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About Me:
I’m currently a professional coach for FaZe Clan (formerly The Peeps). I joined The Peeps in the middle of their Season 7 RLRS run and soon promoted to the RLCS. We took the scene by storm, becoming Dreamhack Montreal Champions and placing Top 2 in the North American Regional Championship; qualifying us for the Season 8 World Championship in Madrid.

I’ve been coaching professionally for about 2 Years, working with players like Arsenal, Mist, Retals, Gyro, AyyJayy, and Allushin.

Before coaching, I was playing Rocket League competitively. I’ve been Grand Champion in Rocket League since Season 3. I was constantly placing myself on the Top 100 3v3 leaderboards for the next five seasons. In 2017 I grinded my way to Rank A in RL 6mans before eventually losing interest in competing as a player. I was also previously a co-host of the Gold Rush Podcast where I talked about everything Rocket League related with RLCS caster Jamesbot.

I’m currently a Supersonic Legend.

What my sessions will consist of:

1. We will get in contact through discord to discuss your current skill level as well as your goals. *This is recorded through Google Docs.
2. You will send me 1-2 replays (2-3 for 2 hour sessions) for review. *Console players must record their own gameplay and upload their recording to YouTube for review.
3. We’ll hop in a discord call and I’ll screen share your replays so we can go over them together. I’ll break down each scenario and explain the positives and negatives of what you’re doing as well as better/alternate options. This analysis will help you fully understand the decisions you’re making and the short/long term effects you have on a game. I may or may not use a visual aid to help illustrate my points. *PC players will have timestamps saved on their replays. They can refer back to the timestamps after the session concludes.
4. During the review I’ll be taking notes on what you need to work on as a player. I’ll also be recording any bad habits I’m seeing and explaining how you can move forward to fix these issues. *Please feel free to take your own notes during the session if you’d like.
5. After the review is over I will send you a document containing your notes along with information on how to reach your goals. I’ll also highlight what I think you need to work on the most in the document. *PC players will also get their marked replays sent back to them.

*I keep a portfolio for all of my students. If you decide to come back, I’ll be able to pull up your file and we can discuss what we went over in our previous session. That was we can see if you’re still having trouble with the same issues or if you’ve shown improvement over time. Keep in mind that you will run into new issues when ranking up, so this is a nice way to keep track of your history.

Additional Info:

It doesn’t matter what rank you are. Everyone has room for improvement, even professional players. If you’re having trouble getting where you want to be, then I highly suggest booking a session.

2-Hour sessions are optimal. This gives me a much deeper understanding of you as a player.

If you’re unable to schedule within my availability, feel free to message me. I can be flexible at times and don’t mind working outside of the listed hours.

I will only be able to schedule outside of scrim/match hours.





US-East, US-West

Playlist Strengths

2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard, Hoops, Rumble

Coach Rank

Top 100, Supersonic Legend


Dreamhack Champion, Grand Champion, RLCS Contender

Hours Played



Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, Xbox

Session Duration

1 Hour, 2 Hours

Coaching Experience

1500+ Hours


PS Controller

24 reviews for FaZe Moopy

  1. Kyler Kozuch (verified owner)

    Moopy is easily by far one the best coaches I’ve ever had the pleasure of being coached by, not only in Rocket League, but across all games period.

    His tips and attention to detail are on point, and looks for every opportunity for you to improve in some way shape or form. While some coaches may see a mistake and just simply point out that you made a mistake, Moopy takes the time to pause and recap why you made that error, and shares some possible ways to correct it for next time. Not only that, his tips are extremely helpful and his knowledge about the game will help take you to the next level! You’d be a fool to pass up the chance to work with Moopy on improving your gameplay! I 100% recommend giving his coaching a try.

  2. Luke Stewart (verified owner)

    Moopy was great! The structure of the session was 3 replay reviews where you get a deep dissection of your game, while he takes notes, and marks up the replay files to send back for you to review. It is pretty shocking when you learn just how unoptimized you are in basically every situation. Moopy is also very good at identifying your most consistent leaks, some of which may not be so apparent. I highly recommend Moopy, the value is insane!

