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About me:
Hey there, I am Nick, an American Rocket League Coach coaching The Rejects, WondaMike Chronic HockE and formerly coaching Novus Aevi (Former Ellevens Esports roster) in the South American RLCS.

I have been coaching for around a year now at the RLCS Level with such highlights as winning a regional vs The Three Sins and upsetting SquishyMuffinz and the entire Cloud 9 roster in Johnnyboi_i’s Fusion Invitational. Overall, I have coached to over $30,000 of prize money as listed here ( My style is based around decision making and the ability to stay in the play and making the game as easy as possible for your teammates.

With permission, I record my sessions and offer an ability to reach out to me for future questions or concerns! I am a specialist in replay reviews as I spend roughly 2 hours of my day just reviewing pro gameplay per day along with scrimmages and tournaments taking up large parts of my day. I just love watching Rocket League!


  • Learning you as a person and a player, strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles (pre-session)
  • Replay review
  • Discussion between us. I want to know your opinions!
  • Training Packs to help work on the things I said
  • Tutorial Videos/Replays to watch to learn the habits of what I mentioned in the session
  • Recorded Video of our entire session/Notes of the session
  • Availability for future questions after our session




Coaching Experience

1500+ Hours

Team Players

3 Players

Playlist Strengths

2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard, Dropshot

Area focus



RLCS Grand Finalist

11 reviews for NickOnRL

  1. Devan Warner (verified owner)

    I can say that getting coached by Nick has improved my game immensely. He helped me find small mistakes in my game that I couldn’t even notice. Documents it thoroughly, so that I can call back to the sessions to refresh my memory. I wouldn’t reccomend anyone else that wants the best coach.

  2. Nafez Husseini (verified owner)

    Nick was a great coach; gave me a ton of thorough advice and did a fantastic job of helping me understand where I was making mistakes and how to correct them. His replay analysis is extremely thorough and helpful. Super cool guy.

  3. Rilee Stapleton (verified owner)

    Best coaching session I’ve had. I’ve done a ton of sessions but Nick’s advice was new and super helpful. Broke down who I was as a player and gave me tips on how to succeed at that role instead of telling me I need to completely change the way I play. As someone trying to get more into the competitive side of RL, this advice will help me tremendously. Highly, HIGHLY reccommend Nick if you need coaching.

  4. David Page (verified owner)

    Great coach, very chill and brought core things I needed to work on and the tools to work on them efficiently. Highly recommand.

  5. Clay Olsen (verified owner)


    Great coach, Nick was able to clearly explain methods to fix your mistakes. His method of analysing your decision making truly helps reveal errors in your game play. Overall Nick provided easy to understand and implement fixes for any situation.

  6. jvera.maturana (verified owner)

    Amazing coach. Super clear information, really nice guy also. I was really nervous but end up feeling super nice. Totally recommended! definitely gonna schedule another session

  7. Gabriel Puto (verified owner)

    Amazing coach. Breaks down in detail everything your doing wrong as a team decision wise, doesn’t waste his time talking about mechanics like most coaches do. Gave great advice on how a support, third man, and first man should play. We were a c3/gc1 team and immediately starting ranking up after the coaching session. I will 100% be back again when we need a refresher or rank up to a higher level.

  8. Brant Moore (verified owner)

    10/10 would recommend. He pointed out things I was doing wrong and told me how to correct them. He also pointed out things that I did well and told me why what I did was the right thing to do. On top of that he recorded the session for me to look back on and gave me notes on what I need to work on so that I could look over them as I play. He was friendly and had a nice sense of humor as well. I can not recommend him enough, if you are on the edge or debating your purchase then I say go for it.

  9. julesarocha (verified owner)

    Excellent coach. He reviewed a match I played, quickly pointed out the many mistakes I was making, pointed out the good plays, and gave great advice on how to improve. I will definitely be booking another session. Highly recommended.

  10. k_bullinger (verified owner)

    Nick was very helpful and professional. He pointed at many major and minuscule mistakes that i made and helped me fix them. I recommend him to any player wanting to get good from any rank!

  11. voltageplaysgames01 (verified owner)

    Nick was very professional and to the point. While he did point out mistakes he didn’t dwell on them and was also quick to comment on any good plays made. Highly recommended and will be ordering again.

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