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About Me:
I’m Zector, & i’m a x4 Grand Champion with over 200+ hours of professional coaching.

I’ve been playing Rocket League since its release & also played SARPBC for about 1 & a half years. I currently play on xbox, but coaching will be no different for any platform..

I’ve coached hundreds of people & get people constantly telling me that they were able to find that one thing and make that extra push of getting ranked up, or how people have gotten one to two ranks higher because of the coaching.

I’m most experienced coaching players Champ 3 and lower, as thats the majority of ranks i’ve coached. I try to make the coaching very laid back and interactive, as well as very detailed & insightful. You can expect me to link real life situations with the coaching, as i feel its a good way of linking the information being told with information already drilled into the brain. Creating a very nostalgic effect when repeating the same action in game. I can guarantee that you will learn something in every session, no doubt in my mind.

What to expect in a session with me:
Please note that i will go over & or do other things that i feel are needed for you as a player

For the first 5-10 minutes, I like to get a better understanding of you. Not only as a player, but also as a person. The reason for this being, most peoples play-styles in game also correlate with how they are as a person. e.g. a person tends to be calm and laid back as a person, which leads to them maybe playing more calmly and going for safer and or less aggressive challenges. This isn’t always necessarily the case, but most people would know their play-style simply from playing.

We’ll also go over what you can already see that you need to improve on, but may not have the resources or knowledge to improve it.

I like to go over a lot of different things and will talk about literally EVERYTHING on your gameplay. I will point out things that seem very small in sense but make the biggest difference in either winning that match, or losing it. Over the years of playing, there are tiny secrets that I have yet to see covered in any YouTube video & or anywhere else that I have found & offer within your session when a problem involving these shows up. These are things that you won’t be able to pick up on without either playing the game a lot (which many people don’t have the time to put in hours and hours without knowing what exactly to work on or what to look for), or having someone else tell you.

I will also have a custom little care package of stuff for people who purchase 3hr+ sessions such as,
*Notes from the session
*training packs catered to your needs
*the training packs that I use and or recommend
*specific goals you should set in able to hit your main goal (included in notes)
(the reasoning for notes only being included in 3+ sessions is because within an hour or two you still have a lot of that knowledge fresh and retained from that hour, but as the coaching goes on you would want to remember what we talked about or you could look at the notes to more clearly know what you need to work on {of course, I will already be letting you know what to work on and will go over anything we talked about as many times as necessary c:)

After that, there are plenty of options that you could choose from to continue.

  • Go over some replays in detail so you can get a good look at what you’re doing wrong and how you can fix it.

    We will play a casual game which i will then save & stream so you can watch me point out every little mistake you make as i give detailed feedback on how to fix it.)

  • Anything after this point will be based on what i think is best for you as a player, may that be playing some casual games to really link in the info i’ve taught you or going into a private match and working on mechanical skills (by default, if you want go over wave-dashing and half-flipping, i can teach each one under 5 minutes each.)


Other than that, I have massive confidence in my ability as a coach and improving others gameplay. Not one session that i’ve had has the coachee said that he didn’t learn anything. I can almost personally guarantee you will rank up at minimum one rank higher than you are now if you apply what you learn & put in the work. I see almost everything when it comes to mistakes no matter how small, and I feel there is always new things everyone can learn about the game and i have the means of coaching them. Please email me if you have any additional information, thanks 🙂 -Z



Playlist Strengths

2v2 Doubles

Hours Played



Xbox One



Session Duration

30 Minutes, 1 Hour, 2 Hours, 3 Hours, 4 Hours, 6 Hours, 8 Hours, 10 Hours, 12 Hours, 18 Hours

Coaching Experience

100 – 199 Hours

10 reviews for Zector

  1. Cory Louria (verified owner)

    Zector was able to spot mistakes in my gameplay that I never would have noticed. there was a massive improvement from our first game together to our second. I would recommend him to anyone trying to seriously improve.

  2. AudaciousSavage24 (verified owner)

    Zector is very clear and helpful in pointing out your mistakes. He does a great job with going over them, and going in depth of what you should be trying to do better. He is an overall good, smart, and nice person, and I would recommend him to anyone looking for an experienced and intelligent Coach.

  3. legittomfoolery (verified owner)

    Zector does a good job making it clear what your mistakes are. Now that cross-plat is out, I’d recommend him to anyone on any platform. I didn’t feel intimidated, but he was effective.

  4. adamf1414 (verified owner)

    Zector is first of all a very nice and easy to talk to guy. He’s super easy to communicate ideas and problems with, and in return he’s very good at explaining what he’s trying to teach you. He takes his time with concepts and makes sure you understand what you’re doing wrong and then helps fix and explain why. He has definitely helped me with my positioning and challenges. Game sense is just as important as mechanics and he knows both very very well. Would absolutely recommend.

  5. Hooverhockey54 (verified owner)

    Zector is a fantastic coach! He knows alot, and if you mention a specific problem that you have, he gives you so much detail about different ways to solve that problem after watching your playstyle that it makes it insanely easy to correct those problems. He’s also completely nuts at rocket league, and I honestly feel that I learned a lot from watching how he plays the game. He goes into a great amount of detail for any mistakes that you make, as well as things that you do well, when he reviews your replays after. I would highly reccomend doing a 2+ hour session with him, as the amount of information that you can get from him in that time is very much worth the money for the extra time!

  6. cilvercivic (verified owner)

    Zector was super patient and went over everything in great detail. Periodically I would stop him and ask about things that I was not clear on and he had no problem stopping, going back a few seconds in the replays, and explaining to make sure that there was nothing that I was confused on. If you are looking for an Xbox coach look no further, this is the guy.

  7. bballcollin (verified owner)

    Very experienced and knows exactly what to fix in any type of rank/level. Very knowledgeable and humble as well. Great guy to have as a coach and will most definitely get trained by him again

  8. stopcq (verified owner)

    He is so knowledgeable! He is very good at explaining everything and really helped me in the coaching session. If your on Xbox I would definentaly recommend him. Super nice guy.

  9. mike.draper92 (verified owner)

    If there was more than 5 stars, I would being choosing that. Zector is extremely knowledgeable and breaks things down in a simple articulable way. He is very effective at taking high level maneuvers and breaking them down to a lower level. Would recommend to anyone.

  10. znapier95 (verified owner)

    Zector was very knowledgeable, encouraging, and extremely effective at knowing how to translate higher level concepts to a lower level player. We worked on positioning, mechanics, and reading opponents, as well making difficult reads on the ball. He gave me several drills to improve mechanics and I’ve already noticed a difference in car control in 3 days after the training. Would definitely recommend.

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