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What to expect from a typical session with me

  • 20 or so minute long replay analysis of one of your games
  • Guided training focusing on points of improvement we find in the replay analysis
  • Live games to start to put these points of improvement in a more fluid and realistic environment
  • A personally tailored training pack aimed at giving you repetitive exposure to situations that lead to success
  • A free 30 minute follow up session one week after our first session to discuss your progress and training methods

A bit more about me

Hey there! I am currently a 1700 Grand Champ in 2v2 and a 1550 Grand Champ in 3v3, I have completed in a few leagues such as the UCDL and Black and White Series. I have over 3,000 hours across both PlayStation and Xbox with around 100 hours dedicated to coaching specifically. I have peaked at 1750 mmr in 2v2. Please note that if you still have questions you absolutely may shoot me an email or discord message and we can discuss whether or not I am an appropriate fit for your improvement. You can reach me on discord at Wiz#8815, you can find me on instagram @WisdamiSalamiRL thank you for reading and I look forward to meeting up and working together to find the improvement you are after.




US-East, US-West

Playlist Strengths

1v1 Duel, 2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard, Hoops



Hours Played




Session Duration

1 Hour, 2 Hours

9 reviews for Wiz

  1. Austin Voelbel (verified owner)

    Had a great session with Wiz he was great to work with really helped me see a couple things I was doing wrong and things I was doing right reviewed a replay with me and played a decent amount of games. He gave me a training regiment to help me mechanically and we have a follow up session in a week or two to check progress! Overall a great coach and experience would recommend him for sure.

  2. Daniel Stackhouse (verified owner)

    Wiz is very chill person to talk and get along with, He is very understanding and gives helpful tips and info on your goods and bads. He knows what hes doing and has a great explanations on how to improve on what you are doing. Highly recommend Wiz to all wanting to improve your skill and mechanics.

  3. Jackson Moore (verified owner)

    An amazing guy & an amazing coach. He’s just super nice and really easy to get along with. In the replay analysis not only did he tell and show me what I needed to improve on, he also showed me his point of view and gave me examples of

  4. Troy Nelson (verified owner)

    Wiz was awesome! Super easy to get along with and has great insight. My team and I are already better after a single session with him. I’ll definitely continue my session with him as I progress through the higher ranks.

  5. SandmanNess (verified owner)

    Greta review, very friendly and helpful, and very knowledgeable . Allows my teammate to join for no additional charge and isolated several weaknesses with good suggestions on how to work on them. Will be booking again!

  6. weslecollins (verified owner)

    Was absolutely amazing I strongly recommend this guy, to help you, great and easy to understand, all around super nice guy!

  7. tylerblair666 (verified owner)

    Wiz is an extremely nice and accurate coach. He pointed out the things I needed to work on. and over night I went up an entire rank, I strongly recommend Wiz to anyone who is looking to take their game to the next level.

  8. lowesteffort (verified owner)

    Wiz was gracious to allow my teammate to join us and was instantly able to find a few holes in our game. He’s easy to work with and we were able to play a handful of games against him and another to try to implement some of the tools he went over with us. He also was able to give us some team drills to warm up with which was new to us. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to close a few holes in their game.

  9. tcdlatham (verified owner)

    Wiz was an extremely friendly and caring coach. If you truly want to take your game to the next level I would highly reccomend Wiz. I found our discussion of replay beneficial and highlighted things I did not realize. Not only this but Wiz took the time to implement things into live gameplay. I could tell that Wiz was a sincere coach as he made sure I knew how to practice to improve on my skills. This is the coach you need and I was impressed to say the least; I would highly highly reccomend.

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