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Why should I book you?

I have a lot of coaching experience in Rocket League, and I’ve played at the Grand Champion level for years. I first started coaching on the subreddit of /r/RocketLeagueCoaching over 4 years ago, messaging those who asked for help. I then got tired of the slow-moving response of the subreddit, so I created the first true “Rocket League Coaching” server on Discord. Over the past 4 years, I have coached probably around 100+ individual people on all platforms. I love to help others, since sometimes all you need is a little guidance.

What does the coaching session consist of?

Before the session: I will contact you to understand specifically what you’re looking for, and how I can help with that. I will also need a replay file or video from you that I can look at ahead of time, outside of the allocated coaching time.
During the session: I can do a live replay analysis with a screen drawing program through Discord. If I feel it is beneficial, I can explain, demonstrate, and detail on the theory/idea of how/when to use useful mechanics that can help you play better by going into a private session match.
After the session: I can answer additional questions you may have.


Must use Discord voice chat, typing is too slow for a live session.
Must be able to send me a replay file or replay video. On PC, one can just send me “.replay” file directly which can be found in “My Documents > My Games > Rocket League > TAGame > Demos” then either send directly through Discord, or uploaded to another website like the ballchasing.com or calculated.gg websites. On console, one can use the “Capture” function to upload the video to YouTube or something and I can analyze it that way.
I will coach up to a rank of Champion III. I don’t feel comfortable coaching other Grand Champions yet, sorry.

Additional Information
“How does this help me?”

That depends on what you want or need help with. If you excel at mechanics and think you should be a higher rank, it’s quite likely you may need help with positioning and rotation and understanding the errors you make in those. If you have decent positioning/rotation, you might not be deciding to do certain mechanics over others. I try to help by pointing out what I consider to be errors and how to fix them. For positioning and rotation, I can simply point out a habitual issue you have that cause problems more often than not. If it’s mechanics, I can point out which mechanics you’re trying to use too much, or which ones that you are inconsistent in and need practice on. I’m trying to help guide you to excel from where you are now.

About me:
  • Been playing since August 21, 2015.
  • I have over 5,100 hours and played for 5 years. Coached in RL for 4.5 years, of around 100+ people.
  • I have played competitively in tournaments on an organized team, making it as high as the top 70th players in the RLCS Season 4 Play-Ins.
  • Have reached Grand Champion in seasons 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and was Champion III in seasons 5, 6, and 7.
  • Have reached Grand Champion in Hoops, Rumble, Dropshot, and Snow Day for Season 9. For Rumble, Hoops, and Snow Day for seasons 10-13. Season 14 I was GC in Rumble, Hoops, Snow Day, and Dropshot.

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Playlist Strengths

2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard

Coach Rank

Grand Champion 1


Grand Champion

Hours Played




Session Duration

1 Hour, 2 Hours

Coaching Experience

50 – 99 Hours

10 reviews for HoraryHellfire

  1. Jacob Gardner (verified owner)

    We started with an analysis of one of my games (I didn’t realise how poor my positioning was) HH pointed out what i was doing wrong, and went into great detail on what i could have done better.

    We then watched a couple of GC replays and HH explained where i should be/ what i should be doing in certain sitiuations. It was really insighful and helpful. Would highly recommend, will definitely be ordering another session for mechanics when i have mastered positioning! Thanks again

  2. Michel Smit (verified owner)

    The eye for detail of HoraryHellfire is incredible. Thank you for providing me with feedback on mechanics in so much detail.

  3. Lee Fleishman (verified owner)

    Spent way too much of his time going over my review. All the things I thought I was doing wrong he showed me but also gave me proper changes to make to avoid the newbie mistakes.

    Then he took me into a training session and showed me a vast list of skills to work on. More importantly he told me all the tips and tricks about the physical aspects of all the moves, not just how but when and why.

    I was skeptical all day and almost regretting buying coaching as I’ve been playing since it came out. I have zero regrets now and look forward to our next training session.

  4. rylinbeebe08 (verified owner)

    He does really well with analyzing the replay

  5. William Howard (verified owner)

    Very underrated coach. Will probably give you the most detailed, intensive breakdown of your replay of anyone on the site. He’s been doing volunteer coaching for years before Gamersrdy was a thing, and it shows.

  6. cold_fusion132 (verified owner)

    This is my second review for HH and I’m even more a believer in this man’s teaching methodology than I was before. I started coaching sessions with him about 350 game hours ago (total 500 now), at a time when I was struggling to get to even gold 3. I’m now champ 1 and completely amazed at what a difference coaching has made. HH will open your mind to new ways of going about training your mechanics and positioning. Little nuances and tricks to help you achieve those flicks, fast kickoffs, and dribbles, he can teach you all of them. Big thumbs up to HH!

  7. Ptolemy Linden (verified owner)

    Was sitting at C3 div 2 when I contacted Horary and scheduled a 2 hour session. Two days later, I reach GC for the first time in my life. I command you to throw your money at this man.

  8. cold_fusion132 (verified owner)

    I’ve had 3 sessions with HH and ordered a 4th. He’s incredibly thorough with his explanations and I’ve had a great time working with him. I’ve seen a lot of improvement in my game so far and I look forward to continuing to improve under his tutelage. If you’re on the fence about coaching, pull the trigger on it, you won’t be disappointed.

  9. SandmanNess (verified owner)

    As a gold 1 player, HH was very effective in explaining a multitude of things that I can do to improve my game, and he did so in a way that way easy to follow and understand. I’m already showing improvement, and have already booked 3 sessions so far, and plan to book more. Highly recommend!

  10. murphla18 (verified owner)

    I’ve been a c1-c2 now for over a season and with this session it started with a game analyst, then played a few normal games together then reviewed the better of the two games with screen sharing. It was a 5-minute game stretched into an hour and a half thorough breakdown of my misrotations and boost pathing, by using the epic pen. I would really recommend if you want to really break down your game into the nitty gritty to find and correct your mistakes!

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