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About me:

Hi, I’m Moose and I’m an Irish experienced live session coach/Replay analyst/team coach with over 100+ combined reviews and Grand Champion player who strives to help you improve at Rocket league. I have around 1500 hours of professional coaching experience with GamersRdy. I’ve been playing Rocket League since 2016 although I didn’t take it seriously until the start of 2018. I’m currently around 1800 mmr however this does not reflect the level I can coach as I have coached people who are up as far as 2k+ mmr and top 100 in all game modes!

I coach people on all platforms ranging from Bronze to pro player and everything in between with TWENTY THREE of my students so far getting to Grand Champion after their sessions. I’ve coached students in regions including EU, NA, Middle East, South Africa, Asia and OCE.

I’m formerly the coach and sub for Blitz which is made up of Distan, OSM and Zee9 and formerly the coach of YOWZAA (Now preflip gang) which was made up of Fusure, Jhzer, Mugg, Krazack and formerly OSM & Pethy who despite forming three weeks before RLRS play ins finished top 24 in EU last season! I’m also the former leader for the preflipgang clan aswell.

My coaching style revolves heavily around interaction, practicality and making you understand what it takes to improve as well as climb ranks in the process. I base my coaching on questioning you and making you think about why something is correct or incorrect and giving you advice on what you should have done and why what you did, didn’t work and involving you throughout the entire session. DISCLAIMER: I do not sugar coat things and have been described as “blunt” and “to the point” this is a part of my coaching style, if you do not take criticism or you may be sensitive to taking criticism (I won’t be rude or anything don’t worry) please inform me before we have the session so I can make sure to keep it in mind!

What we cover together in a live session: 

  • Introduction: We’ll first chat on discord so I can get to know about you, then we will set up a date and time that works for you.
  • Private 1v1s: I always 1v1 my students just to see how their mechanics are and how consistent they are and what they need to work on. This also helps me decide on exercises and challenges I can give you outside of the session to improve yourself.
  • Replay analysis: We will then get into replay analysis where I break down the replay(s) you have sent me and help you understand a variety of things including: what to do in situations, why what you’re doing isn’t working, how to work with/around team mates and rotations, positioning and game sense. I take notes all throughout the analysis and give you the notepad file at the end of the session with general rules of thumb and timestamped notes from the replay so you can watch it back yourself.
  • Custom requests or viewing a higher ranked replay: I always leave this option to the player themselves, Either we work on something you want to improve on (mechanical or other) or we look at a replay of a game in a rank one tier higher than yours. (Only available in the 2hr + option, come’s standard in the 3hr option)

After the session I will send you some videos/training packs if they are needed along with some notes that will help you not only remember what to do but also something to constantly be grinding. I also specify that if you ever need any help or tips after the session please message me as I have no problem helping you out. If you have any questions before you book do not hesitate to message me on discord (MooseTDI#9914) and if you would like to check out reviews for my coaching you can do so here and for replay analysis here.

Coaching plans


Coaching format:

The coaching format I now use (which i have found to work best over the course of my 1200+ coaching hours) is to split all sessions into a 30 minute replay analysis video (which is live streamed to Youtube for you to keep as a personal improvement method) and 30 minutes in a live session (this is on a per hour basis, for people who order longer than an hour I might do an hour of live session instead of 30 minutes based on which i think would be better for you personally) All replay numbers below show the minimum (first number) and maximum (second number) of replays that will be needed for the session.

The Standard: (One hour, requires 1-2 replay) A single session focusing on your mechanics, rotation, positioning and mindset, Done through 1v1s and a replay analysis

The slightly longer standard: (Two hours, requires 2-4 replays) Two 1v1 sessions, a replay analysis and custom request or higher level replay analysis to work on what you need to improve. (Can be customized)

The “Am I doing this right?” pack: (Three hours, requires 3-6 replays) Two 1v1 sessions, two replay analysis, custom requests AND higher level replay analysis. (Can be customized)

The personal trainer pack: (Eight hours, requires 8-16 replays altogether) This one is a little different it runs based off of your ability to apply adjustments to your playstyle and fix errors. It’s based on a much more personal level in order for both of us to work to the best of our abilities. We progress when you’re ready, we work on things you want to work on (along with whats already included in all above sessions) (Can be customized, Minimum 8 hours)


