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About me:
I am an ex-Professional Rocket league player for the season 1 world champion iBuyPower Cosmic, and G2 esports. During this time I spent roughly 3,000 hours in Top 100 ranked games, scrims, tournaments, replay reviews and vod reviews. After taking a step back from playing I coached the pro-OCE team JAM as well as offering private coaching sessions in my discord. I’ve now been coaching on gamersrdy for over 6 months and have fulfilled hundreds of coaching sessions. Ive also appeared on the RLCS broadcast as an analyst

I have always had a passion for teaching, and I have thoroughly enjoyed fulfilling it by helping people learn the little ins and outs of rocket league. Whether that’s through rotation, mechanics, mindset, or game sense, I love helping people solve a problem they’ve been struggling with.

Coaching Philosophy:

I’m not going to sit in replays with you for 50 minutes and point out / break down mistakes from a single game; that’s not a good use of anyone’s time or money. Instead I will point out mistakes in respect to what pattern they form and what mindset change you can make to essentially teach and train yourself. I don’t want people to have to come back for bi-weekly sessions, I want to teach you the general principles behind rocket league, how to practice efficiently w/ freeplay and how to apply a proper mindset to all situations. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, please keep reading.

What a session looks like:

(Things in parenthesis are things to do if you want the most out of your session)

  1. We’ll talk over Discord DM’s about scheduling and that’s how we’ll exchange replays as well.
  2. I will have you send me 2 replays of your desired game mode. (Replays of close losses are best)
  3. During our session, we will be in a discord call and I will screen share and use an on-screen pen to draw over your replays to clearly convey my thoughts and explain situations and how they apply to the patterns ill be outlining.
  4. After the replays, I’ll summarize the trends I’ve noticed, then use screen share and show you the most effective way to use free play in order to improve both your mechanics and decision making.
  5. At the end of the hour I’ll write out the things I’ve noticed in summarized notes in discord as well as giving you a recommended schedule to use and what to focus on to improve as quickly as possible.

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Playlist Strengths

1v1 Duel, 2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard, Dropshot, Hoops

Coach Rank

Top 100


RLCS World Champion

Coaching Experience

200 – 999 Hours

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Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, Xbox

Your Rank

Supersonic Legend, Grand Champion, Champion, Diamond, Platinum

41 reviews for Over Zero

  1. fabian (verified owner)

    Amazing. So glad I did the sessions with Over Zero. This man knows what he’s talking about (obviously) and does an unbelievable job of breaking it down in a digestible way. I knew that there was an issue with my mentality and the way that I approached practice/play, and I’d consumed all the free content I could find on the topic to see what made pros so good at getting good, but it wasn’t until I hopped into discord with Over Zero that any of it clicked at all. The tips he gave me on how to approach practicing and improving were invaluable and I saw an immediate benefit to my play and mentality. If you’re feeling stuck and don’t know why you can’t get better fast anymore, just get a session with him, you will not regret it.

  2. CoalWorker (verified owner)

    Was stuck in Champ 2 for the longest time and felt like I needed a critical outside view of what I’m doing from someone who knows what they’re talking about. I’m happy to say in just a few days of implementing what was taught to me, I have already broken out and am now reaching Champ 3, I’m excited to see if I can reach GC now. I only did a 1 hour session but will gladly purchase another if I start to plateau cause I know 0ver Zer0 can get me out of the rut 🙂

  3. Harrison Stumphy (verified owner)

    I am glad that I choose Over Zero to do my first coaching session for Rocket League. I have over 4k hours in the game and I found myself learning new things that I had never truly grasped or thought to do. I enjoyed listening to everything that Over Zero had to say and feel he is a great person to learn from given his knowledge and expertise about the game.

  4. Ryan Leonhard (verified owner)

    So glad I decided to get a session with Over Zero. Super nice guy and you can tell he takes his coaching seriously. He completely changed the way I see the game in a good way. Very helpful! Can’t say enough how awesome it was. I am seeing instant results and am really excited to see how I can apply what I learned more! Trust me, he’s totally worth it!

