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About Me:
I’m Zector, & i’m a x9 Grand Champion & ESL Monthly Elite with over 1000+ hours of professional coaching, along with 5000+ hours of coaching with RLCD / Overall.

I’ve been playing Rocket League since its release & also played SARPBC for about 1 & a half years, i’ve been coaching since around late 2016 and continue to enjoy it to this day.
Currently coaching Allmid in RLCS X
Coaching is my full-time income so I take it very seriously to the greatest extent I can. 

(I guarantee a rank up with every order, if you want improvement i will get you there)

 (Before you read on, my coaching is only for the dedicated. I will get you wherever you want to be within this game but if you don’t want it as much as much as i want you to improve, it will hinder progress. Please come to the session with the motivation to improve, listen, take notes, and put in the time required to be where you want)

My Coaching Philosophy:

My core values are to create the optimal environment so that my students can improve the best way possible as well as establish a productive, respectful and constructive training environment. My goal is to maximize the potential of each individual & bring forth the best results from every student, as well as to bring forth the most optimal mindset for improvement within any aspect of the game. I believe its important to understand how ego and task orientations, involvement, and motivational climates may foster a more task-involved environment as a way to promote skill improvement. I also believe its important for physical gifts/mechanics and mindset skills to be in equilibrium in order to maximize improvement.
I use 3 main coaching styles back & forth depending on the needs of the team/player (Autocratic, Participative & Democratic/Laissez Faire), but would say i use an Autocratic style a good amount of the time. I’m very aware of the advantages & disadvantages of each & can switch for whichever one the situation needs.
I am also well-versed in Leadership Skills & psychology/sports psychology.
I believe that improving within games also starts from off the field, concerning your physical health, mental health, and mindset & will make sure that these needs are recognized as well.
( Please note that i do not want to coach you on how to play among your rank, but to get you better at playing in general so it will translate into your higher ranks a lot easier)

I’ve coached thousands of individuals & have noticed some of the most common issues among individuals. All issues have a solution, and through a detailed analysis of gameplay & mindset, I am able to fix them as efficiently as you allow it.  I coach all platforms & all ranks from bronze to the highest level of play.

The coaching you will experience will more than likely entail fixing your biggest issues & or whatever problem is holding you back from your full potential the most, as well as a very detailed & insightful look on how to fix it. I’ve done thousands of hours of replay analysis & have spent equal time analyzing RLCS game play perfecting my method of teaching to a T. I can guarantee that you will learn something in every session, no doubt in my mind. Matter of fact, doing replays is my number one joy in Rocket League and over the past year I have probably spent more time in replays than in actual games.

What to expect in a session with me:
Please keep in mind that each session will be tailored to your needs as a player

For the first 5-10 minutes, I like to get a better understanding of what your current issues are, the things that you can already see that may be a problem, what you want to improve on, & also we’ll go over your short term & long term goals and how to achieve them in the fastest way possible. (if you dont have goals set we’ll make “SMART” goals and go over the most efficient ways to reach your goals within the system)
I will send you a structured questionnaire in order to get instant feedback on issues regarding your mindset, gameplay, physical health, as well as other factors that are important in order to play to your maximum potential. I will then use these questions in order to develop a personalized gameplan for you as a person & as a player.

I love to go over a lot of different things and will talk about anything & everything that I find wrong in your gameplay. I will point out things that seem very small in sense but make the biggest difference in either winning that match, or losing it. Every single thing you do has a domino effect over what happens in that game & I will break each of those decisions down so that they’re very easy to understand. There will never be a time that you are confused as I highly encourage you to ask questions & challenge me the entire way. There is nothing that I love more than questions so please do not be afraid to ask them when you feel the need, I will explain any and everything you have to ask.

We will go over your influence in the game, how your actions determine what your teammates will/can do, and also how to use in-verbal communication to let your teammates know what you plan to do. Also how to read the opponent’s car-body language, as most opponents let you know what they’re going to do way before they even do it. Not to mention your coverage on the field & how to cover as many threatening positions as possible.