  • How many hours do you have?
    Around 5000+, 1.4k – 1.5k Coaching hours
  • What do I need for our coaching session?
    A discord account and access to Voice communication, Replays (See plans above for number needed), An open mind and motivation to improve as well as an ability to take criticism! Remember, Any judgement I pass is to help you!
  • What kind of replays do I need?
    In terms of the replay quality obviously the better the replay the more I can help you. Try and get close games at your rank for analysis.
    Replays I do not accept:
    Games where the final score is 1 – 0, 2 – 1, or 3  – 1 (the higher scoring the better as there is much more to go over)
    Replays where anyone in the lobby has extremely low points compared to their team mates after the full length of the game
  • Can you coach me even though I’m not in your time zone?
    Absolutely! After you book we can work out a time that’s best for both of us
  • Are there any rules/terms and conditions for your coaching?
    Yes you can find them here!
  • Do you coach on all platforms/What platforms do you play on?
    Yes/I play on PC but also have a PS4 (I only coach from my PC)
  • Can you teach me something I want to learn instead of what is covered in your live sessions?
    Of course, I’d be happy to take custom requests
  • Do you do play/coach extra modes?
  • Yes and Yes! I have been GC in Rumble and Snowday and hoops and C3 in dropshot Dropshot! I was the 3rd Grand champion in rumble in season 10 and have been top 100 in Hoops, Rumble and Dropshot throughout the season!
  • What are your socials? 
  • Twitter: here Twitch: here (I don’t stream that often)


Short cinematic shot showcase/montage:






Playlist Strengths

1v1 Duel, 2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard, Dropshot, Hoops, Rumble, Snow Day

Coach Rank

Top 100, Grand Champion 1


Grand Champion

Hours Played



PC, PlayStation, Xbox

Session Duration

1 Hour, 2 Hours, 3 Hours, 8 Hours


PS Controller, Xbox Controller

Coaching Experience

1500+ Hours

76 reviews for MooseTDI

  1. cyberiswolf3526 (verified owner)

    5 out of 5 musty flicks. What a Save!, and Nice Shot!.

    A great coach to have, he was very enjoyable to play with, and get teach by.

  2. Brian Dunn (verified owner)

    Brilliant coach would 100% recommend. Points out alot of mistakes your making in game and is overall very easy to talk to. Would definitely pick mooseTDI again.

  3. Greenwarrior (verified owner)

    Very nice coach, takes his time to get to know you and your situation in game. A very nice perk of his is that he actually RECORDS his replay analysis’ on YouTube so you can watch and rewatch again and again any time you want. This is huge in my opinion, and helped me to break through a Champion 3 slump I was in in 2’s and break into GC for the first time! Highly recommend getting the 2+ hour coaching sessions. The 1v1 private match was very nice as well. Thanks MooseTDI!

  4. Nicolaj Andersen (verified owner)

    probably the nicest guy i have ever met on the internet. i ekspected much lees than i actually got would highly recommend him. such a nice guy very like good at explaining thing very difficult things so you can learn. and not like someone who sounds very money hungry for more peopleto buy sessions. i like him because he helped me learn some mechanics when i was very bad and helped me now that i imporved alot. i got very nrevous when showing him the things he told me to cause i am a big fan of him, but he told me to just calm down and relax and i atleast tried ahah. i am diffenitly gonna buy another session some time but for now i will try to master the skills he tought me. (sry for bas spelling) this was i big jump for me to start making my dream reality

  5. gmeini.lg6 (verified owner)

    Ordered Moose’s coaching since i was c3 and just didnt get on gc lvl from myself. After he went on the 1to1 coaching he helped me alot with my mistakes and showed me how i can improve myself. End of the Season i ended in up in 1600. Really happy i booked his coaching.

  6. Daniel Baker (verified owner)

    Ordered a coaching session, for replay analysis, from Moose and received a very high quality, in depth, thought out video uploaded to youtube for rewatchability. Would recommend him for anyone who is looking to improve their game but isn’t quite sure where their mistakes lie. Went over both positional and mechanical mistakes in the game in order to help me push past my block. Ended up managing to push past my block of not being able to reach 1600 to nearly hitting 1700.

    Extremely professional, patient, and has a deep understanding of the game and how it should be played.

