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About Me:

I’ve been playing Rocket League since it first came out and have over 5000 hours. I have multiple Grand Champion titles since season 3 as well as ESL Monthly Elite. I captained my team to top 10 in OCE for a brief period before retiring the team due to real life commitments, and I have over 100 hours experience in coaching players from all different levels from Bronze through to Grand Champion. With my achievements and experience, I’d like to pass my knowledge on to YOU, so that you achieve your goals and take your game to the next level.

A coaching session entails:

  • A Questionnaire – This is a psychological tool that helps me understand you as a person, your habits, goals, and motivations as a player. It also helps you to think about and approach Rocket League in a different way. This is a casual experience to get to know each other and isn’t included as part of the session time.


  • Replay Analysis – I highly recommend this to everyone. It can help identify major and minor issues that you may not be aware of and how to approach fixing them. I go over every little detail and provide live drawings on the screen. Some of the key things I go over are: positioning, rotating offensively and defensively, how to transition, situational awareness, reading the play and the opponents, when and how to pass the ball, plus much more.


  • Mechanics – I only recommend this to newer players. I teach the fundamental mechanics that every Rocket League player should know. I go over multiple different ways to help you train as well as how to best utilize free play.

After booking a session, I will send an email within 24 hours on what to do next.
1 hour is enough for mechanics OR replay analysis. However, if you’re looking to do both then I recommend 2 hours.
All my coaching is done through a private 1 on 1 Discord session.

RLTracker: https://rocketleague.tracker.network/profile/steam/76561197999904367/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NotLlamasaur
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/llamasaur





Playlist Strengths

3v3 Standard


ESL Monthly Elite, Grand Champion

Hours Played




Session Duration

1 Hour, 2 Hours

38 reviews for Llamasaur

  1. Alec Sigman (verified owner)

    If you’re actually interested in improving your game play in Rocket League, I highly recommend getting Llamasaur as your coach. As a player that floats between Champion 1 and Champion 2, I felt like there wasn’t much more I could learn in the game. Oh how wrong I was. Llamasaur literally picks every aspect of your game apart and tells you the correct thing you should do until you understand it. I thought most of my game play was fine but Llamasaur could literally pick something apart from every 10-20 seconds. He gives very well thought out constructive criticism which is what you need if you want to improve as a player, I really like that about him. Overall, if you’re interested in improving your game and game as a teammate, you should hire Llamasaurus as a coach. Great and smart guy!

  2. Ashton Preston (verified owner)

    I 10/10 recommend he was very very helpful. He made sure I was never left in the dust if I was confused he made sure to help. Liam definitely cares about what he is doing he took great care of me made sure everything was great and I’m already thinking of purchasing him again.

  3. itsmezacca (verified owner)

    Amazing coach pointed out everything i did wrong and didnt sugar coat anything. He let me know what i was doing wrong and how to fix it and make sure I do it properly next time. Great questionaire and also summarised and asked questions to see if i understood the session.

  4. Jori Wright (verified owner)

    Excellent coach, definitely recommend Llamasaur as a coach to anyone looking to enhance their game play. Very in depth analysis, without providing overwhelming information. Always happy to answer questions and go that extra mile. Genuinely good dude.

  5. Dahbeanz (verified owner)

    By far more than I expected. I was giving the perfect amount of information and homework training for my skill level. The in depth replay, with draw-on-screen analysis really helped my see my flaws and what I could be doing better. Don’t let the price fool you. I’d highly recommend this coach to everyone of all skill levels. A++ 10/10

  6. Chris Apin (verified owner)

    Great coach. Went in to a lot of depth during the replay analysis but didn’t overwhelm me. he identified my level and skill set and suited the training session to me giving me great tips and way to improve my game.

  7. xtermanatorx (verified owner)

    Overall, Llamasur was a great coach! He definitely did a good job on pointing out key mistakes and helped develop my decision making even more. Also, I bought an one hour session, but he kept going in till the replay was over. Would definitely recommend him for everyone!

