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About Me:
My name is Aidan, more commonly known as ZeN in the esports world. I’ve been playing professional Rocket League for over four years now and have played in many tournaments and LAN events, most notably the Gfinity Elite Series, the DreamHack Pro Circuit and in RLCS S7 under the Renegades. It’s been a thrilling ride as a player so far, and the progress I’ve made has been astronomical since my grind began in a weekly tournament back in 2015; so I want to share everything I’ve learnt with you guys!

Team Experience:

  • Avant Gaming (Gfinity Elite Series S1 // RLCS S5)
  • ORDER (Gfinity Elite Series S2 // RLCS S6)
  • Chiefs/Renegades (WSOE 4, DreamHack // RLCS S7)
  • Gaming Gamers (current)

So why should you book me?

Although I may not be a full-time coach, I have gained a lot of valuable experience playing in a vast number of tournaments, ranging from online, to regional, to international. Here’s a list of all the notable achievements I have thus far.

  • OCE S7 Regional Champion
  • RLCS S7 New Jersey
  • OCE RLCS S6 Top 3
  • OCE RLCS S4-5-6-7-9 League Play
  • WSOE 4
  • DreamHack Dallas, Valencia, Montreal
  • Gfinity Elite Series
    • S1 Grand Finalist
    • S2 Top 4

So there’s a lot of experience coming from playing in those tournaments, a lot of travel time and a hell of a lot of work. I’ve always been excited about teaching people and seeing improved results, so coaching on GamersRdy for you guys is something I’m very passionate about. I also understand however that a lot of people want to just rank up in their ranked playlist, and while I have been playing competitive 3s with high level teammates, I also have a good understanding of how to win in ranked with not so great teammates.

  • Top 100 in 2v2.
  • 2K MMR reached.
  • Grand Champion in every playlist.

Important to note: I coach ALL regions, we just need to make sure we can find an appropriate time slot for the both of us 🙂

What will we be doing in our session?

In our session together, I think it’s important to leave what to do in the hour to the student. Whether it be a full hour of replays, full hour of mechanics, half mechanics and half asking questions about what it’s like to play on stage; anything is cool! Ultimately, every player is different, so I’ll personally keep track of our sessions to make sure we’re making steady progress and to also make sure I can give my best toward improving your play. Here’s a brief rundown of what we’ll be doing in our first session. Alongside these please ask as many questions as possible so you get a better understanding of what I’ll be talking about.

  • We’ll jump into a call together so we can discuss your goals/progress and how you’re feeling about everything.
  • We’ll analyse a couple of replays of you in whatever playlist you’d like.
  • I’ll chat about some basic concepts and ideas to bring into your game.
  • We can look over Rank S / high-level RLCS replays to show these concepts in action.
  • At the end, I’ll go through and summarize everything we went over, then formulate a plan to work on in your own time until our next session. I will also link you my shared student discord as a means of direct communication for questions or anything you may need quick help with in the future.

In my time grinding to the top, I’ve spent my fair time with various coaches and learning from them, adapting their advice so I could analyse my own replays and give myself a better understanding of the game. This is what’s most important, it’s not how quickly you can rank up, or how quickly you can feel like you’re above whatever rank you’re in; if you’re here to get a coach, you’re here to get a better understanding of the game and to grind to become an outstanding player.

That’s what I’m here for.

In our sessions, whether it be one or many follow-ups, I aim to help you in these areas.

  • Mentality
    • Keeping away from tilt.
    • Ensuring you can help your teammates stay level headed.
    • Mentally resetting after a conceded goal.
  • Game sense
    • Positioning.
    • Rotations.
    • Boost control.
    • Reading the play.
  • Mechanics
    • Ground car control.
    • Aerial control.
    • Ball control.

I’m super excited to start working with you all!


Useful Links:

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Keyboard & Mouse





Playlist Strengths

2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Solo Standard, 3v3 Standard

Coach Rank

Top 100, Top 1000, Grand Champion


Champion, ESL Monthly Elite, Grand Champion, RLCS Elite

Coaching Experience

50 – 99 Hours


Rocket League

Hours Played




6 reviews for ZeN

  1. Misha Van Den Bogaart (verified owner)

    Just amazing coach and an absolute lad, he pointed my errors that were holding me back, we took time and went over all my issues and talked about different scenarios and better decision making for in game. Zen is down to earth and also will have laugh over your replays for fun times.
    Helped me summarised my issues at end of session and gave me notes for me to revise. Really worth the time to get coached by this guy and worth the money and he’ll support you in the future. Thanks Zen

  2. halfgoblinprince (verified owner)

    Had a blast working with ZEn, He was easy to work with and more then willing to go the extra mile to help explain something jsut a bit more. He helped sit down and make a gameplan to improve my gameplay. Hopefully down the road ill be able to improve with practice given the advice from our session. The cost was definitely worth it

  3. Edward Johnston (verified owner)

    Absolute legend, helped me understand my problems before trying to correct them and took me through it step by step. He didn’t try to rush through our time and get it all over and done with. He was super chill and an awesome lad. Thanks fam 👊🏻

  4. lee.copland (verified owner)

    My time with Zen was fantastic, he explained clearly and concisely the areas in which I was lacking and explained not only what but WHY to do the things he suggested. Overall money well spent and can’t wait to use the advice he gave me.

  5. Alexander Grundy (verified owner)


    The session I had with Zen was by far the most beneficial thing I have ever done for improving in RL. I was hoping to focus on a few aspects of my game and get some feedback on how to improve. Instead, Zen showed me how I could improve on nearly every aspect of my game. He was clear, coherent and obviously passionate about helping me improve. I lost track of how many light-bulb moments I had where he would explain something I thought I knew, and it would completely change the way I looked at that situation or mechanic.

    I cannot stress enough how much Zen’s coaching in worth, so if you’re reading this and undecided, trust me, you’re missing out.

    it’s been a while since I’ve been so excited to get in RL and improve on my game, so massive thanks to Zen. Not only is he a great coach but he is also a really kind and genuine guy. I’ve said it before and imma say it again.


  6. chase.folliard2 (verified owner)

    Once he tells you on what you should improve on he makes sure you know what he is talking about, for example by showing your game play and has you identify where the mistakes were made. Especially because he makes sure you understand the concepts he mentions it makes you aware on how to improve. He also does an excellent job teaching mechanics.

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Coach Availability:

Monday 9:00am– 5:00pm
Tuesday 9:00am– 5:00pm
Wednesday 9:00am– 5:00pm
Thursday 9:00am– 5:00pm
Friday 9:00am– 5:00pm
Saturday Available upon request
Sunday Not available

Timezone:  AEST (UTC+10)

Have a question?

If you want to have a chat before placing an order feel free to message me on Discord: zen-#0002



Once you place your order the coach will contact you within 48 hours by email or Discord to finalize your session details with you and your team.

After you book, the coach will be in touch over email or Discord chat to discuss dates and times for your session.

Yes, certainly. You can discuss what timings work best with your coach.

If you can’t make a session you need to let your coach know 6 hours in advance, otherwise you’re at risk of losing your order. This is at the coaches discretion.

Yes, but you need to check first. It’s usually possible to do it within the next 72 hours but the coach might be busy so it’s worth checking. The coach Discord ID is on this page, near the time availability.





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