  7. Megan McDermott (verified owner)

    Went on a 12 winstreak after getting coaching. Really nice guy and helped me out SO MUCH I cannot say this enough get this coach over all other coaches i went from bronze to gold in a span of 3 days with his coaching i mean he really takes you to the next level. Replay analysis was nice and was very happy to go back when I didnt get something. 10/10 would by again and I HIGHLY recommend this coach to you, though its up to you not me. In general, really nice, patient, helpful would definetly get coaching again.

  8. Sean Lees (verified owner)

    1v1 game was very insightful and I went on a neat winstreak after – my challenge game got much better.

    But the replay analysis was a game changer -I went from D2 to C2 a month after. I admittedly watched them a lot, took notes and actively read them while playing to make sure I was following his advice, and sure enough, the rank up has been much easier. Highly recommend!

  9. tyleralarsen2018 (verified owner)

    So far I’ve had 30min out of my two hour purchase, and Moose already seems very consistent. So far we’ve gone over and changed my settings (which feel WAY better than what I was using) and played a couple 1v1’s for him to get an idea of my play-style. So far, I love that he is very straight-forward to telling you what you need to work on because it’s true. Looking forward to continuing each session.

    Thanks Moose 😀 ~Ty

  10. Bat (verified owner)

    Moose is probably one of the best coaches on this platform. I purchased the 2 hour session and split it into two 1 hour sessions. I came to him as a low Champ 3 player, and Moose helped me understand what I was doing wrong and how to improve on my issues. Right now I’m sitting at Grand Champion for the first time and Moose helped me elevate my game to the next level. I really recommend him to buy as a coach!

  11. Kyle Smith (verified owner)

    I just finished my last live session with Moose, and really all I can say is how glad I am I chose to train with him. You don’t just learn how to be a better player, you learn the skills to continue to help yourself continue improving even after your sessions.

    I started as a Diamond 3, and I am now sitting at Champ 3, with a clear path on how I can continue to improve and go for Grand Champ. I highly recommend the Personal Trainer Pack. It is absolutely worth it. Moose takes you through 8 (or more depending on how you split it) sessions where you do a true deep dive into your playing. He directly and constructively identifies your weak points and strong points and helps you address them. You will get detailed, timestamped notes whenever you finish reviewing a replay, so you can go back to it and really reinforce what you went over. I was training for 3v3, and one thing that originally confused me a little bit was that we always started off our session by playing 1v1 against each other. I soon realized how valuable it was, and by the end of our sessions, through the mixture of detailed replay analysis and constant refinement of mechanics through our 1v1s, I actually felt like I was playing a legitimately competitive game of 1v1 against him, and I was more capable in ranked (3v3) than ever before. On top of everything, he is a great guy and is a blast to chat with. He really does care about your progression, and it always felt great to share milestones with him over Discord. I am a faster, smarter, more confident and all around better Rocket League player because of Moose. If I ever feel like I am having a slump in my improvement, I will not hesitate to order another Personal Trainer Pack. Thanks, Moose!!!

  12. austin (verified owner)

    this is my second session with moose i’m now mid c3 i got a 3 hour session so i could get the most out of my session he’s taught me a lot more and i few mistakes i would never catch myself i already sense a change in my playstyle already he definitely one of the best coaches on this site

  13. austin (verified owner)

    He got me from diamond 3 to c3 with just a one hour session definitely taught me a lot of new things i never knew i got my session some time late december and i’ve improves so well

  14. ScorpionNest (verified owner)

    I went from Champ 2 to almost GC in 2 weeks. I highly recommend Moose. He is really good at coaching and gives you loads of helpful notes and training packs.

  15. ScorpionNest (verified owner)

    Moose was extremely helpful! He helped me o from champ 2 to almost GC in about 2 weeks. He gives you really good notes and shows you what you are messing up at. He is really good at explaining and helping. I really do recommend him!

  16. Jeroen Hasperhoven (verified owner)

    The coaching session with Moose was really great. He´s such a nice guy and helped me to understand what I could or should do better in different situations. We played some 1v1´s and watched a replay of my own game, which was really helpfull. The tips he gave me were so good! I 100% recommend him as a coach!

