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About me:
Hello everyone! My name is Shock and I am a professional Rocket League player in the North American RLCS under Soniqs Esports. I have been playing Rocket League for 4 years (December 2015) and have just under 6,000 hours of playtime. I have done hundreds of hours of replay analysis for both friends and competitive teammates, and it is my objective to help my students become the best players they can be. I also have coached Chess for 3+ years which has given me ample practice to communicate ideas effectively and clearly. I am able to coach for any skill level and will tailor our sessions to help identify the best ways for YOU to improve.

It brings me a lot of happiness to pass my knowledge onto others and see them succeed. If you are dedicated to practising and applying what you learn in our sessions I can guarantee you will see fast improvement and will easily meet your goals in Rocket League.

What my sessions will consist of:

  1. We will get in contact on discord and talk about your goals and what you are looking to achieve in Rocket League
  2. I will ask you to bring 1-2 replays from the playlist of your choice to the session (if on console, we can play a game and use that replay file). Note: for longer sessions (2+ hours more replays will be needed).
  3. Next I will screen-share the replay(s) with you while I analyze your play and explain my thought process, identify your strengths+weaknesses, and offer ways in which you can improve on those weaknesses. I will also use a website called tacnet, which outlines the Rocket League field and will draw on it with a virtual pen to help visualize specific strategies/topics.
  4. After we finish looking over the replays I will give you a summary and reiterate what your weak points are and how you should go about improving on them. These ways to improve will be specific to you and far more detailed than general statements.

Sidenote: 1 hour sessions are plenty of time to identify weaknesses and go over the replays, but if you are looking for a session that goes into great detail I recommend doing a 2 hour session.

Additional info:

Although all ranks are encouraged to book with me, the lower the rank you are the more extensive the errors/learning opportunities there will be, which may require more time so I can assist you with all of them. Also, Rocket League is a game that requires MANY hours of practice. Do not get discouraged if results do not come immediately, sometimes it takes a little while for you to see improvement. Even if you don’t see it immediately, over time the work you put in with my guidance will show great results.

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US-East, US-West

Playlist Strengths

2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard

Coach Rank

Top 100


RLCS Challenger

Coaching Experience

200 – 999 Hours



Hours Played


6 reviews for Shock

  1. jon stemple (verified owner)

    Very easy to follow his advise and detailed with the areas that he is talking about. the break down of my videos and transferring it to my gameplay was almost seamless. Highly recommended and would book another session in the future.

  2. mrlyon2004 (verified owner)

    Amazing advice and a really easy person so listen to broke down key things for me to improve on and gave perfect advice on how to do so, if i ever need it again i will use shock for coaching.

  3. Brayden Bailey (verified owner)

    Shock had very good advice for me throughout the entire session. He pointed out things that I wouldn’t have thought of if I hadn’t attended this coaching session. The best example was focusing on the enemy team’s movements to determine how I should position my car. He was very patient with my questions and broke down ever play to inform me of a better play. If I decide to buy a coaching session again, I will 100% choose shock.

  4. Vahey Mouradian (verified owner)

    Amazing coach! The session was super informative and definitely will help take my game to the next level. Shock spoke very clearly and never confused me at all througout the session. This is some really great work I will definitely be coming back for more soon!

  5. Ian Alexander (verified owner)

    Great coach! Really enjoyed our session. Shock does a wonderful job of picking out your weak points without being condescending, and he doesn’t continue to harp on them. He instead moves onto to other areas of improvement. Would highly recommend him to anyone, and definitely will be coming back for more!

  6. Brandon Bourgeois (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best coach you can buy on this site. So reasonable for an RLCS player and does a better job than a lot of full time coaches may ever do. 11/10 would recommend. Doesn’t matter how many hours you order, but 2 is the best for the price I would say. He doesn’t miss anything in any replay that you could improve on and is one of the nicest if not the nicest and most chill RL players to date.

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