Best weapons and guns for Beginners in Valorant

There is no one-size-fits-all for every Valorant player. The guns in the game all have different strengths and weaknesses.

Today we are going to take a look at five guns for beginners to start with.

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1. Ghost

This is a good pistol to go with early on. It can help to teach you precision and head shots.

The Ghost does 105 damage to the head from within 30 meters. Run into a deathmatch and work on going up against people who are using machine guns and rifles. Meanwhile, you are picking head shots with your silenced pistol. 

The Ghost is also a great option if you lose the first round and want to save while still having a gun that can handle most interactions.

2. Judge

The jJudge is great for new players. With this gun you have such a wide range making it so that you don’t need to have pinpoint accuracy on every shot. The only thing is that from distance its hard to get any kind of kill.

If you are new, work on using the Judge in tight situations, and if you are attacking, be the first to rush in and carry your team. 

3. Ares

The spray on the Ares is great for new players. You have such a wide range that you can miss from.

This is a great gun because it feels comfortable in short distances, and unlike the Judge, you can hold your own from long distance. I like to go use this gun in deathmatch as a warm up before playing regular matches. 

4. Phantom

The phantom is a good gun to get into once you are used to the Ares. In late game, when you have more money and can afford it, use the Phantom to be more precise.

The level of difficulty is higher on this gun but the reward is greater. From a distance, I like to just pop shots with it rather than go up close and just spray and pray. 

5. Marshall

The Marshall is the cheaper of the two snipers. It also has a quicker reload time, so when you miss your shots, you still have a chance.

Pick a few good spots on your favourite map and hold down the position. The body shots are easy with this gun but if you can get some solid head shots you will quickly build your confidence. 

If you’re new to the game, you should try all the guns to see what feels most comfortable. But give these few a try and hopefully you’ll start to get more kills!

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