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Why should you order from me?

I’ve been playing Rocket League since the game’s release back in 2015, and I have been coaching in the community since 2017. As a former top 100 3v3 player, I’ve both seen and been involved in a lot of high level competitive play, and throughout this time I found a passion for the mechanics and strategy involved in Rocket League. These are aspects of the game that are easy to learn, though so difficult to master.

As your coach, I will teach you everything you need to know in regard to your positioning, awareness, car control and rotation. However, I tailor every session to your needs, so you can be confident that this information will be specific to your gameplay and where you need to improve. My coaching style is as interactive and friendly as possible, so you don’t need to worry about being criticised for your gameplay, we’ll leave that job to your toxic teammates in Solo Standard. 😉

If you would prefer to order a replay analysis instead of a full session, I offer a Replay Analysis service here.

Looking for coaching for your team? Check out my Team Coaching page here.
What can I expect in a typical coaching session?
• I will first ask you to send me a replay before the session begins, ideally this will be a game in which you struggled / lost.
• I’ll also ask you about anything that you would like me to focus on or any aspect of the game you have been particularly struggling with.
• We’ll hop in a Discord call, where I will share my screen and go through your replay with you. This is where I will interact with you and find out how your thought process works during various points in the replay.
• You’ll also receive any relevant resources that I think you need, such as training packs and tutorials.

• There’ll also be time at the end for discussion of what we talked about and any feedback you have. I’m always happy to stay around and help you further if you still have questions.

Types of sessions I run:
I currently offer one, two and three hour sessions. All of these are equally as useful and valuable, though more time means that I am able to cover more content.

• Foundation session (1 hour) [MOST POPULAR]:

In a foundation session, I will cover everything I described above, meaning there will be plenty of opportunities for us to discuss your gameplay; both your strong points and weak points. The majority of these sessions will be the replay analysis using 1 or 2 of your replays. This will be done through the Discord call, with me making annotations and asking for your input as I go through it. By the end, you should feel far more confident about your playstyle and more importantly, have a good understanding of the most relevant aspects that you need to work on in future!

• Advanced session (2 hours):

With more time in an advanced session, I will begin to notice patterns and habits in your playstyle, whether they be good or bad. These sessions will focus on 2 to 4 of your replays, and also include in-depth analysis just as the foundation sessions do. There will be plenty of time for you to provide your throughts and feedback during and after the session, with opportunities for me to give you detailed notes if necessary.

• Masterclass session (3 hours):

My masterclass sessions are split into two different appointments, first an advanced 2 hour session, followed by a 1 hour session at a later date. You will receive the same in-depth analysis of your replays as offered in my advanced sessions, except there will be a new opportunity to play after your first 2 hours to use my coaching to improve. I will ask you for 1 or 2 more replays for the last hour, where I will analyse closely how you have improved and performed since your first session. This is an exciting way to see how you have dealt with your new knowledge, and will allow me to give you further follow-up advice to truly make you a more well-rounded player.



How many hours do you have in Rocket League?
I currently have about 2,500 hours on the game.
No rank?
I don’t currently actively play the game, as I am focused entirely on coaching profesionally. Maybe in the future I will play the game competitively again.
What platforms do you coach on?
Replays cannot be sent on consoles, however if you know how to record your replay as a video, I can happily coach you even if you play on PS4, Xbox or Switch.
Can you coach me even if I am not from the same region as you?
I am from Europe, however it does not matter if you are in a different time zone or location. I am happy to arrange our coaching session around your availability!
Will I play with you while I’m being coached?
I find it much more beneficial to analyse replays where you are with people of your own rank. As a result, I do not normally play with people during coaching as it takes up a lot of time that could be used for something else! If necessary however, it’s possible I may start a private match with you if I need to explain a mechanic in the game.




Playlist Strengths

2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard



Session Duration

1 Hour, 2 Hours, 3 Hours

Coaching Experience

100 – 199 Hours

24 reviews for Xhoria

  1. bgcanero (verified owner)

    Absolutely incredible coaching. Went over every small decision and mistake and explained how to do better, and did an amazing job at it. Rank skyrocketed after the session, and truly wanted to help me become a better player. Big thanks to him, highly recommended

  2. Jonas Reynaert (verified owner)

    5-star help! He helped me and now i see stuff that I didn’t see before i played. He understands the game very good and explains it good to you so you can understand it.