  17. nbhockey89 (verified owner)

    I was one of those dumb Champ 2s who thinks he knew it all but when i got the coaching pack i was very pleased at how helpful moose was and all of the good tips he gave me. 100% recommend him.

  18. Adams (verified owner)

    Helpful, polite and friendly person! I have learned a lot and can only recommend it!

  19. mason.alex.m (verified owner)

    Just had another great coaching session with Moose for 1v1s. He provided a lot of great tips and I ranked up after focusing on what he told me. I also appreciate Moose’s flexibility with timing. Overall I’m very happy with my lesson and I’m looking forward to the next one!

  20. Jimski (verified owner)

    Moose is a fantastic coach. He taught me so much just in a 2 hour session. I had never spent money on a coaching session before, but my god was it worth it. Would’ve never learnt so much if I didn’t get a coach. He’s reaaally good at seeing every single one of your mistakes, and explaining how to improve them. He gives amazing detailed answers to questions, even outside of sessions. His explanation on how to break bad habits is really useful, and definitely something I’m gonna work on. He also made 30 minutes of looking at replays fun, instead of the boring 5 minutes of looking at your replay on your own. Really useful sessions, definitely worth it, amazing coach. Thanks so much Moose

  21. Jeffrey Collyer (verified owner)

    Moose was great, easy to talk to and knowledgeable. He picked out every little mistake I made and taught me how to do it better, and gave me training packs to help. Just a week later I’ve been promoted twice! 5 stars!

  22. Robert Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Moose is a straight shooter. He will tell you like it is, and if you listen, you will definitely get better. I went from Gold III dv4 to Diamond I in about 2-3 weeks. Would def recommend.

  23. ruledpage (verified owner)

    very imformative. was very helpful in realising my mistakes, and he is very patient with his coaching, overall very pleasant experience and I loved it 😀

  24. dinowhos (verified owner)

    He explains Things really precise. 10/10

  25. dinowhos (verified owner)

    Moose is a fantastic Coach and a really nice guy!
    He really finds EVERY mistake and Things to improve in ur Gameplay. 10/10 !

  26. DenDen (verified owner)

    Moose is a fantastic coach. He taught me so much just in a 2 hour session. I had never spent money on a coaching session before, but my god was it worth it. Would’ve never learnt so much if I didn’t get a coach. He’s reaaally good at seeing every single one of your mistakes, and explaining how to improve them. He gives amazing detailed answers to questions, even outside of sessions. His explanation on how to break bad habits is really useful, and definitely something I’m gonna work on. He also made 30 minutes of looking at replays fun, instead of the boring 5 minutes of looking at your replay on your own.
    Will definitely get another session just to look at some new mistakes and how to improve those aswell! Really useful sessions, definitely worth it, amazing coach. Thanks so much Moose 😀

  27. Juan Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Moose did a FANTASTIC job during my coaching session, he made me feel more like a friend rather than a consumer. I was very skeptical about purchasing a coaching package since I’ve never done one before and I don’t consider myself to be a “serious” gamer. But Moose made this entire process easy and fun!! He reached out to me immediately to set up a time for the coaching session, and was incredibly flexible to accommodate my schedule. Not only did he offer me tons of insight as to how I can improve my game, he also challenged me mentally by making me think through defense, offense and my rotations to understand every decision that I make in the game. This experience truly opened up my eyes to how much more I have to learn from this game. Moose did a detailed breakdown of my game and sent me notes, training packages, Youtube tutorials and offered insider information on how I can improve my game. I will be setting up another coaching session with Moose in the next couple months to track my improvement and catch up with a new friend!

  28. HyperFirez (verified owner)

    This guy is a good friend and was able to help me find errors in my own play. Despite us both being coaches, he was able to provide me with an unbiased review of my games and tell me things that I can’t see where I was going wrong. All in all really good session, and it’s no surprise why Moose is such a highly rated coach. Thanks again brother.

  29. quinn.jamroker (verified owner)

    Moose was a great coach. He pointed out where I was making mistakes and how to correct them. He gave me training packs to work on, and described in detail what I needed to do to become a better rocket league player. He is very honest and doesn’t sugar coat your play. I would highly recommend Moose as a coach! Looking forward to having another session.

