About me:
I’ve done it all. Playing, casting, organising and coaching. And through it I’ve always gained the most satisfaction in helping players reach their goals and become the best team/individuals they can be. I was a top player in OCE for the first year and a half of competition, and have gone on to make a name for myself in other areas. But as an old man I like to think I have the wisdom and experience to be able to help you have the right mindset, attitude, and most importantly skills to become the best team possible.

Teams that I have previously coached:

  • Summit (RLCS EU S2 – Jessie, Sebadam, Flarke)
  • Vendetta (RLCS NA S2 – Torment, Darkfire, Matt/Karma)
  • Alpha Sydney/Chiefs/Renegades (OCE)
  • Ground Zero/Out of Order (OCE)

By the time you end a session with me, you should not only feel like you know what to improve but also feel more knowledgeable on how to review and improve your own gameplay. Whether as a team, or as individual players, it’s important that you come out feeling confident in the direction that you’re going and know you have the tools to enter RLRS/RLCS or whatever your goals may be!

Note: I charge the same no matter what. That means there are no extra charges for bringing extra players, so bring the entire team (max 4)

What a (1 hr) coaching session looks like: 

  1. We’ll get in touch on Discord or Twitter to prepare your session.
  2. You’ll send me 1 or 2 replays, in matches that are at your highest level gameplay, where you lost (preferably)
        • I will review your replays before the session, so I can pick up on patterns and be as efficient as possible with our session.
  3. At the start of the session, we’ll spend some time discussing (10 minutes) what you’re struggling with mentally so we can tackle that, and what you thought of your play.
  4. I will screen-share your replays over Discord (720p/60fps), and discuss them in-depth. We’ll spend the time identifying the major problems, and how to fix them, but also discussing the overall strategy and thought behind how to determine how to look at replays yourself, how to identify issues, and how to determine what you could be doing instead.
  5. At the end of the session, we’ll discuss a “plan of attack” on how you’ll improve over the coming weeks, and if necessary, show you some techniques to improve your mechanics.
  6. I will upload and send you a copy of the session from my point of view.

What a (2 hr) coaching session looks like:

  1. I believe it’s better to do multiple 1 hour sessions spread out, but if you’re truly dedicated, 2 hour sessions are available.
  2. On top of the above, we’ll spend more time discussing Rocket League theory, and the mentality of being a top player, have the chance to look through a 2nd or 3rd replay, and we’ll be able to play some games together to get some first hand experience.

Coaching packs (1 session per week):

  • 4 pack (1 hr x 4 sessions) – $10 discount
  • 8 pack (1 hr x 8 sessions or 2 hr x 4 sessions) – $40 discount

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Timezone: AEST (UTC+11)

Have a question?

If you want to have a chat before placing an order just message me on Discord: yumi_cheeseman#3912



Once you place your order the coach will contact you within 48 hours by email or Discord to finalize your session details with you and your team.