practice and training. I can’t compliment him enough and when I’m ready for another session I will 100% be returning to work with Hoodyhoo

  153. Jonathan Sanders (verified owner)

    Gave really good tips. I can already see improvement even just a day after session.

  154. Mark Garrison (verified owner)

    Amazing coach. Helped me a lot with things I need to work on, very nice about it and encouraging always. HIGHLY RECOMMEND 10/10. Again, thanks for all the help man!

  155. Edoardo Roscioli (verified owner)

    Very nice man! He tell u so much tips and explain u very well! I highly recommend anyone!

  156. Bryce Schlagbaum (verified owner)

    10/10 definitely recommend. Goes into detail with replays and overall extremely helpful!

  157. Murderous Donut (verified owner)

    Hoody was extremely clear and concise on weak points and how to improve upon them. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Absolutely worth the session.

  158. smithzack21 (verified owner)

    Hoody was an incredible resource given he has previous coaching experience in traditional sports and in RL. His ability to point out flaws while also encouraging good decisions is the reason why I was so excited for our next sessions. He’s easy to talk to, relatable, and most importantly, very knowledgeable about the game. With his coaching I was able to see the game from a completely different perspective which allowed me to climb effortlessly once I implemented the things we discussed. 5/5 will recommend to anyone looking to climb, and don’t forget… “camera work!!”

  159. Gray Connor (verified owner)

    He hits on everything that is happening and makes good comments on how you could have gone about situations better. Also has great training advice and content to help you progress. I recommend hoody and i am planning on coming back again.

  160. Jesse Tillman (verified owner)

    Hoody was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and well rounded in his coaching. I learned a lot of things that I was doing wrong, and things that I was doing right. I could go on for hours about how well the session was, but I’ll let you experience it for yourself! Book him today, and prepare to watch as your rank slowly climbs up!

  161. Erich Schwarzbeck (verified owner)

    You can clearly see his coaching degree shine through in his session. He was patient and very positive throughout and didn’t pick the easy things. Both of his major tips were things you wouldn’t find on a YouTube channel. Will be checking back in with him in a couple of months!

  162. leewbrian (verified owner)

    Great coach. Backs up with concepts with video evidence and frequently cuts to supplemental information to reinforce his ideas. Also positive and approaches problems in a constructive manner.

  163. alexisbarceloux22 (verified owner)

    the coaching session is 100% worth it. He shows you every error you are doing and he gives you tips for every aspect of the game. i HIGHLY recommend this coach !

  164. bbgun2821 (verified owner)

    Absolutely Awesome coach. Works to solve the problem with your style and fixes it fast with suggestions you would’ve never thought of. Outstanding work, got me to 1600 before I knew it. PICK THIS GUY FOR ROUTINE COACHING!!

  165. Bryce Cole (verified owner)

    I just finished my sessions with Hoody. He’s by far one of the best coaches you’ll meet. He really goes into depth with your games. He really wants you to improve, but he’s also extremely fun to talk to and to have a laugh with. I really do encourage everyone to get Hoody as a coach.

  166. Zachary Bayley-Hay (verified owner)

    Hoody is the best coach I have experienced thus far. First off, he is very personable and easy to get along with. He makes his sessions feel very casual but he is professional and has a set agenda/plan for how the sessions will run.

    He gave tips in a very simple and easy to understand fashion and at the end of our session he gave me a daily routine to work on.

    I went from 1425 to 1560 in the week from our first coaching session began! Couldn’t be happier with my coaching selection

  167. vkeylongg (verified owner)

    Gave me good tips and how to practice and use them! Highly recommended.

  168. nikoyhockey (verified owner)

    God tier coach

  169. Pawel Zabza (verified owner)

    I personally found out about Hoody from sunless khans video and I though he was very nice and explained problems that I had very indepth and I learned a lot more than I thought I would. Overall Hoody is a nice guy who is a very good coach. Definitely would recommend.

  170. Bryan Wilson (verified owner)

    Hoody is a great guy and easy to talk to. That makes it easy to learn from him. On screen drawing during analysis is also amazing. If you are looking for a good coach would highly recommend Hoodyhooo for you.

  171. Cooper Connor (verified owner)

    Found out about Hoody from sunless Khans video and was impressed with his coaching. Very detailed analysis of game play. It doesn’t matter what your rank is hoody will give you the insight for your specific rank.

  172. Anthony Marty (verified owner)

    Never had a coach before. I spent most of my time watching other people get coached, but saw Hoody coaching in a video and thought I’d give him a shot.

