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About me:

Hi, my name is Josh and I have been playing Rocket League since season 3. I then proceeded to reach Grand Champion in season 8 and have held that rank every season since. My current rank is Supersonic Legend and I have lots of experience competing in the highest ranks. I have been top 100 in 1s and 2s, on average top 500. I have played the game for 3000+ hours now and am considered an extremely mechanical player. I am known through my highlights produced on my YouTube channel.

I have coached a few players within the past 5 months that have shown vast improvements across all aspects of their game. Some even showed immediate improvement such as learning an air dribble, with no previous experience of the mechanic, within 20 minutes of the session starting. The players I have coached have provided feedback after the sessions on what improvements they have seen with themselves and their progress in ranked. They have increased in rank and consider the coaching to have been a key factor in their efforts to improve. If you take in my advice and apply it to your gameplay, I can guarantee that you will improve.


Why you should choose me:

  • I have over 3000 hours of playtime.
  • I am a 8x GC and have an exceptional understanding of 1s, 2s and 3s.
  • I am able to offer not only rotational and positional knowledge to improve your game, but also awareness improvements and in depth mechanical walkthroughs to help you get the better of your opponents.
  • I do in-depth replay analysis to point out all of your weaknesses and strengths, using software to draw on screen and illustrate my points/advice.
  • I am extremely friendly and am easy to talk to. Any issues or questions in the session be sure to fire away! I’m sure you will have an enjoyable experience as you learn new and unique ways to improve.
  • I communicate in a friendly and instructive manner that is easy to understand.
  • I am very honest with feedback and respect is a key aspect to my sessions.
  • Lastly, my sessions are very flexible. So you have the ability to say what you would like to cover in the session.


What my sessions consist of:

  • A private match 1v1 where we will talk so I can learn about you and your goals for the game. Sort of like an interview but much more casual. From this private match I will be able to gain a basic understanding of your playstyle, and be able to see your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Before moving onto replay analysis I like to go over basic key mechanics in a private match. For example, half flips, wavedashing and drift turns. If you struggle with these I have tutorials on my YouTube for extra support.
  • After that, we will go into a replay that you have chosen prior to the session to show me. In the replay, I will analyse the game and the way you play, providing valuable information and advice on where to improve. I will also mention where your strengths lie and how you can push them to the next level. I go very in-depth and can promise that you will learn things you would not of thought about otherwise. I will walk you through the various situations that appear in game and the method that is best suited to dealing with it.
  • At some point in the replay analysis I will tell you a mistake has been made but quiz you on the correct action to make.
  • After replay analysis, we will do another 1v1 going over what you have learnt and how you felt the session was. After the match is over I will ask you to save the replay and watch from my perspective, this shows you what you look like as an opponent. Looking at yourself from the opponent’s perspective can be extremely useful in seeing where you are going wrong.
  • To end the session I will do a brief recap of what the main issues were and best strengths to push further. I will leave you with my mechanic tutorials from YouTube and some training packs to work on in the meantime.

If you are interested in follow-up sessions they are much more personalised since I have spent time with you previously and know what we were working on.

If you have an idea of what you want from your first session. For example, mechanical walkthroughs for 1 hour then that can be done. You just have to let me know through discord prior to the session

Sessions are available to any rank lower than myself as I would not be able to provide a suitable service to someone better than myself.

Any extra questions or not interested in coaching you can join my Discord!





RL Tracker

1 HOUR SESSION: Standard session length

2 HOUR SESSION: Standard session length + more replay analysis/mechanics/casual matches. This also allows me to go into more detail with more time.

Lastly, here are some videos to show you my content which is informative and entertaining.




Xbox Controller

Playlist Strengths

1v1 Duel, 2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard



Coach Rank

Top 100, Top 1000, Supersonic Legend

Hours Played




25 reviews for Jxsh

  1. Tyler Nelson (verified owner)

    I got a 1 hour session and when we went to start I had a bunch of issues with my mic etc. yet he was patient and let me fix it before starting the time. During the session he was so motivational and hands down the best coach you could get. If you are searching for a coach, go with him.

  2. Jarek Brown (verified owner)

    Third time ordering his coaching! This time I was taught how to comfortably plays duel. Likes always, very in depth with his teachings and had a fantastic time! I’ll definitely be back once I hit the next rank of duel or duos, maybe even standards! 🙂

  3. richerpelo (verified owner)

    Jxsh was absolutely brilliant as a coach. He was incredibly patient and thorough with all of the in-game explanations, and incredibly insightful with the replay analysis.

  4. Gabriel Burdette (verified owner)

    Really hopefully, made the session fun, didn’t go into rabbit holes on every play during analysis, taught mechanics that make sense for the rank that are helpful going forward. Overall very informative and an all around good coach.

  5. Jarek Brown (verified owner)

    Second time as my coach and I was excited! The man gives excellent tips and great teaching! Will definitely be returning for a third time! See you than Jxsh!
    – CrxzyFoxx

  6. Erik Balaz (verified owner)

    He is a very great guy, very communicative, we have gone basicly thru everything i did wrong, he gave me a lot of tips and also covered a few basic mechanics which are very important for climbing up ranks. I will definetly go for a new session in a few weeks once i learned everything we covered. If you are searching for a perfect coach, than go ahead and book a session with Josh !!!

  7. itsrlduhh (verified owner)

    Very nice guy and helped and broke down a lot of steps of what I should’ve/ shouldn’t do. He went 15 minutes over the time to 1v1. He gave tips and explained what is expected in players as I progress in rank. Over all it was a great session and was worth the time.