  3. Connor McVicar (verified owner)

    Booked a 2 hour session with Xhoria yesterday. He contacted me almost immediately and we set up a time today. Can’t get any better service than that. He analysed 2 of my games and went over them with me. Giving such in depth detail on every aspect of the game. It’s amazing how many small things he pointed out to me which will help improve my game. His knowledge is honestly remarkable. He focussed on gameplay, positioning and playing smart, an also told me what mechanics I should work on and how to do this in free practice. Also offered training packs to do so. As others have said he is polite and forthcoming with his contrsutcive criticism, never making me feel uncomfortable at all. And we had some laughs too(at my open goal misses). We also spent some time in a private match going over some routines and scenarios.

    All round great guy to talk to and I can’t wait to put all of my newly learned knowledge into practice.

    Also I may add, which i think only goes to show how serious he takes this, that if in future if I have any further questions or need some help I should simply message him. This is the guy you need!

  4. chingchow7 (verified owner)

    100% a 5 star session with Xhoria! I would give more if possible because it was definitely above and beyond. Xhoria pointed out things I never would’ve noticed and gave easy solutions and fixes to them all.

    I was D1div2 when I got his coaching around 5/24 and I recently just hit C1 Div2 in 2s. When I felt stuck not sure what my problems were he was able to give me a big list of little improvements I could make. If you’re reading these reviews looking for a coach then I would look no further. I would highly recommend Xhoria to anyone looking to take their game to the next level.

  5. Chuckles (verified owner)

    definately a 5-star experience! Very light-hearted yet professional and his knowledge of the game is seriously impressive. Not only did I learn, I had a blast with him teaching me and answering all my questions. 20/10 Would extremely recommend.

  6. Keno Nitsche (verified owner)

    Just had an 1 hour session with Xhoria and everything went very well. He has a very in depth understanding of the game and pointed out my misplays while not tackling problems from the mechanical side of things, but going into positioning, pressuring and playing smart. Thanks man I would definetly recommend him to anybody!

  7. TropicBooster (verified owner)

    Xhoria is a pretty good coach! I sent him 2 replays for him to analyse and provide feedback. He compliments on the good plays you make and helps you understand what you could have done differently. Very detailed and helps you understand how and where to position.The session was quiet fun and I would recommend him.

  8. Canadaisverycold (verified owner)

    I got an hour session and it was very helpful, he talked and made good conversation while going in depth on what skills I needed to improve on. I feel much more confident after the session and I plan to buy another in the future.

  9. taichilli224 (verified owner)

    Xhoria was very helpful in helping me identify my mistakes and fixing them. He was friendly the whole time and gave great criticism throughout the session, and was open to answering any of my questions. Would definitely reccomend him :]

  10. dylan817 (verified owner)

    Xhoria was amazing. He took a ton of time helping me with positioning and descision making through the session. I really recommend him to anyone looking to get better at rocket league!

  11. Rabbit Master (verified owner)

    Xhoria was very helpful in the coaching session and went over the replays very thoroughly. He had a lot of great advice for my current rank of D1 and gave advice on what to keep an eye out for when I hit higher ranks. Lots of constructive criticism that didn’t have any mocking of negative vibes to it and was a nice friendly session that gave a lot of insight on things I needed to work on. 11/10 would recommend.

  12. Wild West (verified owner)

    The contact with Xhoria went very smooth to make an appoinment.
    As we got connected on Discord he couldn’t hear me good due my crappy mic, but that didn’t bother him.
    We got straight away and he kept telling about the game and what were the main points of the game.
    Even gave me a trainingspack (what is a little too hard for my skill, but I’m getting there)
    After a few weeks I ranked up from Plat III to almost Diamond II.
    And my gameplay is much more consistent.
    Would recommend!

  13. christoffertonnesen9 (verified owner)

    Really nice and funny guy, but also very serious about it. He is definitely the coach you’re looking for if you want go in-depth, in your gameplay, and he can also tells you if there is certain mechanics that you need to work on. He is also very sympathetic and does not talk down to you or anything. So definitely give this guy a shot, if you are serious about getting better and he can help all skill levels. Regards Christo “GC player”

  14. troglodytejake (verified owner)

    I just had a session with Xhoria and feel like I know more about positioning and smart play then ever before. Not only do I recommend his service, but I would think it was a missed opportunity to not take advantage of his great wealth of knowledge about the game of Rocket League.

