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Interested in experiencing the same Rocket League coaching analysis that helped players like Karma, Satthew, Eyeignite, Zolhay, Hato improve? The list goes on.

Take the next step from semi-pro to pro in Rocket League. When it comes to 2v2 and 3v3 Rocket League, this is who you talk to for information about in-game mechanics, team play, synergy, mentality, and anything else you might want to learn more about. One hours session isn’t sixty minutes of generic advice you can find on Youtube. You will improve your understanding in what strengths and weaknesses you have as a player, and learn why you aren’t in RLCS lifting trophies yet.

If interested, let’s get started.

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Playlist Strengths

2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Solo Standard, 3v3 Standard


ESL Monthly Elite, Grand Champion

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Coach Rank

Top 1000

Session Duration

1 Hour, 2 Hours

1 review for Sub’N

  1. hliquid.assassin (verified owner)

    To start off, great coach. We went over replays of my games and Sub’n goes over the replays with you so you both get an understanding of where your mind was at in those games and he was able to put my mistakes into perspective of where I should have been in position and ran down the whole aspect of rotations. Best replay analysis ever received 100/10 would get analysis again.

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Monday By Appointment
Tuesday Not Available
Wednesday By Appointment
Thursday Not Available
Friday By Appointment
Saturday 3:00pm – 6:00pm
Sunday 3:00pm – 6:00pm

Timezone:  PST (GMT-8)

Note: Once I connect with you, I will request 3 replays: x1 of strong, x1 of average, and x1 poor.

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If you want to have a chat before placing an order just message me on Discord: Sub’N#1633



After you book, your coach will contact you within 48 hours by email or Discord to finalize details.