Over the years of playing & coaching, there are things that I have yet to see covered in any YouTube video & or anywhere else that I have found & offer within your session when a problem involving these shows up. These are things that you won’t be able to pick up on without either playing the game a lot (which is inefficient for many considering you’d like to use the time you have as efficiently as possible), or having someone else tell you. Some of the information you will hear from me will not be found in a generic tips video on YouTube and is also not used by the majority of players. This information has been statistically proven, as well as tested thoroughly through many different subjects.

I have also created a boost control technique that involves advanced situational awareness, using the method not only opens boost lanes for your team & increases offense pressure as well as efficiency on defense, but focuses on full-field boost control. This is but only one of the things we could go over that i have theorized and perfected. (team coaching only)  I will also go over advanced strategy & things that i have perfected over analyzing gameplay and hundreds of mistakes, playing games over and over & implementing my strategies until they worked perfectly and consistently. Not to mention I have also created a new role-based system within the game that does not use the rotation system in order to win games & increase efficiency. (I will also note that these strategies have had a success rate of 80% out of a trial of 50 GC level teams using them, along with statistically proven efficiency within a range of 150 games.) ( I am not currently teaching this system but would be willing to talk about it if interested)

Just some of the things we will go over depending on the situation could be but are not limited to:

I. Boost Economy

II. Pressure Tolerance
III. Advanced Awareness

IV. Individual Tolerance
V. Offensive Control

VI. Offensive Pressure
VII. Offensive Discipline
VIII. Boost Zones
IX. Flow
X. Flow Control

Can you seriously guarantee a rank up?

Of course, I hold great pride & confidence in my coaching to the point that I can guarantee you will rank up (disclaimer below)
What rank are you?
I do not play ranked anymore besides getting GC rewards & only play casual with my friends. I spend most of my time in rocket league analyzing RLCS level replays, perfecting my coaching, or doing workshops and freeplay. I also make custom training packs for my students.
What ranks do you coach?
I can coach any rank and any region, I am most comfortable coaching at a GC – RLCS level considering the amount of time i’ve taken analyzing the game-play at this rank. This being said it is significantly easier to coach any rank below this & 100% guarantee rank ups within these ranks.
How will we spend our sessions time?
Me & my students usually do a 30 minute session out of how ever many hours they order at first, I can find all of your issues within this time frame. Then we’ll wait about a week before the next session so we can gauge improvement, therefore also increasing motivation for the next session / in general. At that point we’ll make sure that we’re still on the right path and clean up anything that was left over from the first session and so on. This way you can keep consistent & supervised progress.
Is the coaching the same for each rank?
No, the coaching depends directly on your needs as a player. All aforementioned information will differ depending on your needs & or team’s needs. 

Other than that, I have massive confidence in my ability as a coach and improving other’s gameplay. I personally guarantee you will rank up at minimum one rank higher than you are now if you apply what you learn & put in the work.

I see almost everything when it comes to mistakes no matter how small, and I feel there are always new things everyone can learn about the game and I have the means of coaching them. Please email me if you have any additional information, thanks 🙂 -Z

(DISCLAIMER: A rank up is only guaranteed if you (the student) put in the work required to improve, you will get nowhere if you take the information I give you and don’t put the effort in on your part that goes along with it. Please come to the session with the motivation to improve and be willing to grind for where you want to be, if the motivation isn’t there we can work on it but these things are required to rank up & improve!

(Also, if you are at RS/CS level, your experience will differ from my general coaching due to increased needs in order to maximize improvement)




Playlist Strengths

1v1 Duel, 3v3 Standard

Hours Played



PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One



Session Duration

30 Minutes, 1 Hour, 2 Hours, 3 Hours, 4 Hours, 6 Hours, 8 Hours, 10 Hours, 12 Hours, 18 Hours

Coaching Experience

1500+ Hours


ESL Monthly Elite, Grand Champion

30 reviews for Zector

  1. SIMON ZUBAREV (verified owner)

    A 2 hour booking with Zector helped me push from Diamond II to Champ III in my favorite playlist (2v2). He was able to spot mistakes super quickly and provided useful advice and many different resources to improve. Insane value for the price!