  30. dyanmo (verified owner)

    Moose is a legend he showed me the mistakes I made explained exactly how I should behave instead and man literally the day after I won ATLEAST 5 times in a row, it all feels so easy right now. Highly recommend Coaching if you want to push yourself to the next level !

  31. ineville (verified owner)

    Loved the session with Moose. I feel like it helped me progress as a player and helped me realize so much about my strengths and weaknesses as a player, and gave me directly applicable solutions to bettering my game as a player. I highly recommend taking sessions with Moose if you are serious about bringing your game to the next level; I will be doing so for the foreseeable future.

  32. mason.alex.m (verified owner)

    Just got done with a 1v1 coaching session with Moose. Just like my 3v3 lesson, it was a pleasure working with Moose and I learned a ton. I’m a plat level player so he had a wealth of knowledge to share. Moose is not just a great player but a great instructor as well. That is key to coaching sessions. Thanks again!!

  33. vincentjoshua9592 (verified owner)

    Great coach, encourages and teaches thought process so you can think for yourself and in the future analyze your own game play to improve. His coaching will help for a long time to come. Gave a ton of packs and maps to work on specific mechanics! Could not reccomend more and will be using his service again.

  34. vandeheyk (verified owner)

    Great coach. Very good replay analysis!!!

  35. trentarmitage (verified owner)

    As of the time I’m writing this, I’ve had a replay review, and a 1 hour 1 on 1 coaching with Moose. The replay review was excellent. He broke it down play by play and explained in really good detail on what was going on, and described the pace of the game thoroughly. I scheduled a one on one session a couple months later, and it worked out great. Being from the United States, there was a sizable timezone difference, but we had no trouble finding time between my busy schedule working full time and a university student full time. We did a 1v1 so Moose could get an idea and test my mechanics and game-sense. Moose is really easy to talk to and communicate with as well. I’m looking forward to working with him again as I’m already improving and playing a lot more relaxed on my positioning, and overall gameplay.

  36. kamelryttar1 (verified owner)

    My first coaching experience and i definitely enjoyed it. Moose is a really nice guy and he could pinpoint a bunch of stuff i could work on, both my mechanics and decisionmaking. 10/10

  37. joseamartinez (verified owner)

    Definitely one of the best coaching experiences Ive had. It was my first and ill definitely recommend this to my friends!

  38. E (verified owner)

    Definitely one of the better coaches on here. I would highly recommend this coach.

  39. martijnvahl (verified owner)

    Simply amazing. As a champ1 not knowing what to excpect from a coach, Moose has outdone my expectations by far!

    We reviewed my replay, played a few games and he carefully explained everything that I could’ve done better, or was already good. At the end of the session he gave me a list of 16(!!!) tips I had never even thought about. He also linked me a lot of good training packs and tutorials.

    Think about getting a coach? Don’t hesitate, pick Moose!

  40. bdtrauma01 (verified owner)

    Just finished an awesome coaching session with Moose! I’m a 59 y.o. old school gamer and he did replay analysis and live play coaching that I can’t wait to implement.

  41. mason.alex.m (verified owner)

    I’ve tried two instructors prior to Moose, and he’s definitely the coach that I’ll stick with. I’m a Platinum II, but he clearly can coach at higher levels and can tailor his instruction to any level of beginner. Moose isn’t an instructor who is good at Rocket League but can’t teach. It’s clear Moose has a passion for instruction and making his students better. He is very friendly, patient, and easy to talk to. I plan to book with Moose again in the future. I highly recommend him.

  42. sykosocialps3 (verified owner)

    Very informational. Really drives home what decisions/plays need to be worked on and definitely emphasizes them efficiently. Definitely would recommend him as a coach and intend on setting up another session in the future.


  43. Synth (verified owner)

    Moose is an extremely nice guy and was able to cover a ton of ground with me in 1v1. I’d definitely recommend him to anyone wanting a solid lesson in RL.

  44. Vytautas.smuika (verified owner)

    Really nice guy and even better coach. Not only he pointed out my mistakes during replay analysis, he helped me understand them, so I can learn from them. During our session I was really happy to have such a chill time 🙂 We played couple of 1v1’s as well. I really truly believe he helped me to pave a road towards being a better player. 10/10 would recommend.

  45. gmunney (verified owner)

    Would not recommend anyone else for coaching. He makes sure you understand everything that’s happening. Very nice and for one of the lowest prices he is a fantastic coach.

