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About me:
Hello, I’m OSM. I’ve been playing Rocket League since season 2 moving from PS4 to PC In late season 3. I have around 5000 hours across PS4 and PC! I’ve coached players all the way from bronze 1 up to Grand Champion! If you have the motivation to get better, you can get any rank.

I’ve always had a ton of motivation to get better and compete vs the top players in this game. From a challenger elite in season 3 (about gold 3 in newer ranks now) to #1 in 1s, if I can do it, you definitely can!

 I have a few tournament / showmatch successes & achievements during my career such as:
Being the only one to beat Fairy Peak! in a series in 2018. (Video way down below)

  • Winning rewind 3v3 tournaments
  • Top 1 in 1s
  • Top 10 in 2s
  • top 20 in 3s
  • Getting 2nd in Gfinity 3v3 whilst beating the team ‘Mout Gang’ in Gfinity which consists of Fairy Peak! Mout & Kaydop.
  • As well as some minor winnings!


  • I coach ALL regions
  • I coach ALL platforms
  • I also coach freestylers
  • I can coach depending on what exactly you want from the session (ex: If you only want to get better in defense, I will spend the entirety of the session dedicated to helping you in defense.
  • Replay analysis in my live coaching sessions usually take about 40-50 mins per replay, since replay analysis is the most important part of coaching, if you want everything else I include in my sessions, 2 hour sessions would be better. Or you can request me to do certain things for that 1 hour, but I wouldn’t recommend taking out replay analysis as its so important.

If there’s still something you’re wondering about with my coaching, make sure to message me about it! discord – Pulse OSM#7814


What we do in a normal live session:
At the start of the session I will ask you what you think your weaknesses and strengths are (this is important as I’ll correct or confirm this later in the session so you yourself have a better understanding of your playstyle!)

  • I’ll do a replay analysis to point out where you’re going wrong, what I think you should work on, this could be mechanics, rotation or positioning. I also show my own replay to help you understand the rotational and positional aspect of the game. (We can talk about every way possible to send me your games, whether that’d be sending the replay itself to me, or recording the replay and sending the recording to me!
  • We then go to either a casual match or private 1v1s, it all depends on what I feel you need to work on. 3 games, in the first, I give no advice, second game i give as much advice as possible, 3rd game i give no advice again. This will help you remember all the things you need to do in an ordinary game.
  • Throughout the session I will also ask you what you think you should’ve done on a certain play, and why you’d do that certain thing.
  • At the end of the session I will send you some videos/training packs/workshop maps if needed in your case. After the session feel free to message me if you need help/tips with anything, I’d be happy to help!
  • Customer requests: You could suggest something that we could do that isn’t covered here! All questions allowed, I’m open to your ideas and I’m happy to take custom requests from you!

Additional notes: If you’re a console player, you need to record a game you want me to analyze and upload it to YouTube where I can view it and analyze it in the session. Other than that there’s no limits for console sessions! If you’re a PC player, you need to send the replay file of the game you want me to analyze over to discord private messages.

If you order either 2 hour or 3 hour sessions, you have the option to split it up into either (for 2 hour sessions, 2 1 hour sessions, or 1 2 hour sessions) and for 3 hour sessions (3 1 hour sessions, 2 1 hour 30 minutes sessions) Please let me know which you want before setting up a time for the session. If you don’t ill assume you either want 2 1 hour sessions, or 2 1 hour 30 minutes sessions.


What we do in a freestyling live session:

There’s a few key points to freestyling, and I will help you with them all.

  • At the start, I will ask you some general questions that help me know more of what things you need to work on as a freestyler, and learning what mechanics you can do, and what mechanics are appropriate to learn.
  • I will help you get better at the mechanics you’re struggling with, and helping you build them up to a comfortable level.
  • We then go to practice talking points when freestyling. What to call out for your teammate when you’re freestyling.
  • Afterwards we go to practice passing, and how to do it correctly. You’ll be leaving the session feeling like the best passer in the freestyle community!
  • I’ll teach you the main positions you want to be around when freestyling. There’s multiple different situations and positions when freestyling in rocket league, and I’ll cover just about all of them!
  • We continue on with what you’ve learned, and we go freestyling together for 3-4 games, and helping build on-top of what you already learned.
  • I will help build a schedule for you to work with if asked for in the session, that will be fit for you and fit for helping you becoming the best freestyler possible, as fast as possible.
  • Customer Requests: As with ranked live sessions, you can suggest something we could do that isn’t covered here. I’m very open to your ideas, and I’m happy to do any certain requests!


If you have any questions about my coaching or anything really, feel free to message me on discord OSM#7814, or by Twitter .

