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About me:
I got Rocket League the day it came out on PS4. Everything took off once I got a PC in season 5 and started my YouTube career. I have over 5500+ hours at this point. Been GC for 8 seasons, and I’ve played in multiple tournaments. I’m currently a half time coach coaching 2-3 people a week, while editing videos for Striped.

I am best known for my Youtube channel and appearances in popular videos. Learning new mechanics is a passion of mine, and I love making videos where I challenge my skill in the game. I’ve made multiple tutorials and videos based on improving at Rocket League so my channel is a great secondary source for improving.

People tend to say my gameplay is really smooth, unique and creative, which is why I’m so entertaining to watch.

Here is one of my favorite videos where I try to score 25 unique shots in only 1 hour.


Why should you book me?

  • I have over 5000 hours of playtime.
  • I’m a 8x GC and I’ve got a top-level understanding of 1s and 2s.
  • I am 1800 MMR in 2’s and GC3 in 1v1’s
  • I have gone back and forth from being a freestyle/clip hitter to being super immersed in the competitive side of the game.
  • Not only will I help you improve your rank, but I will help you improve your flair, the way your gameplay looks and feels.
  • I do in-depth replay analyzing which includes drawing on the screen.
  • Last but not least, I’m a fun guy and I’m sure you will love every minute of our coaching sessions.

What do my coaching sessions look like?

  • To begin I’ll ask you some questions and figure out what your greatest strengths and weaknesses are.
  • After that, we will hop into some replay analysis. I’ll point out your mistakes, your strengths, positioning errors and talk about mechanics that would help you in certain situations. We’ll get a general understanding of what to work on in the session.
  • We will then play a series of 3 games (either 1v1 or casuals depending on what you need to work on). I’ll be testing your abilities, and paying close attention to your gameplay. In the first game ill barely say a word of advice, but in game 2 I’ll give you a ton of advice. In game 3 I’ll let the advice from game 2 sink in. I’ll save all the replays in case we’d like to analyze a gameplay situation.
  • Throughout the session, I will be asking you what you think you should’ve done in certain situations, even situations where you didn’t know you made a mistake. The goal is to give you a higher-level mindset and better awareness of your mistakes.
  • To end the session I’ll send you some videos/training packs/workshop maps for you to work on. If you are happy with the session and don’t require any further coaching, my DM’s will be open for you and I’ll be happy to help if you ever need some tips or have any questions.

Sessions are available to any rank on any platform in any region. Higher ranked players (platinum – gramd champion) will be able to apply my tips and tricks to their game in an easier fashion.

1 HOUR SESSION: Standard Session length.

2 HOUR SESSION: Standard Session + extra time to play in a high-ranked lobby with real-time feedback.

Here are some videos for you to get a taste of my content. The last two are videos based on helping you improve your rank and skill in Rocket League.




General info:

If you order multiple sessions, you’ll have the option to split the sessions into multiple or do a large session.

If you’re not interested in coaching, you’re always welcome to come hang out in my Discord server!






PS Controller

Playlist Strengths

1v1 Duel, 2v2 Doubles

Coach Rank

Grand Champion 1


Grand Champion

Hours Played




20 reviews for Sir Classy

  1. calvin (verified owner)

    the price is perfect for what u get i got 1 houer and he showed me so many things about rotation and what i have to work on. he puts in much effort and he isnt stressing he isnt saying like yea so 1 houer is now done he even did little longer with me then 1 houer to explain everything carefully

  2. Amor_Shadow (verified owner)

    Easily the best coach you could find. Helped me improve my game dramatically.

  3. slodhy1 (verified owner)

    Greatest coach there could possible be. Bought the session, quick and easy to set up a time for us to have our session. After that, he was really helpful in explaining everything I was doing wrong, and went in-depth on my gameplay and how I can improve. And something unbeleivable happened. Me, who was stuck in diamond 2 in solo duel, for the past year or so, managed to go from D2 to Champ 3 in ONE NIGHT. Yes, it was that helpful that I managed to go to champ 3 with only losing 1-2 games along the way. Never having hit champ before either, I’ll certainly be buying again and have some more sessions with him.