    Overall I learned a lot more than I thought I was going to. Hoody really took the time to break down replays and explain in detail both what you do right and what needs improvement. He breaks down your misplays in ways that is easy to understand and explains how to improve it. He also keeps the session fun and makes it an environment you can have fun in. He gives you a lot of things to work on after your session. Overall fantastic session.

  173. aden Wilson (verified owner)

    I was skeptical about getting a Rocket League coach for the longest time due to the fact that ive reached my current rank without any help. My hard hardheadedness got the best of me and i was stuck in the same rank clueless as to why i couldnt rank up anymore. I finally gave in and decided to get a coach that could help identify what i need to work on and improve. Hoodyhoo helped me significantly in identifying my errors, how to fix them, and how to maintain them. His attitude and professionalism the entire time was amazing and i couldnt have asked for a better coach.

  174. Grant Blackburn (verified owner)

    This was the best purchase I’ve made in awhile! He told me what I can improve and exactly how to do it, and it was super fun! I also loved how happy he got when I did something good, which told me he was really into it and enjoyed coaching me! Would buy again and definitely suggest doing this if you can’t seem to improve your rank!

  175. garrett kidd (verified owner)

    Super awesome! Very in-depth and tells you how to improve in the form of replay analysis for as long as you want. Super professional and used a lot of tools to showcase different plays! Thanks again!

  176. Nils Buschbaum (verified owner)

    Very pleasant guy. Pointed out a lot of strengths as well which reassured me and will hopefully make me a more confident player. Had lot’s of ressources at the ready so it felt quite professional.

  177. Nick Anderson (verified owner)

    Working with Hoodyhooo was definitely an eye opening experience. This was my first time getting coaching in Rocket League, but I already believe I’ve learned a lot. Not only was he good at giving out good insights and information, he was able to deliver it in a positive and constructive way. I don’t feel demoralized and overwhelmed with the amount of improvement I need to do, rather he left me feeling optimistic about the opportunities I have for growth. He not only pointed out areas for improvement, but actively complimented me on good plays. I highly recommend his services, an absolutely great value for the amount of information provided.

  178. Joshua Shinske Pele (verified owner)

    Very informative even with the small things. Gives a lot of useful external sources of training and information as well as useful tips on how you can improve on certain gameplay aspects that you may be lacking. Flexible times, and all around polite and just an all around great coach.

  179. Bailey Askew (verified owner)

    He was very informative and great overall, thank you

  180. Caidan Fleming (verified owner)

    I honestly can’t think of a complaint. He was polite, he put a lot of effort in explaining the details, gave me advice on little things I could do to improve my speed. He definitely knows what he’s doing. You won’t go wrong with this guy.

  181. Greg Faroo (verified owner)

    Awesome experience overall! This was my first coaching experience ever and honestly couldn’t have gone better. He gave me great advice that if i hadn’t done this I probably would’ve never noticed. If you’re thinking about getting a coaching session from hooty or honestly probably any of the other coaches on here I definitely recommend!

  182. Jacob Nelson (verified owner)

    Very chill dude. Gave very practical tips and pointed out strengths and weaknesses of mine. Was very flexible. He gave many resources all through the session. I’m glad I decided to get in on one of his sessions! I feel much more confident that I can get over the c3 hump and into GC!

  183. Joshua Davis (verified owner)

    Overall really awesome guy. In-depth explanations on all my mistakes and mechanics in general. Doesn’t only point out your weak spots, but also your strong spots in general. Includes training packs and different videos to improve. 10/10 would purchase again.

  184. PandaMester (verified owner)

    really good at explaing senarious, and what you can imrpove on and what you need to focus on

  185. Paul Lee (verified owner)

    And amazing coach who help me I am a high champ player
    And with my experience he still provided great information and fantastic coaching he help me through quite a few kinks in my game and provided all the information I needed to become a better player

  186. luke.allen99 (verified owner)

    Hoodyhoo is not only a great coach but an overall great guy. If you are looking to improve with a very positive and knowledgeable coach, this is your man.

  187. Fricko (verified owner)

    Epic coach, he help me and yeah

  188. Max (verified owner)

    Great coach overall, would recommend. Provided training maps, some pointers on what specifically to work on, and helped me realize how much you can learn from replays. If you’re in need of a coach, Hoodyhooo is a great choice.

  189. reilly.kyle101 (verified owner)

    Hoodyhoo did a fantastic job of recognizing immediate areas of need and attention. He was able to accurately interpret my thought process from the replay. The lesson focused on areas of growth as well as things that were done well. I’m noticing an immediate improvement! My next lesson will definitely be scheduled with Hoodyhoo.