  15. ziggyzagg.contact (verified owner)

    Great coach. As a NA player, getting someone from Europe was nice to get advice from a different angle. We went over 2 replays and did some specific analyzing of positioning guidelines in different situations. All in all, the coaching session was very helpful. I’ve felt a lacking in information of where and how to improve next and Xhoria’s advice was great in helping me see what to work on. He praised the good, laughed with me on the whiffs, and educated on the poor decisions I made in the replays to tell me how to make them better next time. 10/10 would recommend!

  16. Tompollardss (verified owner)

    As others have said Xhoria is a fantastic coach. I was a little nervous and didnt know what to expect but everything went brilliantly. Xhoria is very knowledgeable about the game. Our session ended up over running but he still asked if I had any questions. I really feel that Xhoria would be able to help any player out there who is looking to improve.

  17. ne (verified owner)

    I decided I wanted to improve my 3v3 game, so I picked someone on the site and gave it a go. Xhoria and I spent a full hour reviewing just 1 game I had played in great detail. We would analyse plays, often pausing to look at the potential on the field at any point. We would go over all the different options and their outcomes, and we’d compare that to what happened. He showed me tons of potential for goals in the game I hadn’t seen. He was able to extract a lot about my gameplay from just the one replay, and gave me training packs and tips for the things that needed the most attention. There are things I knew I needed to work on that he gave me insight on how to improve, and things that were brand new to me that he uncovered for me to realize and understand. We spent some more time talking about the game, and spent some time watching me try the training packs he sent and giving me some tips and feedback so I could get the most out of the shots. I came out of this with much more clarity on how to improve my game, a much different outlook on 3v3s, and a lot of excitement to play the game.

  18. thomasjrgensen24 (verified owner)

    Xhoria is an incredible coach. he really helped me point out my weaknesses, and told me how to practice and improve in the areas that i was struggling with. extremely friendly and cool dude. responded within 5 minutes over mail. we had a 1.5 hour session and he did not rush to get done. you pay for 1 hour but Xhoria takes his time wich i really like. $15 for his services is a bargain. worthe very penny, you wil NOT be disappointed!

  19. daniel.abimanyu36 (verified owner)

    Xhoria was a huge help, nice to talk to, and highlighted a lot of details in my game that I needed to work on. Gave me advice for my skill level as opposed to 5 ranks above me and showed me some of the bad habits I had been doing. Even gave me a bunch of training packs for mechanics I needed to practice. Was legitimately a great coaching session and I had a lot of fun as well. Would recommend every time.

  20. andrefelipe524 (verified owner)

    This guy is amazing, he knows how to analyze every possible situation and tells you exactly what you need to do to improve.

  21. christytubbs (verified owner)

    Xhoria Is A Very Fast Responder And Knows How To Bring Out Detail In Things.
    Xhoria Is Such A Great Coach To Improve On With.
    I Would Definetely Recommend Xhoria As Your Coach To Help With Your Skills And Help With What You Need To Work On.
    Xhoria used To Be Top 100 So He Knew Everything About What I Could Do Better With.
    If You Get Xhoria, He Wont Let You Down!

  22. christytubbs (verified owner)

    This person is the best coach you can get. he explains everything in detail and really brings out how to fix it. if you want a good coach. get Xhoria!

    (Five Stars)

  23. templarmerc (verified owner)

    Very good coach looked a problems I didn’t even know I had praised the things he saw I was doing well to make sure i keep doing them. And educated me into thinking more about hits and taking my time because then I will be able to think about more shot opportunities. Very good session he’s even making me a training pack to help. You will not be disappointed.

  24. abstruerl (verified owner)

    Xhoria was a very good coach, I had never been coached by anybody so I was skeptic at first, but after being in contact with Xhoria within 1 hour of purchasing, I had my session scheduled for the next day. He went over many things that I can improve on and was very helpful! He even helped me out on some settings that had been changed updates ago! If you choose Xhoria, you won’t be disappointed!

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After you book, the coach will be in touch over email or Discord chat to discuss dates and times for your session.

Yes, certainly. You can disucss what timings work best with your coach.

If you can’t make a session you need to let your coach know 6 hours in advance, otherwise you’re at risk of losing your order. This is at the coaches discretion.