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Who is Silent Echo?

Previously, I spent over two years coaching in RLCS for Ghost Gaming. In addition to coaching professional teams like Ghost and Magnifico, I am a Rocket League caster (The Grid, Gfinity, Rocket Royale, SPL) and was DreamHack’s Rocket League observer (DHS17, DHATL17, DHLPZ18). Long before that I spent over 10 years in coaching and training roles across both individual and team sports (free-running, basketball, football), martial arts (XMA, wushu, capoeira), sales, and marketing so I have an understanding of how to break down complex subjects and identify the pressure points that can make small changes lead to great success.

“I’ve been coaching long enough that any of the newly eligible players for Season 10 of RLCS will have been born after I held my first coaching session.”

I’ve spent over a decade learning how to coach effectively across multiple disciplines, I have coaching qualifications of various levels, training in NLP, a grounding in psychology and how coaching can affect mentality in sports, and extensive experience coaching people in high stress environments with very little available time. I do not offer sessions longer than an hour because by that point, anything extra you’re getting out of that lesson is not going to be worth the cost of the additional time until you’ve been able to put into practice your current learning objectives.

So What Do You Get?
A session with me is an hour of 1-to-1 live coaching where we go over the previously identified points of improvement and assess the progress made against them. Then we’ll decide if that’s where the focus should remain and if not, we’ll begin making the changes necessary to tackle our next priority to continue progression without plateauing.

The first session is always different to those that come after. That’s where I’ll perform an assessment of your game sense and mechanics, sometimes with a replay, sometimes without, where I gauge how good you are at recognising which mistakes are important and which are irrelevant, usually through conversation. After that initial chat, I’ll have a good read on what your personal improvement plan needs to include, and we’ll begin the process of helping you create success with the tools you already have, working from replays primarily at that point.

After you’re comfortable putting the previous lessons into practise, we’ll begin expanding your toolset and build new decision trees on top of those new tools. It all sounds very technical and clinical when it is laid out like this and that’s because it is. This is a tried and tested process that has been successfully applied across many fields for many years, I’m merely applying it to Rocket League.

I also offer team coaching here.

What Does That Even Mean?
Good question! It means that I’ve found the most common result of my lessons is more enjoyment of the game for the student. I take your focus away from winning and place it on improving, which leads to a healthier mental relationship with the game and brings you more success over time. You’ll walk out of my sessions knowing what your biggest point of improvement is and with strategies and processes to achieve that change. You’ll be a better teammate, you’ll be a better player, your comms will be more helpful, and you’ll have more fun.

All of that is only possible if you are committed to the process and ready to accept the feedback being given.

Any Other Questions?
You can visit my Liquipedia profile, exciting place that it is, to confirm my Rocket League bona fides, and tweet any questions you like to me. You can also listen to me on ASAP Weekly and Chasing Grand Champ to get an idea for how I think about the game.



Playlist Strengths

1v1 Duel, 2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard

Coaching Experience

1500+ Hours

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PC, PlayStation


Xbox Controller

18 reviews for SilentEchoUK

  1. kyle Smith (verified owner)

    I purchased a session with SilentEcho 3 months back as a diamond 1. Today I hit Champ 1 for the first time. He’s an amazing coach, that allowed me to view the game in a way where I could self reflect on my own mistakes mid game and changed my entire mindset. My mechanics haven’t changed greatly since then, so I’d attribute the progress I made mostly to working with him and looking at the game in a much smarter way now.

  2. Justin Clark (verified owner)

    Had an incredible amount of knowledge to unpack in just 1 hour. Very understanding and easy to talk to. You will definitely loom at the game in a different way.

  3. Greenwarrior (verified owner)

    Best coaching I have ever had, and I have bought countless of them. Very in -depth on positioning, rotations, option coverage, mindset, boost pathing, boost management, and so on. All the good stuff you need to hear when you’re trying to break into the highest level of play!

  4. Tyler Kollinger (verified owner)

    Tons of advice, made me think about a lot of things that I never thought about and got placed gold the day after as a beginner.

  5. FlankingLemon (verified owner)

    In one hour SilentEcho managed to turn my entire view of the game upside down! He has a very scientific approach to the game and gives great tangible advice on how YOU can improve your game based on your replays!

    Overall a super nice guy and incredibly knowledgeable of the game!

  6. Cassalien (verified owner)

    Figured I also leave a review here for his Team coaching since my team also had a team coaching before he offered it seperately.

    We had overall 3 Hours in Team coaching split up in two sessions. We found a lot of things to improve on but he found a great way to visualize our mistakes and made it very easy to understand what we did wrong and how to improve on it. It wasn’t just pointing out mistakes with a one liner on how to fix it but we were able to discuss our ideas of how to play and got easy to understand solutions and reasons as to why we were wrong about some of our assessments on how to play this game. Fast forward a couple of weeks and suddenly 3 players who had no previous experience playing together were all aligned on how to play the game and we have good chemistry on the field now with the ability to beat mechanically superior teams due to a proper rotation for instance.