    Thanks for everything!

  190. Austin Garcia (verified owner)

    Would 100% recommend to anyone who is thinking about hiring a rocket league coach! Very detailed and has a ton of understanding for the game. He took his time to explain everything that I could improve on and made sure I understood everything he was discussing.
    After our first session, the game felt different, it actually felt like I knew what I was doing, and not just throwing myself at the ball when I thought it was my turn to rotate. He is extremely affordable, easy to work with and an added bonus is you get to be serenaded by his southern twang.

  191. Drew Coulter (verified owner)

    I purchased a two hour session from Hoodyhoo, since the price was hard to pass up, and I came into the session sort of skeptical, however, Hoodyhoo did an incredible job of pointing out my mistakes, while letting me know what I was doing correctly. In addition to this, he brought some new concepts for dealing with difficult teammates, which has helped me as well. Hoodyhoo did an awesome job with keeping the session fun and informative. I would definitely recommend booking him as your next coach!

  192. Kyle Ledesma (verified owner)

    First coaching session ever. Was a knowledgable coach who helped me optimize my controls and point out key things i can do to take my game to the next level. When I met with him I was around plat 1. Just a couple weeks later implementing his advice, I’m on the cusp of diamond!!

  193. Jon Wilke (verified owner)

    Great to work with. had 2 hours in total, we reviewed my gameplay and talked about what I was doing and what I could have done both good and bad. He was super flexible and used discord to call and draw on the screen. his 1 page do this for sending replays made it super easy to get things to him.

  194. Nicolás Santibáñez de la torre (verified owner)

    Amazing coach, knows rotations and breaks them down so its easy to understand, also gives different options on what could´ve been done other than only his own choices, also helps to ground your game and know where your faults are, mechanically and in game sense, helps you with training recommendations so you can improve the part of your game your lacking the most. Really cool guy that cares about the player even after the coaching sessions.

  195. Calder Broussard (verified owner)

    Knows what he is talking about. Very good at watching replays and giving insight to things on screen. Uses discord call to draw on the screen so you know exactly what he is talking about. Very knowledgeable about the game and soccer in general. At the end he gave me specific mechanical things that he thought would help me and some training packs to do. Overall WELL worth the $10. Great teacher. Im a 1450s player and I got a lot out of his coaching so no matter the level, if youre thinking about using him youll thank yourself later.

  196. Prototype_TB (verified owner)

    Highly recommended for a price you cant beat with other Pros/HighChamps. Knows the game very well, and understands that the game can be played just like real life as it should be! He was very calm and super chill when it came to watching or even playing with his customers (also a guy you just feel comfortable talking too haha). The 2 hour session I purchased was very well spent and couldn’t be more pleased with the results and the hopefully champion future I plan to see. Being in the military but also a RL diehard fan I was nervous to purchase due to such limited funds at times, but now I wouldn’t think twice about buying more sessions if I feel that I would need it. Easy 10/10 for the learning experience you get due to his extensive background and overall understanding of RL.

  197. Enmanuel Rivas (verified owner)

    Ordered Coaching for my nephew. (Bought 1 hour)
    Throughout the process HoodyHooo was always in communication and worked around both our schedules. All done through Discord. Sent Document with detailed instructions on how he wanted the replays sent to him. He adjusted to replay as one was a freestyle 1v1 still was able to gaze mechanics give tips and pointers. Explained several faults, along with couple compliments to make our first time coaching experience enjoyable.
    1 hour is definitely a great experience. But would def recommend more time to pick his brain, extremely knowledgable.

  198. MattMcD374 (verified owner)

    Ordered some coaching sessions for a friend so this will be my friends review.
    “Great communication and enjoy learning & much appreciated. He def pointed out things that could be different and it helped a lot”

  199. DC2Poke/Papa Bean (verified owner)

    For everything hoody says, it’s built from many hours of practice and experience. This man knows how to teach.

  200. Annie Hope (verified owner)

    He is so good at explaining what you are doing wrong and is very kind about it. I expect in the future to come back.

  201. Jason Woodworth (verified owner)

    As a player who has played this game for close to 1500 hours, i have hit a ceiling in performance that feels impossible to break through. So I decided to look for a coach. While looking at coaching options, I noticed Hoodyhooo as an option due to his price and availability. I did an hour session with him and the results were astounding. While giving me advice on my gameplay, Hoody gave me not only tips on my game but educated me more about the game itself. In many aspects he is a great coach with tremendous knowledge on the topic at hand, the gameplay and mechanics of Rocket League. I highly recommend anyone out there to use coach Hoodyhooo!

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