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About me:
Hello, I’m Jato (or Jatozord). I’ve been playing Rocket League since season 1 (September 2015). I have around 7000+ hours since then. I’m the best competitive coach from South America. My best achievements so far has been classifying to RLCS World Championship ”three” times as coach (in season 9 too but coronavirus had other plans) and winning the South America Spring Series

– RLCS Season 7 – INTZ Esports (top 2 in South America Regionals, lost 3-2 against NRG Esports and 3-0 against PSG Esports)
– RLCS Season 8 – The Three Sins (top 1 in South America Regionals, lost 3-0 against Dignitas and 3-1 against Team Reciprocity)
– RLCS Season 9 – Avidity Esports (top 2 in South America Regionals, LAN canceled >:)
– Spring Series – Avidity Esports (South America Champions)

Important info:
●  I coach ALL regions and ALL platforms, if you are from PS4 or XBOX you need to upload your replay on youtube so I can analyze;

What does the session consist of?
A little chat with me so you can give me your background and what aspects of the game you’re most focused on improving now;
2. You send me the replays to review (any game mode/any rank) and we will review the replays together (through discord screen sharing) piece by piece considering all your preferences, also I can do a very accurate analysis or a very fast and objective, it depends on what you prefer;
3. After the analysis, we will have some time to answer some of your pertinent questions and some extra tips if necessary, and I can recommend you some essential videos, custom training and workshop maps for you to improve as soon as possible.

‘‘How is this going to help me?’’
Probably very, because only a small percentage of players seek professional help to improve their gameplay, and undoubtedly a few hours of training with a RLCS Elite caliber coach can be a watershed in improving your gameplay and your game overview, as nothing better than having someone experienced with the most professional level of rocket league providing a service directly to you.

Here are some important LINKS to get to know me better:

Rocket League Tracker (note: this is my newest account I’ve been using since Season 7, you can see that in the first season I already got Grand Champion)
● My discord: jatozord#1218 (feel free to message me with any questions).

Latest video:


South America


English, Portuguese



Hours Played



ESL Monthly Champion, ESL Monthly Elite, Grand Champion, RLCS Elite

Coaching Experience

200 – 999 Hours

Playlist Strengths

2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard


Keyboard & Mouse

36 reviews for Jato

  1. Steven Hove (verified owner)

    Had a great session. I can definitely say that Jato has helped me become a smarted player in just a single hour. I am excited to take what I’ve learned to help push me to the next level!

  2. Vincent Müller (verified owner)

    At first i didn’t thougt this would help me. But after our lesson i can say it did. I was bronze 3 and he told me the basics of playing smart and push in an dumb situation, have patience
    and all that stuff. While the session i also ranked up to S1 and 3 of 5 games of my opponents gave up. Totaly worth the money!

  3. Michael Jennings (verified owner)

    I’m new with only 70 hours in the game and was playing in S3, during the session he taught me alot of things to improve on and to work at. Also game me mutliple tools ands videos to use and look at. Right at the end of the session he told me to mainly start playing 1’s so that my bad plays would be punished and i could work on them, even though i had just completed his 1 hour training I immediately hoped in a 1s match ( even though i hate them lol) and went to win 2 in a row before hoping off. The timing of rotation and what to look for in challenges really made me improve. All you gotta to do get better at this game is just listen and do what Jato says

  4. kingofnight65 (verified owner)

    As you can see Jato already has numerous 5-star reviews. For good reason, after i booked my 2-hour session with Jato I literally felt like a smarter player. We started with a 1-hour session of which he firstly determined some goals, after Jato pointed out my mistakes and gave me a week to improve and come back to him. Throughout the week I ask could any questions I wanted to through discord. The second he went through another replay and once again told me the fixes necessary for becoming a better player! All around good coach!

  5. Patrick Lennon (verified owner)

    I felt like i was in a slump, so i decided to get an hour coaching from Jato to get ideas to break out of my rank, and he delivered. He taught me a new way to see the game, and how to train going forward to play well in my current rank (champ 2) and going forward. He was also very chill, friendly, and very honest with your mistakes. Not only pointing out where you went wrong, but also how you got there and he suggests ways to remedy the fault playstyle that leads to you makign mistakes.

    I’ll be grinding with his advice in mind for a few weeks but i’ll certainly be back for another session.

  6. Danielle Long (verified owner)

    I signed up for 2 hours we broke it into 2 which is a great idea, the first hour which is all we have done so far i played right after the coaching lesson and this has helped improve my game play by so much. I want to thank jato for the help and I am looking forward to see my progress next week when we have our other hour.

  7. randy.villarreal (verified owner)

    Signed up for a 2hr sessions and he immediately recommended to break it up into two sessions and i already knew it was gonna be a great coaching session. I felt really bad for showing my play style but after the first session i changed my style to play way smarter and after the 2nd I was noticing my mistakes as i played along but Jato was telling me and advising me what to do when to do it.
    The best 2 hrs of coaching i ever experienced in a game. You don’t want to miss your chance when he’s available trust me.