Here’s a few notable videos you can watch from me:







Playlist Strengths

1v1 Duel, 3v3 Standard, Hoops

Coach Rank

Top 100

Hours Played




Session Duration

1 Hour, 2 Hours, 3 Hours

Coaching Experience

25 – 49 Hours

37 reviews for OSM

  1. Jamie Chan (verified owner)

    OSM was an amazing freestyle coach. He taught me many important tips and things that improved my plays and made my freestyles look flashy and GC level although I am only diamond. He was also very friendly and just an overall great coach and guy. Would definitely recommend for other people.

  2. ryan_1885 (verified owner)

    I ordered a 2 hour session which got broken up into 2x 1 hour sessions. First 1 hour was fine and OSM did a good job in helping with various issues but the main reason this review only gets 2 stars is because I have tried numerous times to organize the 2nd session and I never hear back and have become tired of trying to chase him down.

    In the end I gave him an exact time/date after he asked me to do so for the 2nd lesson and he has not replied nor shown up- very disappointing.

    Seems like I am very low priority for him and am not going to bother with the second hour but instead go to someone else. Good coach but I would advise against splitting 2 or 3 hour sessions into multiple lessons as it is just too hard to get hold of him.

  3. MFkillshot (verified owner)

    OSM was a great coach for me. He overall was able to point out my flaws really quick, then adjusting to the best and most efficient way for me to improve on those things. I really learned alot when it comes to mindset, this goes for in ranked games aswell as in certain training packs. He gave me a way more confident feeling on how to learn and get better at the game, instead of focussing on too many/the wrong things. I definently recommend a session, he takes all the time in the world. He won’t just cut of the session at the time limit, he’ll stop whenever he feels like he learned you what you want to learn. Definently a great, cool, down to earth guy who’s great at rocket league, but also really patient when it comes to coaching. All love <3

  4. nico.hoff89 (verified owner)

    Great experience, he provided a great session and was very attentive to my needs. He took time to review my replay and offered great advise on how to be better. We then played three games with one of his mates and continue help me during the games. 5 out of 5 stars for an overall great session. And I finally know how to do quick aerials! Thank you OSM

  5. jeffwvandam (verified owner)

    Really wonderful training session with OSM. His coaching and advice was very helpful. He gave us good advice on mechanics, different techniques, and strategy. OSM was very friendly and helpful and we had a lot of fun. Thank you and we look forward to scheduling more training. Well done.

  6. janidebruyne (verified owner)

    i can recomend oms as coacs whe had som fun times togetter but al by al he knows what he is doing he ecplains ting in a good and undertanding way and he let you say what you tink what you are bad at and he wil fil the spots in or he say no that you doing good at orse he is tria ing to let you sie what you did rong at first than he wil ad what he tinks of it in a good way (ty osm for the great time)

  7. Cal 1 (verified owner)

    OSM is a really chill and down to earth guy, who is also a brilliant coach. He knows what he’s talking about and is able to explain everything in a way that’s easy to understand. As someone who already watched a lot of my own replays back he was able to point a lot of things that I hadn’t ever noticed before. He was able to point out the main areas that would be best for me to focus on at the moment and ways to improve them. Would 10/10 recommend OSM. I will definitely be looking at booking another session in the future.

  8. mahmoudfawzi88 (verified owner)

    OSM is very dedicated, knowledgeable and incredibly friendly.
    thanks to him, i now know how to focus more on my weaknesses. i never regretted teaming up with for these sessions.
    highly recommended

  9. dmacpro91 (verified owner)

    Really down to earth dude with tons of Rocket League knowledge. Very helpful in pointing out weak areas and offering ideas on things to focus on in training. He went above and beyond what I expected out of the training session. Definitely recommend.

  10. a99667890 (verified owner)

    Fantastic coach and player, I couldn’t be happier with my decision to be OSMs student. He showed me where my weaknesses are (which i admit can be a difficult thing to hear, but something one needs to hear nonetheless if one wants to improve). He showed me ways to improve, from mechanics to positioning to decision making and broke everything down in a way i could easily understand. Hes super down to earth and really cool to talk with, you won’t regret getting a session for yourself. Hes good at teaching any rank as he knows what you should be working on and what you’ll face in your games. Thanks OSM <3

  11. harryrburdick (verified owner)