  5. Dylan Thomasen (verified owner)

    If you are any rank or struggling in anyway in the game, then get a session from OverZero. His understanding of rotation and ability to optimize your training is insane. I know for a fact that if I make it to RLCS, it will be because of him. Thanks again for the session

  6. Jason Rosiek (verified owner)

    Really nice and easy to talk too, pointed out a lot of flaws and gave me ways to correct them on spot. Definitely worth every penny.

  7. Jason Clark (verified owner)

    10/10 from this guy ! So intelligent and helped me so much! Also super down to earth ! Helped me get 1900 in 3s consistently and gave me tips I can use forever !

  8. Jacob Waters (verified owner)

    This man is by far the best coach that I have hired. Being around 1750s in normal 3v3, I felt like I might not have much more to learn from anybody. 0verzero definitely put that to bed quickly. By sharing his knowledge of the game with me, I now see the game from a different perspective altogether. He made me feel confident in my ability to learn again, and gave me the tools to improve myself (in just one hour by the way). If you on the fence about buying a session with him, go ahead and get over it. I PROMISE YOU that you WILL learn something valuable, no matter what skill level you are. Thank you 0verzero! 😀

  9. Zacharie Bourgeois (verified owner)

    First off the guy is a absolute beauty, really explains on how to become better and make good decisions faster. I highly recommend hiring him, he played with pros and knows alot about the game. Thanks again man!!

  10. Michael Reith (verified owner)

    100% worth every penny. Sitting down and having a 1 on 1 with someone that enjoys what he does and has a wealth of knowledge was a blast! I would recommend for any level of player to come see Over Zero.

  11. luke.allen99 (verified owner)

    Fantastic coach!

  12. Ethan Call (verified owner)

    Over Zero Truly sets the coaching bar high. He has an excellent way of explaining things. If you’re a serious rocket league player looking to improve it is worth taking lessons with him. In less than half a season of taking his advice seriously I went from plat one to diamond. 10/10 would recommend to any player at any level.

  13. reedderosier (verified owner)

    Over Zero is very friendly and easy to get along with. His coaching is great and puts a different mindset that makes complete sense. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for coaching.

  14. Brandon DeLeonardo (verified owner)

    When I chose to get coaching, I clearly knew that there were things I needed to get better at. Even then I learned many things that I was completely oblivious to that were crucial to why I was failing to see constant improvements in my game. Its been over a month since my session and I feel like an entirely different player and have reached Champ in both 2s and 3s for the first time in my life. 10/10

  15. Yater Isaac (verified owner)

    Zero is Dope!
    Your making a mistake if you pick someone else.

  16. Chris Baeza (verified owner)

    I read the reviews for Over Zero and was sold immediately. I really liked the idea of him breaking down my mindset and how I approach plays mentally, not mechanically. During the session there were so many times where I just had a giant smile on my face because in my 2000 hours I had never thought about the game in the ways he was teaching me. So many thought processes that I immediately noticed changed my game, and how I look at the game for the better. He has a great way of teaching and connecting with the student as well. Never did I feel like I wasn’t getting my question answered. He was super cool about letting me ask all sorts of questions and he always had an answer to help me out. It was cool hearing the perspective of someone who has played with and is one of the bests. He even showed me the right way to do training and I have immediately noticed how much faster and smarter I am playing the game. I 100% recommend you choose Over Zero for a coaching session. I immediately went and recommended him to all my friends as well!

  17. Nico Fischer (verified owner)

    I had high expectations going into my hour with Over Zero. He blew me away and my took my understanding of the game apart. He gave me an excellent framework to view the game with fresh eyes and a new perspective. Which, is exactly what I needed to become a self-sufficient improver with the insight provided. Could not recommend him enough to anyone for with a love for this game!
    +Great speaker, he used my terms and language for better conveying his thoughts to me
    +Extremely friendly and easy to talk with also about the rocket league community in general
    Overall could not have been better.

  18. E (verified owner)

    If I had to sum up my experience with Over Zero in one word, it would be “phenomenal”. Over Zero took coaching to a completely different level.