  8. mikel phillips (verified owner)

    I signed up for 2hrs, and we broke up the session into two separate 1hr sessions. I was able to pick up on a deeply rooted issue in my play and correct course thanks to Jato’s direction.

    I should add that I’ve worked with other GC players for advice before, and no one was able to articulate or provide direction as clearly as Jato.

  9. aspanu13 (verified owner)

    this is the first time ever of me taking an online coaching for a game and I did not expect it to go that good but with jato I did not feel uncomfortable at all. in just one hour I learnt a lot things that I could not even imagine I was doing wrong. def gonna buy a training again from jato.
    thanks bud! 🙂

  10. dpeck.rf (verified owner)

    I would pay twice the price to be coached by Jato again. Absolutely one of the best experiences from a critique of my game play. Jato is very knowledgeable and experienced and provides resources to focus on individual areas of improvement. I thought I was decent enough and understood what I was doing, but boy! was I wrong. My teamwork and game play has definitely improved ten to a hundred fold over the course of a week. If you want to improve, I definitely recommend Jato.

  11. BRADEN STARK (verified owner)

    Amazing person, gave me honest and very helpful information specific to my game play and how I can improve. Also provided me with additional resources to further better myself outside of our training session. Would definitely recommend to someone who is looking to improve in the game!

  12. Larson McMahon (verified owner)

    Really nice person, and once he gave me some tips I could see a big difference in play. I would recommend him too anyone trying too get help.

  13. Harrison Holmes (verified owner)

    This man was really nice I really hope everything he helped me with gets me far and I would recommend someone looking for a coach to definitely look into jato very skilled guy, nice and thank you

  14. Chris Smith (verified owner)

    Just finished my session with Jato and wow, I thought I understood even the basics of Rocket League but within 5 minutes of him going through the replay, discussing every possibility, where to focus and the rotation of your team, I instantly knew that I had no clue what I was talking about. But as I realised that, Jato was easily able to make me understand how to play and understand what it takes to rank up, help your teammates and win games. We played the 1v1 and he even explained throughout it the mistakes that were made, the correct moves made and what could have been done better. He also provides a set of workshop maps and notes on what to train on next and how to improve your game. Also a pretty sound lad to be fair, would definitely go back and be coached by him again, great experience to say the least, what a guy. Thanks Jato buddy, loved and it and will book again soon, have a good one pal!

  15. bgcanero (verified owner)

    This session really helped me skyrocket. after the first hour 1/2, I took into consideration everything he said and helped me reach GC from low champ 3. Gave several examples on how to improve my game. We played ones and he told me how to play smarter and more consistent which helped me understand what was wrong with my gameplay. 10/10 would buy again

  16. Lukas Östlund (verified owner)

    A really great experience that helped me pinpoint my flaws that are holding me back. I highly recommend him! He was very patient with me and made sure I understood what he was teaching me.
    Then we played some 1s matches and he showed me the difference in a higher level player and me. To finish the session off I even got horrendously air dribble bumped… smh..
    10/10 would hire again

  17. Patricia Tallant (verified owner)

    Very very helpful. I’m very glad I took the opportunity to have a coaching session with a RLCS pro coach. It was so worth it, I learned so much, and I feel like I can improve a lot more now now that I know in full what my mistakes really are. Thanks man!

  18. brucp1997 (verified owner)

    One of the best coaches sam, well detailed in several points manages to help you in several ways , gave me many essential tips, I am improving too in the game, my way of playing changed after a session, highly recommend, can go without fear, ’cause he’s gonna help you out a lot in what you’re looking for in the game.

  19. Vroko (verified owner)

    Wish I could give Jato a good review. He was very nice and went over the replay with me. He pointed out a few bad habits I had which all sounded good but wasn’t anything that seemed game changing. After giving these improvements a try and practicing a week I haven’t improved at all.

  20. Christopher Arenas (verified owner)

    Jato was extremely helpful in helping me find my problem and fix it. He was able to help me better understand positioning. I went from a Champ 2 player to a now Champ 3 almost GC player. Thank you Jato, our session helped a lot!! He also provided great insight in my gameplay and helped better understand situations.

  21. Christopher Arenas (verified owner)

    Jato was extremely helpful in helping me find my problem and fix it. He was able to help me better understand positioning. I went from a Champ 2 player to a now Champ 3 almost GC player. Thank you Jato, our session helped a lot!!

  22. Collin Betnar (verified owner)

    Jato was very helpful and put in the time to make sure I knew what he was talking about and to make sure I knew how I could fix it and get better. He’s very flexible and setting up a date and time for our session was no stress to make together.

    The way he went in depth with the replays with me and told me all I was doing wrong and how to fix it made me feel like I was getting ready for something bigger just like anyone else who takes the time to order a coaching session with him. I’m very grateful to have gotten coached by him and I’ve already recommended him to my team for when they want to order coaching.