  7. Cassalien (verified owner)

    I had previous sessions for coaching me as a coach and went ahead to get a coaching session for me to improve as a player as well.

    I was a GC around 1700 MMR, looking for ways to improve and instead of just getting some tips for mechanics we talked about other skills than mechanics to improve. Rocket League does not just come down to mechanics but to the cognitive approach as well. This man can do wonders for your game sense and understanding of the roles and positions there are in Rocket League. Couple of months later after implementing most of what we talked about in just one hour I saw my MMR rise to 1950+. If you look for a coach for literally anything in Rocket League, look no further than this man here!

  8. Mathieu Turgeon (verified owner)

    Really good trully recomended realy helpfull and take his time to help you the more he able to ! 😀 10/10 recommended

  9. Luis Aguilar (verified owner)

    Awesome session! it was not what i expected, i really enjoyed the session and it was a better learning for me visually. it was a unique experience. 10/10 would recommend!

  10. David Aitken (verified owner)

    Great session! SilentEcho honed in on my biggest issue that needed focusing on straight away and we had a good discussion about various aspects of the game and how they liink back to that one aspect, followed by some replay analysis to reinforce the points.

    It has been really helpful to have the discussion points in mind while playing games since the session – having an outside perspective is very valuable and I’d definitely recommend booking a session with SilentEcho to help out with that in a fun and friendly way.

  11. Nathaniel Weisbaum (verified owner)

    Best decision I’ve made this week. Alot of informatoon to take in, but I can already tell that by rearranging how I think about the game, I can get a lot of progress towards becoming a better RL player.
    Very knowledgeable coach, who has a lot of different examples to help make each situation understandable by the student.

    Thanks, looking forward to the next one.

  12. Lidia Zilkha (verified owner)

    Really friendly and professional coach who helped understand what to focus on. Over the course of two weeks we worked on , I improved thanks to his instructions and tips. SilentEcho has great teaching skills and I enjoyed the lessons. SilentEcho is the way to go!

  13. Pierre-Luc Bedard (verified owner)

    He is the guy without a doubt. After a couple sessions over the course of 2 weeks I went from D3 to C2 just by focussing on the two things he identified right away. Also, go follow him on Twich (SilentEchoUK). I will definitely buy more session with him in the future so should you.

  14. isac Myrén Andersson (verified owner)

    Really good coaching by SilentEcho. He goes in depth and finds the most valuable improvements of your game and gives clear and often simple directives to follow. He has a good mood and a positive mindset which I value a lot. I reallu feel like I have improved a lot after our sessions. Besides your mistakes he will also recognize your good plays to make them more frequent. I would recommend no other coach. SilentEcho is the way to go if you really want to improve.

  15. toned (verified owner)

    I enjoyed my session with SilentEcho, he was very nice and easy to talk to. I was given new ways to look at the game and he had the tools to show and give information easily and understandably. He quickly realized a big mistake on my part and showed me how to fix it. Communication was pretty easy and the mood of the session was overall great and fun. There was a lot of information being given and it was overwhelming at first but once you start to think about it and take in that information it helps.

  16. Cassalien (verified owner)

    Where shall I start this review? SilentEcho has more than blown my mind. I was looking for a coach who helps me improve as a coach and not as a player.

    He has the tools to visualize whatever the talking point is, talks in very clear words that make you understand what you are talking about. You can just tell that he has a background in teaching/coaching and it makes it easy to be a student of his. I went for an hour of teaching to get a picture of whether my money is wisely invested into his craft of teaching and it is definitely worth it. Obviously with his résumé in RL you can expect him to share his pool of knowledge with you with whatever you need to know in order to improve as a coach, probably as a player as well.

    He also has no issues with recording the session so you can roll it back and re-watch the whole thing because there is lots of information exchanged and flowing within just one hour of coaching, which is also awesome. Additionally you don’t have to worry about being in socially awkward situations, ever since you talk to a person you haven’t talked to before. He is very easy to talk to and keeps the mood light by giving also very fun examples.

    To sum it up, I had a blast with the very informative one hour that I payed him for and wouldn’t want to try out another coach due to him being seemingly the best option out there, literally nothing bad to say. So if you are looking for a good coach you may look no further than this man and if I could give an additional star as an extraordinary review I’d most certainly do so.

  17. rockcarp027427 (verified owner)

    Not only was my session very informational it was fun too! Echo has a great personality and definitely opened my eyes to things I didn’t even know existed!

  18. PyTeZ (verified owner)

    If any man knows what possibilities you have in certain situations, it is this man!
    He will guide you step by step, achieving what you desire.
    First thing he asked me: What do you expect from being Coached ?
    i didn’t know what to expect as i underestimated the power a coach can bring to the table.

    all i can say is: This man has the experience and it shows!

    last thing to note: His working methods are really efficient and it will help you out fast, even a 1 hour session, you’ll notice it the day after.. but after a week of remembering and absorbing the knowledge this man gave you ( IT IS A LOT TO TAKE IN ALL AT ONCE, depending on your rank and skill level ), you will see a jump in improvement that is unimaginable.

    Peace out! – PyTeZ

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