  2. Intoxx (verified owner)

    I think the best aspect in Zector’s coaching is he spreads the sessions over a few weeks. He analyzes your habits with you and shows you where they go wrong. You see where you went wrong and what you should have done. You go away every week with something new to learn whether it be mechanical or something in your gameplay. With his tips and time to practice every week I have no doubt I can go from Champ to Grand Champ. The biggest factor is you and Zector guides you to the solution.

  3. Brad Hogan (verified owner)

    Have used him a few times now and when I started I was high gold low plat in 2’s and 3’s now I’m diamond 2 in 3’s and almost diamond in 2’s has really helped me see the flaws in my game! My mechanics were good to start so it was mostly positioning and speed that were holding me back!

  4. Mark Rosen (verified owner)

    This guy knows his stuff and can help you figure out A) what your weaknesses are and B) how to go about fixing them. He’s a busy guy but honors his schedule and seems to be flexible as well. A++++. I highly recommend working with him.

  5. Nicolas Hesse (verified owner)

    Really great coach. Pointed out my major issues and within a week of practicing they were basically resolved. Helped me immensely.

  6. Matt Mister (verified owner)

    I would highly recommend Ocean (aka Zector)… He is very well versed in his ability to point out key mistakes a player makes as well as things a player could improve on. All his advice can be taken into action in a real game environment immediately after the session and you will see immediate improvement. It has helped me go into my games with a new mindset and mentality that has helped tramendously!

  7. Liam Field (verified owner)

    Zector is a great coach! He is very educated and definitely knows what he is doing. He is easily able to identify issues and set up ways to fix them. Definitely going to improve from his training.

  8. talonlewisftw (verified owner)

    Great session he really knows what he is talking about! I was able to see immediate improvement in my gameplay!

  9. zaidanturnwald1515 (verified owner)

    the session was great explained everything in detail clearly and very easy to understand, he has a great personality,funny and amazing coach thank to Zector i reached my goal of champ 2,he really cool

  10. gunsofheaven323 (verified owner)

    Really good coach. He helped me see things differently. He pointed out problems that I had not thought about. Overall great coach would definitely recommend him as a coach.

  11. Jayson McLeod (verified owner)

    Really knows his stuff, great coach, definitely helped me.l thanks to Zector.

  12. Jourdan Kopp (verified owner)

    My first time hiring a coach to help me and i am not disappointed at all. Showed me things that i need to work on and super positive from start to finish. Super helpful and overall a really great person!

  13. Amor_Shadow (verified owner)

    Easily the best rocket league session I have had. He showed me what I need to work on and the best ways to do so. He was really encouraging throughout the whole process and was extremely helpful!

  14. Scott Hayes (verified owner)

    zector is great

  15. Brandon Provence (verified owner)

    Zector is a great coach and really knows what he’s talking about. Super positive and understanding throughout the entire sessions. Great coach!!

  16. Tyler Hedgecock (verified owner)

    Super helpful. I feel like I actually know how to improve myself now. I wasn’t able to see my true issue until I met Zector. Good solid coach 10/10 thank you!

  17. jacob brown (verified owner)

    Zector clearly knows what you need to work on and is able to translate that into a way for you to improve. I would recommend him to anyone curious about a coaching session.

  18. Joseph Mazzei (verified owner)

    Great coach! Super easy to talk to and explains things very well. I highly recommend him to anyone trying to improve their game. 10/10!

  19. Grosar Fabian (verified owner)

    Really good coach. Helped me see what I truly need to improve at. Really good replay analysis on multiple of games. Helped me understand positioning, mechanical errors and decision making while playing casuals. I had a really good time during the coaching session and I’d definitely buy some more hours from him if I had the money.What’s even better , he’s put me on a path of improvement and made me clear what I have to do in order to get better. 5/5 stars 101/100 would definitely contact him again.