  3. Adam Smith (verified owner)

    Moopy kept saying thoughtful after thoughtful thing. It was a tour de force in insights into my game and what I should do to improve. Clearly very skilled in RL coaching.

    He’s also a nice guy and fun to work with.

    Thanks Moopy!

  4. moejkt (verified owner)

    Picture this; four years of rocket league and all I’ve had to show for it was Champ 1. S2 (16) comes around and I’m peaking, Champ 3 and on a Rocket League high. To try and supplement my growth I’ve tried to get coaching before and they were good sessions, with some decent results. However, Moopy, being the coach of The Peeps, is a different breed. I expected to get talked at for an hour, but he really pulls you in and gets you into conversation about your gameplay. You learn so much more when you start realising your mistakes rather than have them just be thrown at you. Moopy has a great sense of humour and is really easy to talk to, the hour flies by. He also makes detailed notes about your session and makes it easy for you to go back to each talking point and review it. As a coach, you can trust that he knows the mistakes you’re making, and can talk you through the different options in each scenario; really eye-opening.

    I had trouble with my decision-making and by the end of the session, Moopy had instilled confidence into me, and my abilities. I now feel readier than ever to take my next steps in my ranked journey, and I hope to come back to him again in the future to see my progress. You absolutely will not regret booking in an hour or two with this legend!

  5. maniac1397 (verified owner)

    I just had my very first session and decided to go with Moopy. Let me tell you right now, for those of you who don’t book a session with him, you have no idea what you’re missing out on.

    Forget the price, the knowledge you’ll get from him is worth way more than that, no matter what your current rank is.

    I’ve only booked for a 1 hour session, but even in that small amount of time, I learned so much more than I initially thought I would. I’ll definitely go for a more lengthy session next time, when the time comes.

    Moopy is very easy to talk with, he genuinely cares about your own opinion while doing those reviews so don’t be shy to jump in the conversation and throw your own thoughts on certain scenarios. He will talk about them with you and explain what decisions are the best according to the situation.

    He has a very good game sense so he knows exactly what you should do in order to get to that next level. You really can’t go wrong with a guy that coaches the best players in the world.
    He finds tiny little mistakes in your game that may not seem like huge things at first, but can really affect the outcome of a game in the long run.

    I would definitely recommend Moopy if you’re looking for feedback to improve your game. Whether you’re Gold, in the Champs/GCs or even SSL, you’ll always have something to learn from Moopy.

    I’m confidently giving this review 5 stars and would rate it even higher if I could. Very amazing coach!!

  6. sylvanie.nguyen (verified owner)

    INCREDIBLE EXPERT, GENEROUS WITH HIS KNOWLEDGE & GENUINE GREAT COACH, with a great sense of humour to top it off! I asked for Moopy’s help to surprise my boyfriend on his bday and he was instrumental to put my elaborate plan in motion and gave him a phenomenal 2h experience: with his in depth review linked below. Spoiler alert, he’s been on a rocket league cloud 9 ever since. Thanks to his coach, he now has a much deeper understanding of what he needs to work on to pop off. I call it the Moopy Effect, but even my gameplay has greatly improved and I wasn’t even sitting in for the coaching session. The only thing left for me is to get my own coaching session with him, catch up and rise above! I know I’ll be in the best hands. THANK YOU!


  7. Trayten Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Had a great time with moopy! He knows a lot about the game and can really point out the this you are doing wrong. Learned a ton out of his session and gave great tips for my current rank. He should be one of the best for coaching and very pleased with what I got. Don’t be afraid to check him out it is worth it

  8. matthew.hayes1375 (verified owner)

    I was very interested in elevating my game and learning more on how to improve. Rocket League is a highly complex game with many dynamic scenarios and a large skill-cap ceiling. It’s difficult to know all the best practices and decision making, let alone apply it in a consistent, effective manner. I cannot understate the value of hiring a Rocket League coach and would recommend Moopy to anyone looking for coaching.
    Moopy plays at and coaches teams at the highest level of Rocket League and it translated into a comprehensive 1 on 1 coaching session for myself. Moopy confirmed mistakes in my game I was suspicious of but didn’t know how best to remedy, identified mistakes in my game I wasn’t aware of, acknowledged good parts of my game and why they were impactful, and provided easy to implement fixes to my game. All of Moopy’s feedback was constructive and well thought out. Moopy was patient and fielded all of my questions. Moopy made the coaching interactive and took extra time to explain his thought process and ensure I had complete understanding.

