Top 10 Cracked TenZ Moments

When I got into Valorant and starting following the pro scene, I kept hearing this name dropped over and over again: Tenz, Ten Z, Tennessee, something with a T!

Anyways, after watching professional Valorant for a while, I started to keep track of TenZ’s best plays. I hope you enjoy this cracked collection of one of the top playS in Valorant.

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1. TenZ Wins MVP

This final clip was just the culmination of what TenZ accomplished.

Journeying with his team over to Iceland, TenZ helped them get the first LAN world championship win. Tenz won MVP which is pretty insane.

Just the final sequence says it all. Sentinels didn’t drop a map for the whole tournament. Couldn’t have done it without the MVP. 

2. Ace vs Xset

Like I said earlier, Sentinels got knocked into the lower bracket very early. By these guys: Xset.

After working their way back into the Grand Finals from the lower bracket, Sentinels were ready to go to work.

So was TenZ. We get this sweet sweet clip of him just going ham. His Jett Knives are the best in the world. 

3. Ace vs Luminosity

TenZ first matchup with the Sentinel roster. He came out hot. This is just a small glimpse of what he did in the matchup vs Luminosity. 

The saddest part about this clip is that his teammate doesn’t let him get the ace. He was so close to getting the ace!

Ten| in pistol rounds, man! He’s just so aggressive. He just hunts everyone down. This is TenZ’ world. 

4. Nasty Flicks

TenZ can hit these weird flicks where he is moving a lot. It seems like, when he gets his crosshair on an enemy, it just all slows down.

First time I saw this clip, I thought he was cheating. Even when I watch it now, I’m like, “What?

5. TenZ in 10 Mans

6. TenZ Deathmatch

When I first saw this clip, it gave me hope for deathmatches.

I hated them for a bit. But then I realised maybe I should just go sit in the middle and kill everyone. Be a boss. Be like TenZ. I love that he just starts out with an easy 16 kills without dying.

TenZ in deathmatch is cracked for sure. He really only dies four times. The last two, he is just trying to get a trick shot.

7. TenZ vs KCP

Sentinels got knocked down into the lower bracket fairly quickly in Challengers 1 at VCT Stage 3.

Their first matchup in the lower bracket was with the Kansas City Pioneers. Loser goes home. TenZ not moving an inch.

This was one of my favorite moments from Challengers 1. I don’t know how TenZ doesn’t die here.  

8. One Shot Bots

I like to think that when I hop into the range, I look somewhat like this. Meanwhile, here’s me at the range: (funny clip of me at the range).

TenZ just keeps one tapping all these bots. Sometimes I can’t hit the broad side of a barn. His reaction, as always, is classic. 

9. TenZ Yoru

Sentinels vs GenG at Bind. Map 1 for the matchup and Sentinels bring out a weird player select: Tenz using Yoru.

I personally had yet to see a Yoru used in a pro match. Honestly, it’s an interesting combo for TenZ. He’s fast and crazy and Yoru can pretty much be in and out as fast as anyone. We get this fun highlight in Game 5. 

10. Intro the Smoke

After watching a bit of TenZ, I started using Jett more and more. But when I try stuff like this, I just look like an idiot.

I love his reaction too. I don’t think he completely understands what he just did. They lost the round, but for a highlight like this, it’s worth it. 


These are just some of the cracked plays by TenZ. Make sure you check out his youtube channel in the description. He is always making crazy plays and his videos are super fun to watch.

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