    Man this guy, hes something else.For reference I’m a hardstuck C3, grinding and trying my best to reach GC (or at the very least be capable of reaching GC and keeping that rank throughout seasons to come) and for me to come to a coaching site and ask for help from a pro is a bit demeaning, especially for my competitive ego, but i gave in and decided to fork up the money to find someone that could help me finally reach that goal. In doing so i found that OSM does coaching, honestly being a fan of him and watching his videos i never came to the realization that he even did coaching. So moving forward i went ahead and bought a couple sessions. Now for the review portion, OSM is a great teacher and explains things in an easy to understand fashion that makes you wonder, “why the hell did i not see that before”. When sitting down with him and reviewing replays on games that i had lost and games that i had won it quickly dawned on me while he was explaining all the subtleties, that theres a lot more to Rocket League than i first considered when playing all this time. He brought so many things to the table for me to practice and re-learn, its great honestly, it feels like im re-learning Rocket League all over again. As for the second session, I got a few more replays together and came back to him asking if i had improved and what else i needed to work on. He gave me EVEN MORE feedback on issues that hadn’t previously shown themselves. Throughout both sessions OSM was quick to catch details that i wouldn’t had seen had i watched the replays on my own, which is great. He took his time explaining the different options i had in each play, and introduced me to subtle mechanics that i could use in those scenarios too. Overall in my opinion, if you’re someone who really wants to improve in Rocket League and need a good coach, OSM has a lot to offer to you regardless of your rank.

  12. raggedmane (verified owner)

    OSM responded to my negative review with aplomb and gentility, and went on to provide excellent advice and resources on what I could improve on. His accountability and articulation have more than made up for what I felt was lacking during the session, and I would readily recommend his services.

    Ill-prepared. This is not to speak ill of OSM as a person or player, but as a coach:

    I found the session wanting. The replay analysis went dandy, and I learned a great deal. The 1 on 1 however was a bit of a disaster. It quickly became apparent that I was incapable of doing a simple bounce dribble (I admit that my d2 rank could stand as proof that RL’s rank system is broken). However, rather than dial things back to the appropriate noob instruction level, OSM immediately became annoyed at my incompetence (which if this site isn’t a place to hire professionals to improve one’s incompetence then ‘what’s the bloody point’ I ask you!) and the session devolved into vagaries and indecisiveness on both our parts. Unsure of where to go to go next I resorted to mumbling incoherent niceties while OSM exuded an incredulity baffled and disconcerted me.

    All this is to say that if you’re looking to improve, and know the ways in which you want to improve, OSM is your man. However, if you’re not sure what your weaknesses are, OSM is hardly the lad for the job, since his complete bafflement at your incapability stymies the possibility of improving during the session.

    The curse of his own knowledge haunts this chap to the degree that he appeared (at least in my session, as I can only speak for myself) incapable of believing the degree of my ineptitude, ergo he was entirely devoid of constructive criticism in regards to the modus of my improvement.

    I am aware that I stand against the tide of positive reviews on OSM as coach, but I demand a fair counting of affairs and for $50 an hour I expected, no, bloody demand, at the very least a modicum of mature, adjust-ability to maximize the experience.

    OSM was a communicative, honest fellow, and I wish nothing here to mar his reputation as a gentleman. However, I would be remiss to omit or alter my judgement of the goods delivered by the promised price.

  13. Xzdus (verified owner)

    I have had three coaching sessions with OSM, and I have yet to regret my desicion in choosing him as a coach. He is a super chill, easy going, and down to earth guy. On top of that, he is an amazing coach. OSM is always persistent about identifying a goal at the beginning of the session. He then teaches/shows you the tools, tips, and information you need to acheive your goal. I deffinetly recommend OSM’s coaching session to anyone looking for a great 1 on 1 experience.

  14. cgreco16 (verified owner)

    Great coach, I addressed some problems with him that I’d been having for awhile and he put me on the right path to becoming better whether it was through watching replays, playing online twos, or even doing 1v1s. Would definitely recommend.

  15. kokic.emin (verified owner)

    He told me all my mistakes where should improve. Answered all my question without any problem. Definitly pay for this guy in future

  16. luisipad98 (verified owner)

    Honestly super chill guy and really good teacher, focused on what I needed to improve for longer than I even paid for to make sure I was getting it. 100% recommend doing a few sessions with him, as a c3 myself I took in a lot of advice to better my game!

  17. jtdg423 (verified owner)

    Loved meeting OSM and he is very accommodating and extremely cool. Definitely learned a lot of things about how I play and am very excited to try these new things out! OSM definitely recommended

  18. Omglazer (verified owner)

    It is very easy to know when a teacher truly cares about the people they teach, and OSM is absolutely one of them. He answered every single question I had, illuminated the flaws in my play, and has set me confidently on the path to Grand Champ. 10/10 would bin bang again!

  19. thenegativeway (verified owner)

    It was great fun with OSM as a Teacher. He is patient,chill, and hypes with you after a small sucess. Think about a second lesson just to play with this funny guy 🙂 5/5

  20. stuart.rochard17 (verified owner)

    OSM really helped me by pointing out the mistakes I couldn’t see, his methods of training are very efficient and his replay analysis’ are very detailed ! This is the second time I hired him for coaching, I highly recommend him to anyone.

  21. Kong (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic coach. He really helped me to understand exactly what I was doing wrong and then showed me and explained to me what I could do better and how it would affect my level of play. 5/5 would recommend.