  23. hawkeye2605 (verified owner)

    Jato was very informative in my session. He pointed out several things that I had never noticed and how to correct them. I instantly started playing better after my session and would buy again. 10/10

  24. swinty_12 (verified owner)

    A little background on me is that for the past couple of months I felt like I was stuck at a certain skill level. So, for months I tried to up my game by doing aerial control everyday. I even went to freeplay a little bit but for some reason I just couldn’t see improvement.
    Getting a coach was the best idea to get my game to the next level. Jato did an excellent job at doing exactly that. I know I haven’t shown improvement too much yet and I have not gone up in mmr yet since we just finished our coaching sessions but the information was incredibly helpful for me.
    His session consisted of reviewing 4 replays 2 each session. And after an extensive review of what he noticed I did wrong he asked what I had learned. I appreciated the fact he did that and did not assume that I got everything down perfectly. We also talked about the mentality for which I must use in order to improve my game. By the end of both sessions I had a page worth of things I needed to do and accomplish that I will be following closely as I continue playing Rocket League.
    I highly recommend purchasing a session with Jato! If you want to up your game in Rocket League!

  25. Ay Ricky (verified owner)

    We started the session with him providing a live analysis of a replay to identify what general bad habits and mistakes I was making. He clearly identified my flaws and provided tips and pointed out what I could have done better. We then did a few 1v1 sessions where he pointed out what I was doing in game as well. Playing with such a high level player alone helped me improve my game play and realize what I really needed to focus on to improve. Overall the coaching session with Jato was an amazing experience and I will probably book another session when I hit another personal plateau.

  26. Jeremy Buchanan (verified owner)

    His understanding of the game is really what helped me get better. He showed me things about my game that I never would have realized. I wish him the best of luck in future Events!

  27. Jack Standridge (verified owner)

    I’m a high Plat low Diamond player and Jato’s advice and analysis during the replays was top notch. I was expecting to get quality content from him with regards to mechanical advice etc, however, he went above that. He provided some quality replays to watch from his point of view, as well as workshop maps and videos to play/watch to increase my skill level. I would highly recommend anyone who’s thinking about hiring a coach to seriously pick out Jato and let him change how you view rocket league!

  28. DEVIN BROWN (verified owner)

    I am currently at 1700+ player that has never had a coaching session before. Tbh, I didn’t know how someone could coach on a game like Rocket League. Since it just takes time to get better at this game, but I was wrong. Jato has given great tips on improving myself and pointing out the bad habits that I have that effect my teammates and cause us to lose the game. He provides great source of training videos/packets. Thanks again Jato <3

  29. Kacper Ruściński (verified owner)

    I am C1/C2 player. I wasn’t expecting that Jato will give me as much information about my mistakes as he did.

    He is very nice person that will point your weakness and then he will tell you how to improve better and faster.

    He told me some things about my gameplay that I haven’t seen before session, which is the most important to me.

    He also gave me really good maps and videos that will help me to improve.

    I can’t recommend Jato enough, that was absolutely worth it.

  30. Samuel Jackaman (verified owner)

    For my air dribbling request, Jato did not hesitate to support me. He taught me what key-binds are best, how the mechanics work and explained why they worked. Overall I am really happy that I purchased as I now know what I need to do to improve.

    Thanks a lot, Jato <3

  31. hungtamyie (verified owner)


    18 days after the coaching session I went from Champion 2 to Grand Champion. I feel on top of the world right now. Thanks Jato!!

  32. harelthegamerx (verified owner)

    Great coach and person, helped me realizing my mistakes, what mistakes were bigger than others and what to do about them, also a very understanding and nice person.

  33. Andrew (verified owner)

    Great coach & great guy, spent extra time with me to wrap up some loose ends.

    Has a very good understanding of the game and he had pointed out some mistakes I was making (I’m a grand champion player).

    Thank you for the learning experience!

  34. hungtamyie (verified owner)

    Awesome coach. Very clearly detailed the strengths and weaknesses of my play and gave me key insights into how to play at a high level.

    Gave me a ton of resources to go through and a personalized plan for improvement moving forward. I really enjoyed the session and learned a lot. Considering the fact that I ranked up just a couple hours later, I’d definitely do it again. Thanks Jato!

  35. DespairCobra (verified owner)

    Good Coach was able to schedule it easily and helped me find out why I was having problems with specific situations.

  36. Matthew Simpson (verified owner)

    Jato knows his stuff and is super flexible. I signed up for lessons with my son, and we had an absolute blast. It is so cool that you are able to follow pro players and be able to spend some personal time working on your game together.

    He knows his stuff and has the credentials to prove it. But he also can take things to your level, tells you what to expect from other players at your rank, and helps you understand how elite players are watching the game unfold.

    We left with positive notes, a list of things to work on, youtube videos to further cover weaknesses, recorded games from our time practicing together, and a really fantastic experience. I couldn’t be happy enough with the entire experience!

    Thanks for our time together Jato!

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