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About me:
Hello, my name is Jake.  I am a freestyler for team Nytro One of the best teams in the RL freestyle community, and best in terms of freestyle standards.  I have been playing Rocket League since the end of season 3 and  I started on Xbox but transitioned later on to PC at the start of season 5.  I believe anyone can learn any mechanic and have fun while doing it! My coaching experience mainly includes video review and one to one instant feedback coaching.


  • I coach ALL regions
  • I coach ALL platforms
  • I coach Mechanics
  • I can also coach Freestyling

What your personalised coaching session would look like:

  • Getting an understanding of where you’re at in skill level.
  • Once we’re in contact, we can talk about what you are specifically wanting from the session, this could be to learn specific mechanics, learning about a specific genre of freestyling, or even both, but do keep in mind the timescale that we have in the session(s) i.e the number of sessions you have booked.
  • If you book a three-hour session, it will be split up into three one-hour sessions to maximize efficiency and allow you the most improvement.
  • A brief recap at the end of the session with what you will need to do going forward.

I would highly advise you to book multiple sessions, as doing the necessary training outside and between the sessions is vital to rapid improvement.  However, if you do choose to pick up a single booking of a one hor to two hour session, there is plenty to go over and plenty of time for improvement!

here are some videos of mine, and have featured in:

The first two videos should give you a good idea of my skill level as a player and the last as a coach.


  • RLtracker Although I may be a comfortable mid Grand champ, I do not strive to be a competitive player, I am mainly just a freestyler who occasionally plays ranked from time to time.
  • Youtube

If you have any questions about my coaching do not hesitate to ask! feel free to message me on discord @Jake.#5002


Xbox Controller



Playlist Strengths

1v1 Duel, 2v2 Doubles

Coach Rank

Grand Champion 1



Coaching Experience

100 – 199 Hours

Hours Played




35 reviews for Jake.

  1. Lester (verified owner)

    SHEEEEEEEESH!! This guy is insane, he literally showed me how to stop using my extra chromosome. Now I’m able to get a better understanding of my car control. Which will allow me to hit gnarly shots in freeplay and COMPETITIVE! As soon as I hit another road block, He’ll be my go to guy to start working on more elaborate air dribble plays & ground plays! Thank you for coming to my TED talk. Highly recommend for players of all ranks and all playstyles!!

  2. lucasdfoldi (verified owner)

    absolutely great person to work with and his way of explaining things is so helpful even as someone who thought they somewhat understood basic freestyle techniques he really showed me all of my unnecessary movements and also just really enjoyed chatting with the guy. would highly recommend to anyone who wants to improve their mechanics!

  3. Taylor Langston (verified owner)

    Its insane how fast I learn from Jake… 8 months ago i could barely dribble, now im hitting ceiling shots and airdribbles and dtaps. the way he teaches is very comprehensible and easy to follow instructions. ill be doing another 2 sessions in a few months to come!

  4. Nickolas Dann (verified owner)

    I had my first session with Jake yesterday and his attention to detail is ridiculous. He broke down the things I wanted to learn in a way that was very easy to understand and in a way I had never heard it before. I felt like I was instantly a better player after our session now in saying that I still have a lot of practice ahead. He gave me practice routines to do as well as workshops to help me improve. Our session was for 1 hour and ha gave me much more than that to ensure I understood everything in the session. I will definitely be getting more coaching in the near future.

  5. Brandon West (verified owner)

    I would have to say this guy its an absolute legend. He helped me understand not only the basics of an air dribble. But the fundamentals to do a proper ceiling shot. And as added bonus how to musty from the ceiling. The way he breaks things down is very easy for anyone to understand. He even went as far to coach me beyond the time. If you want to learn mechanics in a short amount of time. I would go with him. Its not going to be easy as all mechanics can be hard if you make it hard. But he’s done a great job at explaining everything. Highly recommend.

  6. Steven Leon (verified owner)

    He was really great. He adressed all my questions and helped me with many mechanics in one session. He went over the time because he thought I would benifit with a bit more. +Rep amazing I will be back after I master these basic mechanics.

  7. Gonçalo Sousa (verified owner)

    he helped me so much, stayed for more 20 mins to help me with mechanics. probably the best coach i’ve ever got

  8. Taha Gökal (verified owner)

    Helped in so many ways showed proper ways for mechanics like Heli reset, air dribbling, Musty sidewall redirekt and so on honestly helped me more than i thought Xd

  9. squidloxthing (verified owner)

    Helped me not only learn the mechanics I wanted to, helped me understand them.

  10. Damon Chouinard (verified owner)

    You want someone who can explain Jake. is your guy super good at understanding what your doing wrong and step by step explaning how to better yourself and he did it in a way it was fun deffinently reccomended.

  11. joseph knight (verified owner)

    amazing coach for mechanics. i came out of the session already feeling better and a few days of practicing what we went over, i’m already noticing a huge jump in my gameplay. for sure would recommend and i plan on getting future sessions

  12. ludvig lindau (verified owner)

    i am so glad i went with Jake! he puts so much care into the session and i got to learn stuff i hadn’t thought of before, he broke it down so i could understand it and made me wanna grind rl again. honestly such a great coach and i’m so thankful for the time!

