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Why Book With Me?

My name is mits and I am a professional RLCS Coach. I’m the current coach for Sandrock Gaming featuring players Okhalid, Ahmad, and TRK511! I’ve also formerly coached the Susquehanna Soniqs in North America, finishing RLCS Season 9 in 3rd place.  Along with years of experience coaching at the pro level, I have plenty of experience with 1 on 1 and team coaching for any rank or skillset. I’ve achieved peak rankings of SSL in 3v3 and 2v2 — which is within the Top 300 players in the world. Outside of Rocket League, I’ve tutored and coached many different facets from school subjects, musical instruments, and the creative arts. If you’re looking for someone who can go into in-depth analysis of your gameplay to truly break down your path to improvement, I’m your guy!

How Does a Session Work?

I have a very simple, but effective method for my coaching sessions! To start out, we will establish a goal that you would like to achieve by a certain time period. That could be anything from climbing a few ranks in a competitive season, to looking to go pro in Rocket League Esports! Once we have a goal set, I will use proven strategies to live coach your abilities so you can see gradual strides of improvement. We will use a combination of live team coaching, playing together, and replay analysis to determine the best course of action for your path to your goal.

Is Coaching Worth It?

If you’re someone who is involved with Rocket League and likes to win, I would say yes! Just like anything in life, being good at something develops a sense of pride and a further enjoyment of your craft. Whether you’re looking to go pro or just a casual hobbyist, Rocket League coaching is for everyone. You can also take skills and proficiencies you learn from Rocket League and apply it to other things you learn in everyday life.

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Playlist Strengths

2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard, Hoops

Coach Rank

Supersonic Legend

Hours Played


Coaching Experience

1000 – 1499 Hours

25 reviews for mits

  1. Jack Gibbs (verified owner)

    I’ve worked with a few rocket league coaches now, and Mits has undoubtedly been the best. The difference is that he’s just smarter, and understands the the strategy of the game on a deeper level. I had been one rank under grand champ for YEARS, and after two sessions with him I gained over 100 MMR in less than two weeks. I just wish he had more availability.

  2. Graeme Elsby (verified owner)

    I would highly recommend Mits to anyone looking to improve in rocket league. We played a few games together and then reviewed the replays and he was instantly able to tell me how to improve. We covered certain mechanics I was struggling with and I now have training to focus on. In just two 1 hour session I feel much more comfident in my play and I have a focus on how to continue improving moving forwards. I can’t thank Mits enough for his coaching and will definitely be booking more sessions in the future.

  3. Ryan Meadows (verified owner)

    Mits was awesome to work with! He completely changed my mindset of the game and did so in a very easy-to-understand manner. He gave me a visual aide to help with remembering positioning/rotation, went over replay reviews on some games we played, and even talked me through a game he played live to further reinforce what we went over. Very much worth the money if you’re on the fence!

  4. William Broome (verified owner)

    Overall an incredible experience. I have a degree in Musical performance and teaching and Mits coaching was an absolute masterclass in teaching any skill to anyone. He was quickly able to identify problems and weakpoints, explain why they were an issue, and come up with an easily digestible remedy to whatever the problem was. I very quickly learned the difference that a professional coach can make.

  5. thericharzfamily (verified owner)

    Great coaching! very helpful and very understanding. He got me from hard stuck diamond to finally breaking through to champ. i cant recommend him enough!

  6. sakura (verified owner)

    Did a fantastic job showing me my weaknesses and how to counter them, I feel like a whole different player! Buying another session for sure.

  7. joseph smith (verified owner)

    did fantastic in showing me where my mistakes where and how to improve and fix my rotational and mechanical errors. for sure buying another session

  8. Phantom (verified owner)

    Does a great job! Down to earth nice guy. Also good at explaining all the mistakes you make and how to fix them. Clear that he can coach at any rank. Highly recommend.

  9. Michael Capozzi (verified owner)

    I entered into coaching on the verge of quitting the game. I was very frustrated with mistakes I was making and regardless of how hard I was trying, my gameplay was not improving. Mits is a fantastic coach and he has been coaching for quite some time, which also was what I was looking for. He gave me very simple instructions and gameplay habits to get into that really made my confidence level increase dramatically. I set up 2 initial coaching sessions with him, and I’m signed up for another 2. I started out at gold 1 and now I’m plat 1 in less than a month. I was on the fence initially, and I’m glad that I took the risk to try it out. He can certainly help you improve!

  10. Elias Malm (verified owner)

    I bought two hours and didnt really know what to expect. He did such a good job making me aware of my mistakes, what i needed to improve on, and how to do it! Also he was never in a rush to end the session untill we were done, and allways asked if i had any more questions. Top score from me

  11. Caleb Hedrick (verified owner)

    Amazing session. Found out exactly what my problem was then helped me fix it. I look at 3s completely different now, and can tell the improvement I’ve made so far.