    I never once felt rushed or that Moopy’s advice was canned information. I hired Moopy as a Diamond III/Champy I in 3s and am confident his coaching will help structure my improvement in an efficient and effective manner. Moopy provided key decision making and mechanics to focus on to be effective at my current level. In addition, he provided tips on how to be prepared for higher level gameplay in order to help my growth and be ready for the next challenges in Rocket League. Today’s mistakes may go unpunished but that won’t be the case as you grow in your Rocket League journey.

    I highly recommend Moopy as a coach; this is an investment well spent. The return of investment will be even greater than you can perceive as his coaching will help your immediate game but more importantly your long-term growth. I look forward to practicing, applying Moopy’s coaching, and seeing how I improve over time. I’m eager to hire Moopy again as a coach once I’ve progressed further in Rocket League and need new advice to compete at and grow to even higher levels.

  9. danamosnik (verified owner)

    I am a platinum player and have been playing for a few months now and i felt stuck at this rank. With Moopys help I am now Diamond and ranking up fast. He gave a lot of little tips that changed my gameplay a lot for the better! After the session was over he gave me a document on everything I need to work on and how to work on them. I feel this helped me a lot and could help a lot of others.

  10. calebprowant (verified owner)

    As a platinum player this coaching session did not disappoint. Moopy was able to watch 2 of my replays and break down everything that was holding me back from reaching the higher ranks consistently. He even gave me a document that contained all the information that we discussed so that I could keep them in mind while working to improve. I loved how polite and enthusiastic he was. Moopy is also really down to earth and will also talk not just about rocket league. Coaching from Moopy is definitely worth the money.

  11. Garrett Hulsey (verified owner)

    I am currently a platinum player in both 2s and 3s, and I booked my first coaching session in Rocket League with Moopy. Since it was my first, I wanted to book a 2-hour session, and I was not disappointed. We played a couple games of unranked 2s, and he did not play like a GC and smack up the other team, but would put pressure on me to make the play to further see who I was as a player, which was great to see.

    We spent a lot of time reviewing the replays of the games we played, and I learned so much from watching him critique my every move. He had pointed out every decision I had made on the field, good and bad, and I realized how important viewing replays was, especially with an RLCS coach like Moopy telling you what you can do better to set yourself up for a successful play when you make a mistake, and will point out the good things you do and encourage you to keep doing it.

    Towards the end, he spent some extra time walking me through some things I should practice in free-play, along with training packs I should check out, and answered any questions I had. What gives this a 5-star review is the fact that he didn’t cut me off right at 2-hours, but spent some extra time to make sure I was satisfied, and that said a lot about who he is as a coach.

    If its your first time or 100th time, and you are looking for a Rocket League coach, I urge you to choose Moopy. I was nervous investing my money into my Rocket League play for the first time, and I was glad I chose Moopy, because I certainly felt like I got my moneys worth. Down the road, I will definitely be booking another session with Moopy, and I feel like I now have the tools to start progressing to Diamond and Champ. Thanks you, Moopy!

  12. Justin Richardson (verified owner)

    I’m a mid-thirties dad without a ton of free time to practice or grind. I’m in Gold 3 trying to break into Plat & needed some guidance on what my weak points were. Moopy quickly was able to point out my mistakes and exactly how I could improve on them. Incredible insight and a good dude. I recommend a 2 hour session!

  13. Kevin Fagan (verified owner)

    I am a 1650-1700 player. I am extremely happy that I booked a 2 hour session with Moopy. He is very intelligent and has a ton of game knowledge. He didn’t only call me out for my mistakes, but he helped me understand why I was making them and how I should have done differently on the field.

    My last coaching session with a different coach wasn’t the best. Moopy did an amazing job and I was very pleased with my session. Even after the 2 hours had concluded he took a couple extra minutes to go through a couple of training packs and to help I am 100% going to be booking another session within the next month or two with Moopy.