  4. melissa robinson (verified owner)

    I was champ 1 then went to diamond and couldn’t rank back up because in diamond there was less of what I was good at so I booked coaching and he taught me all of the ground play my brain could handle really a good coach I I ranked back up into champ 3 now being solid at everything I joined a 128 person tournament hosted by a twitch streamer with 5000+ people watching and I used everything I have learned and wound up winning the finals against the streamer really good experience wouldn’t have been possible without sir classy I’m now on my way to grand champ

  5. assassincreeddan11 (verified owner)

    Really helpful coach goes in depth on the best ways to improve got a 2 hour session greatly enjoyed it funny guy definitely worth buying

  6. michealhickey14 (verified owner)

    Really helpful and easy to talk to did I am extremely happy with how the session went honestly wish I got a two hour one 😀

  7. TheFizz (verified owner)

    Funny guy and helpful

  8. dorukhan.bozkurt2424 (verified owner)

    We had two sessions with Classy. First session he reviewed my replays and showered me with helpful advices. By the time we arranged our second session I had already used his advice and had gotten a lot better. I was a champ so it was really easy to apply the advices and now I am on my way to GC. All thanks to this man! Appreciated Classy!

  9. dorukhan.bozkurt2424 (verified owner)

    Although he was really busy he was really helpful and his reviews on my replays helped me get really good in 1v1’s as well as other replays. He is really underrated.

  10. ben.mccarthy (verified owner)

    had a great two sessions with classy, he picked up on a lot of points i didn’t even know i was doing wrong and he is also just a chill guy to play with. since i had the sessions with classys i have gone from a diamond 3 to a champion 2! if you have any spare money and want to get better at rocket league this is the coach to pick. 🙂

  11. Patrice Cochran (verified owner)

    Awesome session with Sir Classy. He spent so much time going through my play by play and giving me tons of tips to up my game. Then afterwards he sent a bunch of amazing resources too. Great session! I’m already practicing all of the advice and improving. Best coaching session I’ve ever had in any game!! Highly recommend!!

  12. Jono Crute (verified owner)

    Great session with a great lad. Sir Classy customised the session to our motivations and provided a load of good information and a lot of laughs too. If you’re considering hiring him then don’t hesitate.

    Session was easy to organise, fun and informative.

  13. Kenneth Narvaez (verified owner)

    The lesson was by far more then what I expected. He’s honest, quick to analyze, and exceptional when it comes to recommending drills that will boost your gameplay to the next level. 10/10 recommend a lesson with Classy, it was a great experience that felt very natural to be in.

  14. tobiasborsbonde (verified owner)

    My session with classy was very good. i think i really improved it was totally worth it. Buy it guys you will improve so much and you also got to meet one of the best rl youtubers in the world <3

  15. Zach Sweetland (verified owner)

    My session with Classy was very insightful. He pointed out every thing that I was doing wrong and told me how to avoid doing it in the future. He told me what I was doing well and how to do it even better. I am a very low rank but within a few hours of our session and doing all of the training he sent me I finished the night 3 divs higher than I started. Didn’t lose a single game. It felt like I went into the games with a completely new skill set. I highly recommend throwing your money at Classy and spending an hour (but probably more) with him.

  16. Alex Johnson (verified owner)

    Told me every little errors always responsive just buy this now man

  17. (verified owner)

    Best tips i have ever gotten, highly recommend. Aslo a very down to earth guy, super easy to talk to and raise questions if you have any. would definitely book him again in the future.

  18. 38mmfan (verified owner)

    Sir Classy was Great! We went over some replays and played a few games together. He tested my skills and pointed out little things that completely changed the game. He was also very entertaining and a great coaching experience. Absolutely doing another session again!!

  19. Zach Beard (verified owner)

    Absolute amazing man!!! If you get his coaching youll improve almost instantly of your c1 or below he will tell you stuff you never knew you did. Much love an respect to this MAN!!!!! Definitely doing another session soon

  20. alfiejfletcher (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing :), told me all the little errors I am making, told me what things to work on. 10/10. We 1v1’d and I won 🙂 3-2. That’s going in my books for sure! Classy is a good coach, would recommend. Is very friendly and easy to talk to!

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