  12. sterlinglevins015 (verified owner)

    Great coaching session worth the money.

  13. SentinelKG (verified owner)

    Very good at finding the source of your problems and working with you to fix them. Went from gc1 to high gc2 in the week following our session. Reasonable price and definitely worth it.

  14. David Cavazos (verified owner)

    Definitely worth the money. He was super informative and all the information he provided was super clear and easy to understand. Just a fantastic approach to teaching. Will definitely get another session after I feel comfortable with the information I was given.

  15. traydawson22 (verified owner)

    Very straight forward, and knows what he is talking about. Took my game to the next level. 100 percent worth it.

  16. Jacob Tran (verified owner)

    I started with a single session with Mits and I can say that his communication style and insight made the session extremely valuable. Of course he’s going to help you understand the mistakes your making, but more importantly he quickly helped my understand *why* my actions were mistakes. I definitely think anyone can get a ton of value out of even a single session with Mits. Book the session, you won’t regret it!

  17. Mark Korff (verified owner)

    I had two hour longs sessions with Mits. In the first session we played some 2s together and then reviewed the replays. He easily identified so many things I was doing wrong and gave me a number of specific things to work on that really helped me change my approach to the game. About a week later we had a second session with my brother as well since he is my primary 2s partner. Mits reviewed replays of the two of us playing together and offered advice tailored to both of our playstyles. We ended the session watching Mits play live and commenting on his own gameplay. It really helped emphasize what he’d been teaching us prior to that since we could see better decision making from his perspective. I highly recommend getting a session with Mits to anyone looking to improve their mindset and overall approach to the game.

  18. jon stemple (verified owner)

    Mits helped me go through gameplay that I had on hand along with some games that we played together. The way that he explained my mistakes and how to fix them were crystal clear and helped me put those new habits into place with our next round of games. He is clear with what he would like you to work on with good visuals to help as well. If anyone is on the fence about doing a coaching session, here is my recommendation, do it. Even if you think it won’t help you, trust me it will. 5 stars. Would recommend and would purchase again.

  19. Jacob Nelson (verified owner)

    Will definitely buy another session in the future! He didn’t just critique my every move, but gave me a different way to approach the game at a higher level. I appreciate that he wrote down major points for me to work on after the session was over. Very nice guy and would recommend that you buy a session.

  20. lashawn42294 (verified owner)

    Gotta start this review off by saying i was at first scared to get a coach because i wasn’t sure if it was a waste of money or not. But now i will be the first to tell you that it is 100% worth it and if your looking for a coach i highly recommend that you give Mits a shot. Hes goated and he will not only teach you new mechanics bnut he will also open your mind to a whole new way of thinking when you play RL. Not only did he tell me where i was making mistakes, he took the time out to show me where i was making the mistakes and showed me how to stop making those mistakes. I will never look at RL the same after the session we had and i will forsure be booking me another session one day. QUIT PLAYING CHECKERS BOOK WITH MY GUY AND LEARN HOW TO PLAY CHESS TRUST ME YOU WONT REGRET IT.

  21. Jacob Morrison (verified owner)

    Totally worth it. Mits is a great and knowledgeable coach who knows the game inside and out. He’s very thorough and patient. He’ll open a whole new side of Rocket League that you didn’t know existed. I learned a lot during our session and I took away crucial tools and strategies that will improve my game 10 fold. Highly recommend him as a coach. Really chill and nice dude that just wants to help you get better. Highly Recommend. 10/10

  22. nick.christiana (verified owner)

    Great coach. He told me everything I was doing wrong even if it was the smallest of things. Gave me a different outlook on the game and wrote down everything I was doing wrong so I could go back and remind myself. It’s definitely easier to read the field from him critiquing my positioning. We started the session with me being champ 2 and now I surpassed grand champ 2 In a very short time. Thank you Mits! I highly recommend!

  23. matt wade (verified owner)

    Very chill coach overall. Really helped me to focus on what I was doing wrong. Played a couple of 1v1s and pointed out my mistakes and really helped me. Also taught me a new mechanic. 10/10 coach definitely will buy from him again.

  24. Brandon Smith (verified owner)

    Mits was very thorough in how he approached my training session. We went over my training plan again and again so I knew what I needed to work on. Not only was this experience educational for me, but I had a great time learning through his approach. He also wrote a training plan for me with my top items to practice. I look forward to improving and would not hesitate to have Mits as my coach again. Thanks again, Mits!

  25. Matthew Ryan (verified owner)

    Mits was extremely helpful and answered any questions related to mechanics and positioning that I had. After the session, he wrote up a detailed list of things to work on and how to utilize them effectively. I couldn’t recommend Mits enough.

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