    Instead of focusing on the solely replay like many other coaches, he gives tips and different ways to practice outside of ranked for specific situations.

    The best way that I learn when someone is coaching is just being flat out honest. On the first session I wanted to have a solid game on my end. Then during our first session we told me no matter what I did or how bad I messed up. He wanted to see those mistakes more than the actual replay itself.

    I cannot think of a better coach to get. Definitely worth every single penny I spent.

  19. zacfred13 (verified owner)

    definitely a unique and perspective shifting experience .I can’t stress enough how much my view has changed on rocket league

  20. michaelkohronas (verified owner)

    0verZer0 is the goat. He was extremely nice. He gave me great tips and really changed how I view the game. I was not the easiest client. I made 0verZer0 wait 2 months before my second session. The second session was 100% worth it. It put everything I learned together and solidified everything more. I have returned to GC and I am playing great. Thank you 0verZer0.

  21. camaxa234 (verified owner)

    Really Nice and friendly guy, Gave me some amazing insight on what I need to work on. Would highly highly recommend him as a coach!

  22. nathan.r.babcock (verified owner)

    I hit GC for the first time roughly 2 months after my coaching sesh with Over Zero (after feeling hardstuck for what felt like forever, but in reality was probably 2-3 seasons).

    He’s very relaxed and gets straight to the point. Considering he’s one of the top couple hundred names to ever play this game, and a literal world champion, the experience of speaking with him and getting his insights firsthand is well worth it for anyone who considers themselves serious about Rocket League.

    Especially at such a ridiculously low pricepoint…next time you’re going to spend $40 on a night out, stay home and hang out with Over Zero for an hour instead. You won’t regret it.

  23. Landen Petersen (verified owner)

    This was my first coaching session ever for Rocket League. Seeing his play in the first RLCS made me want to learn from him as a mentor and champion. His coaching style is very enthusiastic and encouraging. The price is more than reasonable, and I would recommend doing more with him. You get a lot of out of it and will improve drastically in your RL future.

  24. Michael Hutton (verified owner)

    Went into depth about the importance of rotation in rocket league. Since I base my playstyle on it, it was great to know that I have so much room for growth. He gave me some pointers in training that will help me a lot and just overall a great guy to have as a coach. Highly recommend

  25. cerinex (verified owner)

    The coaching session was superb. I honestly did not have high expectations before the session due to prior experiences. With that being said Over Zero really blew it out of the water. He is the best coach you could ask for and 40 USD for a one hour session with this amazing coach/player is such a great offer. He really showed me and taught me some things I never had thought of before. If you are stuck in a rut, or just feel like you do not know how to go from where you currently are I’d recommend hiring him. You won’t be disappointed.

  26. baylor.linn98 (verified owner)

    The coaching session was great. It’s absolutely worth it because he goes into detail about things you aren’t really able to learn through youtube videos. He does a great job illustrating and explaining what you need to do better and ways to change your mindset of how to play the game. Can’t wait to put what he taught me into practice, and I plan on getting another session after I try out the tips he gave me.

    He’s also a chill dude which makes the session that much better.

  27. Benjamin Flanaghan (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed my coaching session.
    Overzero’s points are explained well and led to immediate changes in my game as well as a better understanding of some of my strong and weak points.

    I am a better player for this coaching session well worth the time and money.

  28. mash13229 (verified owner)

    Very cool guy, because of the time difference I had a hard time making our timing work but when I gave him a time he accepted. We just finished a 1 hour session, he gave me some good advice and insight that I feel will help my game. Has good tips about free play to help me improve mechanics and game sense. He also analyzed both my replays and showed me after every action what I “should’ve” done. Overall 10/10 great experience and cool dude. I will definitely come back for more coaching with him.

