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1v1 coaching:

About Me:
I am an experienced coach averaging 5 stars from every single one my previous coaching lessons.

  • I’ve coached PC, PS4, XBOX, Switch, even people on GeForce Now with great success.
  • Most commonly I get students from the US, Germany and the rest of Europe.
  • I’ve coached teams from Gold up to GrandChampion and Top-100. In standard 3v3 and 2v2.
  • I’ve had experience with every different type of player and I can help everyone grow individually but also, the team as a whole.
  • I also managed a couple of teams for myself, or for friends with great success, usually sweeping 1st and 2nd place in every LAN or Online Tournament we can attend in Greece.

I spent the last year and a half analyzing rocket league and testing my methods so that you won’t have too.

How a session will work:

  • I try to keep all my sessions close to 60min. If there’s more I want to show you or if there’s not enough for you to train on until our next session, the lesson might last a bit more. So let me know if you have extra time beforehand.
  • Most often we’ll go over footage of your gameplay, discuss and comment on what we can change to do better.
  • Focusing on areas where your game can be improved as easily and effortlessly as possible.
  • I always give 100% to make the lesson worth your time, but also fun, while helping you feel comfortable and excited for what’s to come.
  • I let you enjoy the lesson stress free as I set up the best course of action for you; including training packs and training drills.
  • I will respect your time but I expect you to do so as well.
  • I am all about honesty and transparency so these are my stats and here are some past reviews from people like you.


  • 1h: Going over the basics .
  • 2h: In depth analysis  for every player and enough “homework” for at least 5-10 days. Especially helpful for teams of 3-4 people.
  • 3h: 3 hours split into 2 sessions based on the needs of the team. Follow up session especially worth it to keep improving!
  • 6h: 6 hours split into 3 sessions. Specifically designed to make each player as complete as possible. Ideally, sessions are to be distributed over the period of 1 month.

You can get an idea of how I explain simple mechanics from my cringy intro video:



English, Greek


Europe, US-East

Playlist Strengths

2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard, Dropshot, Hoops, Rumble, Snow Day

Coach Rank

Top 100, Grand Champion


Grand Champion

Hours Played





PS4 Controller

Your Rank

Grand Champion, Champion, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze / Unranked

Coaching Experience

200 – 999 Hours

1 review for Psema

  1. Aubrey Stodghill (verified owner)

    Rocket League seems like a very simple game. You drive a car into a ball. It’s the details of this action that make or break your experience and your level of play. Psema is all about details. Our first session, we spent 45 minutes on the first 6 seconds of a replay. I don’t say that in a negative way, I got more compressed information about the game and my mechanics in that 45 minutes than I have in any month of game play I’ve had since the game launched. In addition to details, Psema is enjoyable to talk to and be with. He may be telling me in excruciating detail how many ways I messed up a play or a mechanic, but I genuinely enjoy it because he makes sure to present it in an educational and entertaining way. I am a better player today than I was before the coaching sessions. DO NOT pass up an opportunity to gain insight on the game from Psema. He is a true master of his craft.

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Team Coach Availability:

Monday 10:00pm – 11:00pm
Tuesday 10:00pm – 11:00pm
Wednesday 10:00pm – 11:00pm
Thursday 10:00pm – 11:00pm
Saturday – 
Sunday 5:00pm – 1:00am

Timezone:  GMT+2

Have a question?

If you want to have a chat before placing an order just message me on Discord: psema#1158 . Note that this is my general availability and is subject to tweaks.


If you are a 3v3 team and your team has a sub you can select 4 players (for the same price) just to let me know.




Once you place your order the coach will contact you within 48 hours by email or Discord to finalize your session details with you and your team.