  13. nicholas speakman (verified owner)

    This guy is amazing, simple as that. He is so knowledgable in mechanics and can perform them too. He breaks everything down to be easily understood and really cares about what he does. If you’re looking for a coach that walks the walk look no further. I’m just two hours in and he’s helped me so much and I’ll definitely be continuing with his tuition. If you’re considering coaching just sign up with Jake you won’t regret it. Dreamcrusher1982

  14. Garrett Stanton (verified owner)

    Extremely professional, down to earth, easy to talk, etc… He has it all. With the coaching i had, Ive probably saved months of my time in just 2 hours. a Truly incredible prosses he takes you through and is an amazing coach

  15. Harry Hira (verified owner)

    Very good at explaining everything you need in steps for a mechanic and also gives you a few corrections on things you are doing wrong. Also helps you continue to practice after the session, a very good coach to help you get better at what you want to learn

  16. Solance Patenaude (verified owner)

    Explained everything very clearly and went into depth when needed, he stayed an extra 20 mins with me making sure i knew exactly what to do and taught me an extra mechanic in like 5 mins, one of the best coaches to buy if you are looking to get better or learn a difficult mechanic, 10/10

  17. Gabriel Burdette (verified owner)

    Explains everything really well and puts them in steps, shows corrections and is very informative. After the session you’ll definitely know what you need to know on how to improve on your own.

  18. Jake Rosenkranz (verified owner)

    We did a 1 hour session to work on mehcanics, taught me how to properly go up the wall for flip resets and proper air dribbling. after learning basics of that we went into the positioning of my car to properly meet the objective i wanted to learn. there was SO MUCH detail he went into and i thought it was nearly impossible to “teach” mechanics, this man proved me wrong. I went from barely being able to do a flip reset to already hitting my first double reset a few hours after our session. 😀

  19. Jack Wilson (verified owner)

    Jake was an amazing coach! He provided me with everything I wished to know mechanically, he set a pathway for me to achieve my goals with easy methods to understand. Jake stayed an extra 5-10mins after the session to give me some training packs and final questions to make sure everything ended smoothly. I appreciated the session very much, would highly recommend for anyone looking to learn any type of mechanic.

  20. dakota borne (verified owner)

    Great coach! 100% recommend. Jake goes beyond and making sure you are learning the right way! Stayed an extra 15 min to explain mechanics i need to work on. Defiantly would order again!

  21. Michael Buckey (verified owner)

    Great guy. Goes into an amazing depth on how to do a mechanic youd like to learn. Jake goes above and beyond making sure you learn what you payed for. He stayed an extra 15-20 minutes helping me. 100% recommend. It is more than worth it buying a session with him.

  22. James Lin (verified owner)

    I was really struggling with Air roll left car control in the air. Jake not only helped me with some great mechanical tips and practice drills but he helped motivate me as well which was great as I was struggling with a mental barrier when doing air roll left. Would order again!

  23. spychris3556 (verified owner)

    Jake is a really great guy and he is really good at teaching mechanics. I’m a grandchamp and he really helped explain certain mechanics really well. I think after the session I am able to understand the mechanics better and improve on it. Highly recommend Jake!

  24. Julia Salnikova (verified owner)

    Amazing tips and taught me everything that I asked for. He explains what you’re doing wrong and how to improve that. I’m definitely going to buy again. Highly recommend!

  25. Moos ter Berg (verified owner)

    Very insightful tips on how to improve/learn certain mechanics (asked by me) he litteraly knows how to do everything in the freestyle bible, explains it in depth exactly how you have to do it, after which u can just hop in training and get the mechanics down in no time instead of finding it out by yourself for 19323 hours. Very enthousiastic and laid back person as a coach. Would definately recommend for anyone tbh.

  26. Mark Rosen (verified owner)

    Super knowledgeable on mechanics. I went into the first session with a very BASIC grasp of beginner air dribbles and almost immediately he made it feel easier for me. I still need to put some hours in to make it a real weapon I can use in game but Jake can give you the tools to get yourself there. Highly recommend!

  27. customkicks23 (verified owner)

    Loved how he breaks down mechanics…really makes the learning time a lot faster and he really seems to care about you learning as well! Flexible with the times was also a bonus!

  28. Alan Browne (verified owner)

    Really nice guy, very knowledgeable and patient. Highly recommend as I will definitely be booking another session in the future.

  29. Christopher Pietropaolo (verified owner)

    He broke it down very well. Step by step and we worked on it step by step which really helped. Watching a video on how to flip reset and having someone give you live feedback are two completely different things. If you are struggling to learn the flip reset I strongly suggest Jake’s service. I practiced for an hour after the session with all his pointers and I can flip reset 60-70% of the time (and I am not mechanically skilled). Overall, he is a big help, and if you are serious about learning mechanics, I would strongly recommend.

  30. Blue Hielscher (verified owner)

    By far the most useful hour of Rocket League I’ve ever experienced. Gave incredibly detailed explanations of the mechanics with demonstrations (in a way that inspirational instead of daunting), as well as information and tips that I was completely unaware of – despite countless hours of trawling through Youtube guides. Literally went from not being able to hit the ball after a flip reset to scoring a flip reset double touch within an hour or so after our session. Would highly recommend Jake to anyone, regardless of where you’re starting from.

  31. BiggieBiggie (verified owner)

    really good session, he makes sure that you really get the most out of the session and he brings out the things that are most effective for improving your gameplay. He breaks down the mechanics so u fully understand them. Very good coach and a very nice guy.

  32. Philip Campbell (verified owner)

    Playing with someone as accomplished as Jake. has really helped me to become a better player. His coaching method is excellent and I highly recommend his services if you want to improve your mechanical ability. He’s also a really cool guy. Very enjoyable experience!!

  33. jacobarod2000 (verified owner)

    Great coach overall. Really patient and caring guy. He won’t quit till you get the mechanic or whatever you’re trying to learn down. He will mess with you’re key bindings though, don’t worry, it’s for the better. 😀

  34. bryant simmons (verified owner)

    Loved the session, really knew what he was talking about, definitely a go to for learning mechanics. But overall just a great guy that knows what he is talking about.

  35. Alexander Bendjazia (verified owner)

    Very good coach. At first i was not even close to do a flip reset but just in 1 hour he helped me alot and now i can almost do one.

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