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About me:
I’m a Brazilian professional keyboard and mouse player for NobleGG (ex Lotus and Avidity) on South America. I started playing Rocket League a month after it came out and got really addicted since then with around 5.000 hours overall, since the beginning of the competitive scene on Brazil years ago, I have spent over 4.000 hours scrimming, watching replays, playing high level top 100 ranked matches and tournaments.

For almost 4 years competing, I have won:

  • 20 ESL Weeklys
  • 6 ESL Monthly
  • ESL BPLs
  • RLCS S7 Grand Series SAM
  • Dreamhack Montreal SAM Qualifier
  • Spring Series SAM
  • RLCS X Weekly SA events

These are among many others and there goes a list of over 40 online tournaments won, 2 SA (Rocket Street Champions, ESL BPL ) and 2 worldwide LANs (RLCS Season 7, Dreamhack Montreal) hopefully with more to come with this next season of RLCS, and the Olympics coming soon.

Coaching Experience:

My strengths are focused around helping you through replays analysis, discussions and opinions on what could have happened different/better. I’ll explain it based on my experience in tournaments and pro scrims so you should get a unique point of view.  I understand a lot about 1v1 situations, dribbles, rotations, team plays, mechanics and many other little things you will probably need to master if you want to rank up, or even have a shot on the competitive scene.

What our coaching sessions will look like:

My main goal is to teach you to play on your own way, one that makes you happy while doing it, a natural thing which helps insanely on your skill development and eventually rank, always remember that the work you put at RL is multiplied when you are having fun.

I will need some replays from you so I can see and learn how you want to play and teach you to upgrade it, with better decision making, tips and pro tricks, effective ways to train and gain game sense, just as reading opponents and adapting your game to use more of your strong point.  Everything selected thinking exactly about what you will need to learn, and what you already know exactly.

If you are missing anything from me feel free to contact me on the twitter below, or Discord renaN#7350

Here is a mini montage of some of my clips:


English, Portuguese

Hours Played


Coaching Experience

200 – 999 Hours


ESL Monthly Champion, ESL Monthly Elite, RLCS Elite

Playlist Strengths

1v1 Duel, 2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard


Keyboard & Mouse



Coach Rank

Top 100


South America

12 reviews for renaN

  1. danimal197 (verified owner)

    Very thorough and detailed analysis. Really great at strategy explanations.

  2. Estelle Martin (verified owner)

    What a great guy. so friendly, so kind, and easily able to adapt to 1700 2s gameplay and be so friendly, as well as informative, even though i purchased 30 minutes he was sure to not rush anything and gave me much more time then i was expecting, cant say enough, such a high level player for not even that much.

  3. Justin Janulewicz (verified owner)

    Underrated coach, highly recommend

  4. Matthew White (verified owner)

    Had a wonderful experience with renaN. He is very thorough in his replay analysis,
    and does a great job to make sure you understand any and all concepts presented before moving forward.
    Another noteworthy part of my session with him is that he was perfectly content
    going past the hour mark to make sure that everything we had gone over was understood and properly wrapped up.

    If you are looking for coaching I would without a doubt recommend a session with renaN!

  5. Tobias Rommel (verified owner)

    renaN was a great coach. We went through some important lessons and messages about important points I should focus on. Afterwards we looked into some replays and here he had some really good points about the gameplay as well. He also answered some questions I had and in general just was a good coach.

    The session was very informative and renaN made it a great experience; thumbs up ^^

  6. Anthony Voss (verified owner)

    Thought my rotations were ok until we looked at a replay and we both simultaneously sighed at some of my decisions. Very insightful. Also not the greatest MS paint user but the diagram gave a unique perspective on how your rotations effect your teammates as well as you and your opponents.

  7. ike.pawsat (verified owner)

    Great coach, he is very insightful. I had no idea how many problems I had with my rotations but he pointed them out and explained what I should do. He also helped me to identify my mistakes for future analysis.

  8. youcef maamri (verified owner)

    renaN! What a great coach 😀
    He is really nice and knows what he’s doing, he gave me more than his time and gave me helpful tips.

  9. Nexx Phoenix (verified owner)

    This Coach knows his stuff. He helped me get rid of my bad habbids and gave me so much information to work on! pls consider the time zone and that the coaching cant be right on the minute you book. But its worth every cent.

  10. Holy Frijole (verified owner)

    Very good. He brought up elements in my gameplay that i did not think so much about. He focused on the easier things like rotation and positioning to improve my play style. 10/10 would recommend no matter what level of play you are!

  11. Daniel Powell (verified owner)

    My first coaching experience from GamersRdy and let me just tell you renaN knows his stuff. This was a seriously great experience and I will be ordering from him again. He communicates very well on discord and showed me a lot of areas I can improve on. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  12. DespairCobra (verified owner)

    English not bad and he help me figure out what I needed help on the most at my level thats around 1750+ for 3s he is a underrated coach will recommend

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