  8. Zachery Chambers (verified owner)

    Josh is an amazing person, and just as good of a coach. Clearly states how to help in clear easy to understand language, as well as making sure you understand. Highly suggest for others looking to improve. All in all I would say it was “Good”

  9. scott_t_glenn (verified owner)

    Defensive, slow, ghetto mechanics champ needed some help to break out of a rut and open my eyes to more offensive possibilities.
    Sessions with Jxsh were just the thing to help with my defensive myopia. Went over some of my in game shots: provided perspective on placement, technical aspects of timing/air roll,
    even subtleties related to making some of my shots less telegraphed for the opponent. Very patiently and thoroughly answered my questions related to
    mechanics and demonstrated them for me. Great sessions, highly recommended. Excellent communicator and ability to breakdown and explain things. A bang up job!

  10. jp.smyth432 (verified owner)

    Great session, gave just as much, if not way more praise than criticism. Really good for my confidence being commended for the things I did well. Despite knowing most of what I needed to accomplish, still offered some great solutions to help me implement new techniques.

    Really clear explanations of what/why I should/shouldn’t have done something, and discussing with me instead of telling me, commending me for my understanding. I felt involved in my own learning.

    All round really helpful session, would totally recommend to anyone who wants to feel confident in what they know.

  11. Amann Sharda (verified owner)

    Great 2 hour session with Jxsh (actually went a bit over the the time). Friendly and easy-going guy with a great knowledge of the game. Really specific feedback on how to improve in 2v2 – the replay analysis was SO helpful. Would defo recommend.

  12. connor devlin (verified owner)

    Great guy really talked about the mistakes i was making, really in depth on what you should do in every situation. Would 100% reccomend him as a coach

  13. Josh Carberry (verified owner)

    Had another session with Jxsh and as expected it went really well. I really recommend anyone to, if possible, order a session with him as I believe he can provide you with some of the best coaching around. He has a brilliant understanding of the game and will easily be able to pick up what key aspects of the game you need to improve on. Thanks again Jxsh for another great session.

  14. Zachary Palmer (verified owner)

    This was my first time ever having any coaching in rocket league, and at first I was nervous, but Jxsh is a super great guy. He’s very welcoming and kind. All together he’s an even better coach. He gave me lots of tips on playing more aggressive, and my rotation, he’s also very mechanical and can teach you any mechanic you want to learn. Would definitely recommend him to anyone thinking of hiring a coach!

  15. Colton Cumbie (verified owner)

    Great guy and a great coach!
    Went in depth through some mechanics and tips to push my game to the next level. He’ll answer any questions you ask, very informative.
    Would recommend for anyone out there of any rank looking to either clean up some things or learn something new.
    Will definitely be back!

  16. Evan Veregge (verified owner)

    Jxsh is an excellent coach and a really nice guy. This was my first time being coached and I was quite nervous at first, but we chatted casually for a bit at the start of our session and I felt right at home. No judgement at all. He is super knowledgeable and gave me some great tips on positioning, mechanics, and game sense that I’m sure will take me into the Champion ranks with a bit of practice on my own (I am Diamond currently). Thanks again Jxsh! I really enjoyed our session!

  17. joefktm60xboxking (verified owner)

    Great 2hour session, super nice and very helpful consisting of a few 1v1games and some casual 2s where we discussed rotations within a replay analysis and later went through mechanics which within a few attempts I had got them to grip. Overall great session and all round great guy,would recommend for anyone trying to improve 😛👍🏻

  18. Johna Fields (verified owner)


  19. Garrett Stanton (verified owner)

    first off, wow. My second session of coaching with Jxsh and lets just say I’m instantly welcomed and warmed to my heart to hear his positive feedback on my games. He is a super kind and friendly person that makes a coaching session seem like 2 friends going over your gameplay.

    My second session compared to my first was even more inviting (which I didn’t think was possible). The entire time he was in aw of my improvement and how he was praising me was to much for me to handle. not a second throughout the session was I not smiling.

    He really lets you know on what better things you could be doing in your games and approaches you respectfully and helps you improve. lets just say that I could never move to another coach after Jxsh. a truly incredible humble player letting us improve at his own game. A lot more people need to recognize him for his insane gameplay he has and his coaching. You don’t meet a lot of people like this anymore. he is truly one of a kind.

    -Sincerely A fellow rocket league fanatic

  20. martijnvahl (verified owner)

    Amazing coach. If you’re hesitating whether you should go for Jxsh or not, than let me make the decision: do it!

    At the time of writing I’m a Champ 3 1v1 player looking to push into Grand Champ.

    He coached me in 1v1s, we played a match while getting to know eachother better and to test my mechanics. Afterwords we tried some different mechanics and see where my flaws are.

    Next up is the replay review, I can summarize it in one word: fantastic. He stayed calm the entire time, focussed on the facts rather than insulting bad plays. He pointed out flaws that I didn’t know I had.

    All in all a great experience for any rank. What are you waiting for?

  21. Jarek Brown (verified owner)

    First time ever getting coaching in Rocket League, I was nervous but he was very welcoming. He taught me mechanics that I didn’t even know about. Very awesome coach and well in-depth with his teaching!

  22. Michael bell (verified owner)

    he helped me a lot with my mechanics and positioning he was also very friendly I’d 100% recommend him to anyone

  23. Riley Beck (verified owner)

    awesome coach. really took his time to analyze things and instantly had tips to improve your gameplay. really nice guy and i 10/10 recommend you chose him

  24. Josh Carberry (verified owner)

    Enjoyed the training session thoroughly, I learned a lot and had fun doing so. I’ll be sure to purchase another session soon. Nice guy, easy to talk to, would 100% recommend to anyone.

  25. Garrett Stanton (verified owner)

    Really Helpful and In-Depth coaching that I’ve personally never experienced before. Super understanding and a great personality. Made me feel really welcome and is a great player with tons of knowledge in the game. Will definitely more lessons in the future when its available!

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