    If you are on the wall about booking a session with Moopy, don’t be. Go book it now! Definitely worth the time and money. Very friendly, funny, down to earth and wants you to succeed as much if not more than you do yourself. He is a great coach and a great person too. Thanks again Moopy! I really appreciate it!

  14. pk3mancave (verified owner)

    I randomly booked Moopy after reading a few of the prior reviews, and he proved why you read reviews before paying for something. I was very impressed with his willingness to slow the game down and teach a mid 30’s gamer how to improve without sounding too technical. I work a full time job, and he was willing to work around it for my two hour session. It’s only been a few weeks andI went from D2 Div 2 to Champ 1 already. Moopy will definitely get my money again soon.

  15. Bill Cleaver (verified owner)

    Listen, if you’re on the edge unsure whether or not to pull the trigger and invest in some rocket league training, do it and book Moopy. I have one subpar coaching experience in the past (from a different website) so I was a little reluctant to spend more money on coaching. I’m glad that I decided to take the risk because the difference and attention to detail that Moopy brings to the table was incredible. (I’m Champ 2 for reference, trying to make the push and reach GC eventually) Moopy was flexible with scheduling around my busy life schedule and during my two hour session, he was able to locate my mistakes and explain them in a way where you actually understand the mindset of why you should and shouldn’t do certain things. He doesn’t just deliver a series of generic training packs that he gives to every single client, but he tailors his expertise and knowledge based on each individual’s weaknesses. Why are you still reading this? Go book your session!

  16. dravery97.da (verified owner)

    Well worth the money super big brain lol, he made a lot of notes for me and pointed out a lot of bad habits I didn’t even know I had. Got a lot more information than I thought I would and will definitely be using him again in the future he was super professional and also laid back really helped with me being nervous at first. Thanks again Moopy!

  17. Olivier Bujold (verified owner)

    Really happy from that coaching session ! Haveing a professional coach helping you can’t be better and he prolly has the best insight in the game. Helped me to pinp point my mistakes and make sure I understand them. If you feel like you’re hitting a plateau or don’t know what you’re doing wrong, he’s the man.

    High plat – low Diamond, really excited to see where I’ll end up in a month with the document I’ll receive (things I should do to improve).

    Welcoming, helpful, fun dude and wanst you to succed as much as you want to ! I highly recommend getting him for a coaching session. Hey, he even took some minutes after the coaching session to show me more in freeplay, I appreciate it !

  18. Luis Mendez (verified owner)

    I’m a low grandchamp and booked a two hour session to help push myself to the next level. If you feel like you’re at a loss as to what you should improve, or what you should prioritize in your practice, definitely hire a coach. Moopy is one of the best Rocket League has to offer at the moment.

    We were able to schedule our session within days of the booking. In the two hour session we were able to cover an extensive amount of replay analysis, and he gave tons of pro-level insight into the positives and negatives in my decision making and technical ability. He even sent me a document after the session detailing all the main pain points and what I should be focusing on.

    Moopy is very down to earth and professional. I’m very excited to practice everything he noticed, and to book another session in a month.

  19. Lao (verified owner)

    I just had my first session with Moopy and I have nothing but praise for the man. He was concise and to the point about his critiques but the environment was very relaxed and casual. It went a long way to making it a welcoming and comfortable experience. Beyond that he had a lot of solid critiques that I wouldn’t have found on my own and he was always open to listening to what my thought process was during the play we were reviewing. He also provides a post session document along with the replays we went over with associated key frames which will definitely make going back on my own easy and worth while. I would most certainly recommend Moopy to others and I plan on doing a follow up session in a few weeks.

  20. Christopher Sickler (verified owner)

    Just got out of my first session with Moopy. 10/10. For reference, I’m an 1800 GC and reached out to Moopy for help to push to 2k as well as B+. Moopy was super profession and let me know ahead of our meeting that the timer does not start until we are both looking at the replay. He was super professional and even took notes that were tailored specifically to me. Moopy was super open to questions and also slowed down at times to make sure you understood everything he was telling you. Moopy has been the best coaching experience I’ve had, and I will definitely be booking another session in the future. If you are on the fence about Moopy or just getting a RL coach in general I promise you it’s worth it. I’m a mid GC pushing to be in the top and I still have so much to learn. Moopy pointed out things that would’ve taken me a while to find on my own so book a session ASAP!