  8. Edward Nguyen (verified owner)

    Llamasaur has been an excellent coach this morning. He was on time for the session and was generous with his time; he has a structure to his coaching sessions and was very helpful with pointing out what I was doing wrong and right; he is extremely knowledgeable and was able to go on about one topic for hours if you wanted him to.
    10/10 would try again!

  9. Mark Kristopher Pazon (verified owner)

    Really good coaching services and very friendly too. He points out right away my mistakes and gives pointers so I know what I need to improve. 10/10

  10. Allan Trinh (verified owner)

    Llamasaur gave me lots of pointers in my replay. Gained a lot of insightful notes and tips to go from. Highly recommend him as coach! A++

  11. Mitch Renbarger (verified owner)

    Llamasaur did a fantastic job of going through my replays and helping to point out multiple ideas for me to improve on. I can certainly tell he cares about helping other players improve and he does a good job of it.

  12. Morgan Primeaux (verified owner)

    Llamasaur is a fantastic coach. His mechanics training helped me a TON. No matter your rank I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to get better. I will be hiring him again.

  13. Jack Nagle (verified owner)

    Excellent coaching service provided, Gave points on everything done whether it was pure mistake, bad play or good play which I find to be very helpful. The replay analysis was amazing, he would stop on almost every play to explain certain concepts and where I could’ve been or done. I would recommend to anyone wanting to get a quality coaching service!

  14. gobobcats36 (verified owner)

    Very Knowledgeable! Gives good in depth analysis and explains how you can improve on those things. Would definitely recommend!

  15. Claire Farrell (verified owner)

    Great coach. Great analysis pointed out instantly pointed out mistakes and gave multiple ways things I could’ve done instead and explained the outcome amazing guy 10/10

  16. Ronald Headrick (verified owner)

    He took his time, got to know me a little, analyzed my replay, and taught me a lot in the process. I learned exactly what I wanted to learn, a bit more of what I needed to learn, and even got a few laughs in here and there. 10/10 would get dunked on again.

  17. Jonathan Lovatt (verified owner)

    Awesome guy, really good indepth analysis of my replay. Point out moments where I should have made a different choice and what the outcome may have been. Great rocket league coach. 10/10

  18. jamie dimech (verified owner)

    spent some time with Llamasaur today going over my duo replays, its amazing how quick you sson understand what you are doing wrong, Llamasaur will point this out to you very quickly, he will pause the video and pen mark where you should have been and what you should have done, this type of training for me is fundemantal in trying to enjoy RL and grow as an RL player in skill and max my enjoyment.
    Really glad to have found him, he is patient and helpful and also very encouraging, not just telling you what you have done wrong but also when you have done something good which is equally important for growth.
    looking forward to becoming a better player and there is a confidence after traiining with him that is exactly what you are going to do.
    thanks again! great experience.

  19. MattMcD374 (verified owner)

    Llamasaur is a great person but an even better coach. The way he can make sense of a play and put it into words is very helpful. He also makes sure you understand whats going on and he doesnt mind answering a lot of questions. 10/10, an amazing coach.

  20. xKirai (verified owner)

    Insightful comments and tried to explain some fundamentals in a way I could understand. Even went over the time limit a bit because of technical issues. Also a really chill guy

  21. christine mazur (verified owner)

    Honestly amazing. he pointed out things that i needed to work on but also wasn’t too harsh. tought me a bunch of mechanics and gave me some things to practice. I absolutely reccomend this coach

  22. Alexandre De Rycke (verified owner)

    He helped me out with wall air dribble with a lot of calm and advices, i’m defintly recommandiong this coach.

  23. linck.nathan (verified owner)

    Very cool guy. Looks at things that need improved and tells you how to improve them. Simple and effective. Friendly and helpful. Thanks man.