  46. albin.thorngren (verified owner)

    Moose is very clear and patient with you adn is just a great coach that makes you start to think on how you as a player can improve and how to do it.

  47. albin.thorngren (verified owner)

    I cant recommend moose more. It was 2 days since our sesssion and with his advice i have already came up from diamond ro camp.

  48. charlie802616 (verified owner)

    Awesome coach! Really easy to talk to patient, knowledgeable guy who really cared about my success as RL player. He helped me think critically about positioning on the field, and gave me a ton of training packs to work on my mechanics at the end of the session. Definitely recommend!

  49. albin.thorngren (verified owner)

    Very nice guy, very easy to learn from and makes you think yourself, He makes sure you understand the concept of what he is teaching. Defiently do recommend him as a coach.

  50. nhusein7 (verified owner)

    Moose was awesome. I would message him wee hours of the night and still get a response back. I kept pushing our sessions back 2 weeks out and he did whatever he could to still accommodate me. He’s extremely nice and genuinely cares about you getting better at RL. Does not try to sell sessions on you. Ok now about his RL skills. Holy crap he’s good and you’ll see when you play. His coaching style is excellent where he’ll go into your replays and tell you what you could have done in the situations. Would highly recommend Moose and will be a future trainee.

  51. tomas.alstonspence (verified owner)

    Super nice guy and very informative, not shy on telling you how to improve and goes above and beyond in coaching, definitely recommend

  52. Elf (verified owner)

    Moose is willing to go the extra mile while coaching!
    He coaches to the point and makes sure you understand what you are doing wrong and how to fix it.
    Definitely would recommend again!

  53. Fnader (verified owner)

    Amazing coach. He helped me a ton when I had no idea where I was struggling and he made sure I understood what I was doing wrong, and what should I do instead. Recommended 100%.

  54. combs.josh.a (verified owner)

    super nice & respectful guy. very helpful and a talented coach. he ensures that you’re understanding everything that he covers. highly recommended if you want to improve.

  55. nick.galvach (verified owner)

    Moose was a great coach. He really helped me understand the mistakes I was making in a positive way, only looking to help me improve. I would definitely recommend him.

  56. Storm312 (verified owner)

    Very nice and helpful. Learned much in that 1 to 1 Session, and was on schedule. don’t have any cons to list

  57. ruairiharkin9 (verified owner)

    Super nice guy, really easy to talk to. He’s very informative while not pushy about what you need to work on. Felt very confident going into games with him as his tips were so helpful. He really helps you each step of what you need to do which I liked a lot. Would highly recommend for anyone at any rank.

  58. zac144k (verified owner)

    Very easy to talk to, knows what he’s saying, I got back to champ with his advice. His concepts are strong, and he doesn’t have any holds on testing your decision making. Great session and would recommend!

  59. Emresisman13 (verified owner)

    Very nice outgoing guy. Moose took his time to make sure I understand what he was telling me. He was very easy to talk with. Also he is very kind when trying to help you, he truly wants to make sure that he can reach out and help you become a better player. definitely would recommend.

  60. sebhallett77 (verified owner)

    Absolute lad, had an amazing experience with Moose, I could definitely recommend his coaching skills, he may be harsh but at least his criticism will be drilled into your head. Honestly see him as a good friend now anyway, he’s just so easy to talk to and get along with. Banta is easily shared between me and him. As a first user of gamersrdy I was certainly sceptical about spending $35 for a two hour session. Got to love his Irish accent as well. Definitely recommend him as he can express his teaching in many different ways, so a lot of perspectives can be understood in every concept. I sincerely enjoyed my experience and could not recommend him more. Much love to Moose, I wish him the best with his career.

  61. ThrowingFlames (verified owner)

    Very nice guy, easy to talk to. I feel very confident in the things I’ve learned and hope to improve on them. Moose walked me through my mistakes and and helped me understand them and recognize them. Top Notch Coach. If you are considering this is your guy.

  62. Mr_Bunny_Fuzzy (verified owner)

    Great coaching really good with explaining

  63. keithpun215 (verified owner)

    Very nice guy, easy to talk to even I am from Asia, he gave me advice on how to improve in different aspect in the game, pointing out the mistakes. He is absolutley great coach. I’ll recommend to have a session with him if your want to improve.