  20. Kayden Deatherage (verified owner)

    Very helpful, was able to help me recognize what i need to work on, really good coach

  21. Cory Louria (verified owner)

    Zector was able to spot mistakes in my gameplay that I never would have noticed. there was a massive improvement from our first game together to our second. I would recommend him to anyone trying to seriously improve.

  22. AudaciousSavage24 (verified owner)

    Zector is very clear and helpful in pointing out your mistakes. He does a great job with going over them, and going in depth of what you should be trying to do better. He is an overall good, smart, and nice person, and I would recommend him to anyone looking for an experienced and intelligent Coach.

  23. legittomfoolery (verified owner)

    Zector does a good job making it clear what your mistakes are. Now that cross-plat is out, I’d recommend him to anyone on any platform. I didn’t feel intimidated, but he was effective.

  24. adamf1414 (verified owner)

    Zector is first of all a very nice and easy to talk to guy. He’s super easy to communicate ideas and problems with, and in return he’s very good at explaining what he’s trying to teach you. He takes his time with concepts and makes sure you understand what you’re doing wrong and then helps fix and explain why. He has definitely helped me with my positioning and challenges. Game sense is just as important as mechanics and he knows both very very well. Would absolutely recommend.

  25. Hooverhockey54 (verified owner)

    Zector is a fantastic coach! He knows alot, and if you mention a specific problem that you have, he gives you so much detail about different ways to solve that problem after watching your playstyle that it makes it insanely easy to correct those problems. He’s also completely nuts at rocket league, and I honestly feel that I learned a lot from watching how he plays the game. He goes into a great amount of detail for any mistakes that you make, as well as things that you do well, when he reviews your replays after. I would highly reccomend doing a 2+ hour session with him, as the amount of information that you can get from him in that time is very much worth the money for the extra time!

  26. cilvercivic (verified owner)

    Zector was super patient and went over everything in great detail. Periodically I would stop him and ask about things that I was not clear on and he had no problem stopping, going back a few seconds in the replays, and explaining to make sure that there was nothing that I was confused on. If you are looking for an Xbox coach look no further, this is the guy.

  27. bballcollin (verified owner)

    Very experienced and knows exactly what to fix in any type of rank/level. Very knowledgeable and humble as well. Great guy to have as a coach and will most definitely get trained by him again

  28. stopcq (verified owner)

    He is so knowledgeable! He is very good at explaining everything and really helped me in the coaching session. If your on Xbox I would definentaly recommend him. Super nice guy.

  29. mike.draper92 (verified owner)

    If there was more than 5 stars, I would being choosing that. Zector is extremely knowledgeable and breaks things down in a simple articulable way. He is very effective at taking high level maneuvers and breaking them down to a lower level. Would recommend to anyone.

  30. znapier95 (verified owner)

    Zector was very knowledgeable, encouraging, and extremely effective at knowing how to translate higher level concepts to a lower level player. We worked on positioning, mechanics, and reading opponents, as well making difficult reads on the ball. He gave me several drills to improve mechanics and I’ve already noticed a difference in car control in 3 days after the training. Would definitely recommend.

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Coach Availability:

Monday 6:00pm – 4:00am
Tuesday 6:00pm – 4:00am
Wednesday 6:00pm – 4:00am
Thursday 6:00pm – 4:00am
Friday 6:00pm – 4:00am
Saturday 6:00pm – 4:00am
Sunday Not Available

Timezone:  EST (GMT-5)

Have a question?

If you want to have a chat before placing an order just message me on Discord: Zector#9963



Once you place your order the coach will contact you within 48 hours by email or Discord to finalize your session details with you and your team.

After you book, the coach will be in touch over email or Discord chat to discuss dates and times for your session.

Yes, certainly. You can discuss what timings work best with your coach.

If you can’t make a session you need to let your coach know 6 hours in advance, otherwise you’re at risk of losing your order. This is at the coaches discretion.

Yes, but you need to check first. It’s usually possible to do it within the next 72 hours but the coach might be busy so it’s worth checking. The coach Discord ID is on this page, near the time availability.





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