  21. Adam Cooper (verified owner)

    I did a review with Moopy right after he coached The Peeps to a Dreamhack victory as a bubble team against the best teams in the world (it was nuts). I was plat 3 at the time. Using the tips I got from Moopy, I was able to reach Champ 2 (almost Champ 3) in about 10 months, while having very little time to play (I work full time). Moopy is an excellent coach and an even better dude. He is super flexible on time, and is a genuinely nice person with a lot of patience. He coaches the literal best players in the world, but he is able to take all of his game knowledge and easily relate it to low-level play. He will notice things about your gameplay that you would never notice in years. Moopy doesn’t have a lot of reviews here yet because he maybe isn’t as well-known as some of the other coaches (yet), but you should absolutely jump at the opportunity to do a review with him.. You’re getting a top-tier RLCS coach for much cheaper than a lot of the other options.

    Moopy and I did a 2 hour replay review of some 3v3 gameplay, and he pointed out exactly what I did right and wrong in every moment, with emphasis on the things that I repeatedly did wrong. He also pointed out some more subtle things with my teammates and the other team, which I definitely would not have noticed. Afterwards, he wrote up a document explaining all of the things I needed to practice, and what I needed to be more aware/conscious of. He also marked my replay files with keyframes, so I could go back over them myself and look at key moments.

    I’m super happy with my coaching session from Moopy, and I will definitely be booking another session in the near future to go over my 2v2 gameplay 🙂

  22. YcleptNano (verified owner)

    I am a Silver 3 looking to improve my gameplay , but not really knowing where I should prioritize. I booked a 1 hour session (I recommend 2 hours) and we went through my replays. He was in depth and showed me what I could have done vs what I did. The insight was extremely helpful as it opened my eyes to more options and strategies that I could use. I highly recommend not just for higher ranked players, but for the lower ranks as well. He provided a great starting point to improving on my gameplay and mechanics. 5/5

  23. Chandler Pace (verified owner)

    I was one of the first few people to book a session with Moopy on gamersdy. I booked 1 hour session of coaching( I would recommend 2 hours as 1 hour felt a like it wasn’t enough time). We did play a total of 3 games(no comms) to see how I play as solo queue, which is a really good thing to do as it shows how you adjust to your teammates without comms. During the 3 games we played, Moopy was holding back to see how I adjust to certain situations. He also wanted to let me know that its what you take out of the games and learn from them and not to let the loss get to you. I am a Grand Champion in ranked so we had queued Ranked instead of casual as long as I was okay with it. Which I was ,because I was wanting to do what Coach Moopy had planned. I wanted to take as much information in as possible so that way I could implement my struggles in my game play ASAP. We were only able to review 2 of the 3 games which was completely fine with me as across the 3 games I had some of the same struggles. Moopy helped me realize how to play smarter and to take your time when you know you’ve got it. Moopy is a great coach and as my rating goes its a 5/5 or 10/10 Would recommend! Moopy replied pretty quickly and we were able to get a set time and day for the session fairly quick as Moopy’s availability is pretty open! Very happy with this session and what I was able to take out of it!

  24. Trey Slaughter (verified owner)

    I was the first to buy a session with Moopy on this website, so I didn’t have any reviews to go off of. I took a chance with him and I’m glad I did. To start off, I bought the 2 hour session and the first day of coaching I could not get my mic to work on my computer and instead of Moopy just telling me to figure it out and let him know when I’m ready, he spent over an hour helping me locate the problem. We finally figured it out and he didn’t count any of that time during my paid time. As far as his coaching goes, I was very impressed. Moopy opened my eyes to so many mistakes I was making in the replays we watched together. He always gave me the better alternative to my decision and thoroughly explained the thought process behind why instead of just telling me to do this and that. Moopy has given me the tools to improve and now I just have to utilize them. I HIGHLY recommend using Moopy because I felt I received knowledge worth more than what he charges. He seems like a genuine, kind person and always had a positive attitude during our sessions. If you are looking to take the next step in your rocket league game, Moopy is an excellent first step.

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