  64. tyler.scharer (verified owner)

    Very Freindly made me really look at what I needed to focus on and was very flexible to my schedule would recommend for any platform

  65. kirk.j.luther (verified owner)

    He really gave me an in-depth perspective and provided me with various training methods 🙂

  66. LukePvM (verified owner)

    Very friendly and informative guy, He’s very good at pointing out even little mistakes you didn’t even realise you made, no matter how small they may be and then instead of just telling you “you did this wrong, here is how you fix it.” He gets you to understand why it’s wrong and what you actually should have done yourself.
    Definitely would recommend.

  67. kylezed123 (verified owner)

    Very very nice guy, he is very informative, and he makes you feel comfortable asking him question. He understands everything that need to be understood as a RL player. Would recommend 100% (Sorry if i dont make sense, english not my 1st langauge :D)

  68. anro6767 (verified owner)

    Moose was a great coach. He was a really nice guy and had lots of helpful advice about both game sense and mechanics. It was clear that he really cares about helping you get better as a player. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to improve in any area of the game.

  69. cr4cked (verified owner)

    He was really forthcoming. He took time with me whenever I did not understand something. He really got down and made me think why I have to do this and that and did not simply tell me this is the right way. He made me work it out myself and then gave his own input on it. It was really enjoyable. Would really recommend it to any one at any rank. Would buy again.

  70. patricksteinhauer (verified owner)

    The session with Moose was very very nice. I like the idea with the test before the session starts, to get an idea about how the player think about some ingame situations. After the session starts he tries to explain everything in detail, so that you can understand everything he’s outlining, like in the video replay analysis we’ve done in that session, which helps me a lot. Moose is organized very good and tries to help you to improve the way you’ll explain to him. I liked to play with him after the analysis because he’s a totally friendly and funny guy, nice to understand and a absolutley great coach. I’ll recommend to have a session with him because the results will be nice! Thank you for coaching me!

  71. crickgarrett25 (verified owner)

    Learned a lot of the mistakes I was making in game and he helped me through all of them 1 on 1. Very nice guy I would recommend him to anyone having trouble and wants to get better.

  72. snoozinjerms (verified owner)

    MooseTDI isReally a spot on great guy. Excells at being able to analize what you need to work on and also listens to what you think you want to improve. The 1v1 coaching was excellent and i will do it again once ive mastered the mecanics, Mindset, and muscle memory. Not only does he give information but but makes sure you understand. He alsogive you the detailed information about your 1v1 in writting, So you cant forget what your trying to accomplish. 100% awesome.

  73. dontdoitxmodrain (verified owner)

    Nice guy, easy to talk to And just makes you question why u do the simple things that matter. Really recommend

  74. christytubbs (verified owner)

    MooseTDI was very helpful and i think that if you want someone good and something fun. pick Moose. He Helped Me In Many Different Ways, Including Aerials, Mechanics, and Much Much More…
    Please If You Want Someone To Help With The Mistakes Your Making. Pick MooseTDI

  75. jamesbaranharrison (verified owner)

    Very easy to talk to, the replay analysis helps a lot and he makes sure that you understand what he is saying and he makes you question yourself and the stuff you are doing to help you work on the mistakes you’re making 5/5 would buy again

  76. jhabib20 (verified owner)

    Extremely nice guy, very easy to talk to. I loved that he not only teaches you, but also really works to make sure you understand the concepts he is teaching. I couldn’t recommend him more.

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How do I send replays to you?

PC users:

you simply save the replay, rename it to your discord username and # and then go to My Documents – My Games – Rocket League – TaGame – Demos and sort by most recent. You can then simply drop the file into a direct message to me.

Console users:

you need to save the replay and then send me a screenshot of the leaderboard at the end of the lobby so I can check that it matches the criteria that is below in FAQ, Once I say its okay you have to record it using your consoles inbuilt recorder and then upload it to Youtube using either share factory (PS4) or Upload Studio (XB1) and send me the link in a discord message!

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Yes, certainly. You can discuss what timings work best with your coach.

If you can’t make a session you need to let your coach know 6 hours in advance, otherwise, you’re at risk of losing your order and may need to cover the transaction costs at 5% of your order.

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