  24. FisheySauce (verified owner)

    Llamasaur, although a cool guy and good RL player, I can’t recommend him as a coach. There were times when I noticed things in my play he either didn’t think of to point out, or didn’t want to be too nit picky. I noticed some rotations that could have been either a bit wider or narrower, I noticed my pathing over boost pennies, and some other little things. Llamasaur failed to point these things out, however, he did point out some things I hadn’t thought of as well. My hesitation, although a habit I developed because of the awful solo queuing I constantly put myself through, was crippling me at the higher level when I got there. Even when he pointed out what I did wrong, he never showed me how to fix it, or where to be instead. I recommend Llamasaur to players low diamond and below, but at the higher levels he seems to not nit pick the things that differentiate the good players from the great.

  25. mbteam000 (verified owner)

    Llamasaur is a really good rocket league coach! I would def reccomend him! Reviewed two my replays and showed me my mistakes. Really patient and nice guy!

  26. DarkSidesChaos (verified owner)

    Very informative and pin points where you can improve and how. Very honest and was a great person to deal with. Definitely recommend him as a coach! And the replay we went over was extremely helpful. Definitely will return once im a higher rank and need help with very advanced techniques!

  27. weldenm3 (verified owner)

    Very knowledgeable and helpful. His video analysis was great. He really helps you understand the mistakes you are making and offers great advice to resolve those issues. If I get stuck and hit a wall again I’d feel very comfortable using Llamasaur as my coach again.

  28. boost4dave (verified owner)

    Great session with Llamasaur, ’nuff said! By the time we finished our session, Llamasaur had given me a great set of notes and recommendations for improvements I can begin to make. His approach to replay analysis was excellent, pointing out pros and cons at any given moment. I never felt as if I was being too harshly criticized, even though every mistake was being analyzed. I ended the session feeling optimistic, and wishing that I had booked more time, simply because everything he said was articulated very well, and made absolute sense. Highly recommend, and will absolutely be booking another session once I feel I’ve been able to fully master the concepts and recommendations provided in this one! Thanks Llamasaur, wish I could give you more than 5 stars!

  29. jacksonrocks798 (verified owner)

    just finished first lesson with Llamasaur. He is good at explaining in depth and picking up on your errors while training. He points out important tips and helps you with what you request. Very Professional and chill guy. Would buy anohter session. (:

  30. rankith117 (verified owner)

    Had an excellent coaching session. We discussed several plays in the replay in depth and he was able to articulate good, clear reasons for why I should do something a certain way which gave me confidence in his conclusions.

  31. robert.lewis.6 (verified owner)

    Super informative session with a very patient instructor who is enthusiastic about teaching others how to improve at Rocket League. Made me look at my play in a totally different way. Highly recommend a 2 hour session as the game reviews and mechanical sessions take longer than you would think. Would train again with Llamasaur. Of note, I am US and there was no barrier working with someone from Australia.

  32. Mikahj (verified owner)

    Reviewed a replay and went through everything step by step, showcasing the areas that i needed practice on. couldn’t ask for more in 1h only

  33. tandui53 (verified owner)

    I had a very productive and chill session with Llamasaur. 100% worth the money. He was straight up with me, and now I know what I need to work on: mentally and mechanically.

  34. xander15jb (verified owner)

    Very chill and cool guy. Was very thorough and definitely helped put into perspectives the issues I was having and how to rectify them. I now know what to do to rid bad habits and develop good ones. Am excited to grind 🙂

  35. luke.burton266 (verified owner)

    As a brand new player to Rocket League i learnt so much and i now know what to go over and put inplace. Great guy and amazing coach 10/10

  36. kyreamarpeak (verified owner)

    This guy is a great coach I would highly recommend him. Goes over any questions that you have and gives great tips! Definitely worth the money that you’ll spend

  37. milanbasaric92 (verified owner)

    Just finished my first session with Llamasaur. He is very professional and cool guy, and i would recommend his coaching services. We also played an bonus match at the end 🙂

  38. kingofnight65 (verified owner)

    reviewed 2 replays went through lots of difference things i could improve on, even spent an extra 5-10 mins to play a match with me that i could review later!

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