  29. JoshHyperr (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved it. He helped me use free play correctly and gave me a ton of tips on how to make myself use it better. Replay analysis was great, doesn’t call out your mistakes and points out areas or work. Hugely helped me improve my gameplay and I am definitely going to book another if not more sessions. 20/10 would recommend

  30. nickhennessey3 (verified owner)

    0ver Zer0 is, as mentioned by others in reviews, a very chill and laid back guy. You don’t feel pressured or judged in any way which really helps in being able to absorb what he is saying. Overall he has helped me to jump from champ 1 to champ 3 (in 3s), and in doing so, gave me a different way of playing the game. Before I had no idea “why” I was supposed to make certain decisions, or what mentality I should have when approaching certain situations. Now having that information, I feel much more confident that the decisions I make are better ones for myself and my team. Along with that, 0ver Zer0 gives you specific tips and drills catered to YOU, rather than just giving you a bunch of training packs. Training packs have their place for sure, but his more personalized approach was just what I needed. I have already jumped in rank and believe I will continue to do so thanks to him, so big poggers :D. 10/10 – Varitek.

  31. Justin Lopez (verified owner)

    I appreciate all the time he took with me and learned a lot in such little time. I will be peaking in my mmr now because of him, 10/10 coach

  32. Jared Fairey (verified owner)

    As a person 0ver Zer0 is very chill and easy to work with. At one point I missed one of our sessions and according to website rules a coach has the right to count it as a session anyway but he was very cool about it and let me do it the next day. He deserves five stars alone based on how easy he was to work with. And then there’s the coaching. I honestly went into this expecting a coach to analyze and break down every little thing I did in my replays and was a little concerned I would be overwhelmed. But his approach to coaching is a little different than that. He still breaks down your replays and explains how to fix any major mistakes or bad patterns, but the bigger aspect of our sessions was explaining mentality and the best way to train to reach a higher level of play. And I could definitely notice a major improvement in both my rank and my freeplay practice. If I had only one complaint, it would be that 0ver Zer0 is too good at the game. And he’s nuts, usually hitting multiple highlight goals every game. Getting replays for the session was difficult because opponents would always leave because we would almost always win by like 9 goals. But it didn’t take away from the overall experience. I would definitely recommend 0ver Zer0 to anyone!

  33. michaelcaivano1997 (verified owner)

    I was stunned by how well this coaching session went. Zero is extremely insightful and knows exactly how to make you start playing like a pro. Replay review is the perfect length and he does not nitpick at obvious mistakes. Instead, he attempts to shift your mindset into becoming a better player. The advice he gives on how to train in freeplay is very useful and i can already feel my mechanics and speed improving. I would absolutely recommend this coach

  34. Kendrick Marcum (verified owner)

    Was able to diagnose my problem almost instantly and came up with many different ways to improve specific for my playstyle and my weaknesses. definitely recommend getting as many hours as you can. i only bought an hour but if i had the extra money i would’ve for sure bought more 🙂

  35. Leo Christiansen (verified owner)

    Zero is an absolute legend. Hands down one of the best coaches out there. If you have questions about anything pertaining to Rocket League he knows the answer and can explain it perfectly. If you are having any problems and want to improve, Zero is the best choice.

  36. DespairCobra (verified owner)

    Answered all my questions in a helpful and insightful manner. Incredibly knowledgeable on all things rl. If you want to improve, Over Zero is your guy.

  37. colthansen27 (verified owner)

    Answered all my questions in a helpful and insightful manner. Incredibly knowledgeable on all things rl. If you want to improve, Over Zero is your guy.

  38. masongarza01 (verified owner)

    Extremely knowledgeable at the game. Immediately spotted the issues I had and gave me pointers to fix them. Also leaves you with a list on what you can do to improve. Definitely will be booking another session with Over Zer0!

  39. MattMcD374 (verified owner)

    He is extremely knowledgeable and is a fantastic teacher! Thoroughly covered my mistakes in game and showed me how to practice in order to fix them 10/10 would recommend

  40. gage moreno (verified owner)

    definitely 5 stars, over zero really took the time to help me in the areas that I struggle with, giving me tips and things I can do on my own time, really enjoyed the coaching session, definitely gonna book another one

  41. Chason Gage Rideout (verified owner)

    5 stars Over Zero works with everything listed and will work on anything you ask for! Tons of knowledge and experience! Constantly gives advice and answers questions! Types out notes of advice for you to look over and remember!

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