  22. LUNZEN (verified owner)

    To be honest, when I first ordered the session, I didn’t know what to expect. If you yourself don’t know if the coaching would benefit you in any way, I’d suggest you to just do it. OSM is an awesome coach, and he’ll make sure you improve your gameplay. You can really tell how dedicated he is to get you better because he won’t stop until you’re satisfied. If you have any questions, OSM will answer them, if you have any mechanic to learn, OSM will teach it to you. And even though I’m playing on keyboard an mouse myself, OSM was able to give me advice in this regard. Therefore I can only recommend him to all of you and I’ll probably get another session in the future myself. 😀

  23. DespairCobra (verified owner)

    OSM goes in depth on what you need to do in each situation, he leaves you feeling satisfied with the session will highly recommend to anyone who is high gc rank or low rank.

  24. stirnemann.daniel (verified owner)

    OSM is a young talented Player and Coach. Even he’s young, he’s coaching like an Adult and very professional. He wrote the things which i’ve to work on down and sends you at the end the Package back over Discord. He cares about you to getting better at this Game. His points on which he coached me are on Point. I can say that because im also GC and totally agree with his explanations! Getting him again when i need more help.

  25. rsayers (verified owner)

    Just finished a session with OSM to work on my 1s game. He pointed out many things I wasn’t aware I was doing wrong in my decision making, and helped me with some mechanics as well. Even as a low ranked player he gave me tons of great suggestions that I can easily do with my limited mechanics. Highly recommended!

  26. mfortuna9580 (verified owner)

    Amazing coach! Offered lots of tips and helped a lot. Showed passion to what he went over very good coach

  27. connorj321 (verified owner)

    Amazing coach, and a very nice guy. OSM did an awesome job breaking down my gameplay and explaining what I shouldn’t or should have done. Also, OSM was extremley easy to talk to and get along with. If you are looking for a coach that knows their stuff, knows how to actually teach you in a successful way, and makes the entire session a lot of fun I 100% recommend OSM.

  28. boost4dave (verified owner)

    Great session, worth ever penny. OSM is patient and articulate, ensuring that you understand every suggestion or critique before moving on to the next one. He makes note of opportunities for improvement, whether they’re large or small, but then focuses on the changes that can make the biggest impact in your play. I walked away from this experience feeling optimistic and ready to improve. Can’t wait to implement OSM’s suggestions and see where they take me! Wish I could give more than 5 stars, will absolutely look to OSM for additional coaching needs in the future!

  29. zanenelson430 (verified owner)

    OSM is an awesome coach. Just had a great session with him and learned a lot. He showed me what I was doing wrong and what to do to fix it. Very knowledgeable of the game. I will definitely order another session in the future.

  30. dinowhos (verified owner)

    The experience he got playing the best 1v1 Players in the world is Priceless. really a nice guy Definitely recommend.

  31. stuart.rochard17 (verified owner)

    I would recommend OSM to anyone looking to get better in 1v1 or 2v2 . He was able to spot everything in my gameplay and provided a well structured explaination o every action. If you’re thinking of getting a coach, definitely consider OSM !

  32. FlankingLemon (verified owner)

    OSM is by far the best coach I’ve ever had. He was really nice and down to earth. The amount of game knowledge he was able to articulate, in a way that was easily digestable, was just mindblowing. I highly recommend him and I would definitely want him to coach me again sometime!

  33. edgarm7623 (verified owner)

    OSM is an amazing player and teacher. Highly recommended Rocket League coach. We played some games went over some of my game play and i even went against one of his other students! Five stars plus.


  34. muchwanopaul (verified owner)

    One of the best time I had playing rocket league taught me a lot including how to rotate better better mechanics and everything in between he’s a great coach and I would recommend him can’t wait to get another session soon

  35. madredmc (verified owner)

    Great coaching session. OSM took his time to understand my needs and did a great job explaining what I should improve on. We made custom exercises and he’s pretty open to questions and he made a custom training pack for me which is pretty nice. Now my job is to keep his advice in mind !
    Definitely recommend.

  36. DaLittleMonsta (verified owner)

    I wanted to get better in 1s, and when I saw that OSM offered coaching, I immediately bought it. OSM first analyzed a replay of mine and said what I could’ve done better, then he 1v1’nd me and analyzed my playstyle even more. After that he helped me improve my mechanics and taught me new ones. Overall it was really good and fun. And if I ever get stuck again after this, I would buy it again.

  37. nick.christiana (verified owner)

    OSM is a fantastic coach, I highly recommend him to anyone looking to get better and to look at rocket league as its more than just a ball and cars. He will inform you on everything he could see you doing better in and go into even more detail on how to fix it, even as little as turning around!

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After you book, the coach will be in touch over email or Discord chat